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Re: O/T OK Something Bothers Me, So I'll Bring It Up

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I totally agree....and there are even many pure bred rescues needing a home too.... Our present dog is a purebred Schnauzer (? giant mini or ? small standard) that had been very abused and then dumped in the FL. Everglades.... We were not looking for a pure bred any breed, but when asked by her rescue group about our history with dogs, and we'd had many Giant and Standard Schnauzers...they wanted us to see her...the rest is history. Please adopt and if you do want a specific breed, do a search for that breed's rescue groups... the puppies in stores are adorable, but if you would see how th... Continue Reading


Re: Another beauty brand gone from the Q???

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Q is losing many major brands....but is becoming known for pushing Philosophy, and Temptations in the kitchen line.... two that I would never buy... Continue Reading


Re: If you could retire anywhere in the USA

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Since you seem to hate Republicans...I suggest that you find a wonderful Democrat controlled state....it will have HIGH taxes, it will have self-destructed large cities (i.e. Detroit) due to all of the hand outs to people who have chosen to never work a day in their life. so....avoid FL, TX, NV, TN, - they're definitely not in step with your mindset. (remember...YOU started this by making snide remarks about Republicans ---the people who work and pay taxes - and believe in a ''hand-up'' rather than a ''hand-out'') Continue Reading


Re: Sorry but QVC is lost without Lisa R......

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I was not a major follower of Lisa's, but she was at least polite to the product reps....unlike MOST of the hosts newly (in the last couple of years...) introduced. They are the rudest, group of people I've EVER seen... and ignorant too. They will say anything to get the sale- true facts??? anyone care??? Not the hosts. Some of the old time hosts are still great - but that does NOT include Jane. I have ordered and returned a lot more due to totally inaccurate information. The BIG reason QVC is sinking into the gutter.... value??? quality???? GONE Continue Reading


Re: Wal-Mart

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Yes I do... and what does it matter how much the Walton family has/owns????? They worked very hard to establish a company that sells so many products at a lower price than their competitors...(price a can of Progresso soup, or Hunts tomatoes vs other area stores) They ARE a US company, they are trying successfully to offer more "MADE IN USA" products, which due to the EPA is not an easy thing. They support in a major way "Wreaths Across America" - ever heard of that?? didn't think so --- they and other corporations provide and transport Christmas wreaths all across the country to be placed on... Continue Reading


Re: Is This A Scam

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definitely a scam.... The IRS always contacts you by mail....even when you are dealing with an identity theft issue.... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone watch Rachel Maddox?

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NOTHING Rachel Maddox does is ever funny. she IS a caustic, nasty idiot... I wouldn't waste time watching her EVER Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix- Ice Cream Fail

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I have used the recipe in the Vitamix book that came with the machine many times and had perfect results... The one thing to NOT DO....is leave the machine on too long. It is an amazing machine with so much power that the minute you hear the sound change...STOP. It is finished. Any longer and the friction of the blades will melt your ice cream... Continue Reading


Re: medicare admitting patients as observation instead of admitted to hospital ...

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You can thank Obamacare for this and many more surprises that are yet to come...and NOT just for Medicare. For those of you that continue to support this progressive and others....you are now seeing what you voted for.... and believe me, as a healthcare provider 2016 has a lot worse.... The goal is total destruction of what was once the BEST healthcare system in the world, since it is a major portion of our economy. Yes, it had problems, but it will be far worse very soon and continuing to worsen for the next few years.... Continue Reading


Re: Is Lisa Robertson the biggest show host in electronic retail history?

In The Q We Love 1421283604.803

I think the same discussion was held when Kathy Levine left...who was many times the host that Lisa was.... Continue Reading

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