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Moving flame candles from Mystique

Started by Witchy Woman in For the Home Talk 1418933777.11

These look like Luminara candles and are 40% off on the site. Has anyone every tried them? Continue Reading


Target's annoying commercials

Last Reply by traveler 1418665177.393 | Started by Witchy Woman in Viewpoints

Have been playing nonstop. They must have spent a million dollars in advertising. It is LOST on me. Did they try to make them extra annoying this year? If so, they succeeded. Continue Reading


Re: Just got a WONDERFUL comforter from HSN

In For the Home Talk 1418392177.217

That is really a lovely comforter! I really like JB things, but have yet to purchase. I like plaids, but haven't incorporated them into my home. Having a nice comforter changes your whole bedroom, doesn't it? Enjoy your new purchase. Continue Reading


Re: Needed More Luminara Window Candles

In Candles 1418391973.553

On 12/6/2014 colliegirls said: Anyone else enjoying their Luminaras this season?? I purchased some for the first time when Q had the 4 piece smaller candles on. I've resisted for a long time, but when I put them on my mantel around the greenery, I was so delighted with how they looked. It's such a small thing, really, but little flickering candles really help lift your mood sometimes! Of course, I want more now, which isn't a good thing since I want to "declutter." Continue Reading


Re: Moved to Mexico to Retire?? Know anyone??

In For the Home Talk 1418215843.61

On 12/9/2014 Still Raining said: I have an ex in Peru, but the theory is that its because they don't have an extradition treaty. Nearly choked on my coffee. You are too funny! Continue Reading


Re: Tragic Loss of Six in Plane Crash Today

In Viewpoints 1418154878.547

I am in Maryland, so this is local news for me. So very sad -- and unexpected -- I just couldn't watch the coverage. Beyond my understanding why such things happen in life. Continue Reading


Re: RIP Ken Weatherwax, aka Pugsley Addams

In Viewpoints 1418154684.18

I saw this story, but never watched the show. Nevertheless, 59 is too young to die! I see his uncle was Rudd Weatherwax, Lassie's trainer. The name is so unusual. Continue Reading


Re: The case of the green cat

In Viewpoints 1418150347.243

This upsets me and cannot be good for the cat. I know, I know....there are thousands, perhaps millions of cats that suffer a more terrible fate. Cats can appear "well fed" and be full of parasites, and they can look healthy and be in dire shape. Teeth and gums offer cause terrible trouble that isn't always visible. I'm sorry I know about this now. Just one more thing. Continue Reading


Re: ALERT for kitty fanciers & fanatics: a new way to do some good :)

In Viewpoints 1418075013.153

Thanks for posting. I normally give to Best Friends and Pet Smart, but I'll take a look at this organization. Love kitties! Continue Reading



In Viewpoints 1418038742.517

I've never bought anything from Iman's line, but, for some reason, I get a kick out of watching her now and again. I think she is rather a low-key woman, or, maybe, she is just bored . Joy, on the other hand, s u c k s all the air out of the room when she is on. No one gets a word in between her shrieks and gasps. She is successful, yes, but annoying beyond words to watch. I bought her hangars many years ago when they first came out and they are fine, but I've not seen one other thing she's come up with that I want. It's obvious, however, that she doesn't need my purchases to make her ... Continue Reading

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