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Large Electric Pressure Canner

Started by SiameezeLover! in Suggestion Box 1410388415.027

I love my pressure cooker - however I would love a large electric pressure canner...Ball has an electric pressure canner, but it has limited use. I would like a real, large electric pressure canner that would simplify the canning process.. Continue Reading


Re: Hoover Spin Scrub vs Hoover Floormate

In For the Home Talk 1410388024.76

Thank you all sooo very much. My hardwood floors are in good shape, recently got a pup a few months ago and an elder cat that doesn't always make it to the litter box. I recently got the Sienna Steam mop because it has the built in ultra violet/black light - helpful in making sure I got everything - then I use one of the cleansers with the enyzems that supposed to removed everything - seems like the cat continually visits... So I thought with the lineoleum/tile might be nice to have something that actually scrubs. Sounds like the Floormate is the one I want. I will have to wait for anothe... Continue Reading


Hoover Spin Scrub vs Hoover Floormate

Last Reply by drizzellla 1410388716.257 | Started by SiameezeLover! in For the Home Talk

What is the difference between these products? I have hardwood floors and linoleum and while I love my steam mop I'm thinking now and then you really need to scrub the floors. To get on my hands and knees to scrubs the floors is too painful for me with my knees - so I was thinking of either getting a long pole for my scrub brush and scrubbing the floors standing up or investing in either a Hoover Spin Scrub or Floormate - but don't know the difference between the two - Does the Floormate/Spin Scrub really do a decent job?? Hoping they will have a TSV... Continue Reading


Re: QVC Mourns the Passing of Joan Rivers

In Joan Rivers, Hosts & Personalities, Q News 1410322227.47

Lovely tribute to Joan River QVC, she would have approved. Joan was one of a kind. Thoughts and prayers to Melissa, Cooper and her friends and family... Continue Reading


Re: PMD Opinions and results?

In Beauty Banter 1407529369.827

On 8/8/2014 itsMe said: On 8/8/2014 SiameezeLover! said: I never heard of this deal - where do you go to check it out? https://gma.yahoo.com/deals-and-steals-hot-summer-savings-201132330.html Thank you so much for the link :) Continue Reading


Re: OT- should I get a clarisonic?

In WEN 1407521287.99

On 4/25/2014 FluffyBear said: Thanks for all the advice.. After much research, I decided on a Foreo Luna and love it so far. I got it about a week or so after this post So which one did you get the Mini Foreo Luna or the larger one - 317-810 on HSN Continue Reading


Re: PMD Opinions and results?

In Beauty Banter 1407514041.967

I never heard of this deal - where do you go to check it out? Continue Reading


Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation - wish

Last Reply by Trix 1408149585.233 | Started by SiameezeLover! in tarte

I find that the fair and the light aren't right for me each - so therefore I buy both and mix them to get the right color for me. I wish Maureen would offer an option of 2 foundations -i.e. Fair/Light; Light/Medium; Medium/Tan, etc... The sizes could be a wee bit smaller - but would be great for the summer months or if you are going to be outside more and getting more color... Now I am buying both the fair/light, but gets a wee bit expensive Continue Reading


Re: Amazonian clay full coverage foundation

In tarte 1407513707.653

I really like this foundation all - a little goes a long way. I use the brush that I got from Josie Marin's foundation to apply the foundation. I actually use the fair and light foundation and put a dab of each foundation on the back of my hand then after applying moisturizer or Acure Firming Serum then just dab the foundation all over my face quickly then I use the nice brush that came with the foundation to buff out the foundation. After I work it all in my face if I feel 1 area is a bit heavier - I will use a bit of bathroom tissue to lightly go over my face to remove excess. The founda... Continue Reading


Re: Melissa Dawson Presenting LaPan Tablet

In Electronics Talk 1405699763.457

Doesn't look like a bad deal for the features it has. Especially if you are traveling with it or letting kids use it - better than $300 - $500 for an Apple Ipad - very nice, but with kids - kids will be kids... ;) Continue Reading

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