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Re: Color Matches To New Colors of A237404 Tank Tops

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Okey dokey! Definitely tonal. Thank you so much JJM for taking the time and effort to post some pictures !!! greatly appreciated and extra mile in your own busy day! :) Continue Reading


Re: Color Matches To New Colors of A237404 Tank Tops

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No way JJM! Royal Purple a close match for my years old purple boho????? I'm amazed! Close enough it can be worn as a column of the same color??? Please reconfirm :) and I'll snap one up immediately. Continue Reading


Re: My pebble crepe tunic WL order was canceled

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I too remember Louis saying on his blog that the white would be coming some time in Jan/Feb - because I thought about how snowy it would be in New England at that time :) But that does seem to be the earliest harbinger time for the Linea Spring and Summer fashions to begin to appear. Continue Reading


Re: Those great dangle earrings

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I felt the same way tough_kitty. Why waste time writing a review - something which really is extra-mile - if it's never going to get posted. Which is why I sent a request to post my review two times by way of the "feedback" button at the top of the item page. I do not recall QVC ever telling us that our reviews "might" or "might not" get posted. I could be way out of touch though on whatever their current policy is. Continue Reading


Re: Those great dangle earrings

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That's impressive Pommom! Continue Reading


Re: Those great dangle earrings

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I'm sure they post negative reviews crdlb. I guess the question is do they post all negative reviews or in the same vein, do they post all positive reviews? The telephone conversation revealed a leaning, at least on the part of the caller who was perhaps not representing QVC very well on her end, against negative reviews. BUT, giving her all the benefit of the doubt, it's possible that by "bad" she meant "inappropriate language" though that is not what she said. I was not aware that they limited reviews at all - so that was an interesting bit of information. Oddly, if you read my review... Continue Reading


Those great dangle earrings

Last Reply by Chi-town girl 1405198331.057 | Started by TheOwl in Linea

Had an interesting/odd experience recently with J291538. I had written a review which went days and days never posting. I got the earrings weeks ago. So I clicked on "feedback" and asked that my review be posted. More days went by. I clicked again on "feedback" and asked what the problem was and why my review hadn't shown up. A couple of days after that I got a phone call from QVC. The woman - I'll excuse her right up front because she hardly sounded like she knew what she was doing - started out the conversation with a distinct defensive tone and said she was calling about my feedback ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever get the Perfectly Pink WK cardigan?

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Mine's on waitlist also but I was under the impression it was coming in the FALL. Along with the charcoal version of this cardi which I also put on waitlist. Continue Reading


Re: What did Louis sneak peek this morning?

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New dangle earring for Fall on Kate in the video of the knit cowl neck tank dress. Continue Reading


Re: Can someone advise me re: A255669 & A255670?

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Snickster, hope by now you have seen the sneak peek pictures at Louis' blog. Continue Reading

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