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Re: People That Hit Their Pets

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If I were you, I would call and report this person. This IS abuse and if you don't report it, she will continue. CALL!!!! Otherwise you are allowing it to continue. And yes, I have called the authorities on people I know who have done things like this. You should be able to remain anonymous. Continue Reading


Re: Calling babies by their names before they're born

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My youngest is almost 30 and we knew his "gender" before he was born. I am not sure why people think it has to be a big surprise that waits until they are born. It is a surprise at the ultrasound too. But to each their own on that. We also named him and referred to him by his name before he was born. We included his name on greeting cards too. And surprise!!!! We changed his name a month before he was born!!!!! Why? Because people started using nicknames we NEVER would have thought of. 30 years later those would have been his. GACK!!! So we named him a different name and somehow everyone surv... Continue Reading


Re: Calling babies by their names before they're born

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On 7/28/2014 scotttie said: Hi beach-mom I have not seen this trend yet around here. Not sure what to make of it. I guess if they are planning on using a "Jr." or name after a family member, tradition thing it would make sense. THe only thing that would seem a caveat to me is that if something awful happened, having named the baby(and talked about it using the name over and over as if it were already born) would make it even worse? I've heard of people who got a mistaken gender from the ultrasound and really grieved for the "little girl or boy" who never was. Anyway, interesting to see what t... Continue Reading


Re: Got an email about an upcoming Jacqueline Kennedy jewelry show

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On 6/25/2014 ennui1 said: On 6/25/2014 Anniecamp said: Ladies, please back up a little and "get a grip". Phil distinctly said there will be a show in June, with any remaining inventory. They will continue to sell JBK items that remain in inventory at QVC and C&K. Also, anything that was in process of being made at the time they decided to discontinue the line. Anything that has not been sold at QVC for a long time, or ever, will be listed as "new". You will also see the jewelry at other places that sell it, as they have any inventory left. Some of you are too quick to call people cro oks.... Continue Reading


Re: Inspirations for Christmas

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On 5/25/2014 whitelinen said: Amazing such a beautiful and meaningful holiday can be so polarizing. Why does it drive people crazy that other people enjoy Christmas all year round? Cover your eyes put your fingers in your ears and remain blissfully unaware we are talking about Christmas!! This is what I don't understand! No one is forcing anyone to look at this kind of thread, which clearly states that it is about Christmas. So why open it? Then they try to make it seem like we are the ones who are wrong. I get that they don't like Christmas. Ok. No one is trying to change their minds. We a... Continue Reading


Re: Inspirations for Christmas

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Thanks for posting. Christmas is a big deal in our home (well, every holiday is really) and I am always in the mood to look at new ideas. Maybe part of why I never stress about any holiday is I don't leave everything until the last minute and think about all these things year around. Yup - I am a holiday multi-tasker!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear shorts out in public?

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I am about your age. I like knee length shorts and wear them in public. In fact, I wear them more now than I did when I was younger. My feelings are if people don't like it that is their problem. They can look away or laugh. I really don't care! Continue Reading


Re: Sorry, but I just don't get it...

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I don't get it. But then, I don't get spending on Coach, Spade, Dooney and on and on. To me, that is the biggest waste of my money. But, it is my money and I wouldn't tell someone how to spend theirs. I have a great bag from Land's End that I spent, maybe, $40 on and has served me for going on 10 years. I don't "get" changing purses for the seasons or the outfits (well, I do have a black envelope, no name brand for really dressy occasions and I have a really great Christmas purse that I carry in December). And I am sure many don't "get" me. Whatever.... I have always felt people should be f... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone still wear pantyhose?

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If I need to yes. Under pants or jeans (I live in jeans) no. With summer sun dresses, no. Under dressy dresses - of course. Luckily I live the kind of life where I don't have to dress professionally or dressy! Continue Reading


Re: How sad

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On 3/29/2014 Bird mama said: On 3/29/2014 lolakimono said: On 3/29/2014 Bird mama said: okay, I cried. Bird, did you go to the other site and pick up the scarecrow pin while it's still available? I read some reviews here and they say the beads on the feet come off. One lady said the scarecrow lost it's head and she glued it back on. I have had this pin for several years. It has held up beautifully for me. It actually looks better than this picture. Altogether, I must have 50 -60 pieces of this jewelry. I was a fan from the beginning. I honestly can't think of a piece that hasn't held up ... Continue Reading

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