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Re: Anyone received the WK striped cardigan?

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Author ~ just a thought. You might want to take the cardigan to a professional if you wish to take those sleeves in. Knits are notorious tricky to alter. Hey, they stretch in every direction. Throw stripes into the mix and it gets more tricky. Or better yet, maybe the next size down would end up making you totally pleased.... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone received the WK striped cardigan?

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OK, so are you gals recommending this cardigan for the plus size lady, or are you not? I can't get a good read on this from the comments, except that Goldie is thinking about returning hers .... is that accurate? I had an I'm-not-sure moment when my zip-front milano cardigan arrived. No I didn't mind that it was "boxy" at all. The look is not bad on my 5'7" plus size hour-glass frame. I wavered around about the length of the sleeves. I really wish they were full length. Initially the sleeve length made it kind of look like the whole sweater was too small - if that makes sense. And I didn't li... Continue Reading


Re: April in Linea: What Are You Wearing?

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What can I say but "same here" in both colors of the Lotus Print, Writer. Continue Reading


Re: Louis with Lisa Mason?

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Goldie: Check out the online video of Lisa Mason's show yesterday with Jane and particularly the video with Jane of this item ~ J291581 ~ the ring that Lisa Mason and her husband had reproduced in Diamonique at the Q. Her description of it in this video really gives you the flavor of Lisa and the obvious enjoyment Jane is having doing this show in tandem with her is just sweet. Continue Reading


Re: Louis with Lisa Mason?

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Great idea Barbara!!! Please keep on calling QVC's attention to Louis' upcoming "anniversary" with a bull horn!!! I'd like to see them do a bang-up job of acknowledging it, his marvelous talents/skills, how lucky they (we) are to have him and a silent nod to all of the dollars we, his faithful fans, have expended at the Q for his exquisite fashions. He and Jacques certainly deserve as much! And happy to have Lisa Mason back. Class act. I'd love to see every model who has ever worked with Louis in his shows, there too. Continue Reading


Re: April in Linea: What Are You Wearing?

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Thanks Writer with Flair and GraceCO :) Don't perfect outfits like these jackets and cardigans just make you "salivate"?? I mean, you just TASTE it! Thanks also for the reminder about the sunburst pleated skirt! Need to bring mine up closer to the front of the closet! And Writer, if my taste is the same as yours, I take that as a GREAT compliment!!! :) Continue Reading



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I'm always thinking about that "greater wearability" factor too GraceCO and it surely differs for each of us I know! If the Q is smart they will put this new necklace immediately on easy-pay. I waited a l-o-n-g time before springing for the long palm frond necklace (my only catch of the palm frond group) until I saw a recent easy pay offer and only then could I budget the jump ;) I'm still slowly budgeting out the signature logo necklace purchases waiting for another easy-pay offer. Even $81 seems awfully "high" to me for a necklace. But the logo necklace does have the "greater wearabili... Continue Reading


Re: April in Linea: What Are You Wearing?

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On 4/10/2015 Writer with Flair said: Its a little windy and cool today, so I decided to put on one of my favorite Linea pieces: the Linea Milano Stitch Cardigan in Navy and Red. (I also have the one that is pictured in the navy and ivory. This is an older Linea piece, so they did not have a picture of the red and navy one.). Underneath the cardigan I have on a Jones New York Collection Midnight Blue shell and Linea navy ponte pants (A251581). I am wearing a vintage pair of Anne Klein earrings that almost perfectly match the buttons on the jacket. I have a red flower pin with dark undertones ... Continue Reading


Re: Are we ready to Rock & Roll for the 7 PM EST Show?"

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After rewatching the vids of the show pieces online a couple of times, I'm left with a couple of better, more positive images which I will "hold".....Maria looked fabulous in the white denim jacket. Even standing alone next to Jacque in the same white jacket! And who among us wouldn't struggle, even if just a bit, to look like dynamite standing next to Jacques? :) Maria also looked fabulous in the zig zag maxi dress. She also looked "cute" in the white and black striped sailor top with the aqua jeans. And Pat our morning hostess, who looked so great in that blue denim jacket with the red... Continue Reading


Re: Are we ready to Rock & Roll for the 7 PM EST Show?"

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Let's see how I can word this for positivity.....I was thinking about having my husband watch a couple of show items with me so I could watch the show live since he was home uncharacteristically early by the time the show began and wanted me to do something else with him. Of course I opted for him - the DH ;) But I did quietly and with a headset on check on the show online before heading off with DH. The first thing I saw was our hostess wearing the PP Linea jean vest. I am SOOO glad I did not subject DH to the show last night for that item alone which was constantly before us the entire ... Continue Reading

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