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Re: How Many of you can already tell

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BTW-- I think the same thing when I see movies advertised... MY first reaction is generally "someone thought this was a good idea?" Continue Reading


Re: How Many of you can already tell

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Yes- the show with Viola Davis does look good.... Mostly the ones that see lame are the comedies... at least the ones that I have seen -- should prove interesting.. Continue Reading


How Many of you can already tell

Last Reply by occasional rain 1408496661.353 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

which of the new shows are going to be bombs... I say this same thing every year at this time. I see the promos an wonder "Who do they think is going to watch this?". And 9 times out of 10 within 4 weeks many are gone.. Yet the shows that we love they take off-- I will never understand the thought process of the "powers that be" Continue Reading


Re: March 23rd - The Good Wife

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I didn't either............I was totally shocked... I am not going to spill the beans... but I had not read anything in the spoilers about this... Really a shocker.... Continue Reading



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I thought Erin Andrews was great and BIG, BIG improvement over Brooke. Erin was funny and very quick with the comments... I may not always know all the dancers but I really enjoy the process they go thru...give them a lot of credit. Continue Reading


Re: OSCARS - Who Should Host Next Year?

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I would love to see Hugh Jackman again... Continue Reading


Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyone watch last night?

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Isn't Brandi the one that Eddie divorced for Leann Rimes...? Let me tell you -- I don't know how he stayed around long enough to have 2 kids with her... I am not in favor of cheating... but if this woman doesn't push to the limit.. I don't know who does... Continue Reading


Re: NCIS-- Ralph Waite

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The season finale of NCIS this May will be a tribute to Ralph Waite... They have worked to write this to be able to pay tribute this season... just passing the word along. Continue Reading


Re: Brooke Burke gone from DWTS

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I agree that Brooke is no loss... Her questions were awful and she didn't do a very good job... I do like Erin Andrews-- have to see how she does in this role. Melissa Rycroft would have been a perfect choice.. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use NEST fragrances?

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I found NEST last year--- their grapefruit scent is wonderful... It smells so clean and fresh.. I used it when I had company a few weeks back and everyone... male and female mentioned how great it smelled...you won't be disappointed.. I ordered it online from NEST directly. Continue Reading

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