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Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - Sept. 29th - Oct. 6th

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My cousin met Shawn Christian - aka - Dr. Dan - over the weekend. She was a vendor at a women's expo in Connecticut and he was a guest. No one else from DAYS was present. She said he was very sweet, spoke to them for a long time, and is gorgeous in person. I saw a few pictures and he didn't look as scruffy as he usually does. Still have to find out why he was there - maybe recruiting actors for DAYS? HaHa Continue Reading


Re: Louis and Alberti

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I agree. Alberti did a great job with Louis. It was a calm, professional show and Alberti gave detailed descriptions of each item. Hope they are paired together again. Continue Reading


DAYS - No Spoilers Please - Sept. 29th - Oct. 6th

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Hi DAYSIES - I'm glad Susan is back, even if only for a little while. EJ didn't look too happy to see his mother. Continue Reading


Re: I enjoy watching the old westerns on TV

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Do you have COZI TV or ME TV channels in your area? They both show a lot of the old Westerns every day. Continue Reading


Re: Losing shows due to "Christmas programming"

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Agree. I really like Inspired Style and don't understand why they take it off the schedule until after the holidays (they did the same last year). Did it ever occur to them that some of us would like to buy fashion items for Christmas gifts instead of flashlights, electronics, etc.? Continue Reading


Re: John Slattery CBS news :(

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On 9/25/2014 sunala said: I also watch CBS news every day. I feel so bad; he was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. He's been on CBS forever. On the news at 5PM today, Dana Tyler did a beautiful tribute to him, and was in tears along with Christine Johnson and Maurice Dubois. It was very sad, made worse because it was so sudden. I saw that also. Her tribute made me cry. May he rest in peace. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - September 22nd - September 28th

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On 9/24/2014 Shelbelle said: Ladies, please remember that Robert Alda was also on Days in early 80's as Stuart Whyland, hospital exec, his son was Evan Whyland who Maggie thought was the sperm donor for her daughter, Sarah. Then she found out it was actually Neil Curtis. I remember a character named Evan, but not the father Stuart. Neil and Maggie were the parents of Sarah? I don't remember that storyline!! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - September 22nd - September 28th

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Jud - Yes - I know Robert Alda - remember him in an episode of MASH. Didn't know that Antony Alda had died - he was handsome. OT - you made me laugh out loud - "twisting the bun till the music played". Too funny! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - September 22nd - September 28th

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Jud - I couldn't view the link - but - he definitely did think he was something. Continue Reading

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