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Re: Our new cat

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A very handsome boy! I love orange kitties and have 2. What an angel you are for adopting an older kitty -- I'm so happy he will know love and a wonderful home instead of a shelter. I have five strays -- all boys, all taken in from the woods surrounding our home. These guys are so sweet and precious. I know your boy will be the same. He's keeping his eyes on you! Continue Reading


Re: Really cute retro style women's swimwear at walmart's website

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Oh, it is adorable! I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I'm considering it for back yard sunning! Used to LOVE Catalina line of clothing -- it was all the rage back in my day. Thanks for pointing this one out. I've been on the Walmart site several times lately and missed this. Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone seen tops like this?

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It is Amal. And she seems to favor this designer. Such lovely things. So out of my price range! Thanks everyone -- still searching! Of course, I want to find the $20 equivalent! Continue Reading


Has anyone seen tops like this?

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I'm searching now, but mostly floral chiffon requiring a tank underneath. If you've seen anything like this, please post. This one is a designer, of course! Continue Reading


Re: Advice needed regarding a terrible waxing experience

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So sorry you had this happen! Of course you have a right to be angry. I'm surprised they didn't knock themselves out for you, but perhaps the manager had no idea how badly you were hurt. Quite honestly, I think the tech was wrong to do the waxing in view of the fact you said you had very sensitive skin. I would have been worried if I were her and would not have taken the chance. By it's very nature, waxing is risky at best. I did it for years, but have stopped because I now bruise so easily. Maybe you can stop by and show the manager your skin and see if she won't offer some greater comp... Continue Reading


Re: "free range" family debate

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I live in Maryland, so this has been a top story for some time. Every time I see these people I think of the Lyon sisters who disappeared 40 years ago while walking to a nearby mall. The case has recently surfaced again and they have been digging for bodies after getting some information. Imagine the pain and suffering of THOSE parents! Therefore, I cannot fathom thinking it is all right to let your kids walk anywhere without supervision. Yes, it's sad that the world I grew up in no longer exists, but if I were a parent, I would not be able to let my kids out of my sight. There are cases... Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Do you find this humorous?

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I'll add my NOT FUNNY to all the others. Personally, I loathe all practical jokes or the "just joking" type statements. Not funny now or ever. HATE THEM! And the boys will be boys defense? HATE THAT! How about, people are often jerks? Continue Reading


Re: Stop with the umm.....

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This habit can be broken, but it takes practice. Years ago, I worked with a "presentation coach" who was brutal. She was critical of everyone in the class and taped our presentations so she could critique in front of everyone. Yikes! We all left the class humbled since we had entered thinking we weren't so bad. Believe me, after that experience, there were very few "ummmms" in any presentations. The most important thing I learned is that silence is OK. You are allowed to take a mental pause and a breath before speaking. It really helps! If only they could realize how distracting and unpr... Continue Reading


Re: Here are the amish potholders I want to make.

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Those are stunning! The ones I see at my local Amish market are just the traditional square log cabin -- but pretty just the same. Getting a true circle is no easy task. I'd be curious how they are made. Is it an easy pattern to follow? When you complete yours, please post photos! Continue Reading


Re: Calling all quilters! .....I know you are hiding out there....

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I'd love to know about Amish potholders. Haven't seen those. The farmer's market where I shop in the summer is mostly Amish farmers and all the women make the Log Cabin potholder's. I must have 20 in my stash! I think they charge $8 for 2, which seems reasonable to me considering the work involved. Continue Reading

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