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Re: Bad Doggie Odor

In Pet Lovers 1409457266.59

If it were me I would take it to the vet. Just to be on the safe side. He can check it out & make sure everything is ok. Continue Reading


Re: skin care question

In Beauty Banter 1409456721.797

On 8/30/2014 NC1Customer said: My vote would be SKINN - I have had a very good experience with the products nd the pricing is very reasonable I have had wonderful results with SKINN products! And they are very reasonably priced! I have a friend that after I started using it she asked me what I was using because my skin looked so good! I gave her some of mine & she liked it so well she ordered several kits last weekend when he was on! Continue Reading


Re: So while our thoughts and prayers are focused on Joan...

In Joan Rivers 1409456339.927

I think it is so sad about Joan. I enjoyed watching her & you never knew what she might say! The look on the host faces when she did was priceless! I have several of her "pencil skirts" & just love them. She does them the best I think. I use to get a cream she made, I think a hand cream, anyway it was really good. Hated that she stopped making it. I also have several of her nail polishes & use her base coat & top coat which I think are great! I hope she pulls thru this ok. And feel bad for her family...especially her daughter, it is so so hard to lose your mom. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody planning to get the iphone 6?

In Electronics Talk 1409453440.81

On 8/30/2014 NanciJ said: I'm probably going to upgrade mine, but will wait a couple of months, to see how the reviews are going once the new iPhone is released. It sounds like it's going to be nice. I am planning to upgrade to a 6 but also want to wait to hear reviews. My DH wants my 5s. He isnt really not into phones that much but uses an IPad so he wants my phone. He had a chance to get a Galaxy 4 for like .99 but he doesnt want one he wants my iphone. I have a friend at work & my sister also have a galaxy 4 & the pictures are amazing on it. Make my pic's on my iphone look REALLY... Continue Reading


Re: Thoughts and Prayers for Joan Rivers' Speedy Recovery

In Hosts & Personalities 1409253035.05

Thoughts & prayers are with Joan & her family! So sad. Hope everything comes out ok. Thanks for posting this. Continue Reading


Question about Craigslist

Last Reply by Pinkroses 1409262267.287 | Started by henny in Pet Lovers

Tonight I saw a post on Craigslist about this really cute little "yorkie-mix puppy for sale/rehome. When I opened it up there was this picture of this adorable little black puppy. Well 3 pictures. Anyway I recognized the pictures because I had seen the same post & picture about 2 or 3 weeks earlier. Except adifferent town. Here in our area, towns are like 15 miles apart. When I had seen the post last time I wanted to go see the puppy but had to work that night, so thought I would get up in the morning & send a message & if they still had it go see it. Got up next morning, the ad o... Continue Reading


Re: Craigslist question...

In Pet Lovers 1408137112.357

I tried petfinder but didn't really find anything that would work with my 2. But will keep looking. We are going to start looking in the shelters here. I thought I might also give them my name & about what we are looking for. A general idea. We are not sit in stone on any particular breed or anything. When we got our little rescue NiKi we had went to a rescue group to look at a 4 yr old female shihtzu & fell totally in love with this guy! He is a ShihTzu/poodle mix. He had some health problems & no one wanted to adopt him. Lady really talked to us about taking him. I know now she... Continue Reading


Re: Orthaheel shoe inserts

In All About Shoes 1408135970.107

I work nights & stand on my feet most all of that time. I wear the Orthaheel sandals everywhere else but work & wanted the insoles for my work shoes. I wear New Balance mostly to work. Anyway I got the 3/4 insoles A-214276 & can wear them in most shoes. They took some getting use to but I have found my feet don't hurt, my bad knee or my back since I put these in my tennis shoes. I can really tell a difference! So I went back & bought the full athletic ones A-226101 to put in my New Balance shoes I just bought a couple of weeks ago. I pulled out the insole that was in them, &am... Continue Reading


Re: The cost of your K-Cup is going up (K-Cup coffee prices rising 9%)

In Coffee Talk 1408118045.727

I have been finding some good buys on Kcups at Sam's club too! So when I can I stock up! Love my Keruig so will try to just find the best deals I can on coffee! Everything is going up unfortunately except our pay checks! LOL Continue Reading


Re: UPS....can't believe what they did!!

In Fashion Talk 1408052857.18

Well hate to say anything, but..I called UPS again to see if they found out what happened. They said my package is now on its way to yet another town some 400 miles from here. Ok I asked could you please tell me after it gets there when will it come back? Well, has to then go thru something else, sorting facility or something. So I said well can you give me an idea when I can expect delivery? Guy talked to someone else, I could hear them, other guy said "Tell her when this happens it could take up to 2 weeks before it is located & shipped back here." No "sorry" or anything. Well, at le... Continue Reading

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