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Re: Days NO spoilers, week of 05/25/2015

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Jud - I'm here, but have been busy with my aunt back in the hospital and then more problems when she came home. Thanks for asking. Lori - hope you feel better soon. Continue Reading


Re: I am LOVING Roberto by RFM on HSN...

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On 5/27/2015 LoriMI said: Forget the jewelry... I'll just take him. So will I!! Continue Reading


Re: Weird Commercials.

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annabelle - I am glad I am not the only who doesn't understand that toilet paper commercial with the ceramic rabbit! Makes no sense to me. The other toilet paper commercial about going commando is just plain stupid in my opinion. Continue Reading


Re: "Take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind..." Memorial Day, and National Moment of Remembrance

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Thank you for this thread. In memory of my older brother who was killed in the Korean War - he was only 20 years old. I never got to meet him. Continue Reading


Re: Lifetime's .......... Grace of Monaco with Nicole Kidman, May 25th

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Thanks for the reminder - I will set my DVR! Continue Reading


Re: UPS Delivery - guess where my Isaac Mizrahi pants are?

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This is the OP. I finally went to pick up my pants at the market. The packages were located behind the cashiers and they were stacked floor to ceiling. Plenty of boxes - all sizes, from QVC, Amazon, Zappos, etc. The plastic bags were in a bin and there were a lot of Q bags. I had to wait on line with others who were buying groceries. As I showed my license to the cashier I told her how annoying this was and she agreed. The whole thing is ridiculous. Continue Reading


Re: Matt Weiner says Don wrote the Coke ad and other stuff he said about the finale

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Lori - You never heard of The Fugitive? It was a great show with David Janssen and I remember the series finale was the highest rated at the time. Guess I am showing my age - HaHa!! As for Mad Men, I still don't like the ending where Don is concerned. Showing him meditating by the sea with that smirk on his face while his children were watching their mother die and pretty much fending for themselves wasn't right to me. Maybe if they had showed him presenting that commercial to his client I would have liked it better. We shouldn't have had to be told what the ending meant, but that is how... Continue Reading


Re: UPS Delivery - guess where my Isaac Mizrahi pants are?

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Venezia - It was sent UPS Ground, not Sure Post. Maybe you are right - the supermarket needs new customers!! Continue Reading


Re: UPS Delivery - guess where my Isaac Mizrahi pants are?

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On 5/20/2015 islandgrrl said: This is so interesting to me. I have a My UPS (free) membership that allows me to see when packages will be delivered. The instructions for the driver in my settings are to leave packages on the front porch. They left a (non-QVC) package on my porch yesterday with no problems. Under the old policy, if I was on vacation and didn't want the package left, I had to pay $5 to deliver after my return. Under the new policy, I can ask them to deliver to the nearest Access Point for free. This is a benefit to me. My local UPS store is only 1.5 miles away. Though I haven't... Continue Reading

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