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Please tell me it is not just me

Last Reply by annabellethecat 1417120454.6 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

I always thought the Progressive Commercials with Flo could not get any worse... And now there are at least 10 Flo's as various family members............ I would not buy this insurance just because the commercials are so annoying............... That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Happy Thanksgiving. Continue Reading


Good Wife

Last Reply by occasional rain 1416434094.32 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

I have enjoyed this show for a long time... but I am wondering if I am the only one that is really tired of the storyline with Kerry.... and I did not like the way they had Michael J. Fox tonight... any judge would have seen thru the nonsense he was pulling with the oxygen mask... Am I just cranky tonight?? Continue Reading


Re: NCIS 10/07 - young Dr Mallard

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I am not positive-- but I seem to remember that Charles Durning won and Emmy for that show...I know he was nominated... It is my all time favorite also... Altho I still love this show and all the cast... Continue Reading


Re: Cedar Cove - Missed 9/20 show - What happened?

In TV Talk 1411510738.31

Eric's wife and baby came back and she found nightie from Rebecca in the bed... Luke really wants to be with Justine... Mac is drinking again... The young couple (can't think of their names) he has re-upped - told her he wants a divorce and she thinks she is pregnant... The stalker is moving back into Town and he appears to be a good friend of Bruce Boxlieter That's the best I can do.. Continue Reading


Re: Your Thoughts On Madam Secretary On CBS Sunday Night

In TV Talk 1411397678.207

Loved it---Reminded me of THE WEST WING in some ways... I think it will be a hit as they hoped... Continue Reading


Re: How Many of you can already tell

In TV Talk 1408418482.287

BTW-- I think the same thing when I see movies advertised... MY first reaction is generally "someone thought this was a good idea?" Continue Reading


Re: How Many of you can already tell

In TV Talk 1408398572.173

Yes- the show with Viola Davis does look good.... Mostly the ones that see lame are the comedies... at least the ones that I have seen -- should prove interesting.. Continue Reading


How Many of you can already tell

Last Reply by occasional rain 1408496661.353 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

which of the new shows are going to be bombs... I say this same thing every year at this time. I see the promos an wonder "Who do they think is going to watch this?". And 9 times out of 10 within 4 weeks many are gone.. Yet the shows that we love they take off-- I will never understand the thought process of the "powers that be" Continue Reading


Re: March 23rd - The Good Wife

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I didn't either............I was totally shocked... I am not going to spill the beans... but I had not read anything in the spoilers about this... Really a shocker.... Continue Reading

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