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Re: This animal was eating one of our rental houses (picture included)....

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Mistic: Woodchucks will eat anything green and leafy. They do not hydrate by drinking, but rather by consuming large amounts of leafy, watery greens. They can wipe out a garden in one "sitdown." You could try lettuce, and also nuts, particularly hickory nuts, another of their favorites. I'm not so sure they eat wood, but they can move three tons of dirt (!) to build one den, and they usually build two at a time (one for summer, one for hibernating). This can compromise the foundation of a house. I'd call a woodchuck removal expert for that reason alone. Last but not least they are known ... Continue Reading


Re: Another Maine ?----I want to see a moose AND the coast, too..........

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Lots of moose in Vermont, especially around the northern end of Lake Champlain. They wander onto my brother's property all the time. Topaz gem is right: Don't mess with them. One of them butted a passenger train in Burlington and derailed the car it hit. Imagine what it would do to your 3,000 lb. car in a collision. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Dance Poll - keep it or discontinue it

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The Happy Dance is very educational - every time he threatens to do it I go read a good book. Continue Reading


Re: Jun 19 Today is NATIONAL DRY MARTINI DAY Do you like yours shaken or stirred?

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Per Emeril Lagasse, shake it exactly 40 times (If you're mixing it with anything). To be honest, I'm not fond of martinis. Just don't like the taste. A friend of mine once met with a member of the Tanqueray family at a sales meeting. Lord Tanqueray essentially drank his gin straight, with just a twist of orange. Winston Churchill, a world class drinker, once said he liked his martinis very dry - pour the gin in the glass and stare at the unopened vermouth bottle. Continue Reading


Re: How was your dad in the kitchen? (and Happy Fathers' Day, too!)

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My mom was one of the best cooks I've ever known, but she just couldn't get steak right - usually overcooked. My dad did the steaks, roasts, etc., and did them rather well. A bit OT, but my mom's side was Italian, so all the kids learned to cook, boys and girls alike. My wife hasn't cooked a thing in 37 years, and neither she nor our daughter would have it any other way. I've won cooking competitions, and once got paid to cook a meal for 175 when I was unemployed (yes, I had help). Very few things I love better than being in the kitchen being my own boss. Continue Reading


Re: June 15 Today is NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY How do you like your lobster??

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For the most part I believe in basics when it comes to seafood. My first choice for lobster is boiled, and dipped in lemon butter. When I want to go a little fancy I break it into pieces, crack the shells, and drop the whole thing into a pot of fra diavolo sauce, and serve with a long pasta. Continue Reading


Re: Fake IRS agent callers

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I'm probably getting these calls, but I don't answer if I don't recognize the number in Caller ID. I can tell you that when the caller name is "Local call" and its a Washington DC area code, and I live in upstate NY, I know its a junk call. PS MY IRS district office is on Long Island, so why would they be calling me from DC, even if the call is legitimate? Continue Reading


Re: companies that charge tax on S&H

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Shelbelle et al: It is not true that Delaware has no taxes at all. They have an income tax that is 0% on two thousand dollars of personal income, and maxes out at something like 6.75% on incomes of $60,000 or higher. They do NOT have a sales tax per se, but they do have a gross receipts tax on purveyors of goods or services, which certainly gets passed along to the consumers of those goods and services a sales tax by any other name. They are one of twenty six or twenty seven states that DO NOT tax Social Security. I don't live in Delaware, so I can't tell you the entire tax picture there, but... Continue Reading


Re: Frozen food thawing question

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As long as its been refrigerated I can't see that it wouldn't be safe to eat. A lot of food that is meant to be cooked from frozen has to do with the fact that if its defrosted and then cooked at high temps it will be mush before its up to temp. Continue Reading


Re: companies that charge tax on S&H

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States mandate tax on "goods and services." Many, if not most, consider S&H a service, therefor it is taxed. As several posters have already noted, it's as simple as that, and the merchant has no say, unless they waive the S&H charge, in which case they have probably already raised the price of the item purchased. Continue Reading

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