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Re: Rosary necklace "controversy"

In Jewelry Talk 1432256481.917

I am a Catholic...and although I would never wear a rosary or advocate anyone else doing so...things ARE changing. One of our sacristans wears a rosary necklace daily, not one of our priests has said anything about it.... She is also a member of the Legion of Mary...so not a casual Catholic. ...just stating a fact - not agreeing with it! Continue Reading


Re: A Burst of Spring Color

In Fashion Talk, The Q We Love, Isaac Mizrahi Live! 1430090665.513

Hi Isaac! Love your clothes, but two major requests.... as other have asked: please do a longer ''short sleeve''....instead of your usual ''cap'' short sleeve. (Thanks!) ...and please do more petite things, and include jackets. You can only roll sleeves up so many times, and the cost of shortening jacket sleeves is prohibitive. ...and please pants and dresses/skirts with pockets. I have a couple of your summer dresses from years past that had pockets... I keep iPhone in one and car keys in the other - which is so handy.... Happy Good Shepherd's Day! Continue Reading


Re: Do you remember the Curtain Rod Dress that Bob Mackie designed for Carol Burnett?

In Fashion Talk 1429755395.457

That was a different time in TV....when families could sit together, watch shows and laugh; or watch shows with morals and values - too bad those days are gone.... Continue Reading


Dooney & Bourke AGAIN?????

Last Reply by stevieb 1429795973.757 | Started by Roni in All About Handbags

Really??? two more hours of D&B??? ...probably followed by Philosophy or Temptations... Q needs to come up with something ''new''.... other channels are innovating...Q is stagnating... am I the only one so sick of these three brands???? ...none of which I buy any longer? D&B used to be a high end handbag line, but now they are just overpriced, same old styles many of ''pebble leather'' Continue Reading


Re: Alberti says he has 4 bathrooms in his house!!

In For the Home Talk 1429754641.957

we've got 5...just more to clean, not anything special! getting ready to ''downsize'', and can't happen soon enough - tired of cleaning! Continue Reading


Re: Recent Thread About Mild Keurig Coffees

In Coffee Talk 1428619533.13

Go to Keurig.com. There are many mild coffees, sugar free teas, natural fruit drinks....many an be bought in 5 pack trial sizes Continue Reading


Re: cuisinart or mr coffee?

In Coffee Talk 1428619175.017

Interesting thread. Keurig makes both of these Brewers Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear MBR say Lisa Mason is returning?

In Fashion Talk 1428523589.167

can't wait....today is the day!!! She was a host with real class.... Welcome back, Lisa!! Continue Reading


Re: Ivy on brick homes

In In the Garden 1428523476.53

BAD, BAD, BAD....brings bugs, mice, rats...right up onto your home. Every pest control person will advise against it...not to mention the damage it can do to the mortar Continue Reading


Re: Any opinions on Epson Printers? Have to make a quick decision!

In Electronics Talk 1428523372.003

I have two printers that I use all of the time...one is HP, the other is an Epson all in one...and the Epson is fine for somethings, but for some reason it is not 'color correct' for photos, etc...and I've tried every adjustment/software update known to man.... I would look for a printer with 4 individual color cartridges - this saves a LOT --- instead of changing a multi-color all in one due to one color running out, you just change one... Something to consider Continue Reading

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