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Re: danky

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Hi everyone - I was busy (for a good reason) yesterday, so had no time to post. Let you in on a happy secret - today is my birthday! Nice story - last year on Facebook I reconnected with a high school classmate. My high school has an alumni page on FB and we both joined at the same time. We had not spoken in 43 years, and in the course of catching up, we discovered we have the same birthday. Last month we met for lunch for the first time since HS and had such a great time we decided to meet for lunch again for our mutual birthday. So we celebrated a day early yesterday (we both have pl... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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I am tired of seeing Nicole, Kristen and Jennifer dress like it is summer. Today Nicole is in that popular park wearing a sleeveless dress and the "leaves" in the park are fall colors. As annoying as the story has become, I am a lifer and can't give up my DAYS. EJ dying and Sami going off to prison would be a terrible end to their storyline - can't believe the writers couldn't come up with something better. Lori - I was out today - that is the only reason I didn't post. (Dinner was loin of pork, potatoes and applesauce) Continue Reading


Re: Dancing With The Stars

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I think Leah Remini is doing a great job - like her better than Erin. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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I remember him texting during one of those fan events - totally bored. Continue Reading


Re: danky

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danky - Too funny about your DH and the sauce - although my grandmother used to put a carrot in the sauce. Do I dare admit on occasion I use jar sauce, instead of homemade - my ancestors would never approve!! Chocolate chip frappe at McDonalds - now I have to try it - sounds delicious. I love the Frosty at Wendy's too. Panera Bread just opened near me and went there for the first time. Had their turkey flatbread sandwich and autumn squash soup - loved it. Anyone else like Panera? Continue Reading


Re: danky

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game-on - thanks for the welcome in an earlier post. I don't make home made pasta, but my mom and aunt did when I was a child. I remember watching them make the dough and then they used a machine with different rollers (don't know if that is the right word). To me it was like magic - they would feed a strip of dough into the machine and spaghetti, fettucine, etc. would come out. The best was home made ravioli. I think we still have the machine, but I would never attempt it! Yes - I was an identical twin, but sadly my twin sister was stillborn. Please don't feel bad about asking me, it... Continue Reading


Re: danky

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danky - I say ANT in my definitely noticeable Brooklyn accent!! Thanks for the kind words about me and my DBF. My aunt was there for me when I lost my mom so I am happy to care for her now. My BF is a great help to me and her and I couldn't manage without him here. It is Sunday afternoon, so it is time to make the pasta!!! Continue Reading


Re: danky

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danky - It is wonderful that you have such loving and caring family and friends to help you in this difficult time. You and your DH should be very proud of your children. I don't know many of the younger generation that would do what they are doing to honor your DH's request about no outside help. I can understand about not wanting home aides, etc., as I am going through something similar now. I take care of my 93 year old aunt who has medical issues and dementia. Up until recently I could manage on my own (and resisted offers of outside help), but after her hospital stay, I needed help ... Continue Reading


Re: danky

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danky - I was not offended in the least by your Archie Bunker comment. Loved that show and his character. Lori - Your post was not too long - thank you for sharing and explaining. My mom also took me to Korvette's and Mays when I was a child. Going shopping in downtown Brooklyn with her was so much fun, especially because we always ended up at Horn & Hardart's Automat. Loved their Salisbury steak! Carolina - I used to get panic attacks also - so bad that I couldn't go to work. Most people don't realize how they can be so debilitating and control your life. Jud - Chocolate coconut i... Continue Reading

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