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Re: Unhappy with Ninja 4 in 1

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413998529.4

I love my 3 in 1, make a great beef stew this weekend. Have made many meals in this. Not sure what the difference is in the 4 in 1. Maybe you just have to play around with it for a little while. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ October Thread

In TV Talk 1413924379.353

On 10/21/2014 grandma r said: I thought today's episode was tediously long. I am so sick of seeing Nina, Ava, and Kiki. Freako is just that. Definitely not worth the air time the character is getting. And, now we will have another round of Heather. Sad to say, but, with the lack of talent and plausible stories, GH is on life support. I watched for about half an hour then took a nap. I just can't stand watching Nina. She is even worse than Ava. Continue Reading


Re: The Ellen Degeneras line

In For the Home Talk 1413924215.477

On 10/21/2014 beach-mom said: I was excited about seeing Ellen's line, but something told me she probably had "little" to do with it! I'm sure she approved everything - if she wasn't that involved with it, and she might have been. Carolyn is going to L.A. to host the show Friday night. Once again I'll miss it - I'll have to DVR! I really don't think you will miss much if you looked the preview items. Nothing great. Continue Reading


Re: OK let's hear from the Mother-In-laws

In Beauty Banter 1413923058.033

We love our son in law. He is a great husband and father. He works for my husband and is a great employee. Now my mother in law was the monster in law. She just passed away this July. Even one of her sons didn't attend any of the services. My husband footed the entire bill on his own even though she hadn't spoken to us for the last three years. It was a very uncomfortable time for the whole family. She even disowned her grandchildren even though her issues were with us. Just not right. Sad to say, not too many tears were shed. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the remark about Lisa from Dennis Basso last night??

In Fashion Talk 1413911556.037

I didn't see the show but I am sure Dennis was joking. Trust me, if Lisa was married, we would all know about it because she is so famous. Continue Reading


IT TSV from Last Week

Last Reply by melting 1414042247.763 | Started by luvpoos in Beauty Banter

Just tried it this morning. I have been using just the regular Celebration Foundation and really like it. Bought this kit to try the Illumination Foundation and blush. I really can't notice any difference between the foundations except that I look a little paler. The blush is just ok. I think it may be going back and stick with what works for me. Any other opinions on this foundation? Continue Reading


Re: Another Birthday Is Coming".......You Ever Utter Those Words

In Viewpoints 1413831821.697

As a breast cancer survivor I am always grateful to have another birthday. Was in my late thirty's when diagnosed. Mid fifties now. Age is just a number. Continue Reading


Re: Question about Pinterest?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1413753526.83

I can never navigate myself around that web site. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Wish I could figure it out. Continue Reading


Re: Beef-Mac-Tomato -- What Name?

In Recipe Swap 1413752118.69

My mother used to make this often, she called it American Chop Suey. It was an easy meal for her to make after she got home from work for the family. It was one of my fathers favorite dinners. As a kid I didn't care for the onions, so I just picked around them. And there was always a fresh loaf of Italian bread. Totally forgot about this dish, I just may have to make it. Continue Reading


Harry London TSV

Last Reply by Cas 1413818601.313 | Started by luvpoos in TSV Talk

Just ordered these this morning. I have never tried Harry London chocolates, but my mother has, and said they are very good. Five gifts for under $60 seems like a good deal to me for certain people. I ordered the Nut Cracker. So cute and a nice decoration for the following year. I may even keep one. Continue Reading

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