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Re: General Hospital ~ October Thread

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I just couldn't believe Carly rambling on about her love life to someone she just met. She is a nut case. I do like the new Jason though. There will probably be a cat fight between her and Elizabeth. Continue Reading


Re: Ellen Degeneress

In For the Home Talk 1414197216.833

I'm not crazy about the things I have seen, but I do think Carolyn is the perfect host to pair with Ellen. They both are so funny. Nice to see something different. Continue Reading


Re: after chemo did your hair grow back completely?

In Beauty Banter 1414196434.3

After chemo and radiation my hair did grow back but it was curly and gray. Wasn't too happy with that at the age of 40. I had straight hair before treatments. Eye brows are thin, but hey I am still here 15 years later. That's what matters most to me. Continue Reading



In Kitchen & Food Talk 1414185183.35

I haven't had a bologna and cheese sandwich since I was kid about 40 years ago. My mother made them for our school lunches. Always hated Good & Plenty. I still remember the commercial for it. Something about Cho Cho Charlie was and engineer. Continue Reading


Re: Your best Friend! What do you give her for Christmas?

In Fashion Talk 1414183897.667

We really don't spend too much money on each other. She usually makes me a beautiful arrangement from pickings in her back yard for my dining room table and I usually give her some baked treats. We try to get together about a week before Christmas with our hubbies for Chinese food. Very laid back, easy and fun. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Going to Portland Maine soon......

In Beauty Banter 1414183122

You will love it up there if the weather cooperates. My daughter and I went for a weekend a few years ago in March. We lucked out, the weather was in the seventies. Lots of nice little shops on the side streets and down by the waterfront. It happened to be around St. Patty's day and there was music everywhere. Head out to Freeport too, Talbots Outlet was awesome, got some great buys. I forget where we ate, but the lobster was great. Have fun. Continue Reading


Re: Did anyone hear Jane Treacy's Christmas gift suggestion with the Clark's shoes ?

In Clarks 1414182456.693

I would never ever buy someone a pair of shoes, sounds like Jane is getting desperate already as to what product/item would be a great gift for someone, and it's still only October. There will be more suggestions to come I am sure from all of the hosts. Continue Reading


Need to Have Tonsils Out

Last Reply by annabellethecat 1414196536.593 | Started by luvpoos in Health & Fitness

I've had a sore throat and glands for about four months and finally saw an ENT. After having several scope tests to rule out other issues and trying an antibiotic his conclusion is that I have chronic tonsillitis. I am a little concerned, I heard that the older you are the worse the surgery is. I am in my mid fifties. Has anyone had this done when you were older. One of my daughters had it done in her mid twenties and had a really rough time with it. Continue Reading


Re: Verticle Ridges on Nails

In Beauty Banter 1414165843.127

It sounds like Perfect Formula is the one I should try. Thanks for all your opinions. It could be due aging also, like everything else. I am 50+. Continue Reading


Re: Who Knew Alberti was a pop singer!

In Fashion Talk 1414092451.143

I really enjoy watching him when he is the host. Who knew he could sing too. Good for him. Continue Reading

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