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Re: Got my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog, and I'm pretty relieved!

In Beauty Banter 1403733208.07 Here is the link for the regular catalog Continue Reading


Re: Got my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog, and I'm pretty relieved!

In Beauty Banter 1403732990.273 glmama - the plus sizes have their own catalog or look book. This is the link. Continue Reading


Re: Keurig Rivo

In Coffee Talk 1401400347.463

Thank you for posting this. Just bought one for my dad for Father's Day. My parents have been wanting one. That is a great deal. Continue Reading


Re: Bag organizer for Roma?

In All About Handbags 1400784177.84

On 5/22/2014 Tsukiko said: I bought one from Etsy. I got the tan with the purse pattern. I should get it tomorrow. Etsy Tsukiko - What size did you get for your Roma? Continue Reading


Re: Torn between 2 Romas

In All About Handbags 1400689392.81

I agree with MsLomo - If you already have the natural ostrich - the ivory ostrich would go with the same color palette as the natural - warm beige, neutrals, taupes, orange, etc. So I wouldn't think you would need both. I got the metallic because it goes with so much - navy, green, black, grey, pink - I almost can't think of a color you couldn't wear the metallic with. I also think the metallic you could use in the winter and fall. The ivory may be more of a spring summer bag. Just my 2 cents.... Continue Reading


Re: Tarte Self Tanner Question to Those of You who Have Tried It

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I have to agree with MissKlynn - I love it. It does not smelll, which is really the most important thing for me. I used to use the BE self-tanner and the smell kept me awake at night. I hated it. I can attest that I do not look like the models when I apply it. I only use it about twice a week - so I just get a natural looking bronzy color. Those models have probably applied it 5 times and have not showered. So they look ridiculous with that much tanning stuff on. I don't use it on my face - I just use a powdered bronzer on my face. I have not tried the face towels yet. I hate tha... Continue Reading


Re: Question for all you self tanners..... (Phew)

In tarte 1398787807.023

I don't think that the Tarte self-tanner smells at all. I used to use the BE self-tanner and the smell was awful. I would put it on at night and then shower in the morning. I swear that I slept horribly all night long from that smell! I stopped using it and tried the Tarte and Tarte is so much better! It doesn't smell and it has a great color. Continue Reading


Re: Trish McEvoy Eyeliner application

In Beauty Banter 1398704134.15

Thanks for the tips everyone. I am glad I am not the only one unable to line the way Trish does. I am going to try Sahmlam's tip above! Continue Reading


Trish McEvoy Eyeliner application

Last Reply by SilentDance 1398723198.14 | Started by Daisypap in Beauty Banter

I did not order the TS on HSN but I do enjoy watching Trish's make-up tips. I did get one of her gel eyeliner pencils as a free gift with order on her website. I tried to apply the eyeliner as she showed on HSN yesterday - by lifting the lid and applying it right at the lash line. I made a mess of it. I guess my eyes are "too blinky," but I just couldn't get the eyeliner that close to my eyeball. Anyone else have problems with that application method? Any tips? Continue Reading


Re: Any info on Bobbi Brown TSV?

In Beauty Banter 1398439642.117

I am surprised we haven't heard anything yet either. It is 4 days away - usually we get a sneak peak from facebook or from Godfreako. I would love to see a picture and know the price as well. Continue Reading

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