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Re: Mama June's boyfriend

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On 10/23/2014 brii said: How does she continue to find men? Ugh... I have wondered this too! Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Jodi A. is Back ... Act 2 Penalty Phase Retrial Begins Today

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Heard something to the effect that Jodi plans more evidence that Travis Alexander abused her. I just don't see how it works, but........... Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Jodi A. is Back ... Act 2 Penalty Phase Retrial Begins Today

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On 10/21/2014 SuesCat said: This is Nurmi during the original trial: This is Nurmi currently: Additional photos from today's opening statements: Today's Court Photos Wow, he sure does look different. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Mama June's boyfriend

Last Reply by ssssgirl 1414173247.057 | Started by hyacinth003 in Viewpoints

It is being reported that Mama June of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is dating a 53 year old registered secks offender. This comes after a split with "Sugar Bear." I think she dated him previously. TLC is none too happy with this, and it may affect continuation of the show. Wow, what every woman needs! Give up your show to date a creep. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: My daughter is in pain

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It's kind of funny to hear someone think she feels "entitled" to the job! Here's a young woman (who despite many life struggles with an autistic disorder) gets a college degree. She got no help in any way for that. And we paid dearly for it. It took her a long time to find this job, and it is hardly her ideal job. And, the employer told her they are avoiding any full-time status. She looks every day for a different job. She has learned to drive and gotten a license to expand her possibilities. And, I allow her to use my car for work. She didn't want to get a license before. She's not tryin... Continue Reading


Re: New PM Style host??

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On 10/15/2014 Fortune said: On 10/15/2014 bks56 said: I think PM Style needs to be revamped. I think Amy Stran would do a great job hosting PM Style. Amy needs to lose that Minnie Mouse voice so that people will take her seriously! There is a new host on at night on HSN that has a LITTLE GIRL voice that is so annoying that I cannot listen to her. Amy sounds like a grown-up compared to this woman. Amy would be a great choice except for the baby voice. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: It is normal for parents to follow when adult children move away?

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I think if everyone's happy about it, it's a good situation. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Dana from Perricone looked pretty

Last Reply by kal 1413952220.677 | Started by hyacinth003 in Beauty Banter

When she was on with Lisa showing the TSV for today, she looked really nice. She had on a cobalt blue dress, and it was very flattering. Overall, she looked great. I have been one who has questioned her appearance before, so I thought I'd post about how nice she looked now. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Michael O'Connor on HSN

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On 10/15/2014 palmajo said: I saw Mark Bouwer on HSN a few days ago. Maybe he left QVC too? I think it was ShopHQ. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: OT: Ever bought on Ebay outside of US? China? Experiences...sizing...shipping...etc.

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My daughter has bought many things outside of the US. It takes a lot longer to get things! I don't think she has had any particular problem with it. Hyacinth Continue Reading

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