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Re: has anyone tried to make their own kind bars?

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To a person w/diabetes honey is sugar. Continue Reading


Re: D & C TSV

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I think they are a bit pricey. Continue Reading


Re: Annette O'Toole, was in a show the other day

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I just Googled her and she was. She starred opposite Michael McKean. I think they did a "Law and Order" together. Continue Reading


Re: Annette O'Toole, was in a show the other day

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Wasn't she in the one where she kidnaps the attorney that prosecuted her brother? I believe her husband played the attorney. Continue Reading


Re: Does Your Job Allow YOu To Use Your Sick Time Before You Retiree?

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The place from which I retired did not have "sick" time as such for hourly people. We were able to accumulate "comp" days. When you left if you had any comp days you did receive money for them. One of the things some people did was accumulate vacation days and then take them when they retired. One of the big, big bosses found out about this and changed the company policy-you had to use a certain number of vacation days every year. I think you could only save 2 weeks to carry over. Continue Reading


Re: Love Bing Crosby movies???

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Bing Crosby's first wife (Dixie) died of cancer. It was rumored that she drank a little too much. Kathryn I believe is still alive. Continue Reading


Re: Still a Thorn

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If you are only 5 feet tall you probably didn't look good in the skirt. In my opinion NO ONE looks good in maxis. Now on to your husband. Men just do not understand. Even if you tried explaining the insult and he still wouldn't get it. What you are doing is the right thing. Be polite but keep her at arm's length. I understand. I grew up in a family like that. 2 members came to blows over chicken salad. And I mean psychical blows. Continue Reading



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I used to QA brushes . Yes they are all the same. The labels? Please. It is like the sweat shop clothing that slaps different labels on clothing. Continue Reading

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