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Re: If you have a granddaughter, I'd like your opinion, please.

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I am glad you feel that way about your grandchild,but I think you should respect privacy. Continue Reading


Re: Wedding reception suggestions

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If you have to have a cash bar then don't have a bar. Continue Reading


Re: Wedding reception suggestions

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I'm from Western PA and those cookie tables were amazing!! My Aunt had always helped others with the baking and when her daughter was married many, many people helped her out. There were dozens of different kinds of cookies. And I do not mean a dozen cookies, I mean varieties. Continue Reading


Re: Dig: USA Orders New Event Series

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Commercials always get us in the end. DH says he forgets the storyline. Continue Reading


Re: wedding receptions

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We also attended a wedding reception on Halloween where we were asked to come in costume. Most did. The bridal party was in costume. It was fun. I was Little Red Riding Hood and DH was the Big Bad Wolf. Lots of great memories. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone solve a mole infestation

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Interesting! We live in the country and do not have a lawn. We feel it is environmentally wrong. Continue Reading


wedding receptions

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Can't find this now but I think it was about food,etc. I have been to many over my lifetime. My family is Italian and back in the day the weddings were all day affairs. The church, a big dinner and then an even bigger reception. Some people from a small town in New England believed that weddings should be ceremony in church and then punch and cake in the church parlor. A friend of mine had a ceremony during evening services at his church( I believe they were Baptist) and then the reception was a pie supper. Kind of a pot luck. DH went to one years ago that was pot luck and the sign on the doo... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone solve a mole infestation

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Our GSD hates moles. She stalks and kills and is done w/them. However our Bichon thinks they are great gifts for us. Continue Reading


Re: Am I correct in understanding...this recipe calls for 9 sticks of butter?

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That's salada butter (remember that)? Do you know butter freezes well? I buy the sticks when on sale and use as needed. Continue Reading


Re: New QVC Host

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I think Antonella was a lab tech. Not sure. Continue Reading

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