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I don't know about running up credit card debt if you consolidate. The only time i consolidated (we were only talking about $8,000) the bank made me cut up ALL my credit cards. Continue Reading


Re: What is one simple thing that happened in the last 24 hours that made you smile?

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My Brittany-pointer mix is very protective of family and doggie friends. Today he saw one of his buddies walking down the middle of the street alone dragging his leash. I told him Cody might get hurt, and he walked over, picked up the leash and walked the little guy home. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone tried the new Lemon Oreos?

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I'm still mourning the passing of Watermelon Oreos. The people who blasted them because they said they were perpetuating a racial stereotype really need to get lives. Continue Reading


Re: Your Keurig....On or Off ?

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I turn mine off because I only use it for coffee for the three of us in the morning. On the other hand I just bought a Bunn to replace a dead Mr. Coffee and that machine is DESIGNED to be on 24/7. They recommend turning it off only if you're going to be gone 72 hours or more. Continue Reading


Re: If we could put man on the moon...

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A lot of these nuisance calls come from boiler room operations in foreign countries and are thus beyond the reach of the FCC, your state's attorney general, etc. One of the dead giveaways is when the "area code" in caller ID is a country code. Just ignore. Don't even pick up the phone. If its family or friends they'll certainly leave a message. Continue Reading


Re: Does pepperoni ever go "bad?"

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Sliced pepperoni does have some oil in it, and oil can go rancid. If it sticks to your hand if you press it, and especially if its kind of brown instead of nice bright red, I'd toss it. Continue Reading


Re: I Love Laura Weathers, but . . . . .

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Stilltamn8r: Cuisinart has been owned lock, stock and barrel for some time by Conair (they do make pretty good hairdryers). I have had a couple of newer Cuisinart appliances die suddenly (coffeemaker, toaster). I'd shop around before jumping in. Continue Reading


Re: Hearts of Palm- How'd I do that?

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When I want something a little different I roll them up in egg roll wrappers, deep fry them, and dip in whatever sauce (hoisin, sweet and sour) or salad dressing comes to mind. Continue Reading


Re: If I'm Going To Order An Expensive Dessert At Your 5-Star Restaurant . . .

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Lots of restaurants, including some good ones, use lots of "shortcuts" and phony ingredients to cut costs: pork cutlets in place of veal, big chunks of whitefish instead of sea scallops, and God knows what else. When my niece came out of culinary school her first job was in a restaurant in a small town. When she told the owner she needed vanilla bean for the desserts he told her "Around here we use poppy seeds. Nobody is going to know the difference anyway, and it saves money and labor." Continue Reading


Re: I Love Laura Weathers, but . . . . .

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I never noticed that about Laura, but then again, I don't watch that much anymore. The "smoker guy" is John McLemore. Listening to him on David's show reminds me of Rain Man. Continue Reading

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