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Re: Skinn question-Secret Elixir

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I just ordered on this visit, but ladies love it. Post up, girls. Continue Reading



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On 7/26/2014 Chi-town girl said: Loved his tips for cleaning makeup brushes using the new wipes and not overly shampooing them. Plus I've never used a blow dryer to dry them/fuff them out. Always read that you should dry them flat. I've been using Green Tea bar soap to clean my brushes and it works just great! I then put them in a cup, brush side up to air dry. Simple and really works.:). Just passing on a tip after I tried shampoos and other soaps.....nothing got them Clean until now. Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Peel....2 Uses or More?

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I don't think so. They are mixed and it's opened when the top is put on. Even if you did try it, don't think you would get a good result IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Are SKINN products good quality/results? low price of TS makes me leery & I don't know how to evaluate ingredient decks

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On 7/27/2014 winamac1 said: On 7/27/2014 guatmum said: On 7/27/2014 hopi said: bunny Skinn is a total no go for me. The smells, the lack of care for people with sensitive skin, alllergies es are just a part of my ..........f a low price is EXACTLY what the beauty industry wants. He is one skin care vendor whose skin actually looks great!!! I think he could pass for 7 years younger. Is the TSV today all fragranced heavily? Never noticed a fragrance on the deep wrinkle creme release. I use these...love! Continue Reading


Re: Disgusted with ShopHQ - Rant

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I haven't had a problem either any of the networks.:) Continue Reading


Re: My Marla Wynn review.:)

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She's on right now! Continue Reading


Re: SKINN (Sunday) TTV- thoughts?

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I have oily combo skin, 60 yrs old. I love these ! I know the peel is new and that's great, but the rest if the kit is cheaper than the creme reverse creme itself. These products work for my skin type. I also use the masks. This is my only skin care line that works for me and doesn't irritate my skin Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone use Stem Rejen (SKINN)?

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On 7/26/2014 SKITTLE said: I use the face Stem Rejen for all over, eyes, above lips, never buy the individual as the one does everything. I'm going to do the same and see if my eyes puff and tear. Can't use eye regen because of the reaction but get great results with creme reverse deep wrinkle for eyes. Love stem regen, Continue Reading

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