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Re: Dog Warts

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I am not even sure it is a wart like the vet said as it is growing out and only attached to one area to his face the rest of it lifts up from his face. I read about vitamin E and have been putting that on but he rubs it off with is paw I guess he doesn't like the feel of it but the wart itself doesn't seem to bother him. I think I will be seeking another vet as this vet that I have been seeing for years is older now and all he seem to do is talk about himself! Like he just spend $9,000 dollars for hearing aids and his trips etc. Continue Reading


Re: kitchen sinks?

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On 8/31/2014 terrier3 said: When I remodeled, I got a large white farmhouse sink. It looks a lot like the one below...except my shaker style cabinets are moss green. I LOVE it. I previously had a double stainless sink...they are tough to keep looking they were too small to be practical. I can even wash the dog in this one. I actually had the garbage disposal removed. I throw garbage once or twice a day and didn't use it enough to keep it. I love the farmhouse sink. If I were to remodel my kitchen this is the exact one I would get even the faucet!! Then of course I would change ... Continue Reading


Re: kitchen sinks?

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On 8/31/2014 luvthatboxer said: I have a stainless steel one with the divider in the middle. I hate it. The stainless is all scratched and the divider makes it hard to was larger items like my crock pot bowl or the container in my electric turkey fryer. I'm not sure what I will go with next time, but I know for sure what I won't. I love the farmhouse sink. If I were to do my kitchen over that is exactly the one I would have even with that faucet.And of course I would have to change the cabinets also more in the farmhouse style. Thanks for posting that picture. Continue Reading


Does Anyone Here Not Use An Eyeliner Pencil And Uses E/S Powder Instead?

Last Reply by HappyDaze 1409159974.87 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

I just started using eyeshadow powder for an eyeliner ( not on the waterline) and am surprised how easy it goes on smooth and not choppy like a eye pencil can do and stays on all day!! I wish I had tried this years ago I wouldn't of wasted so much money on eyeliner pencils. Continue Reading


Re: To Make Stuffed Peppers Do You Par Bil Your Peppers?

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How long do you bake them for and what temp? Continue Reading


To Make Stuffed Peppers Do You Par Bil Your Peppers?

Last Reply by Carmie 1409110091.743 | Started by Butterfly12 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I always boiled my peppers for making stuffed peppers but the lady I work with says she never boils her peppers first she just stuffs them and bakes and they come out soft. Every recipe says par boil first does anyone here not boil the peppers? Continue Reading


Do You Drink Smoothies? What Is Your Favorite

Last Reply by ROMARY 1409105419.12 | Started by Butterfly12 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I love smoothies and have one every day for breakfast. My favorite right now is 5 raw almonds 1 apple 1banana 1 container 6oz container plain greek yogurt 1/2 cup milk or almond milk 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.2 ice cubes Blend all together List your favorite. I am always looking for new smoothie recipes. Continue Reading


Re: The Pink Cookie taken off the school menu after 40 years. Anybody have the recipe??

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The recipe is all over the internet. Momlaughs has the recipe parred down. Continue Reading


Re: High Cholesterol - How to eat, etc.

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I also have high cholesterol and it runs in my family My father died at the age of 48 from a heart attack which I am sure his cholesterol was high but in those days it wasn't checked. When I found out I had high cholesterol I gave up all sugar products which is junk food. I eat a very healthy diet and feel so much better and my cholesterol came way down. I also picked up tis book I got from the Library and liked it so much I bought it on e-bay. It is called" Cholesterol Down" by Janet Bond Brill,Ph.D R.D it is a great book and very easy reading and has helped me a lot. You really need to kee... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Here Have A Nutri Bullet? Help!!

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On 8/7/2014 Butterfly12 said: On 8/7/2014 NYCGRL said: I sent mine back - mine leaked too. HSN reimbursed me my shipping charges with spendable kash. It cost me $30 to send it back. It doesn't come with a pre-paid label. I called HSN and CS said they would send me a label to ship it back. If I have to pay to have it shipped back I am going to call them and that would be my last time buying something from them. They should send it back and the charge be on them. I'll see what happens. I just got my shipping label in the mail today and it was a prepaid label. I was worried after reading the p... Continue Reading

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