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Re: On The TALK today..discussion about Tori Spelling

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DH calls her shows "comedy relief". What surprises me is that after 4 children she still doesn't know about the "birds and bees'. Continue Reading


Re: TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

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I believe the Count (Counting Cars on the History Channel) had that same type of show in LA. I do remember Ernie Anderson and "Who stole the kischa (sp)? Continue Reading


Re: Ochre is pronounced OH-ker not okra!!!

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There was a host on years ago that did not know about types of fabric. Really blew it!! Jean Bice corrected her on air. Continue Reading


Re: has anyone tried to make their own kind bars?

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To a person w/diabetes honey is sugar. Continue Reading


Re: D & C TSV

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I think they are a bit pricey. Continue Reading


Re: Annette O'Toole, was in a show the other day

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I just Googled her and she was. She starred opposite Michael McKean. I think they did a "Law and Order" together. Continue Reading


Re: Annette O'Toole, was in a show the other day

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Wasn't she in the one where she kidnaps the attorney that prosecuted her brother? I believe her husband played the attorney. Continue Reading


Re: Does Your Job Allow YOu To Use Your Sick Time Before You Retiree?

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The place from which I retired did not have "sick" time as such for hourly people. We were able to accumulate "comp" days. When you left if you had any comp days you did receive money for them. One of the things some people did was accumulate vacation days and then take them when they retired. One of the big, big bosses found out about this and changed the company policy-you had to use a certain number of vacation days every year. I think you could only save 2 weeks to carry over. Continue Reading

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