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Re: Super Saturday, anyone have their eye on something

In Beauty Banter 1406486962.7

Lipstick Queen blush. I had preordered it but I wanted to see a demo for this and it was sold out before it got to it. So I will just have to see if I like it when it arrives. Continue Reading


Mac Foundation Finder ?

Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter 1406026930.81

When you go to a Mac counter to find your foundation shade do you ask for a full coverage foundation to get the number? NW or NC? TIA Continue Reading


Great Experience With A New Hairdresser!

Last Reply by JeanLouiseFinch 1405952254.98 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

My co worker went to a new hairdresser and got a great haircut that made her look 10 years younger.So raved so much about her that she gave me her number as she new I have been on the quest for a new hairdresser. So I went to her and mind you my hair was down to my waist only because of all of the bad haircuts I have had in the past. So I told her I wanted 5 inches cut and in long layers she did exactly that and what I couldn't believe was that she took out her curling iron and curled the whole head to show me how it would looked curled! I couldn't believe it because I haven't had a hairdre... Continue Reading


Re: Dark Brown Hair ,Dark Brown Eyes,Med Olive Skin Tone What Color Blush Do You Wear Most?

In Beauty Banter 1405933752.37

On 7/20/2014 MammaPooh said: Hello Butterfly12, I have very similar skintone to yours. For reference I wear NC37 mixed with NC40 in MAC. Bobbi Brown 4.5 Warm Natural and Clinique Even Better Compact Makeup in 8 Golden Neutral. I actually love peachy brown lipsticks, but haven't found one that I really like. The same goes for blush. I would love to find a good matte peach/apricot shade but I haven't tried any I like. I have Hervana by Benefit that I have been wearing lately that I enjoy but it is pink. MakeupGeek on you tube is a makeup artist and just came out with her line of blushes and sh... Continue Reading


Dark Brown Hair ,Dark Brown Eyes,Med Olive Skin Tone What Color Blush Do You Wear Most?

Last Reply by Butterfly12 1405933752.473 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

Hi Everyone, I think I have finally found the best blush color for my skin tone and it is Rose Blush and Lipstick. After thinking peachy pink was my color for years I was reading a magazine and they mentioned rose color blush and lipstick for med olive skin tone and they were right. Peachypink tones just go orange on my skin. What colors work best for you with the same skin tone? Continue Reading


Anyone Have A Set Of Hot Rollers That They Love?

Last Reply by KittyLouWhoToo 1406137861.363 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

I have a set of Conair and the ones that they sell here Clasita hot rollers and neither one of them hold my hair in for very long. I get the best hold using a flat iron but sometimes I would like more volume. Any suggestions for a set of hot rollers that keep hair curled all day? I have long hair hits the bottom of my bra strap and very straight.TIA Continue Reading


Re: Christopher Hopkins "The Makeover Guy"

In Beauty Banter 1405848159.53

I never saw him on youtube, but I have his book and didn't care for it. Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do For A 3:30PM Birthday party

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405760608.8

Hi ladies!! I just want to say the party was yesterday and it was perfect with just the ice cream and cake. Everyone enjoyed it and it was enough!! It was a great time. I am so glad I didn't have any more than that it would of been way to much food. Thanks for all of your suggestions!! Continue Reading


$7.00 On Shipping For A Blush?

Last Reply by Ford1224 1405955150.913 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

This is so crazy. I am sure at the most it would cost a couple of bucks to ship.I was looking for this revlon discontinued blush and Amazon had it and when I saw it was for $8.00 I thought that wasn't so bad as I have seen it for sale on e-bay for $19.99 and up, but the s/h is ridiculous! Come on $7.00 for s/h? For me its not worth it. Make sure when you order form Amazon and e-bay you watch the shipping it can be way out of whack!! Continue Reading


Re: What Would You Do For A 3:30PM Birthday party

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405538319.55

Thank you ladies, I am going for just the cake and ice cream. You are all right it is in the middle of the day and who does have a meal at that time.Thanks for all of your helpful posts!! Continue Reading

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