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Re: I don't think I've heard much before on this chef, on here.

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Its kind of trendy to dump on Rachael due to the fact that she has no formal culinary training, and has said (her words) "I am manifestly unqualified for every job I've ever held." Also, some people snipe at her "30 minute" meals due to the fact that some of the ingredients are prepped in advance, which sure cuts down on cooking times. Personally I've tried some of her recipes and they work, so that's good enough for me. Same thing with Sandra due to her "trademark" semi-reliance on boxed ingredients. I don't know if I'd go as far as Anthony Bourdain did when he called her "The culinary de... Continue Reading


Re: 24 hr cooking show

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I did not see any of the first 12 hours, but there were six of the remaining 12 devoted to the Vitamix. Its a great machine, but enough already. Continue Reading


Re: Do you do FaceBook?? Your thoughts?

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I find Facebook to be useful in locating old friends I haven't spoken to in years, but I too fail to see the point in laying out the most insignificant (or even the significant ones) aspects of my life for all the world to see. Continue Reading


Re: David Venable's first cookbook

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BooBoo2: Thanks for the heads-up. Continue Reading


Re: David Venable's first cookbook

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Rocco DeSpirito's "Now Eat This Italian" (which is actually a pretty good book) is a monster hardcover with something like fewer that 200 recipes, so you can imagine its more like a DeSpirito family photo album. They do have lots of photos of the food too. Speaking of prices on David's first book, which you would expect to be low with the second one now coming out, I picked up a copy of #1 as a $2 add-on through my book club. I'd like to know if they did anything about that almost invisible grey lettering that was in #1. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: $9.00 for a 3oz. crab cake?

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WAGirl: You're thinking about the Chesapeake Bay crab cakes. They were really good when they first came out, but when they switched from Maryland Crab to blue swimmer crabs from the wastebeds of Southeast Asia they went downhill faster than an avalanche. Don't think you have to ever worry about them coming back. Ron and Margie, the owners turned vendor reps, were kind of permanently kicked off the island when they were caught faking 5-star reviews. They opened a restaurant, and it too went south rather quickly. If anyone wants to try making their own, which aren't much harder than making ... Continue Reading


Re: NuWave Tabletop Oven: I HOPE they come out with the NEW dome NEXT!

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I have a knock-off version (The Morningware oven) that I've used steadily for about two years and haven't had any problems with it at all. I have heard of this type of oven with tempered glass lids. That would seem to solve the cracking problem. Continue Reading


Re: Better than fries? I'm going to try these tonight, since I've never met a potato I didn't like.

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Honnybrown: The next time (if there is one) instead of using knives to stabilize the potato when you're cutting it use chopsticks, preferably square ones so they don't roll around. Continue Reading


Re: Reverse Mortgages

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My best friend is a financial advisor, and he doesn't recommend these at all. When I retired my employer held retirement seminars, and two more professional advisors basically said "Don't do it." The actors and politicians pitching these things like to emphasize you don't have to make regular payments. All that means is that more and more interest accrues on the unpaid principal. A lot of uninformed folks assume that you stop paying your taxes too - good way to lose your home. As other posters have already pointed out, if the market depresses and you end up short of cash to repay when you s... Continue Reading


Re: Kansas City Steaks $20 a pound?

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What really bothers me about these steaks is all the junk added to them. I used to be on auto-delivery a long time ago. The list of additives makes them sound like a biology experiment. Continue Reading

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