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Re: Heartfelt Thanks from Shawn Killinger and Joe

In Beauty Banter, The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1408665942.403

My friend sent me a picture of a red VW bug, complete with black spots and long eyelashes on the headlights! I immediately thought of you, Shawn! It just made me laugh, and I put it on my facebook! If I knew how to send you the picture, I would. Just letting you know that there are so many of us who think of you and salute your spirit! God Bless you and Joe. Continue Reading


Re: Vitamix Presentations

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1408665762.047

My new Vitamix arrived yesterday! Talk about super fast shipping! I, too, was flipping back and forth between HSN and "Q", and I kept hearing Wolfgang Puck referring to the Vitamix...How odd, usually a presenter will say, "The other product, or our competitor, etc". He wasn't being disrespectful, I just thought it was a bit odd. I have a Ninja, and have had problems getting the motor on the top of the container. It's irritating, and a lot of times with the three blades, stuff just doesn't get chopped, even though I cut up in even, smaller pieces. I did purchase the Nutribullet Pro 900 ... Continue Reading


Re: CP Customer Service

In Carolyn Pollack 1408489905.953

I sent my bracelet to C.P. in July for repair, and it was returned to me in about 3 1/2 weeks. All of the stones were loose and had to be reglued. At first, I didn't hear from them, so I e-mailed them. Within three days, I heard back from them. Then I got a phone call confirming that my bracelet was on it's way back to me. I have no complaints. Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one who doesn't 'get' the LOGO by Lori Goldstein style???

In Lori Goldstein 1407535558.287

Her clothes remind me of a bag lady. Sorry bag lady. Continue Reading


Re: Goodbye Bobbi

In Beauty Banter 1407178384.477

Yes, I wanted to try Bobbi Brown products, but they are expensive. And I don't have a place where I can purchase Bobbi Brown products locally. I am not about to pay $26.00+ shipping and handling for a lipstick that might not work for me. I purchased the set of SKINN lip glosses last Saturday (they were on special). I love them! Actually, I have switched to his products almost exclusively. They are reasonable and they work. Continue Reading


Re: Petite vs Short vs Cost

In Quacker Factory 1407021602.2

The problem that I have with the Denim & Co Petite stretch pants and the Quacker Factory DreamJeans "Short". The rises are way too long, and I find myself doubling the waistbands. If you are petite, chances are that your rise (crotch) will most likely be shorter, too..... Continue Reading


Re: Question For You Gals on Chronic Antidepressant Therapy

In Health & Fitness 1405812565.12

HEY, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ME! No kidding, Madisson! I have been on Cymbalta for a number of years. I have major heat intolerance. When it gets hot outside, my face turns red, and I start sweating like a pig (so to speak). Very unattractive. Also, I have gained about 10-12 pounds. But the major problem is that my breasts keep growing.........I think that this might have started around the time I started Cymbalta. I used to be a small 34B, but now am a 40C! I am having problems finding tops that fit. Breast reduction is out of the question, because it costs lots of money! I have printed off yo... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone purchase items "As Is " from here Q.V.C .is it in good condition?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405377657.54

I have purchased several pieces of jewelry from the "as is" section. Had great success with these. Purchased Dooney and Bourke bags from "as is" not such great luck. I think that out of the approx. 7 times I have tried the D&B section, I have had to return about 5 of the bags. Continue Reading


Re: beats "as is" prices on QVC

In Dooney & Bourke 1397606293.77

Here's another thought.....I just purchased the small Florentine Satchel in the strawberry color for $223.00 from the "I Love Dooney Outlet", no taxes, no shipping charges. On the regular Dooney web site it was still $368.00. It arrived at my door in less than a week, AND it's brand new.;.. original wrapping, stuffing, dust cover, etc. So with this bag I didn't have the worry of it being scratched, scraped, or anything that I have experienced when I purchased "as is" bags. Not that I won't ever purchase an "as is" again, but why not eliminate a lot of the hassle? Try the "I Love Dooney... Continue Reading



In All About Shoes 1397507738.8

OOOPS! Someone goofed! Imagine their embarrassment! Here I turned to QVC at 4:00p.m. to watch Birkenstock, and guess what? That pesky Orthoheel man was on! Where are my Birkies????? Continue Reading

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