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Re: Bronze Alegria

In All About Shoes 1424613518.33

Thank you Kachina624..........a262510... Continue Reading


Bronze Alegria

Last Reply by Kachina624 1424633732.853 | Started by lexi in All About Shoes

How are you liking the bronze slip on and how is the fit? Tia Lexi Continue Reading


Re: Grey Hair

In Beauty Banter 1424276424.433

So many great responses,think I might try all....Thanks again ladies..... Continue Reading


Re: Grey Hair

In Beauty Banter 1424130030.43

Thank you Ladies, just came across Blue Malva at Nordstrom 50%off,free shipping.Hope it is as good as the Shikai... Continue Reading


Grey Hair

Last Reply by labloverrr 1424285608.46 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

I am just about all grey,maybe 90 %Is there something I can use to look more platinum? Tia,Lexi Continue Reading


Re: Hi-Lites....cap or foil

In Beauty Banter 1422632082.183

Thank you....foils it is... Continue Reading


Hi-Lites....cap or foil

Last Reply by LisaB 1422634554.77 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

Which do you prefer. The foils seem to be more popular but I think I prefer cap. Doesn't show new growth as much....Tia Lexi Continue Reading


Re: Skinn Big Bright Eyes...

In Beauty Banter 1421945539.877

Thank you .....sounds like a winner.... Continue Reading


Skinn Big Bright Eyes...

Last Reply by beautymogul 1421960405.753 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

Anyone try this? Comments please Tia,Lexi Continue Reading


Maria{blonde }the Model....

Last Reply by ritasNo1Fan 1421807448.723 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

Do not see her often but was surprised at how wonderful her new hairstyle is...always thought she was lovely but the new style is stunning. Continue Reading

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