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Re: General Hospital ~ August Thread

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On 8/1/2014 Tique said: Brit is even worse than she was before. It's 44 mnutes into the show and there's a special report. Geez, you think Brit would have learned her lesson from before. I thought she was coming around. Nicholas is worried sick about his son and she won't tell him she has been in touch with Spencer. Nicholas will be a fool if he still befriends her after he finds out the truth. Leaves more room for Elizabeth to move in on him. What did Nina do to Silos, give him a date rape drug. I got the special news report also. It always happens when GH is on. Continue Reading


Re: Sugar water bad for hummingbirds?

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I do the same thing, 4 to 1 ratio with boiling water and have hummers all Summer and they return the next year. I have a small book on hummers and this is just fine to do, just clean the feeder on occasion. I have some bell shaped flowers they like to feed on also. Just love these little birds. Continue Reading


Re: Please give me your favorite recipes with wine in them

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This one is so simple. A glass of Pinot Grigio with cheese and crackers on the side. I'm not the best cook. I have tossed in some red wine into my crockpot beef stew and it was pretty good. Continue Reading


Re: The most unhealthy restaurant meals in America. Here's the list.

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I saw that on the news this morning about the Red Robin burger. I really don't need to watch my weight, but there is no way I would order that anyways. I can usually only eat half a burger with a side anyways. I can't even remember the last time I was at a fast food joint. When we eat out I usually order fish. Continue Reading


Some Nice Looking Shoes and Boots on with MB This Morning

Started by luvpoos in Fashion Talk 1406911469.78

I was surprised to see a few new updated styles. Nice change of pace. I liked the Earth Origins boots that were just on. I prefer leather over suede in a boot. For some reason my suede boots always seem to get scratched and show wear. I have a Coach suede bag and the same thing happened. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a snob when it comes to any of your purchases?

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I guess I am a sheet snob. I like a nice sheet. I am not loyal to any brand though. It doesn't mean I pay a lot either. I can always find nice ones on sale or clearance. Continue Reading


Re: Who are your top five favorite hosts

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Mary Beth Courtney Jennifer Alberti Carolyn No particular order. Continue Reading


Re: Katie Couric Final Day

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Doe have any other plans for the future now. I haven't heard anything. Continue Reading


Re: How to refuse someone who invites herself to stay for a week at your house

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Maybe she could buy an air mattress and put it on the floor at her sisters place. I agree with the others in saying that it is just a good time for you right now. I would feel a akward having some I hardly know stay with me for a week. If she was bold enough to invite herself, you have stand up an stand your ground. Good luck. Continue Reading


Re: What Is One Thing You Have Never Done That You Would Like To Do And One...

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I have gone a sleigh ride in the snow. We stayed at a B&B in New Hampshire. It was like a post card picture. I would love to go on a cruise but I get motion sickness to easily, plus I like to see land at all times. Just a phobia I guess. I would never jump out of an airplane. I don't even like flying. Continue Reading

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