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Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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Qgirl26 you will not be disappointed in Martha Stewart Products. I have a lot of her punches, paints, stencils, stickers, stamps etc.. and never have had any issues with them. They punch very well and are easy to use. I almost got the bow dies but hesitated. Let me know if you like the dies. The TSV I finally broke down and bought it. I really do not know why. I just hope the UPS person can carry everything to the front door. I usually shop the clearance section as well and bought several of the Hot off the Press kits there. You can't beat the price for what you get. I did go over board on cr... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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Ladies - I did order the tiffany die storage. Didn't think about it bending? I guess I really should have. I have the spellbinders with the magnetic sheets but thought this looked interesting for those anna folders that the middle pops out.The magnetic sheets are okay and serve their purpose. Your dies certainly will not bend in that system. Got the tiffany paper holder to and I have no reason why. Defeats the purpose of the organizing system I think. They may be going back. Also got that supply case that you can open up on your table and it takes less room and it holds your supplies. I have... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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Krimpette - I had them in my cart and fell asleep. I was so unhappy when I woke up and they were already gone. I am surprised that there were not more offered although I am sure thousands were sold.I guess since it wasn't the Today special they didn't bring in as many as they would have. I have so much Anna stuff it isn't funny. I have stuff going back to the Lee Ward days. That was a craft store before Michael's came to town. Then I got things from QVC as well. Then when she came to HSN with such beautiful things who could resist. I guess it wasn't in the cards for me to get the die set. Ple... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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Memyselfandi - I am hoping the organizational system works. I have so much stuff everywhere so hopefully it helps clean up and I can toss some of the things I don't use. I usually give them to my daughter in law or grand daughters and if they are not interested I donate them to the schools or good will. Hoping to do a lot of that organizing The HSN price is a good one for all that you get. I really am miffed that the Anna Dies on auto delivery sold out so fast. I did want those as well but that is what I get for getting some sleep last night. When you get the system let me know what you think... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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I am so not happy about the auto ship dies. Can't believe they are sold out Tried to get them around 7:00 AM and they were gone. No wait list or anything. Not a happy camper as that was all I was going to order from Anna today. Oh well you sleep you lose I guess. For those that got them enjoy and please leave a review when you can. Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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I am tempted to buy the tiffany organization book. I never can find anything and think this is a good idea. I haven't gotten to the Anna stuff yet as i usually can't resist. So for now I have the tiffany storage system in my cart. It is a great price compared to the cost on her own website. There are few other items I have my eye on like the hot off the press - there are a few kits on clearance that look good and I am debating the 3 birds cards for all seasons. So far haven't hit the buy button but I am so tempted. Continue Reading


Re: Susan Graver TSV on Thursday

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If anyone missed out on this shirt Macy's has one very similar for $50.00 on sale. It is Alphani brand. I did get one, of Susan's TSV's and loved it but had to return for a different size which of course is on waitlist. So much for the size charts. Should have known better I guess. Anyway just putting it out there if anyone was interested and did not get one. Continue Reading


Re: Misc. don't know where to put this discussion. What do you do with crafts you create?

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As an avid painter / crafter I have the same issue this time of year. I live in New England and when the days are shorter and grayer I am not inspired at all. There is nothing that you can do about a creative block other than to know it will be back. Something will inspire you when you least expect it and your creativity will flow. If you want to try something new go for it. Not sure what kind of crafts you do but certainly you can find something to do - painting, knitting, crochet, jewelry making, card making, scrap booking, quilting, quilling, mosaic art, altered art, water color paint or ... Continue Reading


Re: PRAI Ageless Throat & Chin Collection HSN TS

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I think the only time you will see that dramatic of a change in your neck in 7 days is when the bandages are removed. However, I have been using the prai neck cream for a while now. I see changes especially if I forget to apply. My personal opinion is that it softens the neck lines but doesn't tighten or lift the neck. At least not mine. I use it daily and am happy with how my neck looks when used. The softening lasts all day. I did purchase the today special for the value of the neck cream. I have tried other neck creams and never had a softening of the lines or any results. I would suggest ... Continue Reading


Re: Need to Have Tonsils Out

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I had my tonsil out at 51. That was several years ago and I did great. So will you. I believe that what you have heard is an old wives tale. With today's technology I wouldn't worry. I had absolutely no pain after with the meds they gave me. I suffered with strep throats all my life until the tonsils turned abscessed and almost killed me. So go for it and get those old wives tales out of your head. Good luck with whatever you decide. Continue Reading

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