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Re: Neutral Look

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On 9/6/2014 Poodlepet said: Butterfly, I would say I am fair to medium with some yellow under tones. I still use brown liner, but I switched to a more intense brown. Navy and gray are "go to " liners. I wear black only at night. Laura Heller has a beautiful set of gel liners that go on like butter and don't run or smear in our southwest Florida heat. The only shade that I can't see me wearing is this odd aqua/ teal shade. I gravitate towards brown and taupe shadows, but liner works miracles. As for blushes, I was using brownish understated blushes, and I thought looked ok, but once she put so... Continue Reading


Re: E-Bay Problems

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After writing this it dawned on me that I had to change my password and when I went to sign in with my new password it wouldn't work so I signed in as a guest. That explains why I can't leave feedback. I had to notify the person I purchased from and explain why I couldn't leave any feedback. That really stinks as I always love to do that for people. In the meantime my password is now working with no problem. Thanks for responding. Continue Reading


E-Bay Problems

Last Reply by dooBdoo 1410585549.767 | Started by Butterfly12 in Viewpoints

I never had a problem leaving feed back before on e-bay and I have been buying from them for years. I went to leave feedback for an item that I received and it wasn't even listed. The only item it shows is an item I won on and I haven't even received it yet. I tried to contact the seller to say I can't find a way to leave feedback and when I do I enter my e-bay information (name) to continue and it says I an not the buyer (Yes I am) or the seller. I can't even find a way to e-mail e-bay. Has anyone else had these problems recently?TIA Continue Reading


Stressful Morning At The Hairdressser

Last Reply by imaclotheshog 1410448029.413 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

I went to this new hairdresser 8 weeks ago and loved the haircut she gave me . She was in no hurry took her time and I left very happy. I made an appointment for 8 weeks to have a trim. Well I went to her today and my haircut was fine but she was constantly leaving me to help with a perm, them another hairdresser said they were all on Facebook so she again left me to go see the Facebook page and then she had to find a gel to put in my hair and that took forever. And she is the owner! Boy talk about being unprofessional. I guess I will be looking for another hairdresser. I could of left muc... Continue Reading


Does Anyone Know If" Revlon Mauve It Over "Lipstick Has Been Discontinued?

Last Reply by Tinkrbl44 1410277637.457 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

It looks like a real pretty Mauve online but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone here know if it has been discontinued? TIA Continue Reading


Re: What Is Your Favorite Mauve Lipstick?

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Thanks ladies. I better check this lipstick out seeing both of you ladies are bragging about it. Thanks. I also love clinique lipsticks. Continue Reading


What Is Your Favorite Mauve Lipstick?

Last Reply by Azcowgirl 1410552753.18 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

I am medium s kin tone with yellow undertones. I have never bought a Mauve lipstick but not sure what shade I would look good in. Anyone with my skin tone wear Mauve lipstick Continue Reading


Re: Neutral Look

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On 9/5/2014 Poodlepet said: I tried it for a number of years because I didn't want to look "made up". One day I went to a new salon and the owner had just hired a cosmologists who had nothing better to do, so she asked me if I wanted to play....well, it was a revelation. I did not realize how washed out I looked. She gave me neutral colors except for two things. I had been wearing brown eye liner because once again, I didn't want to look made up. Switching to navy or gray made my eyes pop. There are certain shades of green liner that looks phenomenal with soft brown shadow-and it's still unde... Continue Reading

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