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Re: Anyone own VPH church (H201082) that was on her show yesterday?

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I bought the church yesterday. I have the house that was the match to this. It is lovely and I have had no problems. Continue Reading


Re: Slatkin missing

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I don't watch QVC much anymore (check on line instead) or read the forums much anymore either So have also wondered what happened to him. I just put out several pumpkin, acorn candle containers (the contents long ago emptied) and was thinking of him. Anyone know? Continue Reading


Re: Is my decor out dated or what?

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I have wallpaper. If the so called experts don't like it, that is their problem. I like my home. End of story. Continue Reading


Re: Joan' s bee pins are going for up to 200!

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There are pins that are still available on QVC that already have bids of over $150!!!! While there are some where no one seems to be responding to the buy it now price, there are enough that have bidding going on that is out of this world. I am watching some just to see. I have to say, it is tempting!!!! If someone is stupid enough to bid on something that they could get for $50, I would be willing to sell!!! Continue Reading


Re: The beginning of my halloween decor

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Love it. What is Halloween without a bit of creepy factory! Love the crown!!! Continue Reading


Re: cornstalks in outside fall decor

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On 9/16/2014 Hildegarde Withers said: There's not much decorating in our subdivision anymore as the demographics have changed. There were a lot of kids in our subdivision, but they've all grown up and the kids/parents aren't into it as much anymore. I feel the same way. It's not the same when your kids aren't little anymore. A lot of kids don't take the time to stop at look at all the decorations. They run up to the house, get the candy and run to the next house. They're unaware of the Halloween atmosphere. When I was a kid, I loved taking the time to stop at look at each decoration. That was... Continue Reading


Re: YC Scenterpiece Easy meltcup?

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I love mine. I had a $10 coupon so picked up the pumpkin. First, they are much larger than you might realize. Second, while the cost of the scent cup is $5 but they are saying they last 24 hours (not the 5 that people are saying here). But the reality of it is ---my scent cups are lasting over 100 hours!!!!!! Not bad at all for $5. I plugged mine in on the Tuesday after labor day, have it on (my own) timer for 8 hours a day and just changed it yesterday. The wax doesn't evaporate. The scent goes away. But as someone else said it fills the entire first floor of the house without being overp... Continue Reading


Re: Any way I can get less junk phone calls?

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the problem we have had around here is that now some of these scammers are buying local number of people who have moved. So the caller id comes up with an actual name and their local number. So it looks like someone in your city is calling you. So caller ID is no longer reliable and call blockers don't work. We are on the no call. These people don't care because they can't be traced. frustrating. I don't answer but they keep calling. (Edited to add that since my husband is a minister, getting local calls from people we don't know is very common. ) Continue Reading


Re: Halloween Dining Set

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Fiestaware has something like this. Not sold as a set but I would also think that you could mix and match too. I have the pumpkins. I love them for the season. Continue Reading


Re: To early to worry about not seeing Valeries Jingle Bell Wreath?

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back in 2008 I was put on the auto delivery for the jingle bell wreath. Locked in the 2008 price at that point too. I checked this morning and my order is still in place and listed as "active". So I am sure they will be back. Continue Reading

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