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Re: Changing dog food...

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Thank you all.... Continue Reading


Changing dog food...

Last Reply by FlowershopGirl 1426882104.953 | Started by lexi in Pet Lovers

My little 5lb. yorkie rescue[12 yrs] has been on fresh pet refrigerated for 4 yrs since she has only one tooth. She decided about a week ago she doesn't like it anymore.She also has a mass in her mouth that will come out late March.I don't know what to feed her,she is spoiled and loves people food. Suggestions on dog food for a toothless baby. tia Continue Reading


Re: Fraxel Laser - anyone done it??

In Beauty Banter 1426535205.217

Moving up....would like to see comments.. Continue Reading


Re: Bronze Alegria

In All About Shoes 1424613518.33

Thank you Kachina624..........a262510... Continue Reading


Bronze Alegria

Last Reply by Kachina624 1424633732.853 | Started by lexi in All About Shoes

How are you liking the bronze slip on and how is the fit? Tia Lexi Continue Reading


Re: Grey Hair

In Beauty Banter 1424276424.433

So many great responses,think I might try all....Thanks again ladies..... Continue Reading


Re: Grey Hair

In Beauty Banter 1424130030.43

Thank you Ladies, just came across Blue Malva at Nordstrom 50%off,free shipping.Hope it is as good as the Shikai... Continue Reading


Grey Hair

Last Reply by labloverrr 1424285608.46 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

I am just about all grey,maybe 90 %Is there something I can use to look more platinum? Tia,Lexi Continue Reading


Re: Hi-Lites....cap or foil

In Beauty Banter 1422632082.183

Thank you....foils it is... Continue Reading


Hi-Lites....cap or foil

Last Reply by LisaB 1422634554.77 | Started by lexi in Beauty Banter

Which do you prefer. The foils seem to be more popular but I think I prefer cap. Doesn't show new growth as much....Tia Lexi Continue Reading

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