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Tarte faux tanner.... ??wash the mitt???

Last Reply by cotto22 1410476889.18 | Started by Roni in tarte

I have been using the Tarte faux tanner...and I have not washed (rinsed out) the mitt....but it's looking a little gross.... anyone rinse theirs out?? It doesn't look like it could take a lot of ''washing'' Continue Reading


Re: Owning Multiple Tablets - Reasons?

In Electronics Talk 1407432349.81

We have two - the iPad is THE BEST....BUT - it cannot use Adobe Flash, and many ''You Tube'' things are only visible using Adobe Flash - so husband also got an Android system tablet (a Lenovo) I don't watch You Tube...but he is a car nut and it is a must. The apps for the Apple system seem so great and more choices than the Androids. Someone said Adobe Flash is being discontinued????? so it may not matter in the future. Apple and Adobe do not care for each other. Continue Reading


Re: Getting ready to buy a IPad or a tablet. which brands do you like and which would you prefer?

In Electronics Talk 1407431942.74

We have an iPad, a Kindle Fire, a Lenovo tablet and the iPad wins hands down. Ours, although old, is still working fine and my husband uses it daily. He is ''road kill on the internet highway'' (his description). I am considering buying a refurbished ''iPad Air'' OR the iPad 16GB with Retina display. Let me say this - when we got the iPad they tried to talk me 'down' from the most memory and 'best'... I should have listened. Today, I would buy just WI-FI, 16 GB...the least expensive. UNLESS you travel a lot and plan to use the tablet to download and playback movies... I love the apps for Appl... Continue Reading


Re: Tuberculosis

In Health & Fitness 1405968703.407

TB and many other things are returning...why?? our borders are totally open add to that the fact that many parents now don't want to vaccinate their children... so --TB, Whooping Cough, etc are showing up again. Healthcare workers are routinely required to get a TB test every two years at a minimum - at least here in SE FL.... Continue Reading


Re: Advice welcome - re:- Adobe Flash Player

In Electronics Talk 1405532262.343

On 7/16/2014 WIlliam Joseph said: Updates to Itunes never include GOOGLE anything. They are at war. TRUE....that is a major understatement. Remove Adobe and reinstall....but be sure to completely uninstall it first Continue Reading


Re: NEVER lose your manual because QVC will NEVER send you a replacement!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405532149

I have several pressure cookers.... four have been from QVC...each from a different manufacturer, so to expect them to keep the manuals is not really fair. The issue will probably be finding the pressure regulator ---if it's like all I have had, it will be black. I will say that two of mine turned out to be defective...ONE after four years or so. The Teflon coating began chipping off of the oval container...QVC's customer service sent me to the manufacturer that they used and since the model was no longer available they had me cut off the one end of the power cord and once received they T... Continue Reading


Re: Update on my post re dental visit/plans . . . surprising outcome!

In Health & Fitness 1403881090.8

You are wrong to be upset with the dental office... It is up to YOU to find any plans and pay any fees you may be required to...and learn any LIMITATIONS of each plan (there usually are some...) The office contracts with various plans just as a doctor does. You were seen as a 'self pay' patient...and you were quoted the dental charges for the services you needed. They are not required to shop plans for you, and some may limit the number of patients they will accept for each plan.... They work just the same as doctor - or any healthcare provider's - office does. As an RN who worked in an... Continue Reading


Re: Would You Buy This House?

In Mom to Mom Forum 1396258910.05

One word: NO ...want two words? NO WAY We 'rent' a home (expensive for most areas of the country) to our son and daughter-in-law...guess whose 'rent' gets paid last?? is going up for sale. I've had enough Continue Reading


Re: FYI - Amazon Prime Renewal Increase

In Beauty Banter 1395054434.02

I have NO problem with the increase. We shop AMAZON all the time and almost always check the "Prime Eligible" we buy almost all PRIME... The $20. is a minor charge for all the items (even clothes) available on the site. Years ago we ordered a lawn edger - gasoline motor powered - and paid the $3.99 extra to have it arrive 'next day'...and it was here the next day. ...Compare the QVC charges to Amazon comparison. QVC is ridiculous Continue Reading

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