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Re: Stop with the umm.....

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This habit can be broken, but it takes practice. Years ago, I worked with a "presentation coach" who was brutal. She was critical of everyone in the class and taped our presentations so she could critique in front of everyone. Yikes! We all left the class humbled since we had entered thinking we weren't so bad. Believe me, after that experience, there were very few "ummmms" in any presentations. The most important thing I learned is that silence is OK. You are allowed to take a mental pause and a breath before speaking. It really helps! If only they could realize how distracting and unpr... Continue Reading


Re: Here are the amish potholders I want to make.

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Those are stunning! The ones I see at my local Amish market are just the traditional square log cabin -- but pretty just the same. Getting a true circle is no easy task. I'd be curious how they are made. Is it an easy pattern to follow? When you complete yours, please post photos! Continue Reading


Re: Calling all quilters! .....I know you are hiding out there....

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I'd love to know about Amish potholders. Haven't seen those. The farmer's market where I shop in the summer is mostly Amish farmers and all the women make the Log Cabin potholder's. I must have 20 in my stash! I think they charge $8 for 2, which seems reasonable to me considering the work involved. Continue Reading


Re: Calling all quilters! .....I know you are hiding out there....

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I learned to quilt long ago and had tons of fabric, rotary cutters, cutting mats, etc. Sadly, I realized that the time spent could never be appreciated by anyone but ME, and I just gave it up. As beautiful as they are and can be, the amount of time I had to invest was just overwhelming. I'm in awe of women who continue this wonderful art! I gave all my quilting fabric (and it WAS considerable) and just stopped sewing all together. Think I got burned out. Used to machine piece and quilt. It's just a lot of work! All this was done in a time when you couldn't find anything but handmade qu... Continue Reading


Re: How do you feel about kids playing on top of Memorials?

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I worked in DC and was walking distance from this area. When I ran at lunchtime, most runners (including me) observed signs to not run in this area. However, it was nothing to see pictures like the one shown with children all over the things. Additionally, many of the memorials that had water features served as wading pools in the summer for the kids and babies. So much so, that they finally put up signs asking tourists to not let their kids, babies, dogs play in the water. I saw many a baby with a loaded diaper splashing around in the water at the FDR memorial. And, while I'm at it, another ... Continue Reading


Re: It's official-Downton Abbey will end after Season 6

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On 3/26/2015 ballyk said: On 3/26/2015 TaxyLady said: Well I will be sad, but the British will come up with something else. I know Fellows is working on a project for PBS. I hear they are re-doing Poldark also. I have all the DVD's so I can revisit Downton when I have the urge to do so. I watched a PBS season preview last week and Pol dark was part of it. Loved the original one and hope this is as good. Oh, wasn't Poldark fab in a strange kind of way? I adored it! I'm curious, your name is ballyk -- were you a fan of Ballykissangel, too? We are in the process of watching the series for the... Continue Reading


Re: Coach - popular TV show with Craig T. Nelson coming back

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I used to love this show! But as it went on, I lost interest. Is Jerry Van Dyke still around? He was so funny and so goofy, and was a perfect foil for Nelson. Shelly F. has always been a favorite. Remember her song, "Johnny Angel"? Continue Reading


Re: Fear of Flying Post Germanwings Crash--Increased, Decreased or Unchanged

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On 3/26/2015 MomOf4 said: Considering I taught flying for 10 years, I don't think anything could make me afraid of flying, commercial or otherwise. It is one of the greatest joys of my life!! Oh, I wish we could do a mind meld the next time I need to fly! I took flying lessons, but didn't get my license because I could not navigate AND fly without getting terribly sick. I just gave up. And, even though I dated a commercial pilot who assured me I was very safe, I could not get past my fears. Any required flying now requires a lot of work to stay calm when I get on the plane. It may be an irr... Continue Reading


Re: Can Men and Women only be Friends?

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There is a book titled "Not Just Friends" about emotional relationships. While I think it is possible to have a friend of the opposite $ex, I think most parties know when it has crossed the line from friendship -- but there is a tendency to ignore/deny it. As someone who endured an "emotional affair" I would be very cautious about my spouse having someone who was just a "friend." But, that's just been my experience. Continue Reading


Re: I guess this style is everywhere! This was in a Blair catalog for $29.95!

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Not a bad look, but I'm not sure how it would look around the hip area. I'm not that broad, but not extremely thin. Concerned that it would widen the view Continue Reading

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