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On Facebook, she stated it would be a TSV on May 16. Continue Reading



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A254683 - It is $60. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone getting the St Tropez TSV?

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I would like to try the Tan Towels. Does anyone know whether HSN usually has a TS of Tan Towels in the spring? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Ebay question. Please advise.

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Please give it a little time. It was only yesterday that you said it would be delivered. Sometimes the post office does not redeliver immediately or maybe he was not able to pick it up because of weather or something. You are protected because of paypal and you sent it back insured with the permission of the seller. It may take him a few days for him to process your return. No need to worry just yet. Continue Reading


Re: TV Show/My 600 LB. Life

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On 2/5/2014 depglass said: Whoever is paying for this surgery, whether the government or insurance companies, should require serious counseling as part of the package. These doctors must be making a fortune off these people. How about requiring some chance of success with intense counseling? I kind of suspect that maybe the surgery and care is "free" as long as you agree to have your story televised?? The cameras follow you around for years and show some pretty graphic images. It is always the same doctor and same clinic where the show is taped. I could be wrong however. One woman last nig... Continue Reading


Re: Perricone MD Blue Plasma Orbital Eye

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I just started using this a few days ago so I can't attest to how well it works. Do I need to put an eye cream over it? I thought the blue plasma was an "eye cream." Do you let it soak in before you put the eye cream over it? dal - what is "AG eye" and what is "CP eye"? Continue Reading


Re: New Tarte TSV in January Insider

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Cocomo - What color foundation did you get? Does it run light or dark? I am typically light-medium in the Tarte foundation. Should I get light or medium? Thanks for your help. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone know if QVC will participate in Free Shipping Day on 12/18?

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Ha - That is what I thought! There are a couple of things I wanted to order and I was wondering whether I should wait until 12/18 for the smallest chance there may be free shipping!! Continue Reading


Does anyone know if QVC will participate in Free Shipping Day on 12/18?

Last Reply by jlkz 1387639869.57 | Started by Daisypap in Beauty Banter

Have they in the past? I doubt that everything will be free shipping but have they had shipping specials in the past on this particular day?? Continue Reading


Re: Did Black Gili Roma 2 have the cracking handle issue?

In All About Handbags 1386794336.62

Thanks Brown2164 - I thought maybe the black was immune to the problem, but I guess not. Continue Reading

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