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Re: medicare admitting patients as observation instead of admitted to hospital ...

In Health & Fitness 1421641094.273

I am told I will lose my reg. ins. in a few months & go on medicare because of my age. Saw this post & now am totally confused! There is no way I can afford this other ins. I hope I can find someone to help walk me thru this!! Scary! Continue Reading


Re: How do I get grease off cement steps?

In For the Home Talk 1421286526.143

Great minds think alike!! LOL First thing I thought about was Dawn!! Continue Reading


Re: Micro Chiping dogs...is it safe?

In Pet Lovers 1420851479.93

yeah he is a little guy! Continue Reading


Re: Micro Chiping dogs...is it safe?

In Pet Lovers 1420848907.977

I didn't realize it would hurt them! Maybe I should put it off until we do something that he is asleep for! He is neutered already. I wd not want him to feel pain from it! Continue Reading


Micro Chiping dogs...is it safe?

Last Reply by Carmie 1421545259.057 | Started by henny in Pet Lovers

Hello everyone. I am wondering if someone could give me some info on if this is safe. I know a lot of people have it done but have also heard bad things. I tried to look up some reviews on how people feel about them but everything I find is 6 yrs are so old. No current reviews that I can find. There is a clinic tomorrow in our town & I have wanted to get my husbands little dog micro chipped, but he is totally against it. He says that the dog is almost always in the house with us. We are retired so we are home now with him & he has a huge fenced back yard when he goes out, that has loc... Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015-join us if you want to commit to spending less and want support! Week 1

In Beauty Banter 1420425957.257

I lost my job the 31st & have really cut back on spending...liked to nothing! Just before I lost it I had been really cutting back. I had been doing some organizing in my closets & was finding things with the tag still on them & I had so many nice things. So I decided that it was ridiculous that I was buying stuff when I had plenty of nice things. So I organized, took a LOT of stuff to good will & when I got thru I was able to see what I had & put together some great outfits! You know I really felt a sense of relief to get down to this point. Did the same thing with makeup... Continue Reading


Re: Is it rude to ask visitors to take off shoes at the door if circumstances warrant it?

In For the Home Talk 1419617364.987

Everyone who comes to my home knows that you take off your shoes. I use to not but found some pretty disgusting stuff people had tracked in. If I go to someone's home I would do as they ask. It is their house. It would not bother me at all. A lot of places in other parts of the world it is rude to come into their homes without taking your shoes off. Most provide slippers to wear. Also if you have a small child crawling around & playing on the floor do you really want them crawling around where people have tracked germs, oil & filthy stuff in? I wouldn't! Our family each has their own... Continue Reading


Re: Thoughts about Skinn cosmetics

In Beauty Banter 1419205408.377

I have been using his products for awhile & absolutely love them. But the collagenisis stem rejen line is the best! I have combination skin & it works great on it! I got a kit with eye shadows & they are ok but wouldn't buy again, lets see...wow love the am pm cleansers & the Lipid serum is so wonderful, I just love feeling my face when I have used it! Love the 24 hour youth cream & a little of it goes a long way! And the dermapeel just does wonders for my skin. Haven't tried a lot of the makeup in his line. What I have tried was ok but I wouldn't buy again. Just didn't ... Continue Reading


Re: I appreciate people sharing their size in reviews

In Fashion Talk 1418851225.727

I so agree with this post! I always read reviews. But I really like it when on a garment the reviewer says for instance for me...I am a 40C about 150lbs, 5'5" and I ordered a large & it fit just right or was tight, however it fit...too long too short. It tells me ok say on a jacket, maybe I would like to go up a size to wear a sweater under it. It gives me a lot more info than anything else. I also look to see, are some posting that the material is really nice or cheap...does it wash well. I know that would be a lot for one person to post but just saying any extra info is always helpfu... Continue Reading


Re: GILI leather jacket tsv

In TSV Talk 1417804031

I turned on the tv this morning & the first thing that appeared was Jane in this TSV jacket & she turned to show the back & the first thing that came to mind is OMG her butt is big! I don't want to sound mean but that is the first thing I thought of! And I don't remember her looking like that before! I personally thought they all looked stuffed in it! I love Jackie & I go by what looks good on her with a lot of stuff I buy because we have the same body type. But I saw her last night with a blue one on & thought it looked hideous on her. And I emphasis that I do love Jack... Continue Reading

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