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Re: Over the top Courtney

In Fashion Talk 1427539074.493

I really enjoy watching Courtney, she is young and fresh and I think she does a great job. I don't see her too often unless I am up very early in the morning. I would like to see her on Fashionably Early as a change of pace. Continue Reading


Re: TSV patio mat DID arrive today, and boy is it nice!

In For the Home Talk 1427479159.467

I was tempted and that was a great review. I would want the larger size for our deck but was concerned about mold and mildew growing underneath it if did rain. I don't want to deal with that problem. Do you think that just the sun could take care of that or would I have to hang it somewhere to dry. They sure are pretty. Continue Reading


Re: ~~~~ something old, something new ~~~~

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427478701.133

Well the old one would be good old Comet for cleaning the tub and toilet bowel. New would be a pepper grinder. Received a set of two for Christmas, what a difference it makes using whole pepper rounds. I guess I am a little late to this discovery. Continue Reading


Re: Who is getting the IT TSV??

In Beauty Banter 1427477198.07

I am passing on this. I already have a few of her great brushes from other kits and the original CC didn't work for me, so I am not taking another chance with this one. Don't wear eye shadow too often. Love the IT Celebration Foundation, almost down to the bottom of the compact which never happens to me. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Prefer Leather Shoes and Handbags to Other Materials??

In Fashion Talk 1427476966.613

I do like leather handbags but just find them too heavy sometimes. Just ordered the Vera Bradley handbag that was a lunch time special today. I do prefer a lighter handbag during the Summer and love the print. I have several of hers. As for shoes and sandals I have little of all types of fabric but mostly leather. Continue Reading


Re: O/T You Know It's Spring When....

In Beauty Banter 1426981610.85

When I see a robin. Haven't seen one yet, still at least two feet of snow here. Continue Reading


Issacs TSV and Dresses

Started by luvpoos in Fashion Talk 1426873832.267

I really like his TSV today and another striped t-shirt dress that is on right now. I see women posting that it is too short, but I really wish that it came in petite, I would have bought both of them. Love dresses like this for the Summer with a pair of flip flops. I will not pay to have something altered, guess I,m too cheap. Oh well, saved some money today. Continue Reading


Re: You buy a gift for a friend...

In Viewpoints 1426848536.41

Geez, 200-300 gift for your girlfriend. That's just crazy, I don't even spend that much on a family members birthday gift. Sounds like they are both high maintenance. I usually give my girlfriend a gift card to D&D, she lives on coffee and a scented candle. She makes me a beautiful Christmas arrangement for my table at Christmas. My birthday is Christmas. I could not afford to have friends that expect a gift with a price tag like that. Continue Reading


Re: Snow in the forecast for the first day of Spring

In Viewpoints 1426760320.097

We are getting snow tomorrow also. 1-3 inches but on top of the three feet we still have that's enough. This has been the longest and coldest winter that I can remember. We even broke records this year in the Boston area. I would rather break a record for the least amount of snow. Bring on summer, I am so ready. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite flavor of Jello??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426700498.063

I love the peach flavor jello but it not always available at my store. Some days that's all I can eat. Have bad stomach issues. Continue Reading

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