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Re: Omg Marybeth on beauty show!

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I was fortunate to meet Mary Beth when I took the QVC tour. She is so pretty, and her blue eyes are beautiful! She is much prettier in person than she appears on TV.....and she is so lovely! Friendly, kind, and warm. I was so happy that I was able to meet her in person. Continue Reading


Re: Liz Claiborne A232264 hand crochet????

In Q Did What? 1398383122.61

It is not possible to crochet on a machine, the way it is to hand or machine knit. I have no doubt these were hand crocheted. A hundred or so Chinese woman could turn a couple thousand sweaters out in a month, working long hours, as they do in the factories. I thought they were very pretty, and since I do all kinds of needlework, I looked at them very closely. Definitely a well-designed pattern, with good structure to hold it together. Continue Reading


Re: What's a substitue for sour cream?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1398382675.37

The sour cream adds moisture and depth, not a taste. I never buy sour cream, and use Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt instead. I use plain for baked potatoes, chile, etc....and I use Vanilla Yogurt when I need it for a cake recipe. Works great! Continue Reading


Re: Can I boil my potatoes today, to mash on Sunday?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1397840518.02

Hi there! I have a catering business, and my son is a trained Chef. The answer is YES ! I always make my mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes the day before, and my stuffing as well. Make the dish, and generously butter an oven proof baking dish. Put the potatoes or whatever into the dish, cover tightly with foil, and refrigerate. The next day, I usually set the cold dishes out on the counter to come to room temperature (but this is not a requirement, so if you forget, do not panic.) When I take the turkey or ham out of the oven, I put the covered dishes into the oven...350 for an hour, or ... Continue Reading


Re: Will she ever find her way?

In The Q We Love 1397305717.053

I love the ad! And if you lived out in the country in Pa., you would understand! Also, she is not on the highway, but out in the country. Plus, she is driving a vintage car...I find the ad so pretty, and completely charming! But then, I am 64 years old, so looking at a map seems perfectly normal to me! Continue Reading


Denim & Co. Friday night: Great Idea!

Last Reply by Starlight1 1397475401.95 | Started by fab50 in The Q We Love

I was so happy to find two hours of Denim & Co. last evening! I wish QVC would make this a regular Friday night show. The two hour time slot allowed lots of new items to be presented and it was great to see all the new things, not just the best-selling pants that sometimes take over in the one-hour shows. I would like to see Denim & Co. get as much air time as Susan Graver! Continue Reading


Re: Beauty Before Breakfast

In Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends 1397074768.407

Hi Leah! It would not be a good Saturday morning without you! Thankfully we can stay in bed, warm and cozy...or put the coffee on and settle on the sofa. I never plan anything until after 10am. How about a "Let's Put it All Together" segment...where the items presented are part of an entire "weekend away" or "summer day at the beach".......for about five minutes in the middle of the show, take a few of the items presented and show them together, as one or two outfits that can work together. I think of this because sometimes the hosts will say, "Oh, is that blue jacket/white skirt etc. st... Continue Reading


Re: Liz Claiborne and Isaac Mizrahi Live--Why the two separate lines?

In Fashion Talk 1396992644.3

Different looks from the different lines. I agree there are similarities, though. My gripe is when they say Liz is like the "original." I happen to remember the original, when Liz first began designing. These clothes are nothing at all like those fabulous originals! Continue Reading



In tarte 1396992416.95

Lanolin is natural and organic, from sheep. It is the best moisturizer there is. I am happy to see it listed instead of some strange chemical. Continue Reading


Re: Painting over wallpaper

In For the Home Talk 1396992027.717

Hi, I just painted over wallpaper in both my living room and dining room. I had put the paper up 20 years ago. I went to Lowes and got a Valspar product that is a sealer, so the paper color/pattern does not bleed through. Then, I put two coats of high quality primer over the sealer, and then the paint. My walls are beautiful! The sealer made the difference. Also, I was told that if the wallpaper was peeling or loose in anyway, that I needed to scrape. But I had prepped the walls correctly and used good quality wallpaper, which still looked new. Years ago I scraped old wallpaper. My advice ... Continue Reading

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