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I have a Sheltie that I resuced from a group home that was abusing him. He is such a great dog. We got him only a few months old and now he is 12 years old. Such a great and gentle dog. Love,Love him. I would recommend to anyone to get a sheltie. Continue Reading


Re: ? about painting a refrigerator?

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My husband and I painted our refrigerator ourselves. We bought paint especially formulated for appliances we bought the spray paint at Lowes. It was almond color and we painted it black and it came out beautiful. The reason we painted it because it was showing signs of rust and the refrigerator was working fine.I would do it again if I wanted to change colors on any appliance. We brought the frig. outside and did it. Continue Reading


Re: Have You Ever Bought Any Clothing From Blair Co.?

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Thanks everyone, much appreciated!! Continue Reading


Have You Ever Bought Any Clothing From Blair Co.?

Last Reply by LipstickDiva 1398261361.807 | Started by Butterfly12 in Fashion Talk

They are advertised in magazines. The colors are really pretty and they look nice the reviews are all mixed so I thought I would ask here if any one has bought any clothing from this company and what are your thoughts. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a Lightweight Hoodie That Doesn't Shrink

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On 4/22/2014 lolakimono said: How about these from L.L. Bean? So pretty. Thanks for posting. Continue Reading


Looking for a Lightweight Hoodie That Doesn't Shrink

Last Reply by kate2357 1398261740.813 | Started by Butterfly12 in Fashion Talk

Anyone have a brand that they like that doesn't shrink after putting in the dryer? I would love to find some in pretty colors for spring/summers for those cooler nights but all I see is the usual navy blue ,red white pretty but not for me black brown etc. and I don't like the hoodies that have that stretch material that stuff is not warm. Thanks Continue Reading


Re: The Best Exfoliator I have ever used is Natural Aqua Cure Gel.

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On 4/20/2014 MarenSeattle said: Awwww, thanks for the shout out, MidNight, but it was those know-it-alls on EDS that alerted me to this. Those people know everything about everything! :-) I'm so excited to try this!! I'm hoping to get mine in a day to two -- I'll report! What is EDS? Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite "rosy cheek" powder blush?

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On 4/17/2014 maestra said: Bobbi Brown Washed Rose-very pretty and soft-not garish. This shade was picked out for me by one of BB's NJ studio makeup artists and he was spot on! I have this blush. Although the color is very pretty Rose I don't care for the shimmer in it. Continue Reading


Re: Is Sonia Kaschuk coming to QVC, I caught her interview

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I went back and looked at the show and I don't see any bag any Sonia. I also missed the show. Continue Reading

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