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Re: Do you find this photo of Bethenny Frankel shocking?

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Maybe she will eventually just disappear. We can always hope. Continue Reading


Re: 18 Weird & (sometimes embarrassing) Habits All Cat Owners Are Guilty of Having ;-)

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Guilty of some. And, I already have my will drafted to make sure my cats are taken care of. In fact, the house cannot be sold until the last cat dies. The insurance money is to be used for their care. I have given instructions to my husband, sister, niece on what to do. Maybe I'm crazy, but it made me feel better! Continue Reading


Re: The Cat-Calling Video "Experiment"

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When I was working in downtown DC I used to run daily. Many times, my runs would take me past men working on the streets or buildings. I found if I could make eye contact first and say, "hello" or "pretty day" or something before anyone could have a chance to say anything, it stopped most of the comments before they started. While I do not enjoy or condone rude remarks from guys on the street, I knew that they were bound to say something if I acted put off. So I didn't. I held my head high and said something to THEM first. I know this does not stop some guy intent on being a jerk, but ... Continue Reading


Re: What is the name of that movie with Gloria Swanson?

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That is a favorite movie and Carol's version is a scream! There is a scene where Gloria S. gives William H. a cigarette case engraved with, "Mad About the Boy." Love it! Such a fabulous movie in every way. I've seen it many times and watch it whenever it comes on. Continue Reading


Re: O/T anyone here use yahoo email?

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I use Yahoo email and have nothing but problems for over a week. I get a message saying I don't have the latest version of IE (I do). I cannot switch from the version of email (basic I presume) even though I previously had the other version. I've explored solutions/suggestions given on their community website and tried a few. None worked. Contacted customer care and they were no help in that they told me it appeared I was using IE 7 (I'm not). Gave a few other suggestions. I've deleted the mail out of frustration. Why bother? Viewing/opening it in Chrome worked, but I still don't unders... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone else upset with DishTv and losing Turner stations?

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TCM was one of the FEW channels I did watch. And, I like CNN. Sent an email to dish and got a canned response. We get hundreds of channels, but watch a handful. Wish they allowed purchase of individual channels rather than all the useless viewing. The ONLY reason we have sat. TV is we cannot get ANY channels without it. We are way back in the woods, and the cost of Cable TV is prohibitive. They came back once to look at running the cable and they seemed stumped as to what to do. We have Netflix, but that doesn't help with local news. I am ready to throw it all out and just watch video... Continue Reading


Re: Hair loss

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Since you asked for recommendations from others, here are mine. I am not a WEN user, but based on my experience and age (63), I've found: Aging does seem to mean hair loss/thinning for some of us. Add to that hormonal changes and maybe even thyroid issues and it all adds up to bodily changes including hair and skin. My hair has thinned a bit, but I've been taking bioidentical hormones for several years and that does seem to help. I also take thyroid medicine and I've been using Andrew Lessman's Hair, Skin and Nails for at least 8 years. All of these things seem to have slowed the hair loss.... Continue Reading


Re: I am SOOOOO tired of Halloween, and it's still

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On 10/24/2014 Shorty2U said: Picture this; Halloween is your birthday and youre pushing up near 60 but not quite there yet and you have to hear Halloween this, Halloween that till you want to scream! That's me. lol. My bday is on Halloween, used to love it now hate BUT I am going to party anyway and greet all 200 ghosts and goblins (trick or treaters) that come to our door next week and treat them with candy and smile for my family who all love Halloween. (If you cant beat em join em!). So I say Happy Halloween to all! PS) Cute dogs :-) My birthday is also Halloween and I've always ... Continue Reading


Re: IMAN Boot-cut Stretch Pant TS & 4-Way Coat

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I probably won't buy anything, but I love listening to Iman. She's lovely and smart. She and David B. seem to have been married for a long time and I've wondered to myself what he thinks about all of this. Sure wish he would stop by while she is on set! I also wonder if these fabulously rich women really wear their own items in public. Iman is one smart business woman and seems to do quite well with her line. Continue Reading


Re: More than 100 Sears and Kmart stores to close

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No surprise. Both stores have been beaten into the dirt. I was recently in the last Kmart in my area and felt sad for the employees. The store was almost empty except for a handful of shoppers. The inventory looked tired and disheveled. The same store was a bee hive of activity and shoppers when they carried the Martha Stewart brand. I loved going there way back when, but now, it is just too depressing. They haven't remodeled in forever and it's just dingy. Both stores were fabulous in their day, but I guess this is just how it goes anymore. I remember when the last Woolworth in the ar... Continue Reading

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