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Re: Corned Beef, Which Cut?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426036006.98

I always cook in the pressure cooker....any cut. Cook on high pressure for an hour, bring down pressure and then add the cabbage quarters, bring back up to pressure for another 6-7 minutes.... Perfect. The cut doesn't matter, slicing does - always slice AGAINST the grain, if you slice with the grain it will be stringy and fall apart... Continue Reading


Re: Cracked dishes

In Temp-tations 1426035814.537

It's hard to believe that ANYONE still buys ANYTHING is junk made in China...and repeatedly cracks /fails.. Q doesn't care... Continue Reading


Re: Share great products made in the USA

In For the Home Talk 1426035638.97

On 3/9/2015 duclane said: Search by State made. Thanks for sharing a great site!! Continue Reading


Re: Kate Gosselin Has a Millionaire Boyfriend

In Super Saturday 1426035319.92

remind me why I should care???..... I seem to have forgotten Continue Reading


Re: They are now called Bermuda shorts....seriously?

In Fashion Talk 1426035070.98

I appreciate him calling then ''Bermudas"....the reason? I am short and if you just call them ''shorts''...they will NOT fit me - they will fall either in the middle of the knee or just below...not the right length for anything! ...if they're staying with Bermudas...could we have ''petite'' bermudas?? Continue Reading


Re: Need advice: Looking for a good pair of everyday/semi dressy black pant/jean

In Fashion Talk 1426034953.12

I have two pair of these pants....Usually SG pants do NOT fit , but these are a great pair of slacks...can be dressy, great length for petite and fabric is very nice.. I recommend them highly.... Hope this helps A258255 <h1 class="fn" style="margin: 10px 0px; padding: 0px; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 18px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #333333; display: inline-block; width: 641.75px; vertical-align: top;" Susan Graver Petite Chelsea Stretch Pants with Pockets</h1> I think they're also available in regular lengths.. Continue Reading


Re: O/T OK Something Bothers Me, So I'll Bring It Up

In Beauty Banter 1425531066.65

I totally agree....and there are even many pure bred rescues needing a home too.... Our present dog is a purebred Schnauzer (? giant mini or ? small standard) that had been very abused and then dumped in the FL. Everglades.... We were not looking for a pure bred any breed, but when asked by her rescue group about our history with dogs, and we'd had many Giant and Standard Schnauzers...they wanted us to see her...the rest is history. Please adopt and if you do want a specific breed, do a search for that breed's rescue groups... the puppies in stores are adorable, but if you would see how th... Continue Reading


Re: Another beauty brand gone from the Q???

In Beauty Banter 1425328106.57

Q is losing many major brands....but is becoming known for pushing Philosophy, and Temptations in the kitchen line.... two that I would never buy... Continue Reading


Re: If you could retire anywhere in the USA

In For the Home Talk 1425327985.25

Since you seem to hate Republicans...I suggest that you find a wonderful Democrat controlled will have HIGH taxes, it will have self-destructed large cities (i.e. Detroit) due to all of the hand outs to people who have chosen to never work a day in their life. so....avoid FL, TX, NV, TN, - they're definitely not in step with your mindset. (remember...YOU started this by making snide remarks about Republicans ---the people who work and pay taxes - and believe in a ''hand-up'' rather than a ''hand-out'') Continue Reading


Re: Sorry but QVC is lost without Lisa R......

In Fashion Talk 1422763400.607

I was not a major follower of Lisa's, but she was at least polite to the product reps....unlike MOST of the hosts newly (in the last couple of years...) introduced. They are the rudest, group of people I've EVER seen... and ignorant too. They will say anything to get the sale- true facts??? anyone care??? Not the hosts. Some of the old time hosts are still great - but that does NOT include Jane. I have ordered and returned a lot more due to totally inaccurate information. The BIG reason QVC is sinking into the gutter.... value??? quality???? GONE Continue Reading

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