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Re: Speaking of Philosophy and Rudeness That Prevails Today!

In Beauty Banter 1397353369.487

I am so sorry you had to go through that. Sending healing wishes to you and your family members. Continue Reading


Re: Do you eat/buy Peeps?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397353061.327

I tried the sugar free version. One of the artificial sweeteners has a not so pleasant side effect. They are so cute. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

In Judith Ripka 1397066024.33

Wonder why someone from Ripka hasn't posted on the boards. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

In Judith Ripka 1396742767.39

On 4/5/2014 BonnieBelle said: On 4/5/2014 ennui1 said: I know the Ripkanistas are blind about their beloved Judith, and there's nothing I can do about that. She sold the company. I hope you all find a way to cope. ITA. They're just making a bunch of excuses. she worked hard and got a good price for her company. But I saw what happened to Philosophy and I am dumping dumping dumping before anything I own is worthless. The new mega company will exploit the name. Continue Reading


Re: Judith Ripka Sold

In Judith Ripka 1396741506.587

the Bay here we come. My remaining pieces are going to be listed before this brand is worth absolutely nothing. Continue Reading


Re: Do you use a fruit bowl?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1396741353.093

On 4/5/2014 brewhaha said: In the fridge compartment. Lol. Me too. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1396651303.497

Wear what makes you happy. I have some white loafers and sandals and they look great with white pants or a white skirt in the summer. Continue Reading


Re: I adopted the abandoned

In Pet Lovers 1396651224.587

So good to hear about a kind soul. Wishing you well with your new furbaby. Continue Reading


Re: Our 11 year old 'BABY' cat still missing for 32 days, now.

In Pet Lovers 1396650856.197

On 3/29/2014 _Not an easy sale said: On 3/26/2014 MarthaStewardess said: Well, it's been two weeks yesterday that Dolly went missing. We've had no new possible sightings. Sunday morning when I was leaving for work I saw what was probably a cat run into a grassy area next to the neighborhood. I stopped the car and got out and called, but it was still dark and I never saw the figure again. I really wasn't able to spend a lot of time looking, sadly. I called home when I got to work and said what I saw and said that we need to keep going there. I got home from work last night and went out looking... Continue Reading


Re: With a heavy and sad heart our sweet girl Sandy passed away this morning....

In Pet Lovers 1396064875.41

On 3/27/2014 Silver Lining said: On 3/26/2014 Schnapsideen said: My heart goes out to you because I too lost my dog this weekend and she also died suddenly of heart failure. She would have been 14 in May and we are grief stricken. He companion, who is 14 and four months, is depressed and looks for her. So I know exactly how you feel. It is horrible when such beloved dogs go. I had mine since she as 14 months old. Blessings to you and your family. Schnapsideen, blessings to you. So sorry your girl had to leave you. She had a wonderful mom for many, many years. It is so painful to lose your fu... Continue Reading

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