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Re: Quick you tip your plumber?

In Viewpoints 1411222683.423

No, definitely not. I have never tipped a plumber in my life. If someone comes into our home to repair an appliance, e.g. furnace, oven, etc, that's their job and we pay the bill. My husband owns his own transmission shop and no one have ever tipped him. That would just be crazy, you are paying for a repair and that's it. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: I am buying a new counter top microwave. Any suggestions?

In Recipe Swap 1411222022.937

We have a GE built-in over the oven. We have had it for 20 years and no problems at all. Same with our dishwasher and oven. One will probably die eventually, but I would say I am happy with this brand. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Our cruise excursion makes a stop at a 'clothing optional' beach - would you??

In Beauty Banter 1411221299.4

I could never do that nor would my husband. But if we did, he would be checking out everyone behind his sunglasses haha. Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a favorite movie clip?

In Movies 1411142941.733

I do, from the movie Bridges of Madison County. It's when Meryl Streep and her husband are in a truck in the pouring rain downtown and Clint's truck is in front of them. I just wanted her to jump out and be with Clint. I loved that movie. Continue Reading


Re: Algenist TSV anyone?

In Beauty Banter 1411141492.023

I'm not. I saw a little bit of the show. I think the prices for these products are outrageous. Many lines talk about clinical trials. I don't fall for it anymore. I got tired of returning products. I think you can do just as well with drug store products. In fact, several magazines have said the same thing. Save your money. Continue Reading


Re: General Hospital ~ September Thread

In TV Talk 1411070953.027

I think that Francos b-day party that Carly is throwing for him is going to be one big disaster. Should be interesting. Continue Reading


Re: is this a new fashion "thing" ?

In Fashion Talk 1411068719.08

I have seen this for awhile now. Even Susan Gravers assistant has worn this style, forget her name. Maybe Marilyn. It looks cute with a lower waist jean or pant. I haven't tried it yet though and I do have some lower waist jeans. Continue Reading


Re: anyone digging the clarks wedge ankle boot?

In All About Shoes 1411034338.637

I like it, just can't decide which color. I do need a new pair of black ankle boots, my other ones are about 3 years old and starting to look a little beat up. I like the wedge heal also, they look very comfortable. Continue Reading


Re: Honora pearl necklace that was TS about a week ago

In Honora 1411034101.063

I was so tempted, but passed. I have a few Honora necklaces and bracelets and love them all, so figured I didn't need another one. I don't have one like the TSV with the chain detail in between the pearls. Now I wish I did buy it, sounds so pretty. Enjoy it. Continue Reading


Re: "I bet you were very pretty when you were young."

In Beauty Banter 1410986494.47

I am sure it was meant as a compliment. I would not interpret it any other way. She probably thinks you have beautiful features and when you were younger they were even more pronounced. I don't think was trying to you that you are now old and wrinkled. I would be flattered if someone said that to me. Continue Reading

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