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Re: Review for LL Boot skirt A262069

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GraceCO...Sounds like poor workmanship on that seam. Might want to return it... Continue Reading


Re: Review for LL Boot skirt A262069

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Happy Lady: You've summed up my response and observations on this Linea Leisure skirt exactly! I too am a little disappointed it's not an exact match to my other Linea dark navy pieces. In some cases it's close enough to wear together but not in most cases. On your clear expression on what I was feeling about this skirt I ordered what I think is the last tank in the matching navy and ordered a Linea Leisure jacket in the same navy. That said, I'm LOVING this skirt with so many of the other bright and beautiful colors in my Linea wardrobe. I love it for example with nutmeg and also with h... Continue Reading


Re: Review of Milano Stitch Cardigan (A263783)

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You MIGHT try Zipper-Ease sold through Amazon around $4.00. It IS a petroleum product though. But specifically a zipper lubricant. The company claims (made by A.G.S. Company - Muskegon, Michigan) it will not stain or soil fabrics but I'm not going to push the envelope on that so if you try it USE IT LIGHTLY as the directions indicate. It works like a charm! But I'd still keep it off the knit fabric and I'd still use less than you THINK you want to use ;) This stuff can be used on tent zippers and even sleeping bags. It's gotten me out of many a pickle including on my LL Bean down coat... Continue Reading


Re: When is the dang Linea gunmetal fish going to swim on in???

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pupwhipped: Hope you saw Seka's post. The gunmetal fish swam in sometime this afternoon - Feb 24th Continue Reading


Re: Wow. Get on over to Louis blog and see the new WK tunic sweaters!

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Goldie ~ most sweet of you to remember that indeed I am the capes and the ruana lover :) Continue Reading


Re: Stripe Cardigan up on Louis's blog

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fromthebronx: I'm betting that if you gave up shopping for Lent, either that green and blue will still be here in your size AFTER you've kept your Lenten commitments OR that you will find something just as nice or better. Something else wonderful ALWAYS seems to come along. Especially in the Linea line :) Continue Reading


Re: Wow. Get on over to Louis blog and see the new WK tunic sweaters!

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I'm fascinated with what Louis has done with that wide band of ribbing. I have and love several of the open front cardigan sweaters ~ A257376 ~in which Louis basically played with a wide band of ribbing - that time running horizontally across the back in a flattering location (for me anyway) and which then angled down to points in the front. I find the drape of that sweater such a good look for me. I think this new sweater is also very intriguing and honestly it does not feel "faddish" to me at all. I like a little drama and at 5'7", I think I am going to be liking this new look and will... Continue Reading


Re: anyone notice a difference in color for mossy crepe

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How on earth did I miss a ponte maxi that came in navy???? Item number or time-frame? I missed out on the rayon/span jersey by being asleep at the switch ;) My life got quite a bit complicated about a year and half ago and I DID miss some important things apparently. Thank you for getting that on my radar crdlb ! I'll check out ebay. But in the meantime, I'm holding some hopes for the LL dark navy boot skirt :) Continue Reading


Re: anyone notice a difference in color for mossy crepe

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I've been reflecting on the too-short (for me) skirt in the moss crepe today.....And I realized just how long it has been that I have been waiting for Louis to come out with a longer dark navy skirt. That would be YEARS ladies! And I've been following him for a good 10 years here at QVC. Yes, he finally came out with a dark navy boho in 2013 and yes he came out with a maxi dark navy feather jersey in 2013. But I have waited in vain for years for a longer pencil in dark navy or a simple long all-purpose like the mid-calf WK skirt for example (which doesn't look like it will be a reorder in... Continue Reading

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