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Re: OT. Got our Rhodesian Rescue

In Beauty Banter 1409075716.423

Congrats on your new baby! Love to know her name. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Silliest demonstration ever

Last Reply by Andreatoo 1409110404.397 | Started by hyacinth003 in Beauty Banter

This was on the 2am Beauty show this morning. It was for Mally Lip Defender. This is probably a good product, as I use a similar one by DuWop. It goes on your lip lines to keep lipstick/gloss from bleeding into tiny lines around your lips. I don't use lipstick without it. It is a chubby, waxy, pencil that has no color, but is applied BEFORE you put on any lip color products. So, Teenie from Mally Beauty has a model that already has shiny lipstick ON. You cannot demonstrate how to use this or what it does if you already have lipstick on! It is colorless! She applies is around model's li... Continue Reading


Re: Poor Stacey Ann

In Fashion Talk 1408822729.793

She gets paid. I can think of many jobs that are harder! Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Any other fans of HSN's Helen Keaney who think she's getting a raw deal?

In Fashion Talk 1408822630.36

She may like the hours or hosts rotate. As a nurse, I chose nights for various reasons. It's a 24 hour operation, so there could be many reasons. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Kitty dilemma

In Pet Lovers 1408822519.387

Although I don't see mobility issues at this time, we are going to move the litter box into the bedroom area. It's not something I want to do, but if it worked, it's better than her using the bed. Next, is "Cat Attract" litter, which has good reviews. This may be a mental issue, and there is virtually nothing we could do about that. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Tiggi, my Maine Coon, may have cancer :(

In Pet Lovers 1408733831.58

I am so sorry about Tiggi. I lost my beloved Minnie to rectal cancer. I believe we waited a few days too many to see her over the Rainbow Bridge. Love her up and give her peace as soon as she needs it. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias Will Serve As Her Own Attorney Good Grief

In Viewpoints 1408733304.597

She's had a lot of time in jail to plot this. It is a narcissistic show and there's some other reason that she is doing this. My guess is that it will be such a circus that she won't get the death penalty. Or, during the endless nonsense, she will decide to get a lawyer. That may cause other delays, etc. The victim is secondary. It's all about her. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Just when you thought it was safe after July

In Viewpoints 1408732804.877

Love Christmas, but not now. Seems like more and earlier than ever. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Duggar daughter expecting a baby

Last Reply by gazelle77 1408838491.547 | Started by hyacinth003 in Viewpoints

Jill and Derick, 8 weeks after getting married, announce they are having a baby. Jill is a trained midwife. I guess this is not a surprise. Sister Jessa has become engaged. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Help! daughter has very long, thick, and now tangled/matted hair

In WEN 1408652888.62

Although I don't have hair that long, I have found the Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil spray to be extremely detangling. My daughter has the type of hair you describe. She had to use a detangling spray every time she washed her hair. Hyacinth Continue Reading

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