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Re: Has anyone been diagnosed with Diverticulitis?

In Health & Fitness 1422705713.467

I avoid nuts, corn and anything with seeds no matter how small they are and peel all my fruit. I haven't had an attack in over a year now. I was sent home from the hospital after being there for 3 days with a list of restricted foods. At first I didn't follow the list to a t and experimented a little. Sure enough, another attack. There are many foods I miss but it's better than going through all that pain and those horrible antibiotics you have to take. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Question to those that shower/shampoo in the evening

In Beauty Banter 1422644162.153

Well, you will all think I am pretty gross. I only shower every other day. They say Americans shower too much and is not good for your skin or your hair. I don't smell and my skin and hair are much better for it. In the Summer I may shower everyday, but we have a pool also and go night swimming. I feel clean when I jump in bed at night. Continue Reading


Re: Are you a beauty "gadget" junkie?

In Beauty Banter 1422643624.273

Nope, never really jumped on the band wagon. I did buy a Clarasonic but it broke after three months. It gave me broken caps so my daughter used it. She has nice skin anyways. What a waste of money. Everyone is looking for the miracle product or gadget. I just use a sunscreen and some moisturizer. Hopefully it will slow down the process of facial wrinkles. Live and learn. Continue Reading


Re: Striped sweater on LC show this morning

In Fashion Talk 1422488016.703

I saw a few things I liked this morning, but I though the prices were very high also when you add in s/h. Continue Reading


Re: The Snore-Easter

In Viewpoints 1422446143.377

Well were we live it was a big blizzard, 3+ feet of snow. Much damage to homes along the coast because of flooding ocean water. Massive power outages. It was not a snooze fest at all. You're lucky if you weren't affected too much. Continue Reading


Re: Who's in the track of the armaggedon snow?

In Viewpoints 1422270033.153

We are expected to get 2+ feet starting tonight. Fine, bring it on, but I just don't want to loose power. That means no heat or hot showers and cold food. It can takes days for the power to come back. With the wind gusts they are predicting, we are in for a few very long cold days. We do have some firewood, but probably not enough. Take care everyone. Continue Reading


Re: Coconut Oil on Dogs?

In Pet Lovers 1422268447.44

We just started adding coconut oil to our dogs food. He was constantly itchy and scratching himself. It's been about 2 weeks and I think I am seeing some improvement. It comes in a jar in paste form. I put a spoonful in his bowl and when I scrape the spoon with my finger, I put the excess on the top of my hands, it immediately turns to an oil. I would never put it directly, he would be very greasy. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ January Thread

In TV Talk 1422053992.61

On 1/23/2015 grandma r said: Obviously Fluke has a plan to eliminate Bobbie, Michael, Lucas, Tracy and everyone else in his way. Will he blow up the Star?????? After all, it's almost February. Personally, I just want to see Fluke, Luke, Heather, Franco, Nina, Madeline, Ava, and Kiwi gone. I thought it was a good change of pace to see Nina, Heather and Kiki again even though I don't like them. It was better than seeing Fluke again although he was thrown in there too. Continue Reading


Re: Jan. 23 Today is NATIONAL PIE DAY What is your favorite??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1422053011.313

Lemon Meringue or Key Lime in the Summer, Apple Pie during the Fall with a little vanilla ice cream on the side. I discovered Marie Calendars lemon meringue pie, it's very good, I buy that now rather than make it. Continue Reading


Re: Launder Instructions

In Linea 1422051917.393

Wow, how the heck did you figure that out. That would look like greek to me. I can pretty much tell which garments need to go on a gentle cycle and hang to dry. I don't own to many though. Washer and dryer is my preference. Continue Reading

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