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Re: Misc. don't know where to put this discussion. What do you do with crafts you create?

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As an avid painter / crafter I have the same issue this time of year. I live in New England and when the days are shorter and grayer I am not inspired at all. There is nothing that you can do about a creative block other than to know it will be back. Something will inspire you when you least expect it and your creativity will flow. If you want to try something new go for it. Not sure what kind of crafts you do but certainly you can find something to do - painting, knitting, crochet, jewelry making, card making, scrap booking, quilting, quilling, mosaic art, altered art, water color paint or ... Continue Reading


Re: PRAI Ageless Throat & Chin Collection HSN TS

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I think the only time you will see that dramatic of a change in your neck in 7 days is when the bandages are removed. However, I have been using the prai neck cream for a while now. I see changes especially if I forget to apply. My personal opinion is that it softens the neck lines but doesn't tighten or lift the neck. At least not mine. I use it daily and am happy with how my neck looks when used. The softening lasts all day. I did purchase the today special for the value of the neck cream. I have tried other neck creams and never had a softening of the lines or any results. I would suggest ... Continue Reading


Re: Need to Have Tonsils Out

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I had my tonsil out at 51. That was several years ago and I did great. So will you. I believe that what you have heard is an old wives tale. With today's technology I wouldn't worry. I had absolutely no pain after with the meds they gave me. I suffered with strep throats all my life until the tonsils turned abscessed and almost killed me. So go for it and get those old wives tales out of your head. Good luck with whatever you decide. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have spinal column narrowing (stenosis), and associated pain?

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CouponQueen. My husband had such a positive response once the chiari was taken care of several years ago. However he is now back to the legs spasms and head swelling with spinal fluid. They are talking about putting in a shunt to redirect the spinal fluid but he is leery as it is brain surgery and if it doesn't work it is another surgery. Currently when the fluid builds in his head he goes in to the doctors and has a spinal tap to remove the excess fluid. This happens every 3 months or so. All in all he is doing well and functions very well. I am sad to here that your husband hasn't the succe... Continue Reading


Re: Tarte Powder Foundation

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I recently purchased the tart powder foundation and have used it three times so far. I am on the fence. I have used IT for a while and really like it but thought I would give this a try. I haven't had the success others have had. Maybe I am doing something wrong although I have years of experience with this type of foundation. When I tried to build coverage I got a section of my face the foundation looked like it separated on my skin. When I don't try to build coverage it is ok. I find the IT has more coverage. Love the packaging and design of the container. Does anyone have any tips for appl... Continue Reading


Re: Oct. 7 Purchases and Reviews - What Are You Excited About Getting?

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Mewsmomto - Martha's punches by far are the best. How you can get such and intricate design from a punch and the ease of use amazes me. I do love the hot off the press kits but like I said no directions. Plus they come in an envelope with all the pieces of the kit inside. None of the items are bagged in the envelope. I keep them in the envelope otherwise I would lose the pieces. I do like quilling. I usually sit in front of the tv and twirl away making different sized balls that can be pinched into many designs. I did get the automatic quilling winder but have not used it yet. Can see that ... Continue Reading


Re: Diamonique Warranty

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Belbe you can take the ring to a jeweler and they will put in a cz for you. I have a nice gold diamonique bracelet I bought years ago. One stone fell out. I took it to the jewelers and for like 30.00, maybe less he put in the matching cz stone. Worth a try. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have spinal column narrowing (stenosis), and associated pain?

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Although I don't feel your pain my husband sure does. He has suffered for years with spinal stenosis and has had numerous spinal surgeries. Along with this he was diagnosis with Chiari Malformation. You may want to ask your neurosurgeon if he can check you for this. My understanding is that Chiari goes hand and hand with stenosis. He has gotten major relief once the Chiara was treated. He still is in pain but it able to treat it with meds and a great attitude. I know everyone is different but I thought I would put it out there as you sound just like my husband. Hopefully you can find some r... Continue Reading


Re: Oct. 7 Purchases and Reviews - What Are You Excited About Getting?

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Kati - I was fortunate to have a one stroke instructor. A great technique and lots of fun. I get the same emails for sale items. Don't buy any more as I have one stroke supplies to last several lifetimes. I am addicted to most crafts. Love crafting. All my new goodies are a good addition to my current stash. I do think you get a better deal on hsn then any where else. Hard to resist great products at great prices. Nice that you still pick up a paint brush. I have a pbs create tv station that she is on occasionally. However all the shows are from 2009. Hope you enjoy all your new stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Oct. 7 Purchases and Reviews - What Are You Excited About Getting?

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I received all of my goodies. I did not realize that I ordered 4 of Martha Stewarts punches that were on clearance. I have no tried them yet but Martha's punches never disappoint. I also got a set of Martha's stickers on clearance that are really nice. The computer picture doesn't do them justice. Ferns and Butterflies. I got the embosssbilty (that is spelled wrong) stickers. Well I thought I ordered 2 sets and got 3. Anyway they look ok. Not as good as the dazzle stickers but they will do. There are a lot of them for the price. I can't tell if they look embossed on a project as I haven't u... Continue Reading

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