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Re: Has anyone successfully downgraded to Windows 7 from Windows 8/8.1?

In Electronics Talk 1412631482.463

Never heard of such a thing....BUT....HP, Toshiba & Dell make Win 7 laptops and Costco carries them... HP $399, Dell $549 and Toshiba $629... I'm ready to go get one. The difference is Win 7 Professional (Dell & Toshiba) Win 7 Home Premium (HP) ....and the processor, hard drive, etc... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use pure apple cider vinegar for beauty or health purposes?

In Beauty Banter 1412630901.4

First let me say: I only use Braggs Natural Apple Cider Vinegar with the ''mother'' is unfiltered and must be shaken. It is available almost everyplace now! There IS a difference. it will lower bad cholesterol, it will kill yeast infections (our dog has a tendency to get a yeast infection on her skin, so we use a rinse of half ACV, half water) It will help prevent bladder infections and stones, it is good for is an amazing cure for so many things.... Continue Reading


Re: BBQ Pulled Pork in TSV Pressure Cooker

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1412630569.917

Pressure cookers are THE BEST!!! I have two now and have gone through two that are now in ''cooker heaven''...or wherever??!! Have a wonderful day and the meal sounds GREAT Continue Reading


Re: It Cosmetics - Tightline Mascara / Liner - What am I doing wrong??

In Beauty Banter 1412623453.713

I LOVE this product and use it everyday and rarely use mascara. I also use the new Smashbox ''always sharp'' eye liners. (screw on the cap and it sharpens to a delicate point each time) ...but for everyday it is TightLine... I have had no issues with clumps except on the very tip, which I touch to a tissue before using. This removes the 'glob'.... Starting at the very base of the lashes which is often 'under' the lid where the top meets the does make a 'line' and does not require eyeliner... Continue Reading


Re: samsung vs apple ipad tablets

In Electronics Talk 1412623204.487

On 10/6/2014 ritasNo1Fan said: So many options. A new Google Nexus is also coming this month. And Lenovo is coming out with a S Tab version copying Samsung. Thanks for the info... We have an elderly iPad and a Lenovo tablet... Lenovo gives you a lot of value for the money usually. Google I have never been a fan of...ranks right up there with my "Kindle Fire" ...NOT a good tablet. Great picture but apps are the issue.... It usually comes down to 'easy-pay' (but they give you a lot of 'items' you do not need to drive the price up) ...and Apple has their own 'easy pay' as do many places if y... Continue Reading


Re: Cutest Pin Ever - Grapes Bee (NEW)

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1412622912.317

Thanks for sharing.... it is cute and I see it will ship in November! Continue Reading


Clairsonic VS Tatcha...

Last Reply by ChynnaBlue 1412705919.65 | Started by Roni in Beauty Banter

A couple of years ago I purchased a Clairsonic Plus when it was a TSV.... A couple of months ago I ordered the Tatcha 'system'... I love the Tatcha and I went on auto-delivery. I have the cleansing set (oil & granules) and the serum. Tatcha works so looks so clean and feels every bit as cleansed as using the Clairsonic Plus. The battery on the Clairsonic Plus is beginning to fail - it does not hold a charge near as long as it once did, and at the ridiculous cost for a battery operated tool that is DEAD once the battery goes...I will NEVER buy another. I will continue with... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buy a new portable GPS recently and have recommendations?

In Electronics Talk 1412622354.673

My car has navigation, but the easiest and best GPS is my iPhone....Siri is amazing and a friend says her Samsung phone is great too.... Siri will talk you 'turn by turn' right to the destination, so IF you have a smart phone you may not need a probably already have one! Continue Reading


Re: samsung vs apple ipad tablets

In Electronics Talk 1412621431.54

be careful about which iPad... they discontinue support on older modes, l think the iPad 2 is scheduled... you can also buy a refurbished iPad direct from apple and they will give you six payments too.... check it out...or on a 'new' one. The warranty is excellent Continue Reading

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