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Re: Complaint about TSV presentations

In Q Did What? 1398343626.913

Toby: You work for QVC,don't you? Continue Reading


Re: disappointed with the Carole Hochman TSV coming up

In Fashion Talk 1398342352.343

I think it looks like the one offered before. On 3/4 sleeves: I am so short the fit me like long sleeves. Continue Reading


Complaint about TSV presentations

Last Reply by Bungo 1398343626.913 | Started by Bungo in Q Did What?

Why is so much time spent on the presentations? Sometimes 30 minutes to a whole hour. I know immediately if I want the tsv. I realize it is done to "push" the item but very annoying. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a Lightweight Hoodie That Doesn't Shrink

In Fashion Talk 1398168445.423

Hardly any thing shrinks today. If you are having problems you could try washing in cold water,not using the dryer (hang to dry). Another thing buy the hoodie a size too large and maybe after you wash it will fit better. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know what is happening to Dan Hughes?

In Among Friends 1398166949.247

I thought that was Danny Koker from Count Customs. Continue Reading


Re: I am fine with my size :)

In Suggestion Box 1398085583.727

Very,very well said. Continue Reading



Last Reply by ROMARY 1398092474.237 | Started by Bungo in Fashion Talk

No matter what the hosts tell us the "smiley" on slacks,capris ,etc are not right and make the garment look too tight. Continue Reading


Re: much wasted $$$- return s/h charges

In Among Friends 1398085304.17

When we return we are paying for weight. How close is your post office? There is the cost of gasoline to consider. I make my own labels-I think $6.95 is really too much. When I return something I use bubble wrap and eliminate all the whop-de-do (romance cards,etc) if it is a piece of jewelry. Clothing just stuff it back in the plastic bag w/ the proper paper info. Always insure. On my last statement I was charged $6.95 and used my own label. I called CS and the problem was cleared up. I do not use boxes. They weigh too much!! Bubble wrap works just as well. Keep all your receipts. You mention... Continue Reading

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