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Re: Four Seasons/FrankieValli

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As Goldie76 points out, Nick Massi left the group in 1965. He passed away in 2000. Joe Long left the group in 1975 after the hits dried up. They have added and subtracted several members since then. Continue Reading


Re: Coolio's household uses Temptations

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Not so sure these folks shop on the Q. More likely Temptations pays for product placement. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody remember Mamma Leone's Restaurant in NYC??

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I remember Mamma Leone's very well. Sadly, I have to agree with the posters who say the food was not very good, unless quantity meant more than quality. I was rather surprised that they did not have a hot antipasto on the menu. Got the impression that they wanted you to eat fast and get out. Continue Reading


Re: ~*You may not want to still this Honda.*~

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Croemer: You don't know how right you are (well, maybe you do). The Honda Accord and the Honda Civic perennially lead the list of most stolen cars in America. If you want to throw in the Acura (an upscale Honda) that's also in the top 10. So apparently a whole lot of people like to steal Hondas. (FYI, the Toyota Camry is #3). Continue Reading


Re: What is the strangest thing you have ever cooked and eaten??

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Deadeye: Had to smile when I read your post. I had rattlesnake from a can some years ago, purchased from a gourmet store. Bones, bones and more bones indeed! Then again, I guess that makes it possible for snakes of all kinds to slither so well - all those tiny "hairbones." It's a pleasure I won't have again soon. Same thing with shad if you've ever had that fish. Many more tiny bones than most fish. I once had perfectly boned shad filets. Whoever had to bone that fish is probably in a rubber room somewhere, or at least wishing he had gone into something a little less nerve-wracking, lik... Continue Reading


Re: What is the strangest thing you have ever cooked and eaten??

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Weirdest thing I ever cooked and ate has to be jellyfish salad. Continue Reading


Re: P C Cookbooks

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A lot of Bob's cookbooks have a limited printing tied into sales of a particular item. Once the item is gone the book tends to disappear. You can try E-Bay in addition to Amazon, but be prepared for possible sticker shock. Some sellers were asking (which isn't the same as getting) a couple of hundred dollars for the book that went with the Ninja Pulse. Continue Reading


Re: Question about frozen ham

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I would think it kind of depends on how the ham is wrapped. If its shrink-wrapped or Foodsaver wrapped its probably quite good. If its loosely wrapped or paper-wrapped it might have freezer burn, which would be easy to see. In that case it won't be "bad," as in make you sick, but as Sooner points out, the texture will suffer and the eating won't be as good. Continue Reading


Re: I Guess Things Are NOT Going So Swimmingly For Ms. Deen

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Just when Paula probably thought it was safe to go back in the water... She probably didn't do her image any favors either at the recent Food Expo when she mounted a male chef and rode him across the stage. They both seemed to think it was a hoot, but most everybody else seemed to think it was pretty bizarre and likely fueled by more than a little alcohol. As far as the restaurant closing, I'll give her a pass on that one. In this economy eating out, especially at high-end restaurants, is one of the first things folks cross off their to-do list. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Remember the Name of this Painter on QVC?

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Gracie Slick, believe it or not, once sold paintings on QVC but she cussed her way into oblivion, so you're probably not talking about her. That episode prompted Lisa to say "We'll be right back after this, if I still have a job." Continue Reading

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