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Re: Diane Gilman has HSN TS tonight, superstretch bootcut jean

In Fashion Talk 1416776212.38

I like super stretch too. It's soft, just need to get the right sizing.:) Continue Reading


Re: New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

In Fashion Talk 1416713923.637

On 11/22/2014 sunshine45 said: oh no......i just CANT look....... LOL i do have a 20% code that expires tonight though.... i try not to spend money on myself during this time of the year! Well, this was my present to me, yep used that coupon and ordered the poncho. Then came back for the other two pieces I ordered. Continue Reading


Re: New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

In Fashion Talk 1416713810.317

On 11/22/2014 santorini said: Thanks, Mustangshar. I just saw a new pair of jeans. Do you know if they're actually jeans material or her Flatterfit material? I love her line. That, I have no clue ..........I'm actually very surprised to see she DID jeans. Have to watch for more Face Book posts on the jeans, but I have plenty of jeans, LOL. Continue Reading


Re: New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

In Fashion Talk 1416713610.433

Thanks Lolakimono.:). Mom, I'm shorter than the models so the elastic will go inside my booties, should be ok. These are a sweater knit pant I think, but thought I'd give them a try. Continue Reading


Re: New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

In Fashion Talk 1416703742.67

It actually depends on the piece. Linea I wear L to XL, marla I wear XL, but her flatter fit pants...even the size 14 is a bit too big. I won't be reordering those. But I just love her knits. HTH Continue Reading


Re: Q Buyers, we need more Swing Sweaters A259620

In Linea 1416702483.34

On 11/22/2014 songbird said: Hand wash, dry flat??? You're kidding, right? Oh that's right. Hand wash really means the washing machine. Duh.... I wash in a laundry bag, huggable hanger to dry.:). No problems. Continue Reading


New Marla Wynn items are up in HSN

Last Reply by santorini 1416716649.97 | Started by Mustangshar in Fashion Talk

I just ordered the cameo rose poncho, matching fringed eternity scarf and the charcoal knit slouch pant ! Heads up.:) Continue Reading


Re: Rolling Stones 50th anniversary items at HSN.

In Fashion Talk 1416702009.353

On 11/15/2014 ValuSkr said: On 11/15/2014 ballyk said: I missed the show and most items apparently are sold out but I did get the Union Jack vest. I drive a red mini cooper convertible and it will be perfect. Nice when you can coordinate your clothing with your vehicle. LOL, I do Blues for my Stang! Especially at car shoes.:) Continue Reading


Re: If you use laundry soap pods.....

In For the Home Talk 1416530070.143

On 11/20/2014 mima said: Wow, I got a response from Tide already! Here it is...copy and pasted. The **** are my name. Thanks for contacting Tide, *****. We’re glad to hear that you love our Tide Pods! Also, we appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestion for making smaller Pods. While I can’t promise anything, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products to meet the needs and preferences of our consumers, and your comments will help us with our research. Please be assured I’m sharing them with the rest of our team. Thanks again for writing! Marla ... Continue Reading


Re: Injured friend annot stand or walk - Need tips during healing process

In Health & Fitness 1416528898.183

She may also have Medical under her auto insurance which may help her. I'm sorry for your friend, but yes, if there is another at fault driver, get attorney. She needs it. Continue Reading

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