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Re: NeNe Leakes

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"That NeNe person is just a television mistake..." That's a nice way of putting it, but I agree. Continue Reading


Re: This animal was eating one of our rental houses (picture included)....

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One of these darling little creatures came on to my back patio and when I tried to scare him away, he stood up on his hind legs and lunged at me. I thought he might be rabid and called animal control. They, of course, wouldn't do anything unless I was positive he was rabid or had bitten me. Really? He stuck around for a while and then slowly walked off. Don't think he WAS rabid, but it taught me not to fool with them AT ALL. Mostly, they are shy and will run, but this guy felt entitled to his space so I gave it to him. Cannot imagine having one chewing on the house....inside! Continue Reading


Re: Piper Perabo's wedding dress

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She is very cute in her TV show "Covert Affairs." Seems a very likable young woman. Glad to see her hubby got dressed up for the event. Yikes. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

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I know I am a dinosaur, but I do not understand the current propensity for sharing details about everything with everyone. Seriously, how many people really care about the details of anyone's wedding or anyone's life for that matter. Or, even what you had for lunch, or that you clipped your toenails or washed your hair. Do everyone a favor and just shut up. Continue Reading


Re: Another keurig bites the dust!

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Quite some time ago, I had the same problem. I had gotten the Keurig from QVC and called Keurig directly. The machine may not have been a year old, but they sent me a replacement and I opted for the simplest machine they had. Personally, I hate these machines and don't use one in my own home. However, we have a small B&B and people seem to LOVE the darn thing. It cuts down on wasting coffee, but those little pods are never cheap. There is a "descaling" process I've never done, but, a needle clog like you described must be a common problem. Wanted to add it is a shame they know of this iss... Continue Reading



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I could not find any reviews on them at HSN, but it seems they were a TS once before. At least a few callers mentioned that they were. There is a travel size that has a few good reviews. I was interested in them UNTIL I noted that they recommended only "spot cleaning." I am advocate of washable pillows and previously changed my pillows every 6 months until I got one that was washable (My Pillow). Additionally, there is no king size. I didn't check the dimensions, but I hate a smaller pillow on a king bed. While they are cheaper than many pillows and sounded interesting, I decided to pass for ... Continue Reading


Re: This Photo Made My Day

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Wait until she grows up and sees this photo. Adorable! Continue Reading


Re: Best Photobomb Ever!

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I always knew she was a sly one! How funny. Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone watching the coverage of the arrival/processional? Netherlands....

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I am watching and moved to tears over and over. Everything about it is dignified, but heartbreaking. Continue Reading


Re: Sometimes I Just Don't Know Why I Bother!

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As I've aged, I use less and less makeup and concentrated on keeping my skin nice. No foundation and just a bit of blush, mascara and lipstick/gloss. Now and again I use pale eye shadow. At 63, it is easy too easy to look "made up" rather than attractive. Every time I start adding on things, I realize it doesn't to anything to make me look better. For me, less is definitely more. Continue Reading

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