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Re: Where is Mally's Holiday 10 piece Starlight Eyeliner Set???

In Mally 1417034106.283

She is not having a 10 piece this year she is only offering a 5 piece eyeliner set. It is in under New Mally. Continue Reading


Re: Looking For A Makeup Travel Kit Any Suggestions?

In Beauty Banter 1416930735.003

Thanks so much everyone I will check these out! I did see the one on yesterday bare minerals but they never said if the eyeshadows and blush were shimmer or not . It is really pretty though. Continue Reading


Is The Glitz and Glam Collection Only Sold On QVC?

Last Reply by Meeras 1416937836.707 | Started by Butterfly12 in bareMinerals

I called my local Bare Minerals store and she didn't know anything about the kit, and said they just get deliveries and never know what they are getting. Continue Reading


Re: Anymore Bobbi Brown shows?

In Beauty Banter 1416921507.997

Its funny you mention this. She was scheduled one day last week in the insider schedule but it wasn't on in its place was something else. Continue Reading


Looking For A Makeup Travel Kit Any Suggestions?

Last Reply by Sooner 1416963964.973 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

I don't like traveling with a ton of makeup so I am looking for a palette with eyeshadows, a blush a brush for eyeshadows and mascara. I have looked and really can't find anything maybe you gals have one that you love to travel with. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Rose eye shadow

In bareMinerals 1416910671.603

Pur Minerals at Ulta has a rose matt palette. Emilynoel82 has a review on it on youtube. Continue Reading


Re: 12.0 Convertible Eye Shadow Kit Anyone Have This Kit?

In bareMinerals 1416856151.403

On 11/24/2014 makupnut said: I just watched the video from last nights presentation. They do a close up on the shades and then they have the models in each set of the 3 colors. You can tell that way too. I just checked mine and none are matte. They have a sheen to them but I wouldn't say shimmer. If you have the loose Glimpse shades I would say sorta like those but not like a loose Glimmer shade. HTH Thank you so much makupnut that really helped!! Continue Reading


Re: 12.0 Convertible Eye Shadow Kit Anyone Have This Kit?

In bareMinerals 1416847549.917

On 11/24/2014 Lally said: I called Bare Escentuals yesterday asking if they could tell me which shadows were matte and which were glittery. The girl was super nice, but couldn't really give me an answer. So, I'm hoping someone will share that info during a presentation. I can't wear sparkle and glitter even in the dark. :) I am so over shimmer or sparkle maybe for the very young or if you are onstage but come on how many ladies do I see with shimmer on especially older women NONE! And I can't believe the office didn't have the info to tell you especially when they know it is a TSV?They shou... Continue Reading


Re: 12.0 Convertible Eye Shadow Kit Anyone Have This Kit?

In bareMinerals 1416847430.473

On 11/24/2014 makupnut said: Hi. I own this. I got mine from Ulta. Here's their description: Base: Chart Topper (pewter silk) Hard to Get (ballet slipper pink) Pizzazz (golden ivory) Shiver (iced lilac) Crease: Fantasy (rosy mauve) Elixir (luxe lilac) Bewilder (sparkling sand) Admire (gilded moss) Liner: Stiletto (plum chocolate) Mystify (antique lavender) Connoisseur (golden copper) Couture (glimmering clove) (0.05 oz. each) There should be a video from last nights show and maybe Jessica and Lisa showed them better. Thanks I saw the description but its still not telling me which ones have sh... Continue Reading


Re: 55 and pale

In Laura Geller 1416839502.557

On youtube HotandFlashy has hooded eyes and did a tutorial on how not to make them look so hooded and also Robert Jones MUA has a eye tutorial for hooded eyes. This may help with eyeshadow application.Check it out! Continue Reading

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