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Re: Anybody getting the AG Minc?

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I caved! It looked kind of fun and when you think about it (and I can justify anything) the embellishments would cost that anyway. Right??????? Continue Reading


Re: Monday - All Day Crafts

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On 5/11/2015 mewsmomtoo said: Cont'd...Speaking of reviews, for those of you who purchased the Tiffany organizing items last time, how do you like them? Thanks! I got that last time. I LOVE it. I really went through my supply and thought I would have to throw out or find storage for most of it because I just couldn't see how it could hold ALL my things. It is great. I got all my embellishments that I wanted into it and have tons of room more. Nice selection of pages to get you started. I have mine on a dresser in my scrap room so handy. I don't have to dig. Just can't say enough about it. ... Continue Reading


Re: Any dental,professionals that can help with a question

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have you asked what they are doing differently? They very well could be but you don't know what. Are you faithful in your flossing? You have a disease. There is an issue. If you don't understand what they are doing for you, it is time to ask. If you aren't happy with the answer then it is time to leave. It is a good thing they are treating you. Left untreated this disease cause a lot of health problems, it is not only about cosmetic reasons, this is known cause of heart disease, strokes, diabetes. So take it seriously. If you have to pay an extra $60 I would think your health would be wort... Continue Reading


Re: Craft Day Purchase Reviews

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I got the two items that I bought. Only two but, sigh, expensive.... I got the tiffany organization system. I really wouldn't call it a three ring binder. It would be hard to fold it us, so to speak, and move it. However, I love it!!! It would be worth taking to a crop if you had a bit of extra space on the table. You can set it up however you want. I haven't filled it (have taxes to do and Easter to get ready for) but I had to at least start. My goal is to get serious about my extras and fill it. Well made and it will hold TONS. So in that way, for me, it is worth it. There are seven indivi... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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On 3/24/2015 Janet M said: Memyselfandi - I am hoping the organizational system works. I have so much stuff everywhere so hopefully it helps clean up and I can toss some of the things I don't use. I usually give them to my daughter in law or grand daughters and if they are not interested I donate them to the schools or good will. Hoping to do a lot of that organizing The HSN price is a good one for all that you get. I really am miffed that the Anna Dies on auto delivery sold out so fast. I did want those as well but that is what I get for getting some sleep last night. When you get the system... Continue Reading


Re: 24hr Craft Day Chat

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On 3/24/2015 Janet M said: I am tempted to buy the tiffany organization book. I never can find anything and think this is a good idea. I haven't gotten to the Anna stuff yet as i usually can't resist. So for now I have the tiffany storage system in my cart. It is a great price compared to the cost on her own website. There are few other items I have my eye on like the hot off the press - there are a few kits on clearance that look good and I am debating the 3 birds cards for all seasons. So far haven't hit the buy button but I am so tempted. I bit the bullet and ordered the tiffany organiza... Continue Reading


Re: Jan.21Shows - What Did You Buy?

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I am really disappointed!!! I bought the paper tricks folders (I also went over to amazon and ordered the set of plates that are long enough and cheaper than HSN - where they weren't available anyway). I ordered them first thing in the morning. Overnight they sent an email that said they were out of stock and hope to send them by the end of February. Meantime, Amazon sent an email that they shipped the plates. Now I just hope I can actually get the paper tricks folders. I also thought about the folders TS and in the early afternoon tried to order them - autoship - folders only. The first dat... Continue Reading


Re: Need help making a scrapbook

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Don't listen to her. Do what you want. I am very involved in scrapbooking but not what is referred to as a "scrapbook snob". do what you want. Make it simple. Just get those memories recorded. That is all you need to do. I know people who take a couple hours to decide on a page. And God bless them but not everyone has to do that. There are many great kits out there that have some nice things included. It sounds like that might be what you have found. USE IT! And be happy. It isn't a competition at all. It is YOU recording YOUR memories and if it doesn't make your friend happy - THAT IS HER PR... Continue Reading


Re: Is it rude to remove one's shoes when entering another's home?

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On 12/27/2014 persiflage said: This only happened at my house once. He came in the door and immediately removed his shoes, the rest is mostly a blur. It was George Clooney. well, George could walk around in his boxer shorts for all I care. (but yeah, he would at least need those) Continue Reading


Re: How long to you keep up your Christmas decorations? Outside lights?

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On 12/28/2014 shesallthat said: On 12/28/2014 memyselfandI said: On 12/28/2014 Iwantcoffee said: On 12/28/2014 memyselfandI said: On 12/27/2014 squeezebox said: Christmas Day everything is taken down and put away! Why in the world do you even put anything up if you take it down on the actual holiday?????? My parents did that when I was growing-up. After we ate lunch and opened gifts, Christmas was over. There was no Christmas season after December 25. did they ever say why? I find it sad. Besides, the time before is actually advent. The Christmas season is actually the 12 days after Ch... Continue Reading

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