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Re: Buying my summer attire now or it will not be available fairly soon.....

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I really like that denim skirt, was looking for one last summer and could not find one. They were all too long. I am 5'2" so I think the length will be perfect for me. I would not want it as short as the picture shows, I don't have her legs. Going to check out the site. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: JUMPSUITS- are you jumping on board?

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On 2/26/2015 BaileyBop said: I had 2 way back in the nineties. I loved them as they were just really cute and I felt they looked good on me. I still have them somewhere and was planning on cutting off the top portion on the black one with polka dots. I think they will make cute pants with a black top. The name of the company that I bought most of my clothes from was called Petite Sophisticates. I was one sad puppy when they closed up shop. Yes, I agree using the ladies room with this style of clothing can be difficult. I wore mine when going out for the evening, not at work for the whole day.... Continue Reading


Re: Only Venting In Hopes It Helps QVC

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Pat must have a lot of patience to work with her every week. Seems to me that Pat sometimes lets her just take over the show. Some of SG looks nice but a little too pricey for me. Continue Reading


Re: Sticker shock in catalog shopping

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On 2/26/2015 Kathleen said: On 2/26/2015 ibb38 said: Each of the catalogs mentioned have great clearance sections on their websites! LL Beane is another one to check out. Clearance sales are great ... but only if they have stuff you want to buy! For me that's rarely the case. ETA: I did find a beautiful silk scarf at Soft Surroundings ... marked down from $99 to $50. $50 bucks is not a great deal to me, silk or not just for a scarf. I would rather have a great pair of jeans that fit just right. Still on the search and I would spend more if I found them. Continue Reading


Re: Did you hear the latest?

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No, you are not in the minority in my opinion. I have never watched the show but my daughter will on occasion. I really don't understand peoples addiction to this very dysfunctional family. Continue Reading


Re: Today's TSV Shoes. Yay or Nay?

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Any sandal or shoe with a peep toe seems to bother me. They seem to squeeze my toes. I do think they are cute though, pretty colors, but I will be passing for that reason. Continue Reading


Re: How Long Do You Sleep & Is It Good For You?

In Health & Fitness 1424981928.327

Same here, 5-6 hours which includes a bathroom run and I constantly feel tired. If I can, I will take a nap. 4:00 has become my new 6:00. Makes for a very long day. At least I know I am not alone. Continue Reading


Re: Hope for Diagnosing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

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My father had both. First diagnosed Parkinsons in his 50's then early onset of Alzheimers in his early 60''s. He passed away at 69. I don't care if it is just one clinical trial, any info we can find on these two horrible diseases may help someone. Trust me, if you have ever seen someone go through this and their caregivers you cling onto any sliver of hope. Continue Reading


Re: What are the SOFTEST sheets from the Q?

In For the Home Talk 1424774794.913

Hands down, Malden Mills polar fleece sheets. We love them. I won't sleep on anything else again. Hope they never go out of business. We use them year round also. Continue Reading


Re: Neil Patrick Harris vs Tina Fey & Amy Poehler?

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I didn't watch the show last night but I never understood the popularity of him. I do think that Tina and Amy are a riot though. Continue Reading

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