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RLM new items

Last Reply by Justice4all 1409248396.11 | Started by forrest in Jewelry Talk

Just received my new items, 2 pair of earrings and at the beautiful necklace . All I could say was WOW when I opened the box. Loved them all and they all looked like fine silver! Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver is out of control this sunday morning

In Fashion Talk 1408995383.39

I don't like all of Susan's things, but have bought quite a few. Now, there is no comparison between Susan and Lori! Susan's clothes have much classic line and will last for years. Lori's are just fad, at least I hope so. Susan doesn't have to worry about being out done. I just think she is nervous and covers it up by speed talking! Continue Reading


Re: lets give lori goldstein a weekly spot on QVC

In Fashion Talk 1408995053.357

On 8/24/2014 mtnbikegirl said: I would like it too. Did I hear Lori say she won't be back until October? Wow! That stinks! I'm sure she'll make a few appearances on PM Style during September. No LOGO TSV's in September-Maybe October or November... Thank The Lord, we have some time off from her! Continue Reading


Bag Lady Back!

Last Reply by NJ4Jays 1410986424.5 | Started by forrest in Lori Goldstein

I just don't get this style! If you are large it will make you look larger and probably pregnant ! And if you are small why would you want to look this? Casual doesn't equate to sloppy! Continue Reading


Re: RLM at 1:AM

In Jewelry Talk 1408512400.457

Already got 2 pieces! Love that bubble necklace! Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1406375741.503

I just love watching him ! I was thinking the other day that I wished he would make a larger size for hand cream and here it is! I ordered 4 of his ttv's. I've gotten rid of all my other skin products and believe me I had a lot and am only using his products and I do see a big difference! Continue Reading


Re: StriVectin vv Skinn

In Beauty Banter 1405947764.037

Nobody has an opinion? That's hard to believe! Continue Reading


StriVectin vv Skinn

Last Reply by CaitlinH 1406000713.423 | Started by forrest in Beauty Banter

What is the difference? Why do you use one over the other or both? Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1405945354.433

I threw out all other brands and am now totally a Skinn person ! I love all products, but sometimes don't want all items in the kits so I go to his website to buy individual items. His hand cream is fabulous and I wish it was offered in a larger size. Looking forward to his shows! Continue Reading


Re: TSV ornaments

In TSV Talk 1405873856.593

These are truly ugly! Continue Reading

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