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Tonight you can get shorts and a tank for under $100.....

Last Reply by taja123 1432763487.117 | Started by Mustangshar in Susan Graver

That statement on tonight's show just blew me away. Seriously, that's a lot of money! Really hit home, girls. The tank in black sold out and it was nice looking, but prices have got to get more reasonable. I get it, QVC is convenient however at what cost? You gals are right, prices just seem like an extra $10 per item now. Continue Reading


Re: Wow…4 Great Dresses from Evine Live and Kate & Mallory

In Fashion Talk 1432477737.537

Can't wait to hear all your reviews. So very attractive pieces in this thread! Continue Reading


Re: anybody watching Anttony on HSN?

In Fashion Talk 1432477259.633

On 5/23/2015 kittymomNC said: If you've never bought anything of Anthony's, then you don't know what his clothes look and feel like in person. You can't always tell much on TV or a computer screen. I would challenge most people to look at and touch a variety of garments and tell me exactly what the fabric is without looking at the tag. I bought his New Englander Sweater Coat in Ivory when it was a TSV, the fabric is just what I wanted, the fit is perfect (which is way more than I can say for half of what I get from QVC), and it's a sharp-looking, very flattering garment. I had tons of complim... Continue Reading


Re: Recommendations for a case with screen protector, iPhone 6+

In Electronics Talk 1432425248.827

Another Otterbox fan. All my phones have including my new 6 Continue Reading


Re: Friday's TSV GILI bag.

In TSV Talk 1432418838.14

I had hardware fall apart on Orvany wasn't impressed with that line at all. Gave away Continue Reading


Re: anybody watching Anttony on HSN?

In Fashion Talk 1432418457.26

Over the years I have a few pieces that I really like. Recent purchase was Black and Tan print pant with the gathered ankle. They are fabulous!! Ponte pant with back buckle at ankle, get mega compliments, wish it had a flat waistband. Bottom line clothing is affordable and yes polyester that I'm not a fan of. His Tshirts are a soft knit and much more reasonable than Logo or Soft Surrounding Continue Reading


Re: What's the most useless kitchen item you've seen on QVC?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1432399414.477

On 5/22/2015 KentuckyWoman said: A battery operated flour sifter. I saw Bob Bowersox demo this item one Sunday afternoon. When he hit the on button, flour flew everywhere. It was truly hysterical. I never saw that item presented again. Now THAT I'd love to SEE!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Friday's TSV GILI bag.

In TSV Talk 1432301766.62

Reba055, give it a chance. Use it everyday and see if you like it. I ordered the blue. I love my other GILI bag and get so many compliments even from strangers! Hope it will be a great bag. Continue Reading


Re: Friday's TSV GILI bag.

In TSV Talk 1432301614.033

I have a blush GILI large bag. No issues at all. The leather is beautiful and it's rather lightweight for its size. I've had Oryani that was 4 months old and the strap hardware broke apart. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver -May 20 TSV

In Susan Graver 1432236451.587

This is perfect for travel. Doesn't wrinkle, take up space in luggage and would be more appropriate than shorts. Continue Reading

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