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Re: is there a fitbit or something similar more for athlete's?

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On 7/23/2014 Persephonel said: Thanks! I wonder if fitbit plans to add a heart rate monitor to future models, that would be nice. According to reports, it will release a heart monitor model. They will go on sale later this year. I'm waiting for it because I returned my recalled Force. Continue Reading



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I'll be buying these in every color. I had problems with the pants in the past but they are wonderful and there's nothing like them - and at the prices offered at the Q. Yes, I had to have some hemmed but buying higher-end designer pants (that aren't as soft) would have cost me double or triple. Can't wait for these. I am a whisper knit fan, I must have at least three dozen pieces. Continue Reading


Re: ULTA - sale through 7-5-14

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It's not good a some of the better lines. Continue Reading


Re: QVC Pet friendly plants please

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This this: Continue Reading


Re: How to keep neighbor cat out of my veggie garden

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On 6/20/2014 kachina624 said: Roaming cats are one of my pet peeves. They do as much or more damage than dogs. Pooping in flower beds, yowling at night, walking all over cars and I had one that broke an expensive fountain trying to get a drink from it. I'd start by talking to it's owner; if that doesn't work I'd trap it (our animal control loans traps) and take it to AC. I too am grateful you are not my neighbor. Continue Reading


Re: Is homemaking a chore or a love for you?

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Hate hate hate cleaning, laundry and cleaning up after cooking. Love gardening and decorating. Continue Reading



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Great news. Over the years I have had two of them and it is very stressful waiting. Wishing you the best. Continue Reading


Tracking returns has become a joke

Last Reply by SFGIANTSGIRL 1402681764.01 | Started by Schnapsideen in Beauty Banter

QVC tracking returns is laughable. It isn't updated often. Nice way for QVC to drag out refunds. Obviously using the cheapest method of shipping returns. The competition is way better than QVC in the returns department. Continue Reading

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