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Re: Jan. 27 Today is Chocolate Cake Day Here is my favorite recipe.....

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422377135.157

That sounds like a chocolate version of Texas Sheet Cake. My favorite chocolate cake recipe is Black Magic. Found in on the back of a box of Herseys cocoa. It has coffee in it among other things and is very moist. Continue Reading


Re: Watching Jimmy Stewart in "Spirit of St. Louis"

In Movies 1422376859.8

Did not care for his "ah shucks" portrayal of Lindbergh. Lindberg was not at all like that. I have many favs of Jimmy. He did a few w/Hitch and they are all great. I especially liked "Rope". Continue Reading


Re: Nervous Breakdown?

In Among Friends 1422369535.323

John, happy to see you back. Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422369377.993

Sometimes you just can't make everyone happy. Continue Reading


Re: Collectibles that are totally worthless

In Viewpoints 1422362325.637

Several years ago I sold all of my Hummels when they were popular. We made some money and we are glad we sold them when we did. I think Cherished Teddies could be added to that list. I have seen many of the listed items at Goodwill. Once at Goodwill I was looking at Goodwill and the Cherished Teddies -just curious- and a woman almost knocked me over because she wanted them. Thought they were valuable. I also wonder if all those collectible dolls are also worthless? Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do and What Would You Say?

In Among Friends 1422304628.533

There is probably no way to keep peace. Sometimes that happens. I would say no,I can't afford it. Continue Reading


Re: sally combs

In The Q We Love 1422281707.923

No comment!!! Continue Reading


Re: Too much .

In Among Friends 1422276098.203

We have purchased a few items from e-bay. They were all fine but I am disappointed in the sellers. If you are using e-bay remember to keep shipping and handling to a reasonable amount. That is a deal breaker for many. People are looking for bargains. I am not an e-bay seller but I have heard that e-bay has a lot of "rules" for their sellers. Continue Reading


Re: Nervous Breakdown?

In Among Friends 1422275832.517

You should see a doctor. The term "nervous breakdown" is no longer used and has been replaced w/major depressive disorder. I am not saying you are not depressed. Please do not think that and you should see a doctor. Continue Reading

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