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Re: Well if that isn't one of the dumbest

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It might help if they had something new, different, something people wanted to actually BUY. I don't watch anymore, but review the cooking show items online. I bought the Temp-rations figural salad set (love, and I'm not a fan) but other than that haven't bought a thing in a year. Continue Reading


Re: Please help me with a lighter alternative to this crust.

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On 11/13/2013 house cat said: On 11/13/2013 Idacat said: Here's one from The Southern Lady Cooks, would probably be about the same as the Trisha Yearwood one I made this one. It couldn't have been any easier. I cooked them at Mom's house and they looked delicious, but ours are in the oven now... I'm hoping they taste as good as they look. I've made pot pies many times before and usually make my own rolled out crust. I don't always have time for that. I'm glad I happened to have that handy. Makes me feel like I did my good deed for the day;-) Continue Reading


Re: Please help me with a lighter alternative to this crust.

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Here's one from The Southern Lady Cooks, would probably be about the same as the Trisha Yearwood one 1 cup original bisquick 1/2 cup evaporated milk 1 egg Mix, pour over hot filling, bake. Continue Reading


Re: Snapware made in the USA

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Snapware is in no way remotely comparable to Lock and Lock. The very few plastic pieces I bought to try got donated; I didn't particularly have a hard time closing them, but you couldn't use them "to go" as they leak badly. OTOH, I got a set of glass Snapware from Woot and I like it, I just use for refrigerator storage and microwave reheating, no travel. I've had it quite a while and it's been fine. It's actually thicker than my glass Lock and Lock and oven safe. I think it may be the case that the Lock and Lock market is saturated, they are expensive and take up a lot of space. Continue Reading


Re: Samsung Centura - Voice Mail & Text Message notification ???

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On 10/15/2013 lizzys said: Hi again Idacat. The swiping down info was a big help! I just got a text and it worked. When I went to text back, the phone had a mind of it's own. Even when I back space to correct what the phone was typing it still was not what I was typing. How do I get the phone's crazy spell check turned off? You seem to know more than what is in the book and online tutorials. I really appreciate all your help!!! Thanks! From the hoe screen hit the menu icon ( rows of dots, in middle)-> settings ->language and input->Samsung keyboard->predictive-> slide to off. ... Continue Reading


Re: Best CD Player?

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On 10/16/2013 brewhaha said: I've been looking to replace my shelf stereo. I looked at some Sony but so far can't find one with all the features I'm looking for. That was why I was looking.very "slim pickings" with limited wattage and features, not into Bose or listening to music in the house on a computer or on an iPod with earphones although I only listen to the iPod in the car and I had a small boom box type charger/player/dock in the house. I ended up with a Sony that best met my wants in terms of wattage and presets, etc, but it has no repeat CD function, only repeat track. It does have... Continue Reading


Re: Great deal on flameless candles at HSN today

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I have the set of three from last year and ordered these this morning (need them like a hole in the head but you only live once). when the batteries that came with the set of three ran out I replaced using the Sunbeam Heavy Duty from Dollar Tree; they last over two months on the four hour timer. I use these batteries in my other candles also, they last as long as Energizers or Duracell, depending on the age of the candle (evolving technology, the older candles use batteries faster), on four hour timers 2-3 months. Continue Reading


Re: What is a good inexpensive vacuum cleaner

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For inexpensive and light (plastic), I had the first Eureka bagless cyclonic and it worked like a dream for ten years. A couple of months ago it croaked and I got a Shark Rotator which is simply amazing for about $200 at Lowes. If you want something a little less substantial, you might try the Shark Navigator, my DIL loves hers. In general, Sharks are all rated higher than everything else now, including Dyson. Continue Reading


Re: What is a good inexpensive vacuum cleaner

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On 10/10/2013 Hunka Re Roy said: I was just looking at the Oreck Axis. I think it would be perfect for me, but not everyone after reading all reviews. I did a search and I can't find them anywhere but QVC and Oreck website. Since they are not a new item, I am curious. I want to order one, and QVC is cheaper, but I don't want to get a returned or used item. Should I wait for the next presentation? I agree with CA_shopper on the Shark but just not for me at this time. Oreck is in chapter 11, I wouldn't buy one. Continue Reading


Re: HSN'S Today's Special

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I bought them, also bought the first 3 piece set and love them although it is hard to choose a favorite ;-) I only know where the eight inch will go (I have no business buying more battery candles of any type either, I have them everywhere); I've been leaving an old CI without a time on at night in the bathroom as a nightlight for my old kitty who has to drink from the sink. The eight inch on the 8 hour timer will replace that, these are much brighter and the batteries last longer than the older CI candles. Not to mention that the price is great. Continue Reading

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