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Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413907897.35

I honestly haven't a clue....but I would not be surprised to see her take over Joan's line and combine her GILI with it...and become a vendor???.... GILI is great for young thin people (like I used to be...) but for the average person?? not. Will I miss her?? Not really. She's too authoritative for me and she must spend days on skincare and make-up because she seems to endorse every line as one she uses and can't be without. Continue Reading


Re: I am starting to hate my iPad!

In Electronics Talk 1413907477.163

at least you can update it.... We have an old original iPad that is not supported with updates any longer - and haven't been for a while so beware... And it's not just Apple...ALL techno companies do they change the 'insides' to do more, they can update the software...but older models of phones, tablets, not have the capabilities Continue Reading


Re: Please do this before you shop for a tablet

In Electronics Talk 1413907405.623

When I bought my husband's first iPad for him years ago...I shopped at the Apple store, and based on how and what he planned to use it for THEY recommended the Wi-Fi only and fewest GB offered. Did I listen?? NO... Am I sorry? You bet. I paid around $500. more than I needed to and we have NEVER used the extra memory or cellular connectivity. He uses it at home only and he does not download movies or books....his Kindle is for that. be sure of what your plans are, then it is good advice to definitely shop the Apple store to get their input - they know what they're talking about. ... Continue Reading


Re: Please Do Your Research First

In Electronics Talk 1413906793.167

So is always the case when any of the channels do an Apple TSV....and most are not aware that IF you go directly to Apple, you can get a reconditioned of most models at a greatly reduced price and the same warranty as the original. ...The biggest upsetting thing to me is the ''lifetime support for $629." ...not EVEN Apple support. Really??? and the glass cover?? The iPad comes with all you need to get started - the iPad and the plug to charge it. A cover is nice, keyboard NOT necessary, earbuds not nice, but you can buy them at Apple even for under $20. all day long.... Also I... Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone successfully downgraded to Windows 7 from Windows 8/8.1?

In Electronics Talk 1412631482.463

Never heard of such a thing....BUT....HP, Toshiba & Dell make Win 7 laptops and Costco carries them... HP $399, Dell $549 and Toshiba $629... I'm ready to go get one. The difference is Win 7 Professional (Dell & Toshiba) Win 7 Home Premium (HP) ....and the processor, hard drive, etc... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use pure apple cider vinegar for beauty or health purposes?

In Beauty Banter 1412630901.4

First let me say: I only use Braggs Natural Apple Cider Vinegar with the ''mother'' is unfiltered and must be shaken. It is available almost everyplace now! There IS a difference. it will lower bad cholesterol, it will kill yeast infections (our dog has a tendency to get a yeast infection on her skin, so we use a rinse of half ACV, half water) It will help prevent bladder infections and stones, it is good for is an amazing cure for so many things.... Continue Reading


Re: BBQ Pulled Pork in TSV Pressure Cooker

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412630569.917

Pressure cookers are THE BEST!!! I have two now and have gone through two that are now in ''cooker heaven''...or wherever??!! Have a wonderful day and the meal sounds GREAT Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics - Tightline Mascara / Liner - What am I doing wrong??

In Beauty Banter 1412623453.713

I LOVE this product and use it everyday and rarely use mascara. I also use the new Smashbox ''always sharp'' eye liners. (screw on the cap and it sharpens to a delicate point each time) ...but for everyday it is TightLine... I have had no issues with clumps except on the very tip, which I touch to a tissue before using. This removes the 'glob'.... Starting at the very base of the lashes which is often 'under' the lid where the top meets the does make a 'line' and does not require eyeliner... Continue Reading


Re: samsung vs apple ipad tablets

In Electronics Talk 1412623204.487

On 10/6/2014 ritasNo1Fan said: So many options. A new Google Nexus is also coming this month. And Lenovo is coming out with a S Tab version copying Samsung. Thanks for the info... We have an elderly iPad and a Lenovo tablet... Lenovo gives you a lot of value for the money usually. Google I have never been a fan of...ranks right up there with my "Kindle Fire" ...NOT a good tablet. Great picture but apps are the issue.... It usually comes down to 'easy-pay' (but they give you a lot of 'items' you do not need to drive the price up) ...and Apple has their own 'easy pay' as do many places if y... Continue Reading

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