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Re: Do you watch Scandal?

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I don't know why they get so far out with the storylines... Anyone remember when Revenge started... it was great-- Second Season was so bad-- even their own writers admitted they had blown it. Scandal this year with the kidnapping-- stupid and dragged on way too long... why can't they write the way the did in the first season... that was nail biting time. It appears that Jake has survived... and Olivia finally figured it out... Really... what's with that. Continue Reading


Re: Nashville? Is it ending as well?

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I think that is part of the problem.. not knowing if they are coming back... It's hard to leave us hanging if they don't come back... and yet you want something to build on for the new season. I love this show also... would hate to see it go.... Continue Reading


Re: Do you make your own cracker meal? (like Nabisco cracker meal was)

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NUTS.com sells a cracker meal that rivals the Nabisco cracker meal. in fact that is how they describe it. If you are interested you can check it on line.. I have purchased this product from them. Continue Reading


Re: About Comcast Cable TV

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well you get what you pay for.... I pay for the DVR services, etc.... but it is also true that you can lock into a price for 2 yrs.... I have always done that... so I don't have any price increases from Verizon... But I would not go back to COMCAST if they paid me $100.++ a month. Not after the customer service treatment I received... and after 4 weeks and about 40 calls I was finally able to get them to cancel my service. THEN I GET A CALL from a supervisor who says "oh we hate to lose customers... you should have asked to speak to a supervisor" I am sure his ears are still burning... I h... Continue Reading


Re: About Comcast Cable TV

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I had Comcast for over 15 yrs. Then I had issues (this was back in 2006)... and they were impossible then... I switched to FIOS as soon as it was in my area... and I have NEVER been sorry. I have had to call customer service over the years and THEY ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE AND HELPFUL... I have NO problem with them at all.. I think you will be happy if you switch to them... Continue Reading


Re: Aurora Teagaden (SP)

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No matter how you spell it -- it was bad... Candance was awful in the part-- the acting was so stiff and predictable. Continue Reading


Re: Mistresses and Devious Maids

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You ladies are spot on-- I just read a little while ago that Mistresses will return on June 3. and someone else wrote the Devious Maid will return June 7. Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Commercial?

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I have a few--- Some of the ones listed are great-- my favorites are The US PO where the mailman tells them they can send anything back... except he them looks at the creepy little statue they are all afraid of.. .and agrees "yeah-- that's got to go" The Macy's one where the salesman is trying to help the husband with the wife's gift.. She is standing on the second floor watching and nodding her approval.. at which point the salesman turns to her and asks her "Do you want the earring too?" And lastly the same Hallmark commercial where the baby is still cooking.. when the sister asks who the ... Continue Reading


Please tell me it is not just me

Last Reply by Snarfazian D Meats 1429951409.693 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

I always thought the Progressive Commercials with Flo could not get any worse... And now there are at least 10 Flo's as various family members............ I would not buy this insurance just because the commercials are so annoying............... That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Happy Thanksgiving. Continue Reading


Good Wife

Last Reply by occasionalrain 1416434094.32 | Started by best10buddy in TV Talk

I have enjoyed this show for a long time... but I am wondering if I am the only one that is really tired of the storyline with Kerry.... and I did not like the way they had Michael J. Fox tonight... any judge would have seen thru the nonsense he was pulling with the oxygen mask... Am I just cranky tonight?? Continue Reading

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