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Re: University of Massachusetts at Amherst asks Cosby to Step down as Honorary Co-chair

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On 11/28/2014 pommom said: Karma Indeed. Or, as I like to say, beep beep, Karma bus coming through! Continue Reading


Re: I Admit It - I prefer Fall decorations to Christmas!!!

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Yes! I am looking at the things I have to take down and it's not all that much, but I store it on my 3rd floor, which means lots of stairs to climb! But it seems like I just put it out and the fall leaves and colors I use are just so darn pretty! Not really ready for Christmas, but if we don't start NOW or soon, it will be Christmas. I'm going to wait until tomorrow and get an early start as I was cleaning up a bit today. Wish these two holidays were more spread out! Continue Reading


Re: this mirror is EVERYTHING!!!

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When we were building our home, my husband salvaged a mirror similar to this. We hung it half way up the wall in our two story hallway, and reflects our stairway and chandelier. It is one of the most beautiful features in our home but often goes unnoticed as it is SO large. He had to create a special wall mounting for it as it was so heavy! Before we attached it to the wall, we wrote a note about the story of the mirror and where it came from and slipped in into the frame. If and when the house is dismantled or the mirror removed, the new owners will find it. However, I've made it known t... Continue Reading


Re: Dear S.,

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On 11/14/2014 ury said: On 11/14/2014 faeriemoon said: I need a sangwich. Someone at work today went to the cafeteria to buy a sammich. Person eats sammiches a couple of times a week. According to my FIL - the store is about five mile down the road. And my MIL suspicions things after she watches national news. The young lady who works near me conversates with her boyfriend. I give up I suppose [or do I suspicion?] sometimes we just learn to say things the wrong way. Giving up is the only way. Otherwise, your head WILL explode! Continue Reading


Re: My new Maine Coon fur-baby, Maggie (Magnolia)!

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What a beauty! And those paws....just precious! Continue Reading


Re: Cars are for boys? Really?

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I don't know why PD said that. Maybe she just reverts to such comments when she is with DW. He was also giving her the blues about her driving which annoyed me. One of my favorite toys was a little steam shovel, and I have no idea why my parents bought it for me. Maybe I asked? I had it for years and used to play out in the dirt with it every day. Continue Reading


Re: 21 Bonaparte Parfum - RAVE!

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I had looked at this and another poster mentioned she had smelled it and liked it. I may have to consider it again, but, like you, I'm very sensitive to scents (years of migraines which finally stopped when I turned 50!). Love vanilla, though, so.... Glad it worked out for you. Enjoy your lovely fragrance! Continue Reading


Re: Yoga Practice

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Some places offer "seated yoga" where you sit in a chair and do many moves. I have done both floor and seated and for a beginner, seated would be wonderful. Continue Reading


Re: Such wasteful shipping from Walmart - rant!

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I recently ordered some dishware from WM and it was packaged perfectly to avoid breakage. Although I have a love/hate relationship with this store, that has been my overall experience when I have items shipped free to my home or the store. They are always well packaged. Maybe it depends on the area from which they are shipped? I do recycle any packaging that I can. Continue Reading


Re: No Clydesdale commercials

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If you ever have a chance to see them in person, don't miss it. Some of the earth's most beautiful creatures! The day I was there, a few of the Dalmatians were snoozing in the stalls. So sweet! Sad there isn't a new Christmas commercial with them. In my youth, I dated a young man that worked for the ad agency that handled AB and was credited for helping create that iconic Clydesdale in the snow commercial. It really was lovely. I will miss seeing them even if they are just selling beer! Continue Reading

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