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Re: What is your favorite "rosy cheek" powder blush?

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On 4/17/2014 maestra said: Bobbi Brown Washed Rose-very pretty and soft-not garish. This shade was picked out for me by one of BB's NJ studio makeup artists and he was spot on! I have this blush. Although the color is very pretty Rose I don't care for the shimmer in it. Continue Reading


Re: Is Sonia Kaschuk coming to QVC, I caught her interview

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I went back and looked at the show and I don't see any bag any Sonia. I also missed the show. Continue Reading


Nordstroms Sale Only On Online?

Last Reply by customer 5 1397786250.173 | Started by Butterfly12 in Beauty Banter

I would like to buy the Clinique Cheek Pops Blush but I was wondering if it is only online and not in the store. I would like to try before I buy. The are a few dollars cheaper online sale. I know Clinique has the GWP but I really don't care for what they are offering.Thanks Continue Reading


Re: Bunnies with a picture

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Nana5, Thanks for posting your chocolate faux easter bunnies. You brought out my creativity!! I went and purchased 2 bunny molds and Durham's Putty and my DH and I made 2 over the weekend and they came out perfect!! They absolutely look like real chocolate bunnies!! Thanks for posting your Bunnies I never would of done this if it weren't for your posting!! Thanks!! Happy Easter!! Continue Reading


Re: Bunnies with a picture

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On 4/12/2014 Nana5 said: On 4/12/2014 Butterfly12 said: I wanted to make some Easter Chocolate Bunnies as they are so expensive to buy. Where did you get the mold and how tall is he? I also bought the black and white bunnies didn't realize they were so small so now I am thinking what to do with them. Thanks for posting your vignette!! Butterfly 12, I did not mold the bunnies. I bought them from an ebay seller who pours the molds individually as you order them. It took about 3-4 weeks for them to come. They were white unfinished ceramic. I painted them with acrylic paint and then sprayed them... Continue Reading


Floral Seven Glass Flower Vase Arranger/Does Anyone Still Use Theirs?

Last Reply by happy housewife 1397486617.74 | Started by Butterfly12 in For the Home Talk

I found mine the other day packed away and thought I would bring it up and make a Spring flower arrangement. I haven't even remembered using it that much. I just wondered if anyone here still uses theres. I know it is very simple to use and you can even put a ceramic item on the top for decoration. This was years ago! Continue Reading


Re: Easter in the Making

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On 4/12/2014 whitelinen said: Yes, think Rosehill's right. I saw several tiered baskets at HL a few weeks ago; quite a few were half price. Good luck!! What does HL stand for Continue Reading


Re: Easter in the Making

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On 4/12/2014 Rosehill said: Buttterfly12~ I bought that wire container in a local store which buys closeouts about 10 years ago. The store bought all of the remaining inventory of a floral design company that went out of business. I am sorry! I think you could get the same effect from a double tired wire basket that so many stores have now a days. Good luck in finding something you love! Thank you soo much Rosehill. Your basket is soo different absolutely adorable!! Thanks for responding to my post! I am sure I will find something a little bit unusual for my bunnies!! Continue Reading


Re: Easter in the Making

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On 3/11/2014 Rosehill said: Close up of bottom Love your basket. Where did you find it? Continue Reading

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