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Re: Louis is seeking our color suggestions for reorders at his web site

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Such a great review Goldie! I've been keeping some of my spending powder dry waiting for the waterfall necklaces which finally showed up online yesterday, as well as possibly the bolero sweater which is "coming".... otherwise I might have cashed in on more gorgeous tops like this Marigold hotel top. In the end, I'm always leaving several things behind I would have loved to have to save up resources for fresh "coming wonders" :) No complaints on that though. As you say, so many great Linea fashion items to chose among! Continue Reading


Re: Louis is seeking our color suggestions for reorders at his web site

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Aw. Well, I'll take the turtle or mock neck Goldie and you grab the other necklines - all in WK PP - and we'll both be happy campers ;) It's Memorial Day weekend and it's 60 something out. And I'm painting yet another room today .... in a turtleneck :) Continue Reading


Re: Rave! The boho Tunic

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NYwoman: Which show, or item, was Carolyn Gracie presenting yesterday wearing this top? Would love to see it on someone. Continue Reading


Louis is seeking our color suggestions for reorders at his web site

Last Reply by GraceCO 1432418643.477 | Started by TheOwl in Linea

When do we EVER get to tell the designer the colors we want a reorder item to be done in? Don't miss your chance to put in your vote on new colors for the boho skirt ~ A70208 ~ , reorders for the Kate shirt ~ A214116 ~ the georgette safari shirt and shell ~ A214117 ~ and the pebble crepe top ~ A213621 http://www.louisdellolio.com/blog/?p=8363 Continue Reading


Re: Where Was The Q Recognition For Louis Dell Olio's 15th Anniversary Yesterday?

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Here's what's more important to me than a cake and "party" for Louis' anniversary: 1. That he's still here! 2. That he's expanded his line to include tights and more and more jewelry items 3. That he has expanded his line to include all those great online only items 4. That I can USUALLY get the size, color and item I want from among his glorious creations. His sneak peeks on his blog help immeasurably with this - priming me and getting me ready for the mad dash 5. That often his items now post a couple of days or longer before shows so I have a better chance than I used to of getting t... Continue Reading


Re: A253384 Linea Embroidered Tunic. I am Begging.

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I agree with Sheesh. Check on it often! I too bookmark on the Favorites bar the item and check on it randomly several times a day when I am looking for a sold out item. I cannot count how many times an item has been sold out, and with patient checking back and checking back my size and color reappears in inventory. Don't give up yet. The item was just barely on air. I wouldn't give up for several months ;) By then, temps will be coming down, even in Florida, Edited to add that Louis cannot help you with this problem. Once out of production, the item does not usually go back IN to production ... Continue Reading


Re: Coordinating Old and New Linea Pieces

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GraceCO ~ TOO funny!!!! I'd really be kicking myself if I missed out on those jackets but once I got them home I find them a little bit challenging to match up with what is in my wardrobe. I did get, and wear them with, the Ikat skirts. And I have the taupe boho and the stone pencil. So I've slowly been adding various stone pieces. Can't BELIEVE I did not get the pants! Live and learn :) Continue Reading


Re: Coordinating Old and New Linea Pieces

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With 20/20 hindsight, I too wish I had gotten the matching pants in herringbone to go with my olive and with my stone herringbone jackets. But what I have wished even MORE often is that Louis had offered us a SKIRT that coordinated. I guess that the fabric did not lend itself to a matching skirt, sadly, because the fabric and the color of those gorgeous jackets was really unique and beautiful. A226257 I DO have the stone WK pencil skirt as well as the taupe boho which work beautifully with the stone jacket but sure would like to have a skirt in the same fabrication as the jacket. Continue Reading


Re: Here's The List Two Days Early!!

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As usual, such great work here JJM. Thank you for this - and with graduation going on too! A kind, extra-mile thing to do. Just a thought on the waterfall necklace - which hasn't been listed online yet, but that's nothing new. I'm remembering Louis giving the time estimate on that piece as "late May or early June" when I asked about it at his blog....so it's POSSIBLE, I guess, that we might not see it tomorrow online. I'll keep on looking of course, but if it doesn't show....just a heads up. If it shows, I'm on it ;) Continue Reading


Re: further thoughts on lace cardigan?

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kathleenalice ~ hope the reorder of the size large works for you. Hope you have a chance to check the "click here" measurements because when the 2nd order of large arrives - you can measure them against what they are supposed to be if you want to. Good luck! Continue Reading

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