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Re: Help please... I've entered a Chocolate Cook-Off.

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On 12/17/2014 anisa said: You want someone's recipe to help you win a cooking contest? Tis the season to be jolly. I love this board, that's what friends are for. Continue Reading


Re: saw this monstrosity on Pinterest

In For the Home Talk 1418473586.33

I love it, adorable. If I decorated my mailbox I would do it. Maybe I will. Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Dessert

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1418413665.357

Lemon meringue pie, plus my mother still makes me a birthday cake. I have a little of both. Then I send the leftovers home with the guests. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone else "shopped out"?

In Fashion Talk 1418413148.57

I am for sure. I think I just finished up today on-line with Amazon. It was mostly for my grandsons. I fell behind this year and I am usually done by now. Didn't even want to look for anything for myself. Totally burnt out. Now onto planning dinners for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Family coming both days. I do love Christmas though, plus it's my birthday. Continue Reading


Re: Balance and brighten

In Laura Geller 1418412461.363

I tried the Balance and Brighten and it looked terrible on me. It looked muddy or dirty is the only way I can explain it. I love the IT Celebration foundation. I have been using it for about a year. It lasts a long time, still on my first compact, but I don't wear foundation every day. Comes with a great brush also. Continue Reading



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Free shipping is a much better offer. They still get all their money on easy pay. Continue Reading


Re: Harry London Chocolate 12/8 shipment

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1417948683.67

I called CS last week about my order and was told they were cancelled due to the fire. Wish I had chosen an earlier ship week. Now I have to find 5 news gifts. But what can they do. Things happen. Continue Reading


Re: Every time I think of purchasing something from this line, I think of all the warnings and don't.

In Temp-tations 1417807822.863

I ordered one of the larger sets, probably 15 pieces including lids about 3 years ago now, and have never had a problem. I love the assortment of pieces and use them quite often. Haven't bought anymore pieces since then, maybe they have changed. I love mine. Continue Reading


Re: O/T How many social parties/get-togethers do you host during the upcoming holidays?

In Fashion Talk 1417807246.183

I do Christmas Eve at our house with one side of the family and then Christmas day with the other side. That's enough for me lately. We use to have a party with friends and neighbors but stopped that about two years ago. It always stressed me and my husband out preparing for it. When it wasn't fun anymore we stopped. Even our holiday dinners are on the simple side now. It's much more enjoyable. Continue Reading


Re: Booooring.......

In Beauty Banter 1417736226.043

I agree. I think we have seen all the inventory they are offering for the holiday season. Nothing unique or clever. I have done some of my on-line shopping elsewhere. Continue Reading

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