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Re: Do you plan to wear WK scarves as

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Both for me also. Since mine just arrived today the first thing I checked was the length. I like to wear mine hanging down straight over a blazer or jacket . It's definitely long enough for me to do that. But doing the European/French tie - making the loop by folding the scarf in half and bringing the other ends through the loop - this scarf is a little short for my taste to do that as an indoor wear. It will however be a nice warm "muffler" effect around my neck under a winter coat or in the neck opening of my boiled wool LLBean jackets. But I won't be wearing it THAT way indoors becau... Continue Reading


Re: Linea jewelry presentation!

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Does it exist on the videos online? If so, what item was being presented? Or was this a stand-alone moment? Continue Reading


Re: What's Coming in September Plus August Linea Body Items

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And thank you for putting in the lengths too! That's extra, extra mile :) Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peek - TWO STRAND Graduated Bead Necklace J296893 - WOW!

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Lavendar: You must have one heck of a peanut butter brownie recipe to make a trade-off like that for authentic Greek baklava :) And of course all of that is great for the teeth ;) Read an article today about "bra parties" at work where the women go to the rest room or conference room to purchase and be fitted for foundation garments. I would SOOOO much rather attend the half-price jewelry party in the parking lot! Continue Reading


Re: Gorgeous Tunic Sweater Available on Q - A259108

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Thanks BonAtTheBeach! Funny, for a noctural creature - I sure am not a night person ;) So I plan on having a great day, so long as you do too! Continue Reading


Re: Broken Necklaces

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Thanks Lavendar - I received two of these and they were not broken - or with the filament unattached on the end as you described. You've reassured me that mine, which arrived properly attached, will work out well. I'm remembering that the torsade multistrand bead necklace which came in goldtone and silvertone also had some breakage reports but those too reached me all in tact and I wore both of them to death over the summer. No problems. I'm thinking somebody in the factory was either in a hurry on a batch of these or did not know how to properly tie the filament on to the findings. I th... Continue Reading


Re: Linea by Louis Dell'Olio Whisper Knit Scarf (A257914) now in stock

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Thanks Writer With Flair: Been waiting for that nutmeg to wear with my nutmeg skirt and dark navy blue LLBean boiled wool jacket and nutmeg zipped sweater ;) Continue Reading


Re: Sneak Peek - TWO STRAND Graduated Bead Necklace J296893 - WOW!

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Lavendar - that story is great :) Thanks for the good chuckle. I wonder if you could have skipped the dental appointment part and just met the adventurous entrepreneur in the parking lot :) Continue Reading


Re: Gorgeous Tunic Sweater Available on Q - A259108

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Well BonAtTheBeach, here's a couple of questions to consider. Which one goes with the most pants in your closet? Skirts in your closet? Which one makes you look "sultry" or "perky" or "makes you glow" - or whatever state of mind you like your clothes to put you in :) Basically, I don't see how you can go wrong with ANY of these colors! That's about all the wisdom I have left at this hour of the day Continue Reading


Re: Reminder sneak peak Pea Jacket see Skirt A239318

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PilatesLover: I never got the ponte maxi but I did get doubles on the whisper knit mid-calf skirt. It starts warming me up the minute I put it on. Same with the whisper knit pants which I also got some doubles of. They are going to be a backbone of my wretched-vortex-weather-with-snow winter wardrobe this year That and the fact that we just finished stacking 6 cord of firewood. Was talking to an EMT in a neighboring town who lives on 5 acres and works closely with the police in his town. He told me that people are driving on to his land - AT NIGHT - and using ELECTRIC chain saws whic... Continue Reading

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