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Re: StriVectin vv Skinn

In Beauty Banter 1405947764.037

Nobody has an opinion? That's hard to believe! Continue Reading


StriVectin vv Skinn

Last Reply by CaitlinH 1406000713.423 | Started by forrest in Beauty Banter

What is the difference? Why do you use one over the other or both? Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1405945354.433

I threw out all other brands and am now totally a Skinn person ! I love all products, but sometimes don't want all items in the kits so I go to his website to buy individual items. His hand cream is fabulous and I wish it was offered in a larger size. Looking forward to his shows! Continue Reading


Re: TSV ornaments

In TSV Talk 1405873856.593

These are truly ugly! Continue Reading


Re: $5.22 to ship two skinny tees? Seriously?

In Fashion Talk 1404736383.47

I was going to get some undies from an online store, but they wanted $10.50 to ship 3 pairs! I found the same brand on Amazon and shipping was free! Continue Reading


Re: Saving my SKINN $$

In Beauty Banter 1404217225.523

I just love all his products and have gotten rid of most of my other products. The hand cream ( which I just started using) smells Devine! Continue Reading


Re: LOGO or Liz Lange?

In TSV Talk 1404102282.753

I can't believe Logo is back with another TSV! How can anyone buy that junk and pay a lot for looking like a bag lady! HSN at least had a little style, not much but not bag lady quality Continue Reading


Re: Cholesterol medicine and muscle pain ??

In Health & Fitness 1401714992.533

I, also was on Lipitor for many years and complained to my dr about legs pains and he just pooh poohed it. Years later and I'm seeing an endocrinologist and he listened and told me to stop taking it and see if it helped. Well I felt like a new person. After two weeks I was to cut the pill in half and try again. Same thing happened. Then I tried Welchol, very very expensive, basically put me in the donut hole for a 90 day supply! It also gave me severe constipation and I used so laxative meds I thought that I was prepping for a colonoscopy! So got off that and now I'm trying red yeast rice pil... Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1400369243.053

I have shopped with them for many years. Loved it when Chuck was your personal jeweler and you send stuff back to him him and he would size it for nothing. I have many of their old pieces which I love and have quite a few of the newer pieces. I buy a lot of the Waterford, which I love. I can't stand the days on end of Invicta, I don't know how the hosts deal with that. I loved Pam McCoy's clothes and was sorry to see her go, what they offer now in clothing is trash. I've never had an issue with their CS except they put you on hold forever! Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Day - Shop HQ - tonight 10pm

In Fashion Talk 1400368109.203

I love Waterford and their jewelry but absolutely hate 99% of their fashion! Who buys this? Continue Reading

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