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Re: O/T: Requesting Prayers for "Lobstergal"

In Beauty Banter 1416634850.707

My heart goes out to you. Sending prayers, good thoughts and wishes. Continue Reading


Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

In Fashion Talk 1414695067.57

So I guess some of you ladies don't use loyalty cards when you shop? Just what do you think Facebook is doing with "your private information." Yikes social media is here to stay. Want to stay a hermit, pay with cash and don't go on the Internet. Even your email messages get monitored. I'd be more worried about the insurance company having all that information about your health and what prescriptions you take. Continue Reading


Re: My Linea Packing Challenge

In Linea 1414613743.04

I also travel a lot for business. Lately, I've been taking the ponte slacks with the longer ponte jacket and the longer matching skirt. They look very polished. I don't like the way the WK pants looks at the end of the day. I often take two sets of WK tops - a button down sweater with a tank. I also like the longer WK tunics under the Ponte jacket. I live 240 miles east of DC and that coat is going to be way too warm this time of year. Continue Reading


Re: Is the Q going to get rid of Bixby? All of her pieces are 6EZ Pay

In Jewelry Talk 1414383395.87

That would be unfortunate. They probably make more on that steel, bronze and clad stuff. Continue Reading


Re: Is the Q going to get rid of Bixby? All of her pieces are 6EZ Pay

In Jewelry Talk 1414366105.327

On 10/26/2014 terrier3 said: Prices are too high, IMO. Prices have gone up but when I compare them to Ripka, they're comparable. Plus, Barbara does not use fake diamonds or gold cladding. There's also a lot more workmanship in her pieces. Continue Reading


Is the Q going to get rid of Bixby? All of her pieces are 6EZ Pay

Last Reply by depglass 1415641448.213 | Started by Schnapsideen in Jewelry Talk

There are usually on a few EZ pay items when she is on the air. First they put a lot of her jewelry on clearance about two weeks. Then, 6EZ pay this weekend. Does this signal they are preparing to cut ties? That would be very unforunate. Continue Reading


Re: Linea Ladies

In Linea 1414091058.807

I am in the minority. A matching jacket and pants with a blouse is my choice - even if you wear high heels. A pinstripe suit is too yesterday and signals trying too hard to play with the boys. Play up your feminine side. Times have changed. Continue Reading



Last Reply by shoptheQ 1413216186.65 | Started by Schnapsideen in Fashion Talk

Many of the links for tracking a purchase DO NOT WORK. It is important to be around if a pricey item is being shipped. Most of my purchases via that QVC shipping method (not UPS) go to the QVC is not available via the Internet. This can't be that hard to fix and it is frustrating. Continue Reading


Re: Now they won't releases my return POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Q!

In Fashion Talk 1412557006.023

On 10/5/2014 Issiestorm said: Did you ask to speak to a supervisor? That's what I would do. Good luck. The second person I called sent a note to the returns department. She said there is NO problem with my account and asked that they release the refund. This item was problematic from the start. Tracking showed it was going to someone else and then I could not track the return. Continue Reading

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