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Re: Liz Lange Ultimate Maxi Dress HSN TS?

In Fashion Talk 1394052226.287

I put my measurements in for a size suggestion. The suggestion was a medium. I am a large in most items and a medium in others so hopefully it fits. I always wanted one her dresses and thought why not take a chance. Of course I opted for black instead of a color. Hopefully it fits. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried David's Cookies (on HSN)?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1386190270.447

I bought into the David's brownie auto delivery program. The first shipment was very good. Quality, taste, texture and wrappings were all A Plus. The second shipment however not so good. The brownies were different, stale and very unappealing. I figured it was a fluke so accepted the third delivery. Same as the second delivery I am sad to say. I cancelled after that. I did get the Cheryl's auto delivery 10 tins of cookies starting with the Christmas delivery. Any opinions on Cheryl's would be appreciated. Happy Holidays Continue Reading


Re: Mineral Sunscreen from HSN......

In Beauty Banter 1377089970.743

I saw this as well and though to myself "I wonder if it works". It does have great reviews. I cannot wear liquid sunscreen on my face because I get all kinds of reactions to it- itching - sweating - acne. I have tried a lot of different brands of the liquid sunscreen to no avail. I am going to order it as well. We will have to compare notes when we receive it. Continue Reading


Re: Painting planters, any suggestions?

In For the Home Talk 1368617540.44

Maybe I can help. Are the planters concrete or plaster. You mention both. My suggestion is to spray paint them. It is easier and dries quickly. Any home improvement center has a variety of colors as well as brands. My suggestion would be to ask the person at the paint counter. Concrete would use a different type of paint I think. As for color I would take the plunge and go for the light green or any color you like. I think they will look great painted a color. Black and Brown does not enhance the flowers you will put in the pots. A color will add to the overall look of the flowers. I have pa... Continue Reading


Re: Logo TSV for April 8th????

In TSV Talk 1365435733.227

I almost bought it but when I saw that it was clinging to 3 of the hosts I changed my mind. For those that own this top does it cling? Continue Reading


Re: A hideous schmatta by any standard

In Fashion Talk 1365435664.83

I love this top. The only reason I am not buying is that on all the hosts it was clinging to them. A lot of static cling. For those that own it does it cling? I had 3 in my cart and deleted them based on the cling factor. Continue Reading


Re: What Did You Buy on Craft Day?

In Scrapbooking 1364325676.123

I swore I would not buy anything but here is what I bought: Lisa's card kit and sticker set, hot off the press embellishment kit and 2 other HOTP kits plus a banner kit that was on clearance and two differnt sets of Martha Stewart paints. I did not need anything and did not want to buy anything but I am weak when it comes to crafting. I wanted so many more things - Marthat Stewart stencil kids - but did not buy them. I wasn't interested in the TS as I can scrap that way with a regular photo album and a set of the clear page protectors sectioned off like were included in the package. After pu... Continue Reading


Re: Shame on Q!

In Fashion Talk 1363779860.627

I know what you mean. I have the denim and company corduroy jacket with knits sleeves I purchased 2 years ago for 29.99. It is now 49.00 without shipping. Last year it was at a clearing house near me and the same jacket was 7.99. I don't buy many things from the Q anymore as the prices as high, the shipping is high and the quality doesn't seem to be there on a lot of items with inconsistent sizing and changing of materials used and the same fashions for years and years. Never buy anything from the cooking shows anymore as you can find the items they are selling in stores for a lot less. I kn... Continue Reading



In Scrapbooking 1362751177.203

Donna is now with the Mark Richards Enterprises. Ginger will be on HSN in May. Continue Reading


Re: New Stuff in Stores!

In Scrapbooking 1362401772.067

Thanks for the info. Will head to Michael's to see what my store has. My Michael's usually doesn't get anything new until after everyone else seems to get it. Hopefully I can find some of the martha stewart cartridges / punches and the anna griffin folders. Interesting that Michael's has MS cartridges that HSN does not. DO you know if any of the MS cartridges at Michaels are in the auto ship? Have a good one Continue Reading

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