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Re: CDC: Ebola Worst-Case Scenario Has More Than 500,000 Cases

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On 10/1/2014 sidsmom said: When it's incubating, it's not transferable. When he was flying, he was not transferring the virus. Only after he was in Dallas & showing signs...then it was transferable. No problem then! I'm sure you would sign up to sit next to someone exposed to Ebola next time you fly! Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: CDC: Ebola Worst-Case Scenario Has More Than 500,000 Cases

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On 10/1/2014 terrier3 said: On 10/1/2014 goldenretriever said: It's insane! There should be ZERO planes allowed to come here from that area. The disease is here, & I don't believe what the CDC is saying for one second. They tell us NOT to be worried. You've got to be kidding. In cold climates (ours), its aerosol transmission profile will be like that of the Avian Flu, a disease that spreads by droplets caused by coughing, sneezing or talking. Scientists say that in the tropics the Ebola virus gets desiccated by the heat, damaged by the humidity and sterilized by the sun. It WILL spread he... Continue Reading


Re: Jodi Arias Retrial - Jury Selection Begins

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On 10/1/2014 twopeas said: On 10/1/2014 scotttie said: On 10/1/2014 Complicated said: The Defense filed a motion to dismiss the DP, the motion is 60 pages long. Billable hours! wow. Not gonna' happen. The most pathetic thing is that the defense attorneys know it's not gonna' happen, yet they continue to slurp up the county coffers with stuff like this. I've learned, through painful personal experience, that that is what attorneys do! Plus, they have to cover all ground in a death penalty case for the endless appeals. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Eva Longoria getting tattoos removed

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It was said that she wasn't into tats anymore, and was annoyed that she had them. Perhaps the boyfriend just nailed it. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Eva Longoria getting tattoos removed

Last Reply by cody 1412224312.753 | Started by hyacinth003 in Viewpoints

Her current boyfriend doesn't like them. He feels she would look more sophisticated without them. She has already had ones related to her ex-husband removed. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: Latisse

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On 10/1/2014 2blonde said: I've been using Rapid Lash for a couple years with very similar results. It's non-prescription (has the thin brush applicator) and I usually get mine from various vendors through Amazon for around $30-$36 per tube. A tube lasts me at least 5 months, and I apply it only to my upper lashes every night. As others have said, my lashes have not gotten much thicker or darker, but they are so long that I have to be careful not to extend my mascara all the way to the tips because it look kind of weird on a 65-year-old! I too have darkening/reddening of my lids, but I believ... Continue Reading


Re: First US case of Ebola confirmed

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On 9/30/2014 MomTo2Dogs said: On 9/30/2014 NoelSeven said: On 9/30/2014 terrier3 said: On 9/30/2014 NoelSeven said: You can't do that. You cannot keep Americans out of their own country, away from family and treatment that could save their lives. ITA. Plus many people visiting those countries are health professionals or oil company workers. We can't shut down commerce for an illness. There are MANY serious illnesses in Africa - ebola is just one of many. Right. The frenzy on this line is beginning to sound pretty scary, starting with stripping away the Constitution. Not surprised this is... Continue Reading


Re: First US case of Ebola confirmed

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On 9/30/2014 Lotus~ said: Please tell me why a health care facility would see a patient from Liberia, presenting with Ebola symptoms, and then send this patient home? Don't you think they would put him in isolation for observation? Dumb, dumb, dumb! Did anyone ask that question during the news conference? Maybe I missed it. That's a good question. How about - is anyone going to STOP letting people in this country from those places now that we are SURE it can come here? Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: First US case of Ebola confirmed

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The disease has been fairly confined to a few areas. So, to contain it, you allow no people INTO the US from those few areas for awhile. You want to LEAVE the US - bon voyage. You want to come here after being in those few places - NO WAY. The idiocy of not protecting this country is astounding. Viruses don't care who you are, etc. Provide assistance to those affected (education and supplies), then keep it OUT of the USA as best you can. That's my MEDICAL opinion. Hyacinth Continue Reading


Re: First US case of Ebola confirmed

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On 9/30/2014 imaclotheshog said: Apparently there are direct flights from Liberia to Dallas? Why have these flights to affected countries not been discontinued? I don't understand this. And yes as CDC Atlanta says they have it isolated and controlled. Until they don't. As long as our borders and airports are open to all, it cannot be isolated or controlled. Infection control 101 - wash your hands, isolate the disease, etc. Hyacinth Continue Reading

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