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Re: Can BE serum foundation be worn over a primer?

In bareMinerals 1397351869.963

I used the BE primer as well. It worked fine. Continue Reading


Re: Let's help each other figure out how Bares Skin foundation colors compare to regular loose BE foundation

In bareMinerals 1397308859.743

I wear medium or medium beige in ready foundation. I have a pretty good match with bare natural, I think it is just a tad yellow. I really like it though. I had my husband check my jaw and neck, he said it blended in very well. Continue Reading


Re: Bare SKin serum foundation review

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I ordered two colors bare beige and bare natural. Yesterday I tried bare beige and hated it. Today I tried bare natural and loved it. It is maybe a bit yellow on me, but overall a pretty good match. I might need to try the cool medium shade, I was afraid that one would be to pink. I have been wearing the ready foundation in medium or medium beige. Continue Reading


My Bare Skin foundation has shipped

Last Reply by Kempokim 1397058126.457 | Started by rena7 in bareMinerals

I just checked my order and it shipped today. Unfortunately I never could make up my mind on a color so I have two coming. I will have to send one back. Since I don't live near a boutique this is probably the best way for me to test it anyway. Continue Reading


Re: OT--Please stay home if you are sick

In Beauty Banter 1387822293.187

I'm another one that gets no sick leave at all. I don't get vacation time either. I can't afford to not get paid so I have gone to work sick. Luckily I have not been sick yet this season. I am trying to be really careful to wash my hands and the door nobs and phones in my office all the time. It's nice if you are able to take a sick day. I just don't get paid very much so I need all the hours I can get. Continue Reading


Re: F&F purchases

In bareMinerals 1386800934.49

I ordered on line so I just got a ready foundation and stroke of light. Continue Reading


Re: Degrees of Dazzling on sale (with free shipping)

In bareMinerals 1385817829.673

I got mine at Macy's. It is for Christmas so I will have to wait to open it. Continue Reading


Re: Ready eyeshadows

In bareMinerals 1385817738.92

The ready shadows are really nice. I like both myself. You should pick a palette that has some colors you like and give it a try. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Thanksgiving

In bareMinerals 1385653161.433

Happy Thanksgiving. Continue Reading


Re: Degrees of Dazzling at the boutique

In bareMinerals 1385653125.12

On 11/28/2013 lyn in MI said: On 11/24/2013 cindiaz said: Macy's stores that have Bare Minerals counters are going to have the Degrees of Dazzling at 49.00 on Black Friday :) It is now available for $49.00 on macys.com for those who don't have a Macy's in their area. Thanks for mentioning that it was already active. I snagged mine. This is my kind of black Friday shopping. Continue Reading

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