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Re: slacks or skirt with tights and boots

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I also vote for a skirt w/boots for a holiday luncheon. I would also go the black suede boots. I think that would look really cute! That is what I would wear if it were me. Whatever you go for, enjoy!! Continue Reading


Re: How Did I Amass So Many Skincare Products

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On 10/27/2014 Tinkrbl44 said: How did YOU amass so many skin care products? I'm not sure . But, speaking only for myself ....... both wine drinking and easy pay were involved ..... LOL LOL love it!! Continue Reading


Re: Bliss Lights TSV 10/18/14

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I bought these awhile back & after looking into some reviews I realized it was dangerous for my dog to look at them & no matter where I put it, it was where he could see it & he is young & nosey so he has to see everything! Also when we were setting ours up & kept changing it around, looking at them gave me a horrible headace. So I decided to send mine back. They are pretty tho. I think if it were me for the difference in price I wd send back & order the new ones! Continue Reading


Re: What happened to being able to view "Items recently on air"?

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Oh another thing since I'm on a run here! I thought if you ordered 2 of something from the same would get reduced shipping on second item. I put 2 things in my cart & it is saying full s&h on both. Small things too. Just wondering. Continue Reading


What happened to being able to view "Items recently on air"?

Last Reply by ssssgirl 1412886676.907 | Started by henny in Jewelry Talk

Got home & thought I would look to see what was on this morning. Everytime I click on the link...nothing. And not sure how I did it but finally got it to go that area but still when you click on it nothing. Oh once it did say "sorry all items in this show have sold out". Let me guess...they are "improving" the site! Always hate when they "improve" anything anymore! Because you know chances are you are not going to like it! Continue Reading


Re: A227963

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I hope they come back in stock for you. I have 2 pair of these in Dark indigo and OMG they are wonderful! They are so comfortable & look so nice on. I think they look good with so many different type tops & shoes. My husband told me they are his favorite jeans for me to wear! Love them! Continue Reading


Re: What's up with Jacques makeup tonight?

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She looks beautiful as always! Love to watch her! She seems like such a wonderful person, not fake or anything! Love her smile! Continue Reading


Re: O/T New iphone

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On 9/20/2014 Boehm Collecter said: I pre-ordered my iPhone 6 (I thought the 6 Plus would have been too large) last Saturday. I received it yesterday but still have not set it up. I did compare it to my iPhone 5 and it is definitely bigger ... but fits nicely in my hands I'm glad to see some reviews on the new Iphone 6. I want one but couldn't decide which one. I think I will stick with the 6. I have a 5 right now & my DH has an older really out of date phone so he is finally wanting to upgrade & wants my 5. WooHoo that means I get the new 6. I do have to wait till Dec. tho till my ... Continue Reading


Re: SKINN TTV for Sat. - picture is finally up!

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On 9/19/2014 MarenSeattle said: On 9/19/2014 caninefitchi said: I just picked up the Collagenesis TTV. Have a stash of basically one set of the normal formulations so I'll have the elite set waiting in the wings. I'm happy with the regular items and I expect to be just as happy with the new and improved. Awhile back I posted I had been doing my own experiment by making sure to slather any extra products only on my left hand, not my right. My left hand looks a lot better than my right and I need to knock it off and do both. My vote says he isn't doing anything stupid with his hands. That's al... Continue Reading


Re: Woman arrested for shoplifting $144 in eye shadow with pics

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On 9/3/2014 SilentDance said: She needs to steal eye makeup remover. :) HaHaHa love this!! LOL Continue Reading

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