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Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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My tiffany organizer is still sitting there waiting to be filled. I won't get to it until easter is over. It is quite large and takes up a lot of room. Yesterday in the mail I got the totally tiffany die boxes. I thought it was a good idea but someone mentioned the dies may bend. I have not put any dies in it yet but unless you put something extremely heavy on top of the box I think the dies will be just fine. It is a good heavy plastic. Will report back when I put some dies in the box. If it doesn't work I think I can find another use for them. Happy Easter Continue Reading


Re: Borghese TTV is up!

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I was torn on which one to get as I wanted 3 and really can't justify it. I saw the set of 3 - 7oz masks and purchased that instead. It had all 3 that I was going to purchase and the price was right. I have never used these masks and thought it was a good way to start. They are not as large as the today special but it was still a good deal. I hope if you purchased the firm that you write a review. I was curious on that one. Continue Reading


Re: IMAN TS-March 28th

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I ordered these pants based on the HSN suggestion and should have stuck to my normal size. I am returning for my correct size and have my fingers crossed they have the size I need to exchange. I LOVE these pants. Did not think I would but the pants are not that big and billowy. They are a slender cut which is why I like them. The material is wonderful. I have never wore printed pants and not sure I will wear these but they are very pretty. Continue Reading


Re: My it cosmetics tsv came last night, I have a question.

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Hello IT users: I have not had one problem with this foundation. It is not thick. It glides on smoothly, coverage is medium but you can build the coverage. I don't find any excess glow and it lasted all day. I have not experiences any sparkles at all. The sunscreen is an added bonus. After I apply the contour and blush the rest of my face looks highlighted so I don't use the highlighter in that came with the kit. I would say my face looks more dewy not glowing. The glow tends to die down as the foundation dries and I get a more dewy look. The brushes are amazing and my blush has never looked ... Continue Reading


Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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Marsha2003 - Please do review the dies and the gatefold set. I am curious about both. Hopefully they arrive soon. QVC had one stroke painting which got me started in the art world. Since getting those kits I a have really flourished as an artist. The curtain foam thing I always wanted and never got, Lisa doing all the paper crafting and actually showing you how to use the items and on and on. I often wonder why they ever stopped. Oh well QVC's lose HSN gain. Enjoy your day Continue Reading


Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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Marsha2003 - Thanks for your response. I originally thought the organizer system was just a huge 3 ring binder. I guess it is but the base is medal, heavy duty velcro holds the rings on and it is extremely sturdy. I bought it in hopes of getting organized. The way it was described seem to fit the bill for me. I can't seem to get my supplies organized in such a way that is helpful. I have stuff all over the place. Truthfully I thought it was a bit expensive but in the end if it helps me it is worth it. I will keep you posted. I think this was the first time I was disappointed in 3 birds. I pu... Continue Reading


Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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Received the Totally Tiffany Organizer. It is quite a hefty piece of storage. It is all metal and should hold a lot of stuff. Have not put anything in it yet and won't until next week as I am getting ready for Easter. But it is up and sitting on its shelf waiting. I really can't wait to load this up and see if I can clear up my space and be more organized. It was very easy to put together. Directions were included. Received 3 - 3 bird items. I got the girly stamps which are adorable. I received the sparkly borders and they are just okay. Nothing special. The borders are not that generic. The... Continue Reading


Craft Day Purchase Reviews

Last Reply by Kati 1428195969.01 | Started by Janet M in Scrapbooking

Ok so I received a few items. Spectrum Noir markers with video Have not watched video but the markers are a slightly different shape from the original ones I purchased in the past. Hopefully they are an improvement. I do believe the Copic markers are much better but for the price thought I would give it a whirl. I know someone mentioned that you could only use a certain paper with these markers but that is true with all markers. I bought a ream of white card stock from Walmart and use that to stamp on and have never had a problem. I have to test markers on color paper to see which is better. ... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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Qgirl26 you will not be disappointed in Martha Stewart Products. I have a lot of her punches, paints, stencils, stickers, stamps etc.. and never have had any issues with them. They punch very well and are easy to use. I almost got the bow dies but hesitated. Let me know if you like the dies. The TSV I finally broke down and bought it. I really do not know why. I just hope the UPS person can carry everything to the front door. I usually shop the clearance section as well and bought several of the Hot off the Press kits there. You can't beat the price for what you get. I did go over board on cr... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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Ladies - I did order the tiffany die storage. Didn't think about it bending? I guess I really should have. I have the spellbinders with the magnetic sheets but thought this looked interesting for those anna folders that the middle pops out.The magnetic sheets are okay and serve their purpose. Your dies certainly will not bend in that system. Got the tiffany paper holder to and I have no reason why. Defeats the purpose of the organizing system I think. They may be going back. Also got that supply case that you can open up on your table and it takes less room and it holds your supplies. I have... Continue Reading

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