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Re: OT: EBOLA..God rest the soul of that courageous Dr. Can it come here?

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Of course it can come here. Our borders are like a sieve. It's just a matter of time. Makes it really easy. Sorry if some don't like to hear the truth. Hyacinth Continue Reading


O/T More Christmas in July?

Last Reply by suzeecat 1406748264.967 | Started by hyacinth003 in Beauty Banter

It feels like more Christmas stuff, way more early this year. I dislike it intensely, but they don't listen to my opinion! I am just wondering if my perception of MORE of it is correct for this year. I feel like it's every day now, not just a day in July. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

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On 7/28/2014 NC Bandwagon said: On 7/28/2014 Danky said: But you have to finish the story....Judy became involved with another QVC host who , very inconveniently , was married with a family. He subsequently divorced his wife and married Judy. Too cruel. Did she change husbands as much as she changed shopping networks? I call that as HER having a problem. She gets on my last nerve! Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

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Oh, geez. This is more than WAY over the top. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Argan oil and blondes

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On 7/27/2014 myshell624 said: We're they speaking of argan oil alone? In most products I doubt there is a huge amount of argan oil. It would make sense if they were referring to using it on its own. They referred to "pure argan oil." Hyacinth Continue Reading


Argan oil and blondes

Last Reply by WillEscapeCAsoon 1406581801.743 | Started by hyacinth003 in Beauty Banter

Just read in "Allure" magazine that blondes should be cautious about using argan oil on their hair. It said it contains carotenoids, which may discolor the hair to orange. It was said it was temporary, but could take a few shampoos to wash out. Thought that was interesting since it is frequently used in hair care products now. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: In tough economic times, where are your first line cuts made?

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Keep your thoughts in mind. We are heading back there, in my opinion. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Tria TSV presentation

Last Reply by GLAMMA 1406483594.807 | Started by hyacinth003 in Beauty Banter

Watched quite a bit of this. It left me wanting! Not wanting the product, but wanting more information. Like, what's a SARUM? Is it like a SURUM? If MaryBeth said "here's the thing" once, she said it 100 times. I haven't seen her in ages, so I guess I haven't heard that. Why are the before/after photos so scarce? Two is all you can get? How about showing results for 4/8/12 weeks? Why don't you have a couple of people who have actually used it as models? Show us live! How about using skin care after the device? Is your skin too sensitive to use other than a hydrating product? Is there n... Continue Reading


Re: Reducing Retin-A/Tretinoin Strength?

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On 7/23/2014 myshell624 said: On 7/23/2014 Kind1too said: On 7/23/2014 myshell624 said: I've been using the .1% gel every other night for two weeks and still have no peeling or redness. Does everyone peel with it? Maybe you're lucky. Even the lowest strength makes me peel. My skin isn't sensitive but it sure loves to peel. I'm puzzled because I am pretty sensitive. My skin seems to love the Retin-a so far. I've been afraid to try it due to the whole peeling thing. Just be happy with it. When I first started it, I could use a higher strength. Now that I've been through menopause (at least ... Continue Reading


Re: Reducing Retin-A/Tretinoin Strength?

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I have gone down to the 0.025% due to flaking and my skin getting really dry. I was using the 0.50% and just couldn't tolerate it anymore. I don't think it has made any negative difference. Hyacinth Continue Reading

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