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Re: Help! What Can I Do About A Persistant Bird?

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I think it is cruel and inhumane. Leave the bird alone and next year remember and put the basket somewhere else. Continue Reading


Re: Help! What Can I Do About A Persistant Bird?

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We are such bird lovers that one summer we did not use our motor home because Phoebes had built nests in the over hang. We make many places for our birds and celebrate when they return. Many have been born here and return in the summer. We also take care of our winter birds. Continue Reading


Re: Have you noticed there is a four hour easy pay going on?

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You still have to pay for it and if you do not pay your credit card in full every month the interest is added. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody Cook With Cast Iron?

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My Mom did and I have her pans, but the truth is I hardly ever cook. Continue Reading


Re: When recycling, do you wash things out completely?

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We burn all that is burnable. Give leftover foods to our critters in the woods. We use trash haul away for cans and bottles. I do save some glass for putting leftovers in. But no I do not wash. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite inspirational quotes?

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2 are my favs: We say goodbye only to say hello again. The downfall of any magician is belief in her own magic. Continue Reading


Re: Happy September 11? Will this Ever Become a Holiday?

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It has been designated as Patriots Day. I think all those holidays where mail is not delivered, etc everyone should get them as a holiday. Continue Reading


Re: Sick days where you work

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Place where I worked there was a big difference between hourly and salaried. (No union) If you were hourly you had to earn sick days and to earn a day off you had to work 13 weeks w/out an occurrence. It was pretty bad. Continue Reading


Re: Question and opinion about someone in a store

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My Dad had dementia and we were careful when taking him out. I also feel that disruptive children should not be in stores. I am NOT looking down my nose at her. She certainly had a right to be there but it appeared she did not have care giver w/ her. Continue Reading



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Goodwill is full of unworn clothing, tags still on that I think are the wrong size. Continue Reading

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