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Re: A214114 The Baby Cheetah V Neck Jersey Top Available Now in 2 New Colors!

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I teach, and sit on the floor most of the day. When a top is too short, It rides up my back. Too bad, because I love the olive. On 12/26/2012 Belle_Femme said: Although I'm tempted to try the chili pepper, the length is a deal breaker for me. As a short lady with a long torso, I can't wear short or cropped tops. Continue Reading


Re: A214114 The Baby Cheetah V Neck Jersey Top Available Now in 2 New Colors!

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Love the top, but it is way, way too short. It is Bordering on bob-tailed. I don't know why they do this, unless it is simply to save fabric and cut costs. Continue Reading


Re: Oh this show is killing me!

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Ladies, if you like this brand, there are some good sales right now. Just browse the dept. stores. Bloomies, online, for example, has 7 pages of this brand marked down to half price right now with free shipping, but that certainly isn't the only source for the sale prices. Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever been attacked by neighborhood thugs because you wanted to protect your own property?

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I had to pay a one months deposit, a pet deposit, and must provide proof of professional cleaning when I vacate. It sounds as if you need to tighten up your contracts. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the Judith Ripka TSV watch?

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I wanted to, but the cost was just a bit out of my range. Maybe if it had been $149 w/4 ezpays... Continue Reading


Re: I'm not buying when S&H is too high

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I'm grateful for high shipping charges. It helps me not to overspend. If shipping could be combined, I would end up purchasing more. As it is, I won't buy more than one item because it would be too wasteful. Continue Reading


Re: Do you like and wear faux fur coats?

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No. I got a DB one once. It was too heavy. All the weight had to be held up by my shoulders and it was very tiring. Continue Reading


Re: Newsworthy georgette skirt

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On 3/3/2012 Luvmycats said: QVC has been selling this skirt for over SIX years- SAys something about tthem! What store would sell the same item for that long? I initially bought it and donated it yrs ago- I don't think it's fashionable anymore at all- I agree. It went into the donation box years ago. Cheap, unbreathable fabric, and whenever I sat down outside on a bench at work, it looked as big as a bedspread, literally billowing onto the ground. Definitely a "what was I thinking" purchase. Continue Reading


Re: What is Keurig, the I Phone of coffee makers?

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They do not keep coming up with new ones. The Vue is the first new one. The patent is up in 2012, so they came out with something new. Continue Reading


Re: Good price for K-cups

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I purchased all three flavors last year. The French toast was the best. The gingerbread was very watery and weak. I don't even like strong coffee, either! Continue Reading

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