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Re: Raspberry vs Aubergine

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Good call Wild Rose. In the end, it's the only way to tell. Don't forget to look at your color options and out-of-the-box outfit ideas as you play ~ in sunlight out doors as well as under indoor lighting. Sometimes what looks good in the house, ends up not looking so good when the sun hits it as you pull out of the driveway in your car ;) Continue Reading


Re: Smart and Stylish Shawl (A259111) Graces the Funnel Neck Sweater (A259109)

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Thank you Goldie. That's extremely sweet. And oh boy is Linea ever a part. It's a BIG part! :) Continue Reading


Re: Raspberry vs Aubergine

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Agreed on that Goldie. I did not include this but was also wondering about just showing an ankle worth under a longer black skirt and if they could be worn and look right distanced in that way. But I do not know Wildrose's height and since I could pull it off with my height I didn't offer the suggestion. Thank you for adding that. Besides, Louis always does say "play with your wardrobe." ;) Continue Reading


Re: Smart and Stylish Shawl (A259111) Graces the Funnel Neck Sweater (A259109)

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I'm not ready to commit to the funnel neck sweater - but that's a budgetary choice :) Another consideration for me is that I usually wear a jacket over the top of my sweaters and that neckline has its challenges. I purchased the funnel neck sweater "back in the day" when it was 3/4 sleeved length and with a jacket the neckline was just too hard to work with for me. Too much "stuff" to figure out how to drape when it only has one place to go - down between the lapels. ;) Wondering if any of you caught the comment on Louis' blog this morning which still has me giggling not AT her but with... Continue Reading


Re: Raspberry vs Aubergine

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Wildrose: What a pretty name :) Louis responded to this question on his blog. He said that no, the various shades including magenta, mahogany, aubergine, raspberry etc (there were more I think) are best shown off as an ACCENT color but they honestly do not really sing with one another. So you might consider keeping your raspberry sweater with the raspberry shawl and your aubergine tights as an accent or with the aubergine turtleneck from years gone by. Continue Reading


Re: Love, Love, Love the Super Ponte Jackets!

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This Super Ponte long jacket was my one big mistake this show go-around. I sized down because I could not imagine the huge sweep around the thighs of the size that more closely fit my bust size looking like anything but a disaster on me. I found the smaller size, though I could button it fine, to be a disaster on me also. First the fabric really is dense and heavy. Both the weight of it and the heat of it made me feel uncomfortable and the smaller size would not allow for even a turtleneck of any weight. Then the length just cuts my legs too far down and I lose all the advantage of the e... Continue Reading


Re: The New Ponte Knit Petite Pants (A256444)

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Yummmm. I received my FIRST ever pair of these pants and they are so comfortable and cozy on and the drape, cut and fit, again in petite sizing for me, is just fabulous! I've had mixed issues with Linea pants until I discovered how great the whisper knit pant was in the petite version. Just love them. And now these in petite. So I was hesitant to order more than the black and the navy. Navy should arrive tomorrow. All of my petite size sold out so I'll have to wait for the reorder on other DARK colors hopefully. Dark Green, more Dark brown, maybe another version of dark grey. Happy... Continue Reading


Re: LOUIS -- So Suave and Handsome Tonight!

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Luvtoshopathome: A lot of us have discussed for years why on earth the Q essentially short stocks the Linea line and pretty much, without insider information, we've concluded that it comes down to the old adage of "follow the money". Does the Q make a whole lot less off from the items by designers who cycle in and out of the QVC stable? It seems to be the only probable conclusion when good customers like yourself - and like all of us who love and buy Linea - call corporate to complain and are just told that they'll "look in to it." They know exactly why they have short stocked Louis for s... Continue Reading


Re: LOUIS -- So Suave and Handsome Tonight!

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Sunday I had a presentation to make at church. After showering, doing the hair and basic make-up ~ it took me all of 2 minutes to dress and get out the door. I wore the white asymmetrical crushed gauze open front cardigan in white, the yellow porcelain v-neck top, the white asymmetrical crushed gauze skirt, the multi-strand gold bead necklace - all of these Linea - white shoes, gold earrings, watch and done. So many appreciative comments about the breezy outfit. Honestly I think I would almost pay double for this kind of convenience!!! With Linea, as was said in the show with Sandra, you ... Continue Reading

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