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Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 01/26

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Just noticed that Ali Sweeney directed today's episode. Did they redecorate the living room in the DiMansion? It looks smaller with different wallpaper, plus they never have both double doors open - just the left door is open/used. Continue Reading


Re: Days NO spoilers please, week of 01/26

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On 1/27/2015 grandpaRM said: Since we had a major blizzard here in Eastern Ct. we did not have any Days.... So, is Clyde dead or not??? Oh I so hope so, but we know that Dr. Dan can perform miracles even with dead people...so I bet he isn't? I don't want to wait till tomorrow to see it on line... did he die? Do you have COZI TV in CT? When local NBC channels pre-empt DAYS, they show it on COZI (which is an NBC affiliate) at it's usual time. At least that is what they do here in NYC. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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I'm here! Like shorelady, we didn't get what they predicted - maybe 6 inches. Thankfully they were wrong. I can now put away my flashlights, transistor radio and battery operated candles. Yesterday I made a Mrs. Smith apple pie. I figured it we lost power for a long time, we could have the pie along with my coconut ice cream and nothing would go to waste! Thanks to all for your concern and good wishes!! Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Hi - Twice my posts have disappeared into cyber space - hope the third time is the charm! game - we had a messy mix yesterday of snow and rain. The storm they are predicting for Monday and Tuesday is scaring me. I worry about my BF driving that bus and getting stuck somewhere. I wish they would cancel bus service and tell people to stay home. Thanks for your concern. Maybe you can send me some of your nice Arizona weather! suzi - such heartfelt words - you and everyone here is a blessing too! tucka -love the name the Mellow Place. You were not out of line at all. shorelady - sorry you ar... Continue Reading


Re: O/T... Major Snow Storm for the Northeast...Can you imagine what the grocery store will be like????

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I live in NYC and we just got back from grocery shopping. It was surprisingly empty, but I'm sure as the day goes on it will get very busy. Hopefully the storm won't be as bad as they are predicting. To the poster asking why we stay in the Northeast - I love the four seasons and while I love visiting warmer climates, I couldn't deal with heat year round. Plus my all my family is here, and I had a great job. Couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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Hi all - danks - Yes - Brooklyn has been in the news a lot lately, and most of it not good. Thanks for thinking of me! I thought of you when I went food shopping. I put a package of heart shaped Peeps in my cart, but took them out before checking out - can you believe I voluntarily gave up my Peeps???? Told myself I must tell danks what I did!! Toaster ovens - I felt the same way as you. My BF wanted one for a long time and I resisted - just another thing on the counter (and we don't have a lot of counter space), but finally gave in. He uses it all the time and after a while I started ... Continue Reading


Re: danky

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smokymtngal - welcome!! I have never been to your part of the country, but it sounds beautiful! Hi everyone else! Tuna noodle casserole - made one a few weeks ago, but it was just OK - didn't have much flavor. It was a new recipe I found on line. Didn't watch the President - instead I watched the Real Housewives show (my guilty pleasure). Continue Reading


Re: danky

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I love mashed potatoes and gravy! I could eat potatoes every day - fixed any way. Had a veggie burger once - didn't like it - give me a nice, juicy cheeseburger any time!! Never had quinoa. Time for Downton Abbey! Continue Reading


Re: danky

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lori - Happy to hear your mom's surgery went well. Yes - I make a good lasagna - and now I feel like making it, so will have to buy the ingredients. Carolina/suzi - that cabbage beef soup sounds delicious! I love cabbage, but it doesn't love me anymore - the joys of getting old - haha!! shorelady - how lucky you were to meet Englebert! I think most of us would be star struck if we actually got to meet one of our favorite celebrities in person. I had tickets to see him many years ago, but the show was cancelled due to the death of his mother. Sorry I never got the chance again to see hi... Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Watch The Goldbergs?

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Yes - I watch it. That episode about the mother saving everything was funny. Continue Reading

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