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Re: January Denim and Co TSV Duo Stretch?? Anyone Know...

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betteb - are those by Maidenform? I loaned some to my daughter after she had her baby and rats - she liked them so much she decided to keep them! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Women in Control Pants/Leggings

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Thank you all for the suggestions and the helpful hint for February 5th ;) I think the Women with Control is a better value for me than the Denim & Company TSV. I have a lot of Denim & Company - but the Women with Control has a nice weight and feel to them - remind me of the Bend Overs by Levis - only better... Wow am I dating myself of what! Continue Reading


Re: Boot cut or Straight leg pants?

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I like straight leg and narrow slight boot cut Continue Reading


Women in Control Pants/Leggings

Last Reply by donna47 1421913115.06 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Fashion Talk

Does anyone know if Women in Control have any pants/leggings that are straight leg? Not the skinny tight to the ankle pants but like a straight leg or narrow boot cut...? Continue Reading


Re: January Denim and Co TSV Duo Stretch?? Anyone Know...

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I thought about getting these, but then I looked up Women in Control pants by Rene and they have 16% spandex for shaping for a couple dollars more. I think I would like that better. Continue Reading


NuSonic Sonic Cleansing Machine

Last Reply by rina33 1421678793.647 | Started by SiameezeLover! in Beauty Banter

Does anyone have this machine - wondering for the price if it would be better to get a Mia machine - the price is similar. Just wondering if you can get the replacement brushes easily... I have an old NutraSonic machine I got from HSN, now Dimitri James is selling his version of a sonic cleanser machine... Which machine is better? Continue Reading



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Abour $12 or more is taxes and universal fees on our cable/tvinternet bill. My husband has a better memory than I and he says its closer tob $15 in fees and taxes Continue Reading



In For the Home Talk 1420227206.887

I went the DISH route to save money, I didn't save much toward the end probably paid more. With DISH/Direct TV satellite dishes reception can go out or be very poor during heavy rain/snow/sleet. We have VTEL with no HBO, cinemax, etc with internet, tv and phone including taxes $130.00 a month. I think ours will go up this spring. Comcast is the other choice other than DISH/Direct TV Continue Reading


Re: DermaSweep vs Home PMD (Personal Microderm) Device

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I got the Microderm360 from HSN, I didn't like it. Had weak suction, didn't exfoliate much. I felt I got better results from Skinn Dermappeal. Continue Reading


Re: What is the name of sweater groomer

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I do have some wool dryer balls that have picked up some lint balls, might try the disposable razor on that to see if I can get the hang of it without injury to myself :) Continue Reading

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