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Re: Watching a show on whales, got me to wondering how many here have seen a wild

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I live in the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY and I've seen all kinds of small game. I've had male and female deer walk right up on my lawn, and I once had a mother bear and three cubs in my driveway. When we were in Alaska we got close enough to a whale that we could hear it breathing when it came up for air. We took a quick walking tour of an island and the boat captain got off with a double-barreled shotgun. Fortunately he didn't have to use it. Continue Reading


Re: Food Shows Need a Re-do

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Those of you who are waiting for a host to spit out food and maybe gag missed the boat several years ago. I'll never forget when Bob B. went on his low-fat, low-carb diet and was presenting a deep fryer. As they broke for a commercial he said into a microphone that was a whole lot more alive than he thought "I cant believe they make me sell this artery-clogging sh*t." Continue Reading


Re: cuisinart or mr coffee?

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Had both, chucked both. Another vote for Bunn. Brews 10 cups in 4 minutes. Continue Reading


Re: Julia Child

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My fondest memory of Julia was when she dropped an entire pot of whatever she was cooking and just laughed and said (in so many words): Don't worry. It's PBS - nobody's watching anyway." Continue Reading


Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

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MushroomSoup: Had the same issue with my Wolfgang Puck Bistro electric PC. The valve on top has to be rotated to close it, and I guess all that torque loosens the nut underneath after a while. No big deal. Continue Reading


Re: Resolve to buy a USA made kitchen item in January!

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If you don't mind spending $500 or so Vita-Mix is made in the USA. Continue Reading


Re: Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo Passed Away Today

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There was a lot of pressure on Mario to run for the Presidency, but he never was nominated as such. During the campaign season of 1991-1992 Bill Clinton dropped subtle (well, maybe not so subtle) hints that a NY Italian might have Mafia connections. I guess Mr. Cuomo didn't want to get down in that mud. Not one of Bubba's prouder moments by any means. Continue Reading


Re: $200 for a 5# prime rib roast----whhaaattt!!!!!!

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Songbird: I'm with you. I have a relative who's a professional chef, and he considers prime rib little more than a thick piece of roast beef. For me its either a nice porterhouse or a bone-in rib eye. Eating prime rib out is a less-than-rewarding experience. An awful lot of restaurants cook a big slab of beef to medium rare well in advance of dinner rush, and then finish it off to order. Who wants a steak that's been sitting around half-cooked all day? Continue Reading


Re: You are being sued by the IRS.

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As many of the previous posters have pointed out, an answering machine with caller ID solves a lot of this garbage. Just don't pick up if you don't know who it is. Should you accidentally pick up anyway, I find that telling these clowns to meet you at the DA's office and you'll turn yourself in usually gets THEM to hang up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, a lot of these calls are made from boiler rooms in Africa and the Middle East, so all the Don't Call lists and blocking mechanisms in the world won't help, because they're outside the jurisdiction of Federal authorities. Continue Reading


Re: I don't think I've heard much before on this chef, on here.

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Its kind of trendy to dump on Rachael due to the fact that she has no formal culinary training, and has said (her words) "I am manifestly unqualified for every job I've ever held." Also, some people snipe at her "30 minute" meals due to the fact that some of the ingredients are prepped in advance, which sure cuts down on cooking times. Personally I've tried some of her recipes and they work, so that's good enough for me. Same thing with Sandra due to her "trademark" semi-reliance on boxed ingredients. I don't know if I'd go as far as Anthony Bourdain did when he called her "The culinary de... Continue Reading

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