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Re: IMAN TS-Sept 12th: Slip into Slim Stretch Denim Pants Fall Colors!!!

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I bought the IMAN pants in the black and gray not knowing what to expect but hoped all the reviews were correct. I also got the Denim and Company how comfy leggings TSV again hoping all the reviews were correct. I have to say that although I like the IMAN pants I love the How Comfy. They are longer in length, waist band sits better and a little higher and the material is softer than the IMAN. I ordered the same size in both brands. Both fit the leg exactly the same but the IMAN pants waistband is a smidgen smaller and much lower in the back. Not enough to make them uncomfortable But enough to... Continue Reading


Re: Arrival of scrapping - crafting supplies

In Scrapbooking 1400761715.22

My opinion on my craft haul: The Anna chalk stamps are great. Crisp stamping and very pretty. Different than her regular stamps with the negative space having the color but still very much Anna. The vellum quotes are great and versatile and will look nice on a card or scrapbook page. The masculine inks are pretty. Deeper than her usual stamp colors and will coordinate well with her other inks. The two crystalizers work great. Great instructions as well. I was surprised how easy they were to use. If you like to add bling to your projects this will work great. The only issue I have is that you... Continue Reading


Arrival of scrapping - crafting supplies

Last Reply by NorskyGal 1406148285.063 | Started by Janet M in Scrapbooking

My goodies have arrived! I will open the boxes when I get home and give a report on the items: 2 crystalizers, anna's chalk stamps, masculine ink pads, cricut cartridge and velum quotes and air gun. If anyone else got anything can you let us know your opinion. it is nice to get opinions from other crafters. Happy crafting. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody watch the HSN shows yesterday (5/14)?

In Scrapbooking 1400513196.937

I am patiently awaiting my goodies. They have all shipped. Mewsmomtoo I also like Martha Stewart products. Very high quality merchandise. I can not fit one more of her punches in my craft room. I have way to many. Same with Anna's products. I have things from when she used to be on the Q. Another quality product. I do like to make cards as like yourself the canvas is smaller however I enjoy the scrapbooking as well. I guess it is just another creative outlet. If I can figure out how to get a picture on the forum page I will certainly do so. Hoping for the air gun to test it out on Monday. I ... Continue Reading


Re: Anybody watch the HSN shows yesterday (5/14)?

In Scrapbooking 1400240023.61

Mewsmomtoo I am very crafty (I have been called Martha Stewart on more than one occasion) however the shirts are a surprise for the family. I am making up individual gift bags for our Family Day and the shirts are a surprise. No one knows that they are getting a gift bag. It is our 5th annual family day and I wanted to represent it somehow. Wracking my brain for what else to put in the gift bag but I am sure it will all work out. I am hoping to make stencils using my cricut and freezer paper and then using the air machine to paint the stencil. I hope it works. If not it is going back. I was g... Continue Reading


Re: Anybody watch the HSN shows yesterday (5/14)?

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I have to agree with you about the TS. If I had known the TS was on its way I would not have gotten the CB. I found it odd that they played the TS up so much with Anna on the show. I guess there will always be something better down the pike. I will stick with my CB and Spellbinders. They do just about everything the TS did except the letter press which I am not sure I would have used anyway. However I thought the dial on the side to change the width of the machine was a great idea. No more multiple plates. I also got the chalk stamps. They looked interesting. I got the 2 sizes of the crystal... Continue Reading


Re: Anybody watch the HSN shows yesterday (5/14)?

In Scrapbooking 1400170555.173

I like the shows there just is not enough of them. It would be nice if they actually gave vendors time to show you how to make something from start to finish. Anyway I bought that air gun, a few of Anna's things, the two crystal things, 12 x 12 clear and one other think that I have forgotten already. I don't know why I buy all this stuff. My craft room is taking over the basement. Continue Reading


Re: Liz Lange Ultimate Maxi Dress HSN TS?

In Fashion Talk 1394052226.287

I put my measurements in for a size suggestion. The suggestion was a medium. I am a large in most items and a medium in others so hopefully it fits. I always wanted one her dresses and thought why not take a chance. Of course I opted for black instead of a color. Hopefully it fits. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried David's Cookies (on HSN)?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1386190270.447

I bought into the David's brownie auto delivery program. The first shipment was very good. Quality, taste, texture and wrappings were all A Plus. The second shipment however not so good. The brownies were different, stale and very unappealing. I figured it was a fluke so accepted the third delivery. Same as the second delivery I am sad to say. I cancelled after that. I did get the Cheryl's auto delivery 10 tins of cookies starting with the Christmas delivery. Any opinions on Cheryl's would be appreciated. Happy Holidays Continue Reading


Re: Mineral Sunscreen from HSN......

In Beauty Banter 1377089970.743

I saw this as well and though to myself "I wonder if it works". It does have great reviews. I cannot wear liquid sunscreen on my face because I get all kinds of reactions to it- itching - sweating - acne. I have tried a lot of different brands of the liquid sunscreen to no avail. I am going to order it as well. We will have to compare notes when we receive it. Continue Reading

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