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Re: Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker - anyone have this?

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On 2/27/2015 Marienkaefer2 said: I've had this for five years, and I.love it! Same for me. It makes great coffee and the 14 cup capacity works for us. When it breaks, I will buy it again. I think any coffee maker is a dice throw no matter how much you spend. The only pots I haven't really liked are those by Mr. Coffee. It seemed to give the coffee a strange taste. Continue Reading


Re: how to like hardwood floors

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I have hardwood throughout my home -- even the kitchen -- and I love it. I cannot imagine living with wall-to-wall carpet. In the beginning, I was worried about every ding and scratch. Now, I just ignore it and realize that it gives the floors character. Using nice rugs (none of them match) throughout my home keeps things quiet and softens the rooms. I remove those rugs for cleaning now and again. Honestly, I don't even notice dust gathering anywhere, but I do vacuum weekly and mop my kitchen floor and other areas. To me, it's much easier to maintain that carpeting. Continue Reading


Re: Getting cut and bleeding should be an instant disqualification.

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It's funny you mentioned this because, a few days ago, I was wondering to myself why they don't have someone come in, bandage the hand, THEN glove. Seeing the blood through the rubber gloves makes me ill! I know stuff happens in a kitchen, but it's very off-putting. Haven't watched Chopped in a long time, but they were one of the worst for gloving bloody hands. Ick. Sadly, after watching all these cooking shows where they go into dirty kitchens, I have trouble eating in ANY restaurant. Continue Reading


Re: funny dog shaming

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Well, I'm wondering how long the dog waited to go out before pooping. I'm on his side! Continue Reading


Re: every morning a female cardinal flys into our window. I don't know what to do

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On 2/18/2015 kibbi said: We had this problem last year. The cardinal was flying into our windows and our neighbors too. This was from Oct. - mid Jan. We both covered windows with newspaper, sheets and also sprayed that fake snow to white out the windows. He was making a mess on the windows. Nothing worked. It was also annoying to hear the constant thump, thump thump... and sad to see him beat himself up! We had blood on our window. We also tried to catch him with a net to relocate him, that was impossible! What we did was not an answer that some might like. My husband shot him with a bebe gun... Continue Reading


Re: Is anyone watching The Italian Americans series on PBS?

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I'm sorry I missed this. I will try to catch the next episode. Both of my grandparents were from Sicily and came through Ellis Island. Their marriage was arranged. They lived in Brooklyn, NY, most of their lives and were such delightful, crazy people. Worked hard most of their lives -- she as a seamstress and he as a plasterer. I loved hearing them all talk at dinner time. A mix of Italian and American and always a bit loud Their house was on the corner of Avenue U and McDonald Ave. and was alive with activity night and day. My grandfather had a lovely garden in a vacant lot near their... Continue Reading


Re: every morning a female cardinal flys into our window. I don't know what to do

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My house has many windows, but 4 of them seemed to attract the birds to fly into. It made me ill to hear that sound, so I purchased some large but lightweight metal flowers and hung them on wreath hangers on those specific windows. The wreath hangers are thin brass and do not interfere with my closing the windows. Since doing this, I've not had one bird fly into those windows. I've also heard that decals will deter them, so if hanging something on those windows won't work for you, I would try the decals or some of the other suggestions given here. It's terrible to find those little birds st... Continue Reading


Re: Former Fashion Police Host launching clothing line on QVC

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I'm looking at those leggings and trying to imagine anyone thinking it is a good look. What would be the thought process? Wet pants look? Check Highlighting the crotch area? Check Shiny, big thighs? Check. Oh, yes, let's make thousands of those because all we have to do is say they are the next great thing and the women (sheep) will buy. I wouldn't wear these to be cremated in. Continue Reading


Re: Should Bobby Brown say goodbye?

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lulu2, your post made me cry and touched my heart (as it did everyone's). Certainly not an easy thing to share, but thank you for doing so. I cannot imagine your pain and loss, but I am happy there have been other angels after losing little Emma Grace. Bless you and your family. Continue Reading


Re: Suburban NYC railroad Crash

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Sad and tragic. I grew up in a small town with heavy RR traffic. To get from one side of town to another small town nearby, you had to cross multiple tracks. It was a switching center with a round house and trains went back and forth all day. A few came through very fast, but most were just going back and forth in the switching yard. As a young driver, I was taught to never, never NEVER go around the gates and absolutely NEVER stop on the tracks. This was a lesson hammered in to all young drivers in the area. My father was a RR engineer and accidentally hit a car on the track one summer n... Continue Reading

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