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Re: beats "as is" prices on QVC

In Dooney & Bourke 1397606293.77

Here's another thought.....I just purchased the small Florentine Satchel in the strawberry color for $223.00 from the "I Love Dooney Outlet", no taxes, no shipping charges. On the regular Dooney web site it was still $368.00. It arrived at my door in less than a week, AND it's brand new.;.. original wrapping, stuffing, dust cover, etc. So with this bag I didn't have the worry of it being scratched, scraped, or anything that I have experienced when I purchased "as is" bags. Not that I won't ever purchase an "as is" again, but why not eliminate a lot of the hassle? Try the "I Love Dooney... Continue Reading



In All About Shoes 1397507738.8

OOOPS! Someone goofed! Imagine their embarrassment! Here I turned to QVC at 4:00p.m. to watch Birkenstock, and guess what? That pesky Orthoheel man was on! Where are my Birkies????? Continue Reading


Re: How do you decide when an "as is" Dooney might be a good buy???

In Dooney & Bourke 1396895030.743

Was this purse a recent TSV? Chances are that your bag will come to you in pretty great condition. Has it been on the "as is" site for along time, and shows maybe one or two color selections? I watch out for these. The more new color choices, better chance of a good purse. I have had lousy luck with patent leather tassel satchels..... I have had great luck with the small nylon satchel. It came in excellent condition. Today I received A255081, the saddle bag in florentine, in Ocean Blue and it was in excellent, never used condition. The strap was still wrapped, registration card, but it ... Continue Reading


A smaller Logo Lock???

Last Reply by HighL 1397421571.807 | Started by punky48 in Dooney & Bourke

TO SUE CLIFTON!!!! I love the Dooney and Bourke Logo Lock! I think that it's the best deal going. The only thing is that it's about 4" too large for me. I am 5'1", and I need a slightly smaller version of this bag. I see Jane demonstrating this bag, and my gosh, you can hardly see her! She's covered by the pocketbook. Do you think that Sue Clifton can have some input with Peter Dooney and maybe make this bag in a slightly smaller size, say 13"-14" inches, not 16"-17" long. I know that it does slouch, but still it's too large. For all of you ladies, who love this bag, I can see why!!... Continue Reading


Re: Microfiber sheets

In For the Home Talk 1396046368.583

I purchased two sets of microfiber sheets when HSN had them on their Today's Special. I haven't used them yet, buy they have great reviews on them. Hopefully, I will be as happy with my microfiber sheets as you are! Continue Reading


Re: Miss Unpopular

In Dooney & Bourke 1395275473.697

I have purchased several "as is" Dooney & Bourke bags in the past and have been very pleased with the quality. In the past month, I have returned two "as is" D&B bags to QVC, because they were much more than "as is". One had red marks going up the entire side of the bag (it's called damaged) and the other one had clearly been very used. The one with the red marks still had the original plastic over the handles, dust cover, tags, etc. I think that the tassle dye came off on the light color leather. The other bag, which was navy, was a smudged, scratched mess. Nothing came with ... Continue Reading


Re: April 2014 Insider is up!

In Beauty Banter 1394830464.863

Thank you so much! I love the blue Dooney! Will there be two TSV Dooney's????? I don't get the Insider Magazine anymore, so any info. is so appreciated!!! Continue Reading


Re: The Mystery Box by Eva Pohler is really really good and free.

In eBook Club 1394729137.917

Thanks! I just downloaded it on my IPad!!! Continue Reading


Re: US mail tracking

In Fashion Talk 1393379088.78

I just checked with QVC, and apparently my Barbara Bixby necklace and two sets of pearl earrings have been sitting in the Baltimore Post Office since February 15th! I shipped them out from our local post office on February 11th!!!!! How long should it take? This is absolutely ridiculous! I used the QVC tracking label and of course, the Post Office used their own label. I think that QVC will refund your money if they know that you used their labels and if a certain amount of time has passed and they know where the merchandise is....Come on, this is a couple hundred dollars of stuff that n... Continue Reading


Re: Has This Happened to You- Mia2 Suddenly Dies!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1390689069.423

Maybe this will help you. My Clarisonic, which I have had for about four years, suddenly stopped fully charging. I could get maybe one to two cleanings if I was lucky. I was almost ready to throw it out and get a new one. Then I started to examine the handle of the Clairsonic. The seam around the middle was covered with gunk. I used a toothpick and went over the seam until it was really clean. I also cleaned the cradle really well, and then recharged the product. It's working great now. Also, make sure the brush area is really clean. Hopefully, this will help you. Continue Reading

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