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Re: OMG...what is Jane wearing tonight ?

In Fashion Talk 1397834222.613

I thought her MIL lived in Ireland. Continue Reading


Dolly Parton

Last Reply by The Bird 1397765019.12 | Started by Bungo in Q Did What?

Just heard she is going to be on 4/27. What will she be selling? Continue Reading


Re: Exchanges/PrePaid Return Label Charge

In Q Did What? 1397747887.287

I returned a pair of slacks. Made my own label by using an old QVC one and blacking out the product info. Got my USPS receipt and went on my way. When I received my bill I had been charged for the return (6.95). I called right away and CS was lovely. My card will be credited. I think in the return place (where ever that is) things are so quickly scanned no one pays attention to the label. I saved about $2.00 doing that. I have all my QVC receipts for the last 20 years and they are organized into jewelry, clothing, etc. I just go through them and find the one w/the correct address. Continue Reading


Re: Cloudy Diamonique

In Diamonique 1397677835.527

Wow! Some of my Diamonique is 20 or more years old it looks fine. Continue Reading


Re: Unbelieveable Review????

In Judith Ripka 1397677709.26

Just looked at the ring. It is a little large for my hands and a tiny bit gaudy. But that is my OPINION. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Going To Watch Fargo

In TV Talk 1397676840.673

The movie is probably one of my top 5 films so no I won't be watching the tv show. Continue Reading


Re: Why even have them

In Q Did What? 1397676626.047

Some of those vendors are paid actors and that is their only connection w/the company. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Has your pharmacy ever made a mistake?

In Beauty Banter 1397507613.417

Many pharmacies now write on the bottle of bottle just how many pills are in the bottle. I'm surprised you were not treated better. Continue Reading

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