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Re: PMD Opinions and results?

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On 8/8/2014 itsMe said: On 8/8/2014 SiameezeLover! said: I never heard of this deal - where do you go to check it out? Thank you so much for the link :) Continue Reading


Re: OT- should I get a clarisonic?

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On 4/25/2014 FluffyBear said: Thanks for all the advice.. After much research, I decided on a Foreo Luna and love it so far. I got it about a week or so after this post So which one did you get the Mini Foreo Luna or the larger one - 317-810 on HSN Continue Reading


Re: PMD Opinions and results?

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I never heard of this deal - where do you go to check it out? Continue Reading


Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation - wish

Last Reply by Trix 1408149585.233 | Started by SiameezeLover! in tarte

I find that the fair and the light aren't right for me each - so therefore I buy both and mix them to get the right color for me. I wish Maureen would offer an option of 2 foundations -i.e. Fair/Light; Light/Medium; Medium/Tan, etc... The sizes could be a wee bit smaller - but would be great for the summer months or if you are going to be outside more and getting more color... Now I am buying both the fair/light, but gets a wee bit expensive Continue Reading


Re: Amazonian clay full coverage foundation

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I really like this foundation all - a little goes a long way. I use the brush that I got from Josie Marin's foundation to apply the foundation. I actually use the fair and light foundation and put a dab of each foundation on the back of my hand then after applying moisturizer or Acure Firming Serum then just dab the foundation all over my face quickly then I use the nice brush that came with the foundation to buff out the foundation. After I work it all in my face if I feel 1 area is a bit heavier - I will use a bit of bathroom tissue to lightly go over my face to remove excess. The founda... Continue Reading


Re: Melissa Dawson Presenting LaPan Tablet

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Doesn't look like a bad deal for the features it has. Especially if you are traveling with it or letting kids use it - better than $300 - $500 for an Apple Ipad - very nice, but with kids - kids will be kids... ;) Continue Reading


Melissa Dawson Presenting LaPan Tablet

Last Reply by peggles 1408137947.593 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Electronics Talk

I thought she did a great job presenting the tablet, as opposed to the gentleman I saw eariler in the day. Didn't Melissa used to be on HSN typically presenting prepaid cell phones? Continue Reading


One Time Only Graham & Rollins Crab/Lobster cakes = M43796

Last Reply by Deadeye Daisy 1403640377.647 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Kitchen & Food Talk

Heavy sigh - I wish these were gluten free...something tells me they are not...would love to try them, but have celiac disease and can't take the chance - no ingredient listing.. Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

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I can use 613, Pomergranate snd seasonals :) Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

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Yup who would have guessed after 30 years of stomach pain, 3 naturopaths said I had celiac disease and MDs missed it until I decided to eat chicken fingers, clam strip, fries and garlic bread with minutes I looked like I had chicken pox! I didn't want to believe at 49 yo I could have celiac disease. Now its nice not to have bloating and stomach pain, plus my hair waves now like it used to as a child :) Continue Reading

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