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Re: hosts , if your that old maybe you should retire?

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On 5/28/2015 Drythe said: Love Nancy Hornback! She is lovely, and a gracious host. She's a little hyper for my taste. But if she doesn't SING, I can watch her. And, she does always look lovely. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: 2014-2015 hockey season....SPOILERS...scores/game results.....

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As a lifelong Chicago Blackhawks fan, I am really looking forward to tomorrow night's game! It has been a really entertaining series, and the matchup with the Ducks has been great to watch. I don't even detect that much of a home ice advantage. Sure, both teams fans have been great, but hasn't mattered much. I don't know anything about the Lightning, but the winner knows their next rival. Go Blackhawks! Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: I'm Saying GoodBye To Pumpkin Today

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My heart is breaking with you. You are giving Pumpkin your final act of love. He will be with our others over the Rainbow Bridge. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Need suggesstions for hair product....

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Alterna Thick and Full Mousse - I think you can only get it at QVC I have just tried Tweak'd at HSN. It is an interesting product. It is a volumizer and also can be used as a dry shampoo. Let me say it DOES volumize as advertised. It also feels and holds somewhat like a hair spray, which is good and bad in my book! My hair is fairly short, although a little longer than I used to have it. Hyacinth Continue Reading


What serums are a must?

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I use Retin-A, Timeless Vitamin C, and Lancome Genifique. I am wondering what serums (or products) you consider essentials in your skin care regime. I'd love to know what others consider vital! Thanks, Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of May 25th...May Include Spoilers!!! ***

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On 5/27/2015 sharke said: Phyllis, Ashley, and Nikki all become involved in looking for the real Jack. Victor's doppelganger plot gets out of his control. Sharon and Dylan will move forward together. Nikki and Neil's relationship as co-dependent alcoholics will go deeper. Jack/Victor: Jack makes his way back to Genoa City armed with the truth and looking for payback. Sharon/Dylan/Avery: Avery will be pushed to the breaking point and try to win Dylan back with an unpredictable outcome. Adam/Chelsea/Nick/Sage: Adam will be backed into a corner. Losing Chelsea is his greatest fear, but Delia's ... Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of May 25th...May Include Spoilers!!! ***

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I was going to say that Nikki is out of men, but how about another go round with Paul? He and Chris aren't too happy these days. Chris has always thought Paul put Nikki first since they have a son together. Maybe make it a reality? Then we have Jack coming back. Phyllis is going to realize she has been intimate with a man that's NOT Jack. She's going to freak out, like anyone would! I really thought they were going to have Kelly become pregnant. Otherwise their little closet fling makes no sense. Nikki and Neil could be interesting. They would both be betraying Victor. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of May 25th...May Include Spoilers!!! ***

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On 5/27/2015 sharke said: I'm disgusted with Nicki. Fat ol' lush. she's repulsive to me. Having Neil thrown out when all he was trying to do was help her. She says "my stomach hurts" Well, no s*8t, your liver is probably half gone if not all gone. Her kids says "she's on meds for her MS" bet she's not. She best get down on her hands and knees and kiss Neil's butt he's doing more for her then her own family. Nikki just drives me nuts. She needs to dress differently and CUT THAT HAIR. She needs a shorter hairstyle with some volume at the crown. Will take YEARS off her appearance. She ... Continue Reading


Re: *** Young & Restless Discussion Group Week of May 25th...May Include Spoilers!!! ***

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On 5/26/2015 sharke said: I just hope and pray Sharloon doesn't go into the lab again when Sage does a paternity test for Adam. She will change the results to where King Kong is the father. Are we supposed to wonder if the baby is Gabe's (Adam's) after their soiree that one day? Because it seems kind of soon to me. Has Sage wondered and just not mention it to Nick or want to believe it? Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Your Clothes are Killing Us (CNN article)

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On 5/23/2015 FLgardener said: While some of this type of harsh criticism of the American consumer may be justifiable, I am getting sick and tired of Americans being blamed for the destruction of the universe. I always have shopped for bargains and will continue to shop for bargains that are in accordance with my income, and I will not be made to feel guilty. Thank you! I am sick of the blame America crowd also. Hyacinth Continue Reading

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