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Re: Another downside of snowbirding...

In For the Home Talk 1414077023.833

I do not understand what you mean by"camp"? Continue Reading


Sneaky Petes

Last Reply by Beauty$Junkie 1414078530.14 | Started by Bungo in Kitchen & Food Talk

Yrs ago I would make "Sneaky Petes" for DH. I cannot find the recipe. Does anyone have one? The only one I could find internet wise had red bottled punch in it. The one I remember had frozen lemonade,OJ and maybe bourbon. You would mix all this together and freeze it. When frozen, scoop it out and top w/ Sprite or 7-Up. Thought it would be a fun surprise for TG dinner. Continue Reading


Re: On The TALK today..discussion about Tori Spelling

In Viewpoints 1413999944.757

DH calls her shows "comedy relief". What surprises me is that after 4 children she still doesn't know about the "birds and bees'. Continue Reading


Re: TV "Fright Hosts." Do You Remember One From Your Childhood?

In Viewpoints 1413900583.417

I believe the Count (Counting Cars on the History Channel) had that same type of show in LA. I do remember Ernie Anderson and "Who stole the kischa (sp)? Continue Reading


Re: Ochre is pronounced OH-ker not okra!!!

In Fashion Talk 1413645620.03

There was a host on years ago that did not know about types of fabric. Really blew it!! Jean Bice corrected her on air. Continue Reading


Re: has anyone tried to make their own kind bars?

In Recipe Swap 1403892286.78

To a person w/diabetes honey is sugar. Continue Reading


Re: D & C TSV

In TSV Talk 1403880801.713

I think they are a bit pricey. Continue Reading


Re: Annette O'Toole, was in a show the other day

In Movies 1403880716.087

I just Googled her and she was. She starred opposite Michael McKean. I think they did a "Law and Order" together. Continue Reading

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