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Re: Vitamix 7500 shipped today! Weee! Share your fave recipes with me plz!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397674915.167

I hope more people post their favorite smoothie recipes! I have a Vitamix too & love trying new things in it! I am so happy with mine! Best purchase ever! So far all the recipes I have tried are in the book I got with mine! Continue Reading


Re: Easter coffee table

In For the Home Talk 1397069855.46

How cute! I have been at home goods & hobby lobby earlier this week trying to get some ideas! Wish more people would post pictures! That would be nice! Continue Reading


Re: Must have elephants in the warehouse.......

In Fashion Talk 1396647659.61

At least you got your order! I placed an order the 31st and it is still in process. Decided today that enough was enough went to "in process" but wont let me cancel now! Ordered some stuff from ShopNBC same day. It is sitting on the table next to me as I write this. Took forever last time to get an order but I thought ok give them a break. So I tried one more time. Because there is no change on slow shipping I have given up on them. Time to cute my loses & move on. No more ordering from the Q. I usually record different shows to watch but lately just haven't been interested. The Q has cha... Continue Reading


Re: 5 of my Favorite beauty things and your Favs...?

In Beauty Banter 1396235307.72

My 5 are: 1. Skinn morning & night time cleanser 2. SKinn Stem Rejin serum 3. Skinn 24 hour collagenesis youth crème 4. Mallys Ultimate Performance foundation 5. Tarte Waterproof SmolderEYES eyeliner Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Cosmetics Deep Wrinkle Protocol Creme Reverse

In Beauty Banter 1396234361.62

I wasn't going to order anything but watched the Protocol deep wrinkle eye cream presentation & then read reviews & decided I would give that one a try. THEN while on line I saw a kit with several things in it that I have been wanting to try so I got 2 of them! As a matter of fact everything in the kit I have been wanting to try & all of it together was the price of one of the products so that was a great deal for me! I just started using his products in Jan. of this year & I am serious when I say it has made a huge difference in my skin! I think the prices are good too! I j... Continue Reading


Which primer....Mallys Perfect Prep or Perfect prep neutralizing powder?

Last Reply by PrincessK8 1397843065.767 | Started by henny in Mally

I asked about the foundation once before & some nice ladies helped me pick one & I absolutely love it. Now I would like to chose a good primer but cant decide which would be the best. So again I am coming to you guys for advice. Thanks so much! Continue Reading


Re: Dr Denese Day Cream vs It Cosmetics CC Cream

In Beauty Banter 1395695712.347

I have used both & did not like the CC cream at all! It looked weird on me. Seemed watery too. Anyway I also have used Dr. Denses's tinted day cream & I absolutely love it! I find it is so moisturizing during the day plus it makes my skin look so nice. I only used about half my CC cream & hated it so bad that I tossed it! I am 63 also. Dry skin. Continue Reading


Re: Coconut Oil..WOW!

In Beauty Banter 1395629381.293

Wow great thread on uses of coconut oil! I have never heard of pulling before! I looked it up & have to give it a try starting tomorrow!! Thanks guys! Continue Reading


Re: Great find on Nail polish drying drops!

In Beauty Banter 1395450507.803

I was trying to think of what magazine I saw this in but I think it might have been the Ladies Journal for April. But anyway I was going to say that I got mine at Ulta. And the drops are really easy to apply. I think personally I would not like a spray. I tend to start sneezing when that aerosol stuff gets in the air!! LOL I really liked how this went on & dried so quickly! No mess! Continue Reading


Re: Thanks to the poster whoe recommended Hard as Hoof, it's great!

In Beauty Banter 1395437716.04

I looked at my walmart this morning & the lady over the department had no clue what I was talking about! I will look at some other stores to see if I can find it! Maybe they just haven't gotten it our store yet! Continue Reading

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