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Re: What Is The Best Spiral Ham

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427373168.9

Thank you everyone. I just called my local Trader Joe's and the hams are already in. Can you freeze this type go ham? Continue Reading


Re: What Is The Best Spiral Ham

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427370236.553

Are the Trader Joe's hams salty? I don't want a ham that has a lot of salt in it. Continue Reading


What Is The Best Spiral Ham

Last Reply by FastDogWalker2 1427454560.823 | Started by cuddlesmama in Kitchen & Food Talk

I usually buy Cornado for the Holidays and I do like it but was wondering is there one that is better than this one. Thanks Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1426955726.733

Are her kits really worth the money? Soo expensive! Continue Reading


Re: Buyer Beware-So mad right now!!!

In Beauty Banter 1426955603.277

I returned a Nutri Bullet because the fist time I used it it broke. I called HSN and they said they would send me a label to put on the box and would be free shipping to return. They kept to there word I did get the label and didn't pay a dime to ship it back and I didn't want another one. There was no problem. This was last summer. Sorry, to hear about your experience. Continue Reading


Re: Disney Store Doesn't Offer Boxes?

In Among Friends 1426955418.263

Yep, thats what I will do! Continue Reading


I Just Received An Automated Phone Call From The IRS And Said Am Being Sued!

Last Reply by Mothertrucker 1426934793.03 | Started by cuddlesmama in Viewpoints

The phone number that they left is not an IRS number I just looked it up. Is this considered Idenity Fraud to Theft? Should I report this? I am going to check out the Equifax, Experian and Trans Union and see if they has been unusual activity. And how did they get my number it is unlisted.Has this ever happened to you or anyone else you know? Continue Reading


Disney Store Doesn't Offer Boxes?

Last Reply by lovescats 1427029233.37 | Started by cuddlesmama in Among Friends

I am so surprised! I bought a purse for a gift and now I have to hunt down for a box. I even heard they are charging at the parks now for the boxes. Boy they are getting more expensive and getting cheaper. I remember when I went to Disney years ago we got a box for even item we purchased and not charged a dime. Continue Reading


Re: Corned Beef & Cabbage cooked in a Reynolds oven bag

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426595503.397

I wish I had used these bags. I wrapped up the meat in foil and folded it well so I thought and all of the juice seeped out all over the baking sheet so my delicious topping I put on it all drained out, it did taste good but was so disappointed what happened to the juice. Next year I will get the bag. Continue Reading


Re: Can you freeze corned beef in the package?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426595306.31

I froze mine when I bought it last week and cooked it yesterday and it was fine. Continue Reading

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