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Re: ugly wig

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There is no side part on these wigs. So you have to scoot the hair over slightly to simulate a part. Plus I noticed that on the shorter wigs, they bunch out at the crown....I think they look like wigs. period...... Continue Reading


Re: MLK's Dream Was Alive in My House

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs 1422752908.19

What an inspiring story, Rachel. When I was a young woman, I watched MLK on the t.v. I remember his speech. I thought that this is attainable...that people would love each other for what they were on the inside, not what they looked like on the outside. Sometimes it seems easier to hate, but we must push through and find goodness. Bless your Mom. Continue Reading


Re: Irritated eyes from reading on Ipad

In Health & Fitness 1422144262.61

I, too, love to read on my ipad. You can change the background from white to sepia. Also, you can turn down the brightness some. I like reading with the sepia background. Much easier on my eyes! Continue Reading


Re: call back for more views on mammogram...

In Health & Fitness 1420245707.683

DON'T PANIC! You may have moved or breathed ever so slightly, causing a shadow on the film. The tech could have done something to mess up a picture. If you read the sign where you get your little cape, it says that many times women are called back for further testing, and Not To Panic! Hope everything turns out great for you. Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015-join us if you want to commit to spending less and want support! Week 1

In Beauty Banter 1420245082.54

Count me in! Just paid off one credit card today! Now, need to restrain myself from buying and get the second card paid off. Continue Reading


Re: TSV 10/30

In Electronics Talk 1415467359.273

problem with tsv of 10/30! We have used tracphones for the past 7 years or so, and never have had a problem until today. Always purchased from HSN. I was so happy to see QVC had an android phone that would work in my zip code. Mostly when I put in the zip, it says no service in your area. When I entered my zip this time, hooray, service to my area...To make a long story short, I transferred my old phone number to my new phone...It never fully activated. Said I could only make emergency calls! About 36 hours later, I was talking to three different people in three different countries tr... Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore hair color and eSalon

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Thanks. I will certainly be trying esalon products. Last time I went to the salon, I was charged $110 for one color. No highlights, just one color. No gloss, just one color. Was very disappointed. And now my hair looks very dull, dark brown. I told the lady that I was usually charged $115 for highlights and a gloss.... Response, "Oh well." Thanks for the great information. Will also be looking for a new stylist. Continue Reading


Re: Need help please

In WEN 1413218174.633

I don't have your type of hair. However, you might try Carol's Daughter products. You can purchase her products through HSN or Ulta. It's used to prevent breakage, makes your hair much more manageable. Carol's Daughter products are for African American women with curly/kinky hair. Or anyone who just has very curly, dry, breaking hair. My daughter has red hair, which was dry, curly and breaking. These products really worked for her hair. Just check on HSN website and see for yourself! Continue Reading


Re: Tracfone LG Optimus Dynamic II now $99.96 w/ free shipping on the Q

In Electronics Talk 1413217537.4

Tried my zip code, and am unable to get this trac phone. Wanted to upgrade, but won't be with this phone. Continue Reading


Re: Perfect tone for JR show

In Fashion Talk 1413217179.86

Drippy eyes again....The tribute was so sweet. I hope that her line of clothing and jewelry will still be well received. Purchased the cardinal pin and had it sent to my mother-in-law. She so loves cardinals...And this is one wonderful pin. Continue Reading

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