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Favorite shade of Vinylux

Last Reply by Shelbelle 1418853455.107 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

Nail polish and where do you purchase it? Tia,lexi Continue Reading


Re: Women with White Hair

In Beauty Banter 1407698900.853

I have been using the most wonderful new shampoo on my white/grey hair.Biosilk cool blonde leaves it more of a platinum shade.The white and grey shine and have a natural cool blonde color. Just Biosilk Cool Blonde shampoo........... Continue Reading


Re: Costco glasses & hearing aids

In Health & Fitness 1406811409.717

I had hearing aid test by both Audiologist/ent doctor and Costco. Both came back with identical results. Audiologist wanted $3800.00 Costco $1900.00.............I chose Costco and couldn't be happier. Costco also offers free replacement up to I year. When shopping there I drop off my aids for free cleaning. Have been buying progressive lens glasses for years also and cannot beat their return policy. They will refund or replace anything you purchase ... Continue Reading


Re: Need help w/eyeshadow

In Beauty Banter 1406120620.203

Thanks again.,off to walgreens.......... Continue Reading


Re: Need help w/eyeshadow

In Beauty Banter 1406053072.507

Wen,how right you are.......many brands do not state color Fancy names or numbers do nothing for me. I ask sales associates what the colors are. Continue Reading


Re: Need help w/eyeshadow

In Beauty Banter 1406052844.883

Thank you Ladies Really color blind.....I do see some colors, but not many. I usually stick to neutrals.....the amber sounds nice will take a look....... Continue Reading


Need help w/eyeshadow

Last Reply by lexi 1406120620.24 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

Color blind here......Fair skin,greyish blonde hair.brown eyes.senior citizen..........Tia Continue Reading


Re: Milia?

In Beauty Banter 1404074964.15

Try youtube......I have seen the removal process there. Continue Reading

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