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Re: The Fluted Bead Cross Necklace (J296898) - Dreams of Byzantium

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Beautiful poem Goldie and very lovely little girls :) And the costumes a definite wow. Glad that they made in on TV :) I'm sure their appearance brightened many a day. Sheesh, my stepmother was the Ithaca College provost for many years. Long retired now though. And that sounds like one heroic quest making it through law school as a single mom of teens. Hope it has been a very good life since those days. And in a cemetery in Germany - "half way round the world" almost - an elderly woman I had never seen in my life rounded the corner of the church coming the opposite direction and exclaim... Continue Reading


Re: Berets

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Lhartness: People have been asking Louis how to get berets for years :) I think there is a slowly growing snowball of support for this quest if you might wish to add your request for berets at Louis's blog: He always says they are inexpensive though and can be found on the internet. It would be great if he could finally convince QVC to carry a line of them - created by himself - even if as an on-line-only product. I keep on hoping! Continue Reading


Re: I LOVE the WK Maxi pencil skirt!!

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Author ~ so glad you too are in love with this skirt and the column of black you describe sounds like perfection! Just an update since I posted about purchasing A257285 - the brick red mid-calf. Now I knew, that after THIS fantastic WK mid-calf, it was going to be hard for A257285 to measure up. But I really needed a red option. And wouldn't we be thrilled if the WK mid-calf would do so well as to be reordered next season say, in red??? Anyway, I ended up taking A257285 in. A LOT. It fit fine in my regular size and since it doesn't have much stretch that was a good choice - in the waist, hips... Continue Reading


Re: Trading Buttons

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Thank you Tipsy! Continue Reading


Re: Trading Buttons

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Does anyone recall what SIZE Louis said that the buttons on the long ENR WK cardigan are? Continue Reading


Re: Trading Buttons

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I just switched over today the gold buttons from my ivory cardigan - onto my hunter green cardigan. The ivory looks fine with the silver and I really, really wanted the hunter green with the goldtone. I'm really happy about the change :) I already have an ivory cardigan with gold buttons. Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

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LDOlvr: I'm a HUGE fan of Pendleton woolens and especially their wonderful plaid skirts. I don't think you'll need to cross fingers on this one. My hunter green goes BEAUTIFULLY with all of my Pendletons! :) I think you're gonna love it! :) Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

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I love the hunter green with all sorts of plaid scarves or plaid skirts. So many gorgeous plaids have hunter green in them - so a wonderful anchor in that scenario. I also love the hunter green with the brick red and ivory. Great holiday seasonal outfits as in - hunter green turtleneck w/ Linea brick red mid-calf skirt and soft white alpaca ruana - gold jewelry. etc. Continue Reading


Re: Hunter Green Cardigan...what to wear

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LDOlvr: Does it help any to visualize combinations if you think of the buttons as being goldtone? I originally had this problem. Once I thought about the sweater as having goldtone buttons, all sorts of combinations came to mind. I haven't changed the buttons out yet but am debating doing so. Continue Reading


Re: I LOVE the WK Maxi pencil skirt!!

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I'm THRILLED that worked out TeachRsPet!!!! As my dear husband likes to say...."even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while." :) I too am in love with this skirt! I've also decided to give in and give the brick red mid-calf skirt a try ~ A257285 . It does not have nearly as much stretch so I am NOT sizing down, and Louis described it on air as a slight a-line - but I received the brick red button-up cardigan this week ~ A259706 ~ and it just plain BEGS for a matching skirt. I tried it against all of my other red skirts and the red is just not close enough to suit me. For a co... Continue Reading

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