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Re: March Into Spring With Linea Styling!

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It was 12 degrees this morning. And yesterday was cold and very windy. So for church I wore an old stand-by dress above in black/ but without the belt ~ A73544 ~ with black tights and black suede pumps for that column of color. Over this the Milano/Ottoman Hibiscus cardigan with the Linea 72 inch black faceted bead necklace ~ J284043 ~ draped so one strand showed between the funnel neck of the dress and the pink of the jacket... And to completely ward off the cold an Ivory ruana cape tucked underneath the lapels of the cardigan, which was zipped up, and from which the cardig... Continue Reading


Re: Orange & Lace Are Everywhere!!

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What a beauty FastDogWalker2! Continue Reading


Re: Can you wash WK on delicate cycle?

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kze : I don't manipulate it at all. Yesterday I washed 2 nutmeg WK sweaters - the open front cardigan ~ A257376 ~ and the oversized sweater in nutmeg ~ A257356 ~ and I first dried them to the damp point in the dryer. Then I just draped them over the ironing board to finish drying. No pulling, tugging, blocking. Continue Reading


Re: How do you store your milano sweater A263783?

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Hanging on Joy Mongano hangers in the closet. Continue Reading


Re: Linea Palm Frond Suite...

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Thank you Goldie for the link. Inspiring. :) Continue Reading


Re: Linea Palm Frond Suite...

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Very nice writing (no surprise there) Goldie and fascinating topic. Reminds me of that now-famous interchange which is also now its' own google topic ~ "Isaac Mizrahi Moon" ~ between Shawn Killinger and Isaac as to what exactly the moon is.....planet, star, cheese? ;) The years do indeed make those middle school science classes dim. And we sadly did lose interest societally in lunar exploration, didn't we? Your article reminds of the excitement we all once felt... Continue Reading


Re: Linea Palm Frond Suite...

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Author - Thanks for the good advice about hanging it. That's what I will do. Right now it is carefully stowed in a jewelry drawer but I knew that was only a temporary answer. Will set it up hanging on my Joan Rivers jewelry organizer with velcro straps TODAY! :) Continue Reading


Re: Linea Palm Frond Suite...

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Mmmmmm. Happy about this. My longer length palm frond arrived yesterday and since I opted NOT to get the more expensive short palm frond necklace I was really pleased, as some mentioned here, to see that I can indeed double the long one and get a really nice look even around a turtleneck top. I like arranging the palm fronds so that 2 of them meet in front with the pointed tips facing each other. It's a "lighter" look than the short palm frond would be but I really like it :) So I definitely ended up getting more than I bargained for going for the long necklace. Of course, not doubled, ... Continue Reading


Re: March Into Spring With Linea Styling!

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A92147 and Black knee socks, Black boots, black cape thrown over the top because it's snowing in New England again today. I love this Linea jacket because it is SO easy to pull together an outfit. And it is completely comfortable! The double zip makes for a good look in a variety of ways, though I like it best zipped up to about 5 inches from the top so the collar does a nice face frame - with the bottom zip pulled up a ways. I've worn it for making presentations and thrown it on for a quick outfit accompanying hubby to business events or just on a date. It's so versatile, never w... Continue Reading


Re: Linea Palm Frond Suite...

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Now THAT's a great visual word picture, as always, Goldie! Continue Reading

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