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Re: Susan Graver TSV 5-21

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How is the sizing. I take a medium in Denim and Company and store brands? Thanks Continue Reading


Craft Day Reviews

Last Reply by Marsha2003 1432233424.847 | Started by Janet M in Scrapbooking

Haven't heard any reviews of purchases from craft day so I will start. The Tiffany organizing system is working out great for me. I haven't quite finished all the sections but the sections I have finished make me happy. It really does make looking for your supplies easier. I did donate those items that did not fit or I did not like any more. Some of those things were like "What was I thinking" items. I may get another base to use as an extension to use for my cuttlebug folders and acrylic stamps. I think there are pages that would work although I haven't checked it out yet. I did put some of ... Continue Reading


Re: Anna's item restocked

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I was looking at Heidi's minc machine after viewing the one Anna showed this morning. I think Heidi's opening where you pass the paper through is bigger. On the you tube video she fed a 12 x 12 sized paper through it. I am not sure I need this item nor do I want it. Haven't mad up my mind if I will use it. I know Anna is supplying extra items which is good but I usually put foil on the old fashioned way with glue and a leafing sheet or double sided sticker that I rub a foil paper on. I guess I will wait and see what the deal is. I have put in my bag and have not hit the buy button some Hot... Continue Reading


Anna's item restocked

Last Reply by Marsha2003 1430928934.03 | Started by Janet M in Scrapbooking

Good afternoon For anyone like myself who did not get the Anna Griffin butterfly dies they are back in stock on auto delivery only. I did order them Yippee. There are a few new things but I know there will be more added during the week. Waiting for the Today special. Sounds interesting. Happy Crafting. Continue Reading


Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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Just and update on my totally tiffany organizer. It is a pretty neat concept. I have some of it loaded. Working on section #1. I do think you have to go through the pages sent with it to get the right page for what you are putting in it. The pages that came with the system all came together. Would have been nice if they were separated by what type of page it was. Maybe that is just laziness on my part as that is my only issue. Not a complaint for sure. It will take me longer than I thought it would to put together the way Tiffany suggests you organize it. I do have a purge box for those thi... Continue Reading


Re: IMAN TS-April 16th

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Received the tees and pants. Love them both. The tees I went up a size and I am thankful I did. If you have a muffin top go up one size and the tees fit perfect. Did not find the tees clingy at all. I also went up a size in the pants because I wanted them a little bit more flowing. My size was just a tad to close to the body so I returned and went up a size and they are great. The material on both of these items is very nice. Nice hand, silky, flows well and is comfortable. The necklace was an added bonus. It is a great looking necklace, it is sparkles nicely.This is my first Iman purchase an... Continue Reading


Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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My tiffany organizer is still sitting there waiting to be filled. I won't get to it until easter is over. It is quite large and takes up a lot of room. Yesterday in the mail I got the totally tiffany die boxes. I thought it was a good idea but someone mentioned the dies may bend. I have not put any dies in it yet but unless you put something extremely heavy on top of the box I think the dies will be just fine. It is a good heavy plastic. Will report back when I put some dies in the box. If it doesn't work I think I can find another use for them. Happy Easter Continue Reading


Re: Borghese TTV is up!

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I was torn on which one to get as I wanted 3 and really can't justify it. I saw the set of 3 - 7oz masks and purchased that instead. It had all 3 that I was going to purchase and the price was right. I have never used these masks and thought it was a good way to start. They are not as large as the today special but it was still a good deal. I hope if you purchased the firm that you write a review. I was curious on that one. Continue Reading


Re: IMAN TS-March 28th

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I ordered these pants based on the HSN suggestion and should have stuck to my normal size. I am returning for my correct size and have my fingers crossed they have the size I need to exchange. I LOVE these pants. Did not think I would but the pants are not that big and billowy. They are a slender cut which is why I like them. The material is wonderful. I have never wore printed pants and not sure I will wear these but they are very pretty. Continue Reading


Re: My it cosmetics tsv came last night, I have a question.

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Hello IT users: I have not had one problem with this foundation. It is not thick. It glides on smoothly, coverage is medium but you can build the coverage. I don't find any excess glow and it lasted all day. I have not experiences any sparkles at all. The sunscreen is an added bonus. After I apply the contour and blush the rest of my face looks highlighted so I don't use the highlighter in that came with the kit. I would say my face looks more dewy not glowing. The glow tends to die down as the foundation dries and I get a more dewy look. The brushes are amazing and my blush has never looked ... Continue Reading

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