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Re: Holiday Linea

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What a GORGEOUS tea dress NaturalBW! AND the pink taupe pumps to go with. :) Being a perfectly pink lover, I have an Aerosole slide from years back in a color they then called "Watermelon" which goes beautifully with all my perfectly pink combinations. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Linea

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DEFinitely. It'll be last years gorgeous jacket - A233851 - in either blush, or bamboo. Haven't decided which yet. Possibly either black boho or a black funnel neck dress favorite with pencil skirt. Pearls or black jets :) Love that jacket. Continue Reading


Re: Quick color question!

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Definitely not liking that combo Sammijo. Continue Reading


Re: April - Hooray! How are you styling your Linea today?

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Today the temps were supposed to be in 70s where I live in NH but turned out they hit 54/55 at best. I chose to pair the perfectly pink elbow length ENR mock neck - A87423 -with my perfectly pink boho. Over the top I wore my Linea safari jacket A227581 - in mushroom. I paired it with KJL's "Presidential Pearl" strand knotted. The colors of the "presidential pearls" morph perfectly against the perfectly pink and the taupe of the jacket and I got a LOT of compliments today at church on the combo. Perfectly pink is just luscious with mushroom (or taupe). Continue Reading


Re: Qustion about chili pepper color

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I second Barb's remarks. I too look best in the cool or true reds but this, as Louis has described it, "brownish red" works for me also. I love the chili pepper red in this top - A226254 - and bought and plan on a lot of wear for this chili pepper jacket - A233182 - but I will be wearing it with a white mock neck, tank or blouse. Further I did purchase this chili pepper tank - A253408 - which I will wear with a variety of other colored jackets ( ex., Linea navy) including ivory jackets and white jackets. Continue Reading


Re: FURIOUS! 6th Wrong Linea item sent in weeks, now sold out

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Same Raider. I only get a box for an occasional jewelry item. Otherwise it's the run-over-by-the-truck bags - with all the black tire-tread smudging on the outside. Continue Reading


Re: To those who received the slim leg jeans...

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Honestly, it does sound kind of .... uncomfortable. A bit disappointing. I'm 5'7" - not 5'9" like BklynKinsey but I totally get what she is describing. Continue Reading


Re: Where Has "Debbie 1426" Gone?

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Having lost my mother when I was 9 and my father almost 30 yrs ago, I can only imagine what a rich heritage those of you with parents you have watched aged, have experienced. Except for the downside of pain and illness. I fervently hope, when the time comes, to cross over in a short period of time from my husband. I'm torn about who I would wish to see go first. We're so close neither of us would know how to fathom life without the other and adjustments would be extremely hard. How lucky your parents - those several of you who recently expressed your loss - were to have such caring child... Continue Reading


Re: To those who received the slim leg jeans...

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Thank you for posting the link shoesnbags ! BklynKinsey, in the plus size, do you think the rise is short because the pants sits a little more low slung on the hips? The only picture I can see, following the link, looks a little like hip hugger, lower slung pants. Think so, or no? Are there bunches of fabric behind the leg in the thigh area? or more of a slimmer pant fit? Continue Reading


Re: Received Blue & Black "Mambo" Dresses...Boo Hoo:(

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Good thinking GraceCO but if you mean our dearly beloved Louis, I don't think Louis would touch a dress like this. I've been watching and buying from his line for about 8 years or so and I do not remember "missing out" on any potentially workable dresses for me. Another challenge I have with Louis' dresses is that the waist usually hits me wrong - the dress often is not long waisted enough. So after returning a few tries I've resigned myself to just "pretend dresses" from Louis - meaning a longer skirt which I can match up with something else in his line of the same color which "works". U... Continue Reading

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