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Re: New iPad Air 2

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Once it is restored it won't sync. Continue Reading


Re: New iPad Air 2

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I recently update my ipad and erased the ipad2 to give to my niece. Went to Apple's site on the web it is very simple: Restore to Factory Settings Without iTunes. It is just as simple to restore your iPad Mini without iTunes. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on Erase All Content and Settings. ... Continue Reading


Re: Those who support Dennis Basso

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On 2/9/2015 NYCGRL said: On 2/8/2015 05gage25 said: On 2/8/2015 mousiegirl said: "money he earned through his own initiative," which is the tortuous slaughtering of innocent animals so that humans can wear their fur, which belongs only on them, the innocent animals. If this is true, then I choose not to support Basso I totally agree - I have never and will never purchase anything from Dennis Basso strictly because he has made a fortune off of slaughtering innocent animals for their skin and still does in his high and mighty shop. Me too. I regard him with the ultimate disdain and disgust.... Continue Reading


Re: Did the new shipping policy affect your Linea buying today?

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I ordered four jewelry late in the day on the 30th, they shipped on the 31st (in separate envelops) and I received them on the 4th - not bad. I like the new policy. I think it will hurt the chronic returners or people who buy multiples. I hate being on a wait list and getting people's returns. I imagine the Q lost a lot of money during the holidays because of their holiday return policy. Continue Reading


Re: What Skincare line has really made a true difference in your skin?

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Algenist. Love the products - have made a BIG difference in my skin. Continue Reading


Re: QVC selling outdated Suze Orman kits that crash computers

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On 1/18/2015 kittymomNC said: I hope you don't mind that I re-posted this on the Electronics Forum. I have one of Suze's systems I bought a couple of years ago and unfortunately, never installed it. This has made me unsure whether or not it will work on my computer, which is actually a five year old Dell. It might well be fine, but I'm not a "techie", so I posted it on the other forum because there are a lot of really knowledgeable people there who can be very helpful. Thanks for posting it, because I wouldn't want my computer to crash. I don't need the hassle and expense of buying another on... Continue Reading


QVC selling outdated Suze Orman kits that crash computers

Last Reply by BesottedwithEskies 1421689228.767 | Started by BesottedwithEskies in For the Home Talk

QVC did not include the system requirements for the Suze Orman organize and protect financial systems. I read the reviews and decided not to install mine - people were complaining their systems crashed. I emailed customer service and here is what they provided VistaWindows 98/2000/Me/XPPentium II 233Mhz128 MB RAM (32 MB free RAM)800 x 600 resolution16-bit high color8MB CD-ROM drive28.8 KBPS modem, or faster16-bit SoundBlaster-compatible sound card and speakersprinter They didn't even apologize for not including it or offer free shipping to return. NO on sells computers wi... Continue Reading


Re: In 2015, I vow to spend less on things I don't need! Anyone with me?

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So glad to see this thread. COUNT ME IN please.... Continue Reading


Re: Still no Dr. Denese website sale?

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Why would you want to buy it? Continue Reading

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