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Re: Dental Bridges and Implants

In Health & Fitness 1416532412.79

I do not have implants - opted for bridges and no issues... Several friends and my sister have implants...Every one of them has had at least one implant ''fail'' and have to be replaced. I don't know the details of why, but I do know they are very expensive and a lot of pain involved.... Good luck Continue Reading


Re: Glittered decor, love it or hate it?

In For the Home Talk 1416532242.373

Hate it....come June, it's still around - here and there in spite of vacuuming, dusting, mopping.... HATE IT Continue Reading


Re: If you use laundry soap pods.....

In For the Home Talk 1416532090.037 not use the pods ever. Prefer the liquid - have two front loading machines...they use less soap than top loaders... Continue Reading


Re: Keurig environment and health concerns

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416420891.43

On 11/17/2014 HonnyBrown said: Most, not all, things that can't be recycled gets burned for electricity. That reduces the amount of coal, oil and natural gas that is used at the power plants to bring electricity to the world. Landfill gas is methane and serves a similar purpose. I know this first hand from working as an Environmental Engineer Manager for Waste Management. Just because something cannot be recycled doesn't mean it's raising our carbon footprint. I'm now off to make a large cup of coffee consisting of Gloria Jean's Macadamia Cookie k-cup and Green Mountain Autumn Harvest k-cup. ... Continue Reading


Re: Remember all that complaining about B Makowsky bags . . . ?

In All About Handbags 1415814002.293

You're lucky.... my bright yellow one did bleed on my white linen suit..... Never bought another and gave away the three that I had Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

In Electronics Talk 1415813883.593

I watched the video on and it is ''stand alone''....but you can use an android app to link it to an android phone or tablet Continue Reading


Re: I need a Keurig that uses all K-cups

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415813772.877

On 11/12/2014 DeePa said: I bought a Breville and it uses all types of the k-cups. It has a good warranty and the one time we had a problem (after the warranty had expired) the customer service was great! I also have a Keurig in the family room which we use on the weekends. The Breville is in use almost 24/7. At this point I think it is almost five years old. Yes, you will pay a little more for the Breville but when I buy a kitchen counter appliance I really want it to last longer than a year or two. The Breville IS made by Keurig... Continue Reading


Re: I need a Keurig that uses all K-cups

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1415813653.24

At this point it's hard to find an older Keurig machine... and I see why they did what they did. In the past I have purchased k-cups at a Winn Dixie that actually had INSTANT COFFEE in the 'cups'.... Never did that again. That gives the Keurig company a bad name, but they were an off brand and I wanted a certain type of coffee (Expresso) and they had no Keurig brand in stock... I plan on ordering a new Keurig machine with my ''points'' from Keurig club which is a great deal. Keurig brand k-cups now state on the box that they work with ALL Keurig machines... but if you have older k-cups sitt... Continue Reading


Re: Smashbox On HSN Tomorrow

In Beauty Banter 1415813298.663

I have several of the eyeliners as well as the lipliners that are self sharpening....LOVE THEM!! They ARE the best. Used to love the 'slate' Tarte Emphas-eye (?sp) liners but that was d/c'd... and when you unscrew the cap it sharpens... they are smooth to apply, last all day, have many colors both in matte and metallic.... The caps keep them from drying out. There is nothing to dislike Continue Reading


Re: Where is Lisa going?

In Fashion Talk 1413907897.35

I honestly haven't a clue....but I would not be surprised to see her take over Joan's line and combine her GILI with it...and become a vendor???.... GILI is great for young thin people (like I used to be...) but for the average person?? not. Will I miss her?? Not really. She's too authoritative for me and she must spend days on skincare and make-up because she seems to endorse every line as one she uses and can't be without. Continue Reading

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