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Returning "Back to Nurture" mask

Last Reply by Bookbabe 1417100772.25 | Started by hyacinth003 in philosophy

Basically, I hate it! I really need a moisturizer with the cold weather. This was promoted as the ultimate night time mask for moisture. Yuck. It is so very sticky no matter how much or how little I used. It has a strong perfume scent. I found it actually irritated my skin. It burned upon application, although it went away. I will be interested in reading what others think of it. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Dental Bridges and Implants

In Health & Fitness 1416512872.25

It is expensive. My husband had one. It was somewhere between $3000 and $4000. His failed also. However, he was smoking, which I understand it is the #1 reason for failure. He did not go back and let them try again. I can't remember, but it took awhile. I have a missing bottom right tooth (never had a permanent tooth there, only baby tooth!) that I would love an implant for. The missing space is making my teeth move slightly. My dentist said I could have a bridge, but they would have to mess with healthy teeth on either side. He didn't recommend that. My husband has now lost a few mor... Continue Reading


Re: Lancome Genifique skin care line - thoughts?

In Beauty Banter 1416512331.097

I have used the Genefique serum since it came out. It is one product I keep buying and using. Took 6-7 weeks to see results. It makes my skin look more even and glowing. It is pricey, but a little goes a very long way. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Here I go again!

In Health & Fitness 1416511944.663

On 11/20/2014 Ford1224 said: On 11/20/2014 CouponQueen said: If I recall you have been on Prednisone for many many do know all the side effects of long term use of that medication...Fractures are really very common with long term use.. I myself have severe back MRI reads like a medical text book.. I def sympathize with ANYBODY with any type of back issues/pain. Ice/Heat both work! The rule of thumb my MD told me is if it feels good when you rub is muscle! Best of luck! I kinda had a double whammy. Both my beloved mother and sister, now gone from cancer, also had ... Continue Reading


Re: Here I go again!

In Health & Fitness 1416511607.2

On 11/19/2014 Sammycat1 said: As a person with spondylolisthesis (spine) and various other maladies who has a sister for a physical therapist, I can tell you that ice is for inflammation, not just bones. In certain instances, although you might think ice is not best, it actually is in the early moments of a pull or injury...depending on its location. I learned this the hard way. I feel your pain. Because of my condition, severe back spasms that drive me to my knees can hit at any time -- and some respond better to cold than to heat. Best wishes to you to feel better soon -- you're right, no o... Continue Reading


Re: Here I go again!

In Health & Fitness 1416511369.03

Hope you feel better soon. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: FHI Thermal Brush vs Calista Perfector or Something Else?

In Beauty Banter 1416491992.69

I saw this presented later last night on HSN. I must be missing something! I could not really figure out what it was doing! I can see it with the Perfector, the hot rollers, and the flat irons. I was completely unimpressed with whatever it was supposed to be doing. Hyacinth Continue Reading


O/T Is Christmas over yet?

Last Reply by Gorg 1416747003.763 | Started by hyacinth003 in Beauty Banter

For whatever reason, I feel like Christmas should have come and gone by now. I don't know if they really started earlier than usual (that's what it feels like to me), or I am noticing it more this year. The decorations, music, or constant gift themes just have me burned out of it now. Oh, I doubt anyone cares about this opinion or plan on changing anything! It is not even Thanksgiving, and it feels like it should be OVER already. Hyacinth Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1416491578.973

On 11/20/2014 luvingit said: On 11/18/2014 Cookie06 said: All I can say is wah wah wah. So don't shop on QVC if you are so upset over the shipping and handling charges. I think that is what we all are saying, we are going elsewhere. Yep, we are deciding to shop elsewhere or not purchasing. Hyacinth Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1416491450.087

On 11/18/2014 GoodStuff said: So glad to see these kinds of observations coming up more and more frequently. About time QVC shoppers woke up! The S&H here is ridiculous and totally out of line with what is offered by competitors. The charges are high, but even more absurd is the fact that the S&H charges are levied per item, regardless of the number of items offered, their weight, or the fact that they could often be packaged and shipped together! For me, S&H abuse on QVC makes the difference between just window shopping and actually buying. I just will not do it! I was going to ... Continue Reading

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