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Re: IMAN TS-Aug 24th & Long Leather/knit gloves in great colors!

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I am so happy you got your jacket and love it! I loved that collar so much, but have way too many outerwear pieces already. Congrats.:) . I just received my gloves and hat, very happy with them! Continue Reading


Re: Reorder/New Colors of Linea Ponte Knit Skirt

In Linea 1409281369.427

Cool! Thank you. Pay day is tomorrow and I think I want one!:) Continue Reading


Re: MORE MADE IN USA! Encourage designers

In Susan Graver 1409250122.95

We keep hoping for more USA and yes, I'd pay more for great quality from here. Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers in Critical Condition?

In Beauty Banter 1409249967.01

Maybe a Surgery Center, they are may not be equipped to handle this type of emergency like a Hospital would be. Continue Reading


Re: Post your Item Reviews reminder

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Thanks girls.:). Our opinions matter whether good or bad. Continue Reading


Post your Item Reviews reminder

Last Reply by QBH 1409151024.563 | Started by Mustangshar in Linea

Just a note how important it is to post your item reviews for all Q shoppers to see. Sometimes I forget, LOL. :). It's a big help. Have a great day my fellow fashionistas. Continue Reading


Re: QVC's Target Demographic

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I shop here and other on line. I'm too busy to go to a Mall, get my car scratched or worse and not find anything. I work many 6 day weeks, there is no time. Most things are work clothes, no biggy. I'm happy. Not everyone likes everything, it is what it is. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1408937409.337

Glad to hear! I have to do my 3rd one tomorrow.:) Continue Reading


Re: OT. Got our Rhodesian Rescue

In Beauty Banter 1408921129.83

Awww, so happy for you all!:). Continue Reading

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