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Re: Not Just the Design -- The Plating Is What Makes Palm Leaf Necklace a Wow

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I use that little method a lot Seka when I'm considering buying an in-demand fashion item. It lets me know in general terms how long I have to make a decision :) Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed that the WK not white!

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Kate2357: I'd be so tempted to include with the package and attached to the return slip, a swatch of some sort of something that is a true white-white along with your explanation that your return certainly is not. Hope you get it resolved the way you would want! Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed that the WK not white!

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Mine are white-white also. Absolutely NO blue grey cast. A true white. Continue Reading


Re: Ways to wear Long Pearls

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I love my Linea long pearls with one loop (as pictured) up near the neck and the other loop long and knotted. Continue Reading


Re: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Wearing Malachite in New Zealand

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Man I LOVE that Dove Grey outfit!!!! Wish Louis would do a jacket in Dove Grey!! Continue Reading


Re: Inaccurate sizing again - anyone else?

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I feel your pain! Such a hassle when the correct size is way off! Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Linea

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"Do you happen to own A219798 in Perfectly Pink? If so, is it tonal to the WK Tneck?" Yes Indeedy I do NaturalBW :) I think I probably have most of the perfectly pink items Louis has sold in recent years. I too LOVE the pinks and spring greens :) It's chilly but sunny in New England today. I wore the outfit I mentioned above but changed out the perfectly pink pearls for the Mocha Mist pearls and the soft taupe shades of that color "took on" the overtones of pink when placed next to the beautiful pink jacket. Felt good all day in it. Cooking the Easter Dinner and it's starting to smell go... Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Linea

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What a GORGEOUS tea dress NaturalBW! AND the pink taupe pumps to go with. :) Being a perfectly pink lover, I have an Aerosole slide from years back in a color they then called "Watermelon" which goes beautifully with all my perfectly pink combinations. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Linea

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DEFinitely. It'll be last years gorgeous jacket - A233851 - in either blush, or bamboo. Haven't decided which yet. Possibly either black boho or a black funnel neck dress favorite with pencil skirt. Pearls or black jets :) Love that jacket. Continue Reading


Re: Quick color question!

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Definitely not liking that combo Sammijo. Continue Reading

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