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Re: Best of Linea Fall

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Sheesh , you get the good housekeeping award of the day for your "system". Especially since you are working from a New England house as the starter point (me too) and closet space is almost nil. :) An organizational thing that has worked for me is a pictorial inventory on the computer. This works if much of the closet inventory, for example, is purchased online where digital pictures are always posted including of the garment in each color way. I capture a picture online of each of my Linea items and the color in which I got them and copy it in to a word document serving as my inventory.... Continue Reading


Re: In the midst of all the new - the whisper knit turtleneck...

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GraceCO You and the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitts re: Aix en P. We too love that place and wish we could live there, at least part of the year :) I'm sure I've worn some Linea there! Continue Reading


Re: They finally shipped!

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JJM I quickly glanced at your post and at first read thought it said "hope they arrive tomorrow before the snow!!" Gave me quite a turn. :) Continue Reading


Re: In the midst of all the new - the whisper knit turtleneck...

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Well the wonderful thing about whisper knit turtlenecks is that the knit is so forgiving you'd never even THINK about the need to cut one off. ;) They slip off beautifully and do not grab your neck in a choke hold even when wearing them. More of a gentle responsive hug. I don't feel the need to tug at the neck like other turtlenecks. It's more like it "drapes" itself properly around the neck - just where you want it and put it. Continue Reading


Re: Help needed with sizing on new Whisper Knit pants

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Something to keep in mind is that the rise is probably the most alterable problem for these pants. If the waist band goes up below your bra - that can be fixed easily by a tailor - or perhaps yourself. I'd rather fix the rise than the length because I love the way these pants are finished off - just knit right off the machine - rather than hemmed. Just a thought. Continue Reading


Re: They finally shipped!

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Mine still "in process" also. Certainly seems a long time to be in process. Sadly won't be able to tell if these fit before the show. Am I assuming right that they will be in the Friday show? There are not a lot left in my size. Continue Reading


Re: This season's ponte knit. Does anyone know?

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Any word as to the colors for the new long ponte jacket? Continue Reading


In the midst of all the new - the whisper knit turtleneck...

Last Reply by QBH 1406850209.38 | Started by TheOwl in Linea

Just got my 15th color over the past 4 years of the WK turtleneck - this one in navy. It is just as rich and gorgeous in impact as the first time I pulled one of these on. And it reminds me, that it's the basics in this line that first started my love affair with Linea. And it's still the basics. This navy is a rich deep, dark navy and is to die for in color and in the feel of this wonderful whisper knit on the skin. It just makes me feel lux and like I'm the recipient of a warm hug - all at the same time. And of course it looks dynamite on. Can't believe this top has only gone up $4 o... Continue Reading


Re: would appreciate size advise on a213621 pebble crepe tunic

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qvcrose: If you are between a Linea 2x and 3x - definitely go with the 3x!!! All my Linea skirts, crops, jeans are 2X and less when he has numbered sizes. But I do not like that bust-stretch look and have learned by in large to opt for the 3x for Linea tops and jackets. Then it hangs right and is slimming. With no stretch in the pebble crepe - stick with the larger size. My only exception to the larger top size is with the polys when Louis does those. Which is probably why your tile top was too big, though possibly workable even at that. Love these pebble crepe tunics by the way. Gre... Continue Reading

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