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Re: Pilates Reformer or Total Gym?

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Thank you so much Tinkrbl44. Sorry you have RA, but you definitely know what I mean by either use it or lose it. There are times I get pretty bummed out, but then I get my second wind and definitely want to keep fighting the good fight :) Today I turned 57 and was really feeling all of my age and then some. Then my daughter called up and wished me a happy birthday and said Ma, but you are a young 57 you don't look your age even though you ache and hurt tomorrow will be a better day. You know what, she's right - glad I raised a smart daughter :) Unfortunately I think she has RA, but does... Continue Reading


Pilates Reformer or Total Gym?

Last Reply by SiameezeLover! 1432523881.89 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Health & Fitness

I have rheumatoid arthritis and tends to migrate all over - lately has been bothering my hands and shoulders more. I'm 57 y.o. and like to increase flexibility and tighten my abs - I don't have a lot of weight to lose but 15 pounds would probably be nice to loose. The problem is my shoulders and hands are week - they losen up toward mid day but I am afraid of either using it or losing it. Which would be easier on me when I have those flare ups now and then. I normally walk a few times a week, but that doesn't help the abs or the upper extremities. Thanks for your time :) Continue Reading


TSV Grill Pan - is this PTFE free ??

Last Reply by kitty4me 1431916668.45 | Started by SiameezeLover! in TSV Talk

I believe I heard and read that it was PFOA free, but is it PTFE free also?? I've tried to read the information on this product - and don't see that mentioned..Thanks for your time :) Continue Reading


Re: Tart Cherry capsules

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I have RA and I have bought the Solgren Tart Cherries capsules and those worked well for me. However sometimes the capsules and pills get difficult for me to swallow. I usually but the 4# box of tart cherries off Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Traverse-Bay-Fruit-Cherries-4-Pound/dp/B000H7LVKY/ My husband uses the dried tart cherries in our Vitamix to make a smoothie for me - He usually cuts up fresh pineapple in chunks and freezes it. He usually uses a big handful of dried tart cherries, frozen blueberries, pineapple including the core, some frozen tart cherries, a little bit of ginger, ... Continue Reading


Re: Bruce Jenner television special

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I didn't watch the special, but I watched it on youtube. As an olympian he was a fantastic athlete, however to the 4 children he had with 2 women prior to his marriage to Chris Jenner - he was largely an absent father. Bruce Jenner was absent from those children's lives, no phone calls, no birthday cards, no Christmas cards, missing milestones like graduations, etc...He chose to get married three times knowing he felt differently and fathered 6 children. You might have issues yourself, but as a father you have obligations to your children. My concern and sympathies lay with the deceived w... Continue Reading


Re: January Denim and Co TSV Duo Stretch?? Anyone Know...

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betteb - are those by Maidenform? I loaned some to my daughter after she had her baby and rats - she liked them so much she decided to keep them! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Women in Control Pants/Leggings

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Thank you all for the suggestions and the helpful hint for February 5th ;) I think the Women with Control is a better value for me than the Denim & Company TSV. I have a lot of Denim & Company - but the Women with Control has a nice weight and feel to them - remind me of the Bend Overs by Levis - only better... Wow am I dating myself of what! Continue Reading


Re: Boot cut or Straight leg pants?

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I like straight leg and narrow slight boot cut Continue Reading


Women in Control Pants/Leggings

Last Reply by donna47 1421913115.06 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Fashion Talk

Does anyone know if Women in Control have any pants/leggings that are straight leg? Not the skinny tight to the ankle pants but like a straight leg or narrow boot cut...? Continue Reading


Re: January Denim and Co TSV Duo Stretch?? Anyone Know...

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I thought about getting these, but then I looked up Women in Control pants by Rene and they have 16% spandex for shaping for a couple dollars more. I think I would like that better. Continue Reading

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