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I have the bag and all the accessories with palm trees and cars carved into the leather (cannot remember the name!), and it is one of my favorites. Very nostalgic looking and just a beautiful bag. Continue Reading


Re: cornstalks in outside fall decor

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Beautiful! I am drawn to anything autumn and corn stalks are a favorite! Continue Reading


Re: Using Garlands on Fall Mantles

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StElmoQn said: "I liked the simplicity of the one she presented with Mary Beth which was only the maple glittered leaves but don't want to wait for it, so thought maybe I could find something similar locally." Try Walmart. Ours has a lot of autumn items out already and I know I saw a box of very plain and inexpensive maple leave garlands. Continue Reading


Re: Using Garlands on Fall Mantles

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I have an antique, dark mantle with an attached mirror that runs the length of it. The fireplace is dark red brick. I find that a backdrop of just autumn leaves works for almost any type of Fall décor and doesn't take away from the decorations. It adds enough color to call attention, but it does not overwhelm the mantel or individual items. Just my thoughts. Although I've yet to start my decoration, I'm planning on doing a bit of Halloween first, then going for the purely autumn items after October. I have some lovely pheasants I got from Cracker Barrel I think and I add those to ... Continue Reading


Re: Lampe Berger

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Well, I am inspired to give it another try and will purchase some new scents. Perhaps I didn't let it burn long enough, but will give it another go. Continue Reading


Re: OT/CT or Virtual Colonoscopy

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While this is a necessary evil, how you are affected by the prep and procedure is very individual. Lots of people find it all very uneventful, but I was sick from the prep and violently sick from the procedure (likely the stuff used to put me under). I threw up for an hour and spent the rest of the day in bed. I found the whole thing just awful, so for anyone who says it is easy, I would say, "maybe it was for you." Continue Reading


Re: Lampe Berger

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On 9/11/2014 NickNack said: I love my Lampe Bergers! I use them all the time. I buy the Green Apple and Sweet Pear fragrances. They make my entire house smell wonderful. They're definitely worth the money. I've bought different brands of fragrances, though, and thought the other brands were awful. Please share what brand of fragrance that you are using that works! Continue Reading


Re: Lampe Berger

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I bought 2 of these lamps and fragrance last year and was very disappointed in the throw. I used them twice and put them away since I simply could not smell anything. While I don't want a fragrance to overwhelm me, I want to smell something! Just didn't happen. They are sitting unused in my craft area. It was an expensive experiment! Continue Reading


Re: September 11, 2001 My personal story

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Thanks to all for sharing their stories. I cannot imagine the horror of seeing and hearing first hand all that went on. I worked in Washington, DC, at the time and from my building, you could see the smoke from the burning Pentagon. It was surreal. It does not seem possible it has been 13 years. Continue Reading


Re: Hot Yoga

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I have wanted to try this, but the closest studio is about 30 minutes away and I haven't made a point to just get there. However, if you are looking for an intense hour of exercise, you might consider spin. I've been doing it 4-5 times a week for about 2 years and it is my favorite exercise. If I could just work in some weight training I would pat myself on the back. Oh, I'm 63 and was a runner for many years. Still hoping to try Hot Yoga in the near future. Continue Reading

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