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Re: $51.72 for sweatpants!!!!!

In Fashion Talk 1418932317.267

It's true about her pricing...everything around the $50 plus range, add shipping ect, you're at $60. Getting too pricey, I think very carefully now Continue Reading


Re: Shop hq...have you been on that site?

In Fashion Talk 1418931570.673

Their clothing needs a boost. Pamela McCoy faux furs are absolutely fabulous!! Gems En Vogue are great, Aushka bags are nice, I have one. Patricia Nash...I have the best wallet ever. SKINN .....I'm pretty happy. Continue Reading


Re: Marla will be on HSN at 3am..,,and

In Fashion Talk 1418748351.58

Let me add i had to order down 2 sizes on flatter fit pants Continue Reading


Re: Joan Rivers’s Death Spurs New Look at Outpatient Centers

In Health & Fitness 1418748077.377

A few years ago, my Work Comp case manager told me her Dad had a fairly common procedure at a surgey center, had a complication and died. I dont ever want to go to one ever again. Nope, not happening. Continue Reading


Re: Marla will be on HSN at 3am..,,and

In Fashion Talk 1418730052.73

I also love Linea! Flatter fit pant...I'm in the minority here but the fit is great, I just don't like the touch of the fabric. I feel like I'm wearing bathing suit material? LOL, seriously I am a huge fan of Marla Wynn, half my closet is Marla. Comfy, pretty, chic! Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1418729756.403

I'm glad we are able to share on this network. It's a great thing.:) Continue Reading


Re: Skinn TTV Out For delivery!!!

In Beauty Banter 1418705476.46

Received my TTV this evening too!! That's like 2 day shipping? I ordered on Saturday. They are really shipping fast!! Continue Reading


Marla will be on HSN at 3am..,,and

Last Reply by ANewHue 1418754023.92 | Started by Mustangshar in Fashion Talk

And 5 pm, 11 pm.,,,I think. Just a heads up.:) Continue Reading


Re: LAVENDAR, here are the red lambskin gloves

In Linea 1418698557.123 surprise there. When I posted, red was still available.:( Continue Reading

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