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Re: The ARCH in downtown St. Louis is going to be cleaned.....

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I worked in the Mansion House Apartments (not sure if they are still called this) when the Arch was being built. It was fascinating watching the progress and seeing the riverfront transformed. Such a beautiful sight when it was finished! However, I never took the ride to the top until I was visiting my parents many years later (I moved East at 21). My husband and I went up there on a windy day and yikes, it really swayed back and forth, but the view was spectacular! I dated a young man who was an aviator and used to talk about flying his small plane under the Arch! He never did, but I do ... Continue Reading


Re: For you Wegman's fans-Met Danny Wegman today

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I'm in Southern Maryland and would love to have a Wegmans closer than the one in Landover, which is probably close to an hour's drive. We have many Giant and Safeway stores close by. In VA, they have Trader Joes and Whole Foods -- but I'm reluctant to drive an hour or more just to shop for two people . One of these afternoons I'm going to schedule a trip just to see what I'm missing! Continue Reading


Re: This year's holiday stamps

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Count me in as another stamp lover. I frequently order from USPS website so I can get exactly what I want. Check it out. They had some beautiful "Farmers' Market" and bird stamps...winter flowers and other lovely, colorful issues. Call me a dinosaur, but I still write letters on lovely paper and often try to match my stamps to those colors. It's just one of life's small pleasures. Attention to detail! Continue Reading


Re: Are day lilies and asiatic lilies poisonous to cats?

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Well, thanks to all who took the time to check it out. I was being lazy! Looks like I won't be planting all those tiger lilies now. I have 5 kitties and they frequently like to lounge around in this flower bed, so I have to say no to lilies. I wouldn't want to take any chances with my boys! Continue Reading


Are day lilies and asiatic lilies poisonous to cats?

Last Reply by Boostaboosta Werk 1413615941.873 | Started by Witchy Woman in In the Garden

I thought I read this some time ago, and was just looking to fill one of my flowerbeds with tiger lilies and/or Asiatic lilies. Has anyone heard that the pollen from these might be poisonous to cats? So if my boys were to walk in the flower bed (which they would), I would be worried about the pollen getting on their fur and them licking it off. Am I mistaken? Continue Reading


Re: Is your home built on a crawl space?

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We built our own home and since DH knows (almost) everything about building, he insisted that we build a concrete "crawl space." That is, the house has a foundation, then about a 4 foot space between the house and the floor joists. That space is poured concrete and the air stays reasonably controlled (there are heat and AC vents), so there is no dampness, mold, etc. We did not want a basement, so only have a small space where the mechanical equipment lives. DH had seen enough old homes on dirt crawl spaces and insisted that we have a clean, dry space to build on. As for me, I insisted we... Continue Reading


Re: News Pioneer Woman

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On 10/7/2014 Sooner said: She lives in Oklahoma and yes, grocery stores here are sad. I don't know of a wonderful one. Maybe Tulsa has one, but I doubt it seriously. Not being snotty here, but I am sincerely curious why this might be the case? I live outside Washington, DC, and grocery stores out here are sometimes fabulous. I'm thankful, but is it an East Coast thing? Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: The second shoe dropped.

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So very sorry for this terrible news in your life. A little prayer already said. It seems to be everywhere and is frightening for all of us. No one seems "safe." Hope it all turns out fine for your daughter-in-law. Continue Reading


Re: Tired of sticky skincare serums

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On 9/30/2014 Montana said: On 9/30/2014 Witchy Woman said: ... Right now, I'm using Isomers, which I feel is a quality line, but by the time I apply one or two, my face is so tacky I can hardly stand it... Which Isomers serums are you using? I mix Copper P with the Vitamin C Serum and it does not feel sticky to me. Maybe because the Copper P is very thin. I normally use 2 of the following 3 morning and night. I have eye specific serums I add and Wrinkle Viper. It seems to me the Matrixyl is the culprit, but I don't want to stop using it. Matrixyl 20% H Pur 100 Advanced Copper P Concentra... Continue Reading


Tired of sticky skincare serums

Last Reply by NickNack 1412252255.507 | Started by Witchy Woman in Beauty Banter

While I have invested in skincare that uses serums, I find myself wishing they weren't so sticky on my face. Right now, I'm using Isomers, which I feel is a quality line, but by the time I apply one or two, my face is so tacky I can hardly stand it. I'm officially done with buying serums because of this issue. I know it's not the end of the world, but I find myself just wanting something on my face that is soothing, moisturizing and NOT sticky! Continue Reading

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