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Re: Sometimes I Just Don't Know Why I Bother!

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As I've aged, I use less and less makeup and concentrated on keeping my skin nice. No foundation and just a bit of blush, mascara and lipstick/gloss. Now and again I use pale eye shadow. At 63, it is easy too easy to look "made up" rather than attractive. Every time I start adding on things, I realize it doesn't to anything to make me look better. For me, less is definitely more. Continue Reading


Re: Who saw Grumpy Cat on the 1 PM (EDT) show?

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I love her real name -- Tardar Sauce -- and she is precious to look at. Her little face is also on the Party Mix cat treats. My big boy kitties are all heavy weights, so she looks like a little miniature cat to me! Continue Reading


Re: Red Lilly Beetle...ugh

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I am considering filling in a planting area with day lilies and wondering if these pests are in Maryland. Honestly, I have all but given up on planting anything between the deer and insects. Even my English Ivy, which is impervious to almost everything has become a side salad for the deer. Anything else is attacked by slugs and other destructive insects. Sevin is the only solution for most. Continue Reading


Re: Cilantro question.

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Have NEVER had luck with cilantro or parsley. It never thrives and just doesn't seem to lend itself to picking and using over a long period like basil. Not to mention some little insect or slug getting to the plants before I can. Our stores carry bundles of it year around so I just buy it when I need it rather than aggravate myself trying to grow it. Continue Reading


Re: little Sylvia had a dental today

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She will feel better tomorrow, but I understand your feelings. If I could stand in for my kitties dental work, I would do it. I hate taking them to the Vet and dental work is the worst. It just breaks my heart to leave them. I had a vet visit today for rabies shots and that was bad enough. The fact that she is eating is great and we all know it helps them be healthier and happier! Continue Reading


Re: Mother of baby killed in hot car

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As much as I tried NOT to hear or see anything about this case, I accidentally caught a glimpse of the mother and father. All I could think is, if that baby had been mine, I would be out of my mind with grief, inconsolable, unable to walk or eat or think. I would need to be sedated. I realize everyone grieves differently, but I honestly don't know how they can even function after this. Just like I cannot imagine how they could have done this on purpose. It's just beyond understanding for me. Rest peace, sweet baby. Continue Reading


Re: What NOT to wear!

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On 7/7/2014 mtnbikegirl said: OMG! That's so mean!! I recently wore my Isaac floral cardigan (chrysanthemum-blue/purple) to an evening beach party with white jeans and a Susan Graver purple LK top. I got so many compliments. I don't own any Logo, but I like the look. I see a lot of these pieces EVERYWHERE. Listen to the models when they are wearing Logo. They all say how much they own of her pieces. They don't say that about any other line. The models wear every line on QVC, and flip over LOGO every time! Those blues up against white are beautiful! I'll bet you looked lovely. Continue Reading


Re: Colleen Lopez Pretty in Paradise Maxi Dress on Hsn

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I don't have it, but wanted to tell you how lovely I think it is. The black is stunning and the prints are so summery. My lifestyle is mostly very casual and I'm not sure I'd ever have a chance to wear it. Hope you enjoy it! Continue Reading


Re: Feeling unsafe when on walks

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Not 5 minutes from my house is a lovely walking/biking trail. When it first opened, I rode it from end to end many times without much concern. It was absolutely wonderful to have an area away from traffic that went through farmland and woods. Fast forward a couple of years and a murder took place on another trail about 6 miles from my home. A women taking a late afternoon run was attacked and murdered by a man. It was random and a robbery, but it really ruined my ability to ride or walk any trail by myself again. I feel sad and defeated sometimes that women, especially, must always be on ... Continue Reading


Re: Liz Lang copies LOGO!

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I wore what is now called a "shark bite" top to my wedding shower in 1970. Probably long before Liz or Lorie started doing it. The materials were lots of smaller prints, but the style was identical. Continue Reading

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