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Re: Melissa Dawson Presenting LaPan Tablet

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Doesn't look like a bad deal for the features it has. Especially if you are traveling with it or letting kids use it - better than $300 - $500 for an Apple Ipad - very nice, but with kids - kids will be kids... ;) Continue Reading


Melissa Dawson Presenting LaPan Tablet

Last Reply by missyw1 1405801306.537 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Electronics Talk

I thought she did a great job presenting the tablet, as opposed to the gentleman I saw eariler in the day. Didn't Melissa used to be on HSN typically presenting prepaid cell phones? Continue Reading


One Time Only Graham & Rollins Crab/Lobster cakes = M43796

Last Reply by Deadeye Daisy 1403640377.647 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Kitchen & Food Talk

Heavy sigh - I wish these were gluten free...something tells me they are not...would love to try them, but have celiac disease and can't take the chance - no ingredient listing.. Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

In WEN 1402406949.533

I can use 613, Pomergranate snd seasonals :) Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

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Yup who would have guessed after 30 years of stomach pain, 3 naturopaths said I had celiac disease and MDs missed it until I decided to eat chicken fingers, clam strip, fries and garlic bread with minutes I looked like I had chicken pox! I didn't want to believe at 49 yo I could have celiac disease. Now its nice not to have bloating and stomach pain, plus my hair waves now like it used to as a child :) Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

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Hi WenGirl42, no its not the ingesting, but if wheat or oats or anything with gluten touches my skin it causes a very itchy rash with huge welts. My skin gets sores and takes forever to heal. The only thing to give relief is Dapsone, highly toxic reduces your blood count. Its what they use on folks who have leprosy. I also get sick and digestive woes from ingesting wheat/gluten. Tough on my husband because he can't bring in a cookie with out a reaction from me :(. I feel bad for him :( Continue Reading


Re: June 2014 midnight shows listed in InsideQ

In WEN 1402324786.22

Does Good Hair Day mean WEN? Continue Reading


Re: Ok, does TT really help your hair grow that well?

In WEN 1402324657.317

Bebe777 what a blessing you are for sharing your recipe for oil. I have allergies to almond oil so and can't use wheat germ oil do probably will use jojoba oil. I do have some essential oils already. I might add Rose Gerarium oil because it is lovely smelling, good for the skin, helps repeal mosquitoes, ticks and insects. Trust me I am an insect magnet! Lol. Do you think a dropper is necessary or can I use a spray applicator? I have read that essential oils should be put into dark glass bottles rather than plastic because the essential oils break down plastic bottles. So probably should get g... Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

In WEN 1402321392.127

Does BGT have oil and styling cream? Continue Reading


Re: Bamboo Green Tea vs Tea Tree

In WEN 1402321308.807

Does anyone know if tea tea tree oil and all the oils are gluten free? Continue Reading

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