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Re: March 23rd - The Good Wife

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I didn't either............I was totally shocked... I am not going to spill the beans... but I had not read anything in the spoilers about this... Really a shocker.... Continue Reading



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I thought Erin Andrews was great and BIG, BIG improvement over Brooke. Erin was funny and very quick with the comments... I may not always know all the dancers but I really enjoy the process they go thru...give them a lot of credit. Continue Reading


Re: OSCARS - Who Should Host Next Year?

In TV Talk 1393954004.75

I would love to see Hugh Jackman again... Continue Reading


Re: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anyone watch last night?

In TV Talk 1393531527.883

Isn't Brandi the one that Eddie divorced for Leann Rimes...? Let me tell you -- I don't know how he stayed around long enough to have 2 kids with her... I am not in favor of cheating... but if this woman doesn't push to the limit.. I don't know who does... Continue Reading


Re: NCIS-- Ralph Waite

In TV Talk 1393274822.12

The season finale of NCIS this May will be a tribute to Ralph Waite... They have worked to write this to be able to pay tribute this season... just passing the word along. Continue Reading


Re: Brooke Burke gone from DWTS

In TV Talk 1393200227.68

I agree that Brooke is no loss... Her questions were awful and she didn't do a very good job... I do like Erin Andrews-- have to see how she does in this role. Melissa Rycroft would have been a perfect choice.. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone use NEST fragrances?

In Beauty Banter 1393199888

I found NEST last year--- their grapefruit scent is wonderful... It smells so clean and fresh.. I used it when I had company a few weeks back and everyone... male and female mentioned how great it won't be disappointed.. I ordered it online from NEST directly. Continue Reading


So this is entertainment now

Last Reply by Sooner 1393266954.35 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

This is the first week with the new hosts since Jay Leno left. All I can say is I will be doing a lot of reading... This is an example of what the network executives think we want to watch at late night... Monday night -- Jimmy Fallon... very honored to be hosting etc. That's fine and I get that. Tuesday night Jimmy Fallon had on BRADLEY COOPER... and what did they do for entertainment.... they played charades...charades...... and Jimmy thought it was very funny.. I guess you had to be there. Last night -- David Letterman.. Pauley Perrette was a guest.. one of the most popular characters... Continue Reading


NCIS-- Ralph Waite

Last Reply by qvcfan526 1393428381.947 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

I thought I would share what I have seen and read. Last night on USA they repeated an episode with Jackson Gibbs.. at the end they put up a picture of Ralph Waite "In Memory Of" and the years of his life. I was surprised to see it on USA... I am certain CBS will also do something.. What I read today, it is expected that they will do an entire episode to write the character out.. but the fact that the balance of the season is already written in an ARC.. they are not sure they will be able to have that included and make sense.. so they may wait until Season 12 to do the tribute.. But ... Continue Reading


Re: OT - The Tonight Show- anyone miss Jay Leno

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I was just coming to see what the opinion was on the New Tonight Show... I like Jimmy Fallon.. he seems like a good guy... but the new show... not for me... I figured that out Monday night... but last night I was tempted when I heard BRADLEY COOPER is a guest... and he was, and they talked about his movie...etc... and then they played charades......... err -- what -- charades... This is late night entertainment... Anyone old enough to remember STUMP THE STARS............ I do not foresee watching this show again any time soon... Time to get back to reading. Continue Reading

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