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Re: Would You Buy This House?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1396258910.05

One word: NO ...want two words? NO WAY We 'rent' a home (expensive for most areas of the country) to our son and daughter-in-law...guess whose 'rent' gets paid last?? ...house is going up for sale. I've had enough Continue Reading


Re: FYI - Amazon Prime Renewal Increase

In Beauty Banter 1395054434.02

I have NO problem with the increase. We shop AMAZON all the time and almost always check the "Prime Eligible" box....so we buy almost all PRIME... The $20. is a minor charge for all the items (even clothes) available on the site. Years ago we ordered a lawn edger - gasoline motor powered - and paid the $3.99 extra to have it arrive 'next day'...and it was here the next day. ...Compare the QVC charges to Amazon Prime...no comparison. QVC is ridiculous Continue Reading



In Health & Fitness 1395054126.93

On 3/16/2014 pdlinda said: Oh! This is GREAT info...I'm getting excited! Don't feel so "alone" in dealing with these barracuda salespeople! Also, I have USAA in my life and qualify for a 0$ loan so I might give them a call. I'm on my own on this...no one to help me (except you guys...) Go online to the USAA site. They have a car buying service...one of the best. Choose your car, your options and they tell you the price and even tell you what dealer will honor that price...so does Costco....but USAA is a great company....been with them since 1969...they can't be beat - as you must know Continue Reading


Re: What Is A Good Over The Counter Eye Make-Up Remover?

In Beauty Banter 1393867153.977

My favorite total make-up remover is the Neutrogena disposable make-up removers. (or the generic brands) The little disposable 'towelettes' do a great job, even on water proof mascara - which I do not wear usually... They are gentle, the mascara will 'burn' if it gets in the eye, but the remover does not. They are in 'refills' that I do not remove the 'inner seal'...and they will remain good for months... do not dry out. Gentle on the eye and skin... Continue Reading


Re: Bought a new Washing Machine Old School Style!

In For the Home Talk 1393866789.91

On 3/1/2014 TootyJane said: Well I'm happy you love your new "old school" washer. They certainly don't make appliances like they used to. I am happy with my LG front loader and dryer. As for Bosch the only experience I have with that brand is a dishwasher that we had in our old office. It was the worst! Dishes and silverware were never clean after using it. I'm with you Tooty Jane... I too have a new LG front loader...before that I had a Miele front loader W & D for about 12 years...never skipped a beat, but it was getting 'tired', so at that age decided to replace it. The new W&D ... Continue Reading


Re: The most beautiful older women at the Oscars are the ones who...

In Fashion Talk 1393866269.51

well said.....but you have to remember that they live in a 'world' where all are 'judged' by their looks....and they do not have the self confidence others grow into. Their whole life - success depended on 'beauty'...and ageless looks. Too many botched surgeries and the result is far worse than graceful aging!! As an RN who worked 'part time' in a plastic surgeon's office, I decided long ago that I was just going to keep my wrinkles & sags...I earned them by enjoying life... plus I hate pain. Trying to remove sutures from people's eyes and faces that are so black and blue and swollen... Continue Reading


Re: O/T Any one here try Nutrisystem?

In Beauty Banter 1393865947.487

We tried it a few years back...and originally started with the QVC "Weekends Off"...but that is a BAD idea. Two reasons, in two days you can undo any good you did the other 5. ...#2- if you do the everyday directly from Nutrisystem you have a much larger choice of foods and you can get as many of one item you love...and not stuck with things you hate. The cost is not that great difference, and you are using their food 7 days... That said: the whole concept is based on drinking a LOT of water each day (I think it was at least 6). Go to the grocery store and buy some 'lean cuisine meals'.... Continue Reading


Re: Which iPad to purchase? Newest one or older generation?

In Electronics Talk 1392202686.763

We have the original iPad....and the newer ones are so much improved... We're thinking hard about replacing. Also have a Lenovo tablet in order to play "Flash" videos (not supported by iPads...) I would NOT buy an iPad 2 today....I would go for the newest, then you'll be set for a few years. Why does she think she wants the 'mini' now?? I have the original Kindle Fire which is a smaller screen like the mini....do not like the operating system on it, can't do a lot of things, and the screen, being small seems to tire my eyes out sooner... Sounds like you two need to go to an Apple store a... Continue Reading


Re: Hot coffee (at least 190degrees)? What coffee makers can do this?

In Coffee Talk 1392202451.353

My Keurig Platinum is set at 192 right now....has been for a couple of years now and it's plenty hot.... Continue Reading

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