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Re: Another day, another toilet-related presenation on QVC

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I think it is reaching the pandemic stage. Noted a story yesterday on G. Paltrow extolling the virtues of "V-steaming." Yes, THAT "V" Who knew that washing was no longer enough. Now, it must be steamed. So, along with all the other items, I'm sure it is just a matter of time before we have all day marathons for V-steamers. Continue Reading


Re: Who drives an old car?

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On 1/30/2015 arrabella said: Got you all beat!! I drive a 1967 Lincoln Mark 4 Cartier series. 67.000 original miles and looks like it just came off the show room floor. Needless to say, has much more style than the cars you can buy today, but doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the new ones have, which I really don't need. Someone always wants to buy it, but this baby's not for sale!! The only bad thing is that's it's never met a gas station that it doesn't love!!! Oh, I bet it's a beauty! Lucky you...enjoy it for many years to come! Continue Reading


Re: Who drives an old car?

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1987 Ford Ranger 100,000 + miles 1988 Ford Thunderbird 75,000+ miles 1964 Studebaker Avanti ??? miles. All have historical tags in MD. The only one that doesn't leave the garage regularly is the Avanti. When the weather is nice, I drive it around to do my errands. It's a great car! Have not had a car payment in over 25 years! Continue Reading


Re: Older Men Pursuing Much Younger Women

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You've gotten some good advice here. Follow it. My sis and I were talking about this once and she laughingly asked, "when do they STOP being interested." When they flat line. Continue Reading


Re: "The stink!" have some couth, QVC, please! (Shoe-pourri)

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Honestly, doing a load of laundry just isn't that much trouble. I cannot imagine spraying a dirty/stinky towel and using it again. Continue Reading


Re: Blinking Luminara?

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The blinking votive has been returned as of yesterday. It was one of the votives using 2 AA batteries. As I said, it continued to blink after I changed batteries so back it went. Hopefully, it will be replaced with a new set of votives. I wrote a note and taped it to the candle and wrote an explanation on the return form. I noted the votives were back in stock so, if I'm lucky, I'll get a return of 4 new votives. I'm not sure I'll buy any more of these candles. I purchased some larger ones from Kohl's over the holidays and that may be it for awhile. They are just too expensive to have... Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone interested in painting

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I took an Annie Sloan chalk-painting class and hope to do a few pieces come summer. A local antique store offered the classes and sold the paint. We worked as a group, and the finished pieces were sold in the store. Pretty clever of the owner. It is a lovely finish, but I think it is one of those things that can be overdone. I'm anxious to get started, but need to wait until I can work on my outside porch. Also, I took a watercolor class years ago and discovered I have no talent for painting artwork. I think some are gifted with an eye for painting dimension, but I am not. I remember ... Continue Reading


Blinking Luminara?

Last Reply by Witchy Woman 1422448210.8 | Started by Witchy Woman in For the Home Talk

Has anyone had any of their Luminara candles begin blinking? I thought the batteries might be low, so I changed them, but it continued to blink. I'm returning the set of votives today (just inside the extended holiday return policy), but I've got to say I'm pretty disappointed in the performance of the candles. They should have more than a few months of life without going haywire. Not sure I'll be purchasing any more of these candles if this is going to be a problem. Continue Reading


Re: Any recommendations for hypothyroid supplements?

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On 1/24/2015 CalmInTheHeart said: On 1/24/2015 Snowpuppy said: I've learned that any attempt at discussing a holistic approach to any medical issue isn't welcome here. Sheesh. I think what we're saying is that ignoring a doctor's advice and just going off on your own to treat this very serious disease is not the smartest thing a person can do. As Ford said, it needs to be taken very seriously and the vast majority of people with it need medication OK ladies, this is my final word and, believe me, I won't be bringing up THIS subject ever again on this board. I'm on medication now and hav... Continue Reading


Re: Any recommendations for hypothyroid supplements?

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On 1/24/2015 chrystaltree said: Talk to your endocrinologist, obviously you know nothing about thyroid conditions. If you did, you'd be more serious about your condition and tinkering with medications. Herbs and supplements are CHEMICALS and they can work against your thyroid meds. Gee, thanks for that slap in the face. Really, I needed that. FYI, I am seeing a doctor and have blood work done twice a year. As I said, I am taking medication prescribed by said doctor and, before I started taking anything I WOULD discuss it with her. I was simply looking for a discussion of what others might b... Continue Reading

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