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Re: Anyone favor monkfish?

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They used to call monkfish "Poor man's lobster," back when it was considered a trash fish and you could get it for about $1/lb Now, at least in my neck of the woods, monkfish is more expensive than lobster, so I guess lobster is now the poor man's monkfish. Continue Reading


Re: Keurig Problem

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"Short-cupping" has been a problem with the Platinum machines since day one. I went through the whole cleaning ritual with no success, and Keurig ended up sending an entire new machine. They made me send back the K-cup holder which presumably disabled the old machine (they won't sell you that piece for obvious reasons), but when the new machine started doing the same thing I bought a new K-cup holder on E-bay for about $19, and the "old" machine is still chugging along after 4 or 5 years, while the "new" machine has long since gone to coffee machine heaven. Another issue for some folks is t... Continue Reading


Re: Watching a show on whales, got me to wondering how many here have seen a wild

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I live in the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY and I've seen all kinds of small game. I've had male and female deer walk right up on my lawn, and I once had a mother bear and three cubs in my driveway. When we were in Alaska we got close enough to a whale that we could hear it breathing when it came up for air. We took a quick walking tour of an island and the boat captain got off with a double-barreled shotgun. Fortunately he didn't have to use it. Continue Reading


Re: Food Shows Need a Re-do

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Those of you who are waiting for a host to spit out food and maybe gag missed the boat several years ago. I'll never forget when Bob B. went on his low-fat, low-carb diet and was presenting a deep fryer. As they broke for a commercial he said into a microphone that was a whole lot more alive than he thought "I cant believe they make me sell this artery-clogging sh*t." Continue Reading


Re: cuisinart or mr coffee?

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Had both, chucked both. Another vote for Bunn. Brews 10 cups in 4 minutes. Continue Reading


Re: Julia Child

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My fondest memory of Julia was when she dropped an entire pot of whatever she was cooking and just laughed and said (in so many words): Don't worry. It's PBS - nobody's watching anyway." Continue Reading


Re: Electric Pressure Cooker Problems

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MushroomSoup: Had the same issue with my Wolfgang Puck Bistro electric PC. The valve on top has to be rotated to close it, and I guess all that torque loosens the nut underneath after a while. No big deal. Continue Reading


Re: Resolve to buy a USA made kitchen item in January!

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If you don't mind spending $500 or so Vita-Mix is made in the USA. Continue Reading


Re: Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo Passed Away Today

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There was a lot of pressure on Mario to run for the Presidency, but he never was nominated as such. During the campaign season of 1991-1992 Bill Clinton dropped subtle (well, maybe not so subtle) hints that a NY Italian might have Mafia connections. I guess Mr. Cuomo didn't want to get down in that mud. Not one of Bubba's prouder moments by any means. Continue Reading


Re: $200 for a 5# prime rib roast----whhaaattt!!!!!!

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Songbird: I'm with you. I have a relative who's a professional chef, and he considers prime rib little more than a thick piece of roast beef. For me its either a nice porterhouse or a bone-in rib eye. Eating prime rib out is a less-than-rewarding experience. An awful lot of restaurants cook a big slab of beef to medium rare well in advance of dinner rush, and then finish it off to order. Who wants a steak that's been sitting around half-cooked all day? Continue Reading

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