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Re: Substitutions for using Wine in Recipes?

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I found this site. Hope it helps you. http://homecooking.about.com/library/archive/blalcohol6.htm Continue Reading


Re: ~Has Anyone Seen Chaz's New Do?

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Not a fan of the new look. But he is the one wearing it. As long as he likes it, that is all that matters. Continue Reading


Re: B&BW-- all 3 wick candles $8 today only in stores!

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Today at BBW the deal of the day is $5 Triple Moisture Cream. Remember to use a $10 off $30 coupon. Continue Reading


Re: canon t3i

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I got mine a couple of days ago. I bought it for my BF for Christmas. He is going to be so surprised. Continue Reading


Re: Body Shop

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Love the Hemp body protector and the hemp hand proctector. I also really love their Pink Grapefruit shower gel and scrub. I wish I didn't already have a surplus or I would be all over this sale. Continue Reading


Re: Need Body & Face Product Recommendations For a 13 Year Old Girl!

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BBW has some wonderful holiday scents she may like. I like sweet scents and Pink Chiffon and Pink Sugarplum Fairy are very nice. You could get her the shower gel and lotions. I would put in some flavored chapsticks. Those are always fun. Some funky color nail polishes would be good too. You can usually get those pretty inexpensively at the drugstore. Continue Reading


Re: Black Friday Fess Up!! Who Shopped and What Did You PURCHASE??

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I went to BBW this morning and it was not as crowded as I thought. This was the only store I went to because of the coupon stacking. Got lots of stuff for a great price. Continue Reading


Re: Suave shower gels

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I don't think they have lotions. I am on the search for the Peppermint Bliss body wash and it is nowhere to be found in my area. Good Luck and I hope you find them. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite Body Scrub

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I love the Behemouth scrub from Cleanse Your Soul. It is a great scrub and very mositurizing. I love that you can get them in any scent you like. Continue Reading


Re: Does everyone WEN using cool water as Chaz insists or....

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When I am getting ready to get out of the shower, I use cool water to seal the cuticle shaft. Continue Reading

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