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Re: Diane Gilman: crazy top on TV!! 2:00cst show

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I noticed on hsn community that Diane is getting really ripped about her inconsistent sizing on her last toe TS's. I can agree. Some I love and get another style and they just don't fit! Lot's of complaints. Anyone else have issues? Continue Reading


Re: SKINN Fans, What Happened To 2 New Serums?

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Thanks for your thoughts, I'm thinking of packing up some of the other products that I bought earlier in March and sending them back, if I like the Skinn line. I have boxes of cosmetics that I don't use and finally pitch out and I've got to put a stop to that. I'm sure that lots of us are in the same boat and that's what these companies hope we do. So I'm trying to find one that I really like and stick with it. Probably the best thing that I could do is NOT watch the shows promising the moon! Continue Reading


Re: SKINN Fans, What Happened To 2 New Serums?

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I've just placed some orders for Skinn and have been watching Dimitri all weekend. What a hoot he is. Please tell me if you all being fans, think his products are better than It or M. Asam? I'm so tired of trying all these products. I've done Isomers, Dr. Denise, to name a few. Dimitri said he had been on other channels, does anyone know where? Just curious. Continue Reading


Re: What Cholesterol Medication do you take????

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I started a new thread about Red Yeast Rice that follows cholesterol. I was having the same terrible aching with Lipitor so my endo dr switched me to Welchol, which is not a statin but is supposed to help cholesterol. I couldn't stand the extreme constipation that it caused and now I'm stuck with all these pills that just about wiped out my insurance allowance fot the year and will be in the donut hole real early! So I'm trying the RYR (Thorne Choloeast ) and at least got rid of the constipation problem. Will have lipid panel in May. My cholesterol ratio is 3.12. Continue Reading


Re: Red Yeast Rice, Once More

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Hey, thanks for all your responses! I will see my endo dr in early May and will have a lipid panel done then. I'm taking the Thorne Choloeast brand, one in am and one in pm. This includes 60 mg of coq10, but I also take additional coq10. Not only was the Welchol giving me terrible constipation, but in one 3 month refill it used a good portion of my allotment from my Medicare allowance and I will consequently hit the donut hole much earlier this year! Continue Reading


Red Yeast Rice, Once More

Last Reply by forrest 1395919971.557 | Started by forrest in Health & Fitness

I know this was discussed in the past, but would love an update on how people are doing. I used to take Lipitor but the muscle aching finally made me stop that, so Dr put me on Welchol for cholesterol. I have had really severe constipation, and I mean severe. So my pharmacist, who is very much a holistic, recommended Thorne Choloeast, RYR. I did a lot of research on this and am going to give it a try. My last lipid ratio wad 3.12. Would love to hear how those taking this are doing? Thanks a lot Forrest Continue Reading


Re: No thanks on the TSV

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I think all the sweaters are very pretty and I'm sure very warm. It's just that there are so many presented and in my opinion the programs are very limited. I bought a beautiful Irish jacket last year that I love and get many compliments. Just wish they would do more Waterford and Inis. But I doubt they could compete with Shop on Waterford! Continue Reading


Re: logo

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How can anyone think this is chic? She looks like a bag lady and her clothes suit her! Continue Reading

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