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Re: Selfies

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I hate having my picture taken anyways so there is no way I would do a selfie. I know several people that do it all the time. Sometimes I think they are just fishing for some compliments. Continue Reading


Re: OT: What's Your Favorite Happy Song?

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Ok, I just thought of another one. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. You would understand this if you are from the Boston area and a Red Sox fan watching a game at Fenway. The crowds go crazy, you can't feel anything but being happy when everyone sings along. It's awesome. Continue Reading


Re: Happy September 11? Will this Ever Become a Holiday?

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I certainly hope not, a holiday is a time to celebrate. I do think 9/11 will always be remembered and will be in history books at school for those who were too young or not even born before it happen. I don't understand why we say Happy Memorial Day either. It is a very sad for many. Continue Reading


Re: Needed veggie recipes for kids!

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I have to agree with some of the posters, a raw veggie dipped in Ranch Dressing. Could be carrots, broccoli, celery or cucumbers. They would even eat it as a snack. I would have a veggie plate in the fridge all cut up and they loved that. They also would eat canned green beans, didn't like the fresh, and of course corn. Fruit is good also, they loved sliced apples dipped in peanut butter. As they get older their taste buds will change. I forgot to add they love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Continue Reading


Re: OT: What's Your Favorite Happy Song?

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It's one by Chicago, not quite sure of the name...Saturday in the park, think it was the 4th of July. I have many favorite happy songs, but this one came to mind. Brings back many good memories. Continue Reading


Re: Please, please, please Susan stop interrupting the hosts.

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She will never change. That is the way Susan is and probably always will be. I actually tired of seeing the posts about this subject. It's your choice to watch or not. Continue Reading


Re: New haircut

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I am happy you love your new cut. I am going tomorrow for a cut and a bit nervous. I am going short, croppy and textured. I had a picture on my phone and my husband happened to see it. He said, mmm, sexy. I just hope she gets it right. A picture should help. I hate having to fuss with my hair especially during the Summer. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Excited About the JAI Shows?

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I was up early and caught the JAI show. Loved the pieces but didn't buy anything. What a pleasant vendor and loved hearing his stories about how these pieces originated and the symbolism behind them. One of the best reps I have seen in a long time. I think he is back on at 9 tonight. Continue Reading


Re: IT CC cream- so disappointed.

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Same thing happen to me. Much too yellow on my skin. Looked jaundice. I do love the Celebration Foundation though. Jamie needs to come up with a neutral color tone in the CC. Continue Reading


Re: We saw Pitch Perfect today! (And update)

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My daughter and I watched the first one at home on Demand. We both really liked it. Hoping to see the new one soon. Not sure hubby would enjoy it as much as we did though. Great music and dancing. Thanks for the review. Continue Reading

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