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Re: Vince Camuto TS on HSN today 10/20

In All About Shoes 1416325768.993

I love these boots as well. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable. I love the wedge heel. I got the black leather, but I want another pair also. I want the fudge brownie but I don't want to pay $199. Waiting for them to go down in price also. I would use a 20% coupon but the max savings with the coupon is only $15. Not enough price reduction to warrant purchasing another now. Continue Reading


Re: G.I.L.I. Hornback Micro Bag - Did your Iphone 6 with case fit in it?

In All About Handbags 1414098404.43

Thanks Anisha - I am glad to hear that. I was worried I would have to return it! Continue Reading


G.I.L.I. Hornback Micro Bag - Did your Iphone 6 with case fit in it?

Last Reply by anisha 1414103313.76 | Started by Daisypap in All About Handbags

I have the purse but I haven't received my Iphone 6 yet. If the Iphone 6 won't fit, I just need to send it back. Some reviewers have said their Iphone 6 fits and some have said it doesn't fit or it is a really tight fit. TIA! Continue Reading


Re: Question re: HSN Pricing

In Fashion Talk 1413412570.627

Thanks everyone - I may just go ahead and purchase with the 20% off coupon then. Continue Reading


Question re: HSN Pricing

Last Reply by Hoovermom 1413473923.39 | Started by Daisypap in Fashion Talk

I wanted to purchase another Serena Williams TSV sweater from about a month ago. It is now $49.90. I received a 20% off coupon from HSN that I could use. Of course, even with the coupon, it is still quite a bit more than what I paid at the TSV price. How long does it take for HSN to drop prices on items? Should I just wait for it go on clearance or will that be 5 months from now?? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: Super cute new GILI small cross body bag.

In Fashion Talk 1412795661.13

I love the little purse. I like to use these little purses when we go out on the weekends, or to concerts or sporting events. I wonder though if it will fit an Iphone 6, some lipstick or lipgloss, my ID, credit card, etc. The phone alone will take up one whole pocket. Will a lipstick and gloss fit on the other side? It is pretty small, but really cute. Continue Reading


Re: Lucky Magazine

In Fashion Talk 1412794932.267

Thanks BetsyDoodle! The whole magazine thing with HSN is a real pain. I have not ordered stuff from HSN before just to avoid receiving the magazine! Continue Reading


Lucky Magazine

Last Reply by Daisypap 1412794931.877 | Started by Daisypap in Fashion Talk

So even though I sent in the card for a refund, I still got the stupid magazine today. This is the magazine that came with most recent Serena Williams TS on HSN. Is that normal to receive one issue before they get your refund notice? Just wanted to check. Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: I got my Serena Top - Anyone Else???????

In Fashion Talk 1411768026.49

I think it is such a cute top. I would love to order another one but now it is $49, which I won't pay. How long does it usually take for HSN to drop the price to a clearance price or event price of some sort? Continue Reading


Re: Daisypap

In Fashion Talk 1410884052.24

Looks like they deleted the other thread devoted to this topic. That one lasted about an hour before they found it! Kind of silly QVC. Continue Reading

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