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Re: Found some cute casual pieces at LOFT last night

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Sounds like you got some fabulous deals! Good for you. I just checked their website, and I see they have several print linen "slouchy" tees -- one in a tropical print is quite lovely. But I'm wondering about how those fit. I like tops lose in the summer and my concern is those would shrink. Of course, I could always size up. Never bought a thing from the Loft, but I do like the looks of their clothing. Very classy and subtle. Continue Reading


Re: How would you handle this situation - regarding overnight reservations

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On 5/16/2015 Marienkaefer2 said: In regards to the original question, at this point after contacting them verbally and via email, I would consider the res cancelled. I wouldn't think about it again. If a charge appears on your next statement, call your cc company and dispute it. You have proof that you cancelled. This is how I would have responded and I own a small B&B. After speaking with you, I would have emailed a note saying something like, "as you requested, your reservations for such and such a date has been cancelled." I understand that some people like all the details covered (I ... Continue Reading


Re: Cat Lovers - Rescue Kitty Eve is in pre-labor - Come watch and chat

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Witchy Woman...I'm amazed at Shelly also and what she went through to get that room set up for Sloane...Last evening, I was so worried for her when she went in with the cardboard shield to move the babies over to the blanketed area...Sloane took that quite well though and it looked like she was going to settle in with her babies there just fine, although she did seem quite restless to me...She, obviously, feels more secure in the more natural outdoor setting. I remember your mentioning that you have five cats...I was wondering, when you mentioned that they love sleeping in the mulch and dir... Continue Reading


Re: Cat Lovers - Rescue Kitty Eve is in pre-labor - Come watch and chat

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I'm trying to imagine dragging all that stuff into my home (as Shelly has done.) She is truly devoted to these animals and really shows that every day. I was hoping Sloane would stay in the soft, clean nests, but my own cats often happily spend time sleeping in the mulch and dirt outside my house. I guess the little bugs don't bother them! Soane is so beautiful -- but will never be a house cat. Continue Reading


Re: Well, I'm glad he cleared all that up.

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I'm sure it is hard not to speculate, but I do wish public officials would hold their tongues. My father was an engineer on a freight train and until the day he died, he would recount the accident that had occurred one night when he hit a car on the tracks. They were all drunk and had no idea they were even sitting on a train track -- thankfully, no one was killed, but my father was haunted by the scene for the rest of his life. I'm hoping they show that this young man is not at fault, but I guess it is human nature to want to place blame. Continue Reading


Re: I would like to have this Iman tote

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I've not bought anything from her line, but she is a kick to watch. However, I do wonder if she wears her own line when I am sure she is very used to the highest end of everything. Guess you cannot blame her for wanting the best. Continue Reading


Re: I love my new gold earrings by Oro Nuovo!!

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So glad you like them -- isn't that a great feeling? I was very tempted, but....decided that I didn't need to spend the money right now. The shape is very graceful and I like that it covered the piercing -- very pretty. Wear them in good health! Continue Reading


Re: TSV Cooks Essentials

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Got mine yesterday and unpacked them this morning. They are washed and hung on my potracks. I got rid of all the pans I was not using that had gathered dust just hanging. I do like the dark purple and they are very nice. As I've mentioned, I don't view this as lifetime cookware, but I think I'll enjoy the nonstick. Continue Reading


Re: Frizzy Hair....Need Help

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I have tried many, many, MANY products from the cheapest to the high end. Nothing really fully stopped the frizzies. Oh, some make it less pouffy, but never fully defrizzed If you have truly frizzy hair, it is likely there isn't a product that will really work against humidity. I've done a keratin treatment and it was just ok, but hard on my hair. Won't do that again. Nothing really defrizzed me until I had a salon depouffing with a product by Pravana. I think it is called Pravana Smoothing Treatment. I've seen the products for sale online, but it is most sold to salons and, quite honestly, I... Continue Reading


Re: TSV Cooks Essentials

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On 5/9/2015 circles said: did any of you receive your TSV....I did on Friday...three days it took to get here...wow...fast....I love it...bought the yellow....such a neat color...I like it better then I thought I would...and its not light weight...which surprised me... I have it all washed and put in the cupboards...except for two pieces I have on the stove so I can see how pretty it is when I go in the kitchen...haha.... Glad you like your set. Yellow was a great color! Mine shows it was shipped 5/8, so I am waiting. Ordered the eggplant color. Been wanting to replace a number of my older ... Continue Reading

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