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Re: Please post your fashion finds and details like we did last summer, Walmart, JCP, Macy's, etc.

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I have been finding a lot of great buys at our local Belks store & even online. I got a maxie skirt from there (my first one ever!) and it is very well made. Was normally $68. I ended up with a coupon getting it for $33. & free shipping with some other stuff I bought. They ship quick too! Love the skirt is is so slimming & looks so stylish! Oh and got several little cotton tanks for $5. each. They wash up really nice, are cool & comfortable & come in a lot of colors. For that price you can throw them away at end of summer & get new ones next year! Got a pair of runn... Continue Reading


Re: StriVectin vv Skinn

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On 7/21/2014 Tricolor said: Years ago I tried Stivectin but saw really no visible results. I have been using Skinn for almost 2 years now and it has really helped control my dry skin. My skin has been dry all of my life and just about anything that I could afford did not help. My skin stays hydrated with Collagenesis line. I do not use a specific neck product; just use my moisturizer. Same here! I also tried Stivectin about a year or so ago. Absolutely nothing! no results, could have just used water! Then first part of this year I decided to try Skinn after watching a few of his shows. Love... Continue Reading


Re: Dawn Dish Soap Part 2

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On 7/19/2014 lucylover64 said: On 7/19/2014 cinebee said: I use it to wash my Himalayan cat's chin when he gets feline acne. It works. I Dunno why, but it works. Thanks for the tip: just had our black Lab to the vet today and she, too, has chin acne. We use Dawn to wash our dogs--including right after we bought our Lab as a puppy when she had a TON of fleas and we saw dead fleas almost instantly. Dawn does amazing things! Definitely will try with the Lab's new issue! I was wondering when you wash your dogs in Dawn will it not strip the oil out of your dogs hair? I have a little dog that I wd... Continue Reading


Re: Every time I see a full or partial chain strap on a handbag, I wonder...

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I had one & I went to get in my new car & the chain drug across the paint & left an ugly scratch! My husband was really understanding about it but I hated it! I loved the purse but it is put up now & I never use it! Everytime I go to get in my car I am reminded of the purse! Never again any chains or anything metal dangling! Continue Reading


Re: Best crossbody ever!

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Just recently got a Brahmin tote & a wallet. Have to say I love both of them & get compliments all the time! Love the feel of them & the organization. Absolutely my favorite brand! Continue Reading


Re: Delivery speed and cost

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I just ordered several things from the Q & I'm paying a hefty price for s&h. I could not find some of the stuff elsewhere or at the price, but still I probably could handle the costs but I really hate how long it takes for them to ship!! QVC has got to have the SLOWEST shipping in the world! You would think they could do a lot better! Heck hire a few more people for your warehouses! Give some people jobs & make your customers happy! I don't order from them unless I cant find it somewhere else so I have drastically cut back on ordering here just because of shipping costs & SLOW... Continue Reading


Re: Saving my SKINN $$

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On 6/30/2014 rat2e said: I think he has a 'Super Power'. I find that I watch him even though I'm not going to buy anything. I'll even watch him again during the late night reruns. Crazy I don't normally do this.... am I under his spell? I think I am too! Continue Reading



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On 6/30/2014 BEPhilGirl said: I found this old article on Dimitri. Interesting reading...including how QVC rejected him! Thanks for posting the info! Good article. I have posted before that I have tried some expensive stuff & it did nothing! Some did a little after a couple of months. I had watched Dimitri for awhile & then I saw one of his TTV that had all the serums in it and a couple of other things. It was just to good to pass up. I used it just a few days & could already tell a difference. And norm... Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Lip Products for Lip Lines-any users?

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I ordered the lip kit with I think a lip scub & the 6X serum. I hope it works as good as all the other products I have purchased from Skinn! Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Midnight Recovery Serum...

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I ordered this on auto delivery today. Also the lip 6X kit. AND the TTV! LOL I started trying his stuff in Jan this year & absolutly love everything I have tried! I have used some expensive stuff in the past & it never made my skin look as good as Skinn does!! Am excited to get & try the new stuff I ordered! I'm sure I will also be sitting in front of the tv on July 25 ordering something else! Just wish they would offer better shipping especially when you order more than one thing at the same time! Continue Reading

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