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Re: I Am Noticing Susan Graver's Shorts w/Heels...

In Susan Graver 1427480279.187

I am 5 feet 2 and I would never wear heels w/shorts or crops. Looks bad. Continue Reading


Re: What is wrong in the warehouse?

In Q Did What? 1427479973.257

I also think they have become slower. I often wonder if a lot of people were laid off because of the change in S&H? Continue Reading


Re: Lipstick Queen- worst customer service

In Beauty Banter 1427479816.957

Worked in Personal Care R&D for several years. Most formulas are the same. The colors are easy to replicate. Why anyone would pay a lot of money for lipstick when you can get it at the Dollar Tree for a dollar is beyond me. Continue Reading


Re: I Am Noticing Susan Graver's Shorts w/Heels...

In Susan Graver 1427462452.31

Maybe it was the TV but I thought her legs looked heavy. Continue Reading


Re: Dan W. gets called out for!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427453699.223

He should have been. The food handling on the food shows is not good. Get your paws off the food and use forks, spoons or knives. I think I have said before that DH will not eat at a pot luck or buffet type restaurant. In fact we hardly ever eat out. He sees many people every day with problems from eating food not properly handled. Continue Reading


Re: Grim

In TV Talk 1427393742.173

I'd run to the captain also. Continue Reading


Re: Netflix Shows

In TV Talk 1427393635.047

I loved St. Elsewhere esp; the series finale and the one where Howie Mandel has a near death experience. Continue Reading


Re: Diabetes Free

In Health & Fitness 1427385085.107

No Violann you say you are "absolutely" sugar free. Fruit is loaded w/ sugar. Continue Reading


Re: My husband hurt my feelings. Loose skin comment

In Beauty Banter 1427381215.877

If that is the worst thing your DH ever says to you consider yourself VERY lucky. Continue Reading

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