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"3-2-1" Mug Cake

Last Reply by little boobala 1410821307.573 | Started by expatgal in Recipe Swap

Where have I been? I just discovered the recipe for these little mug cakes and I'm so hooked. I love being able to whip up a single serving warm littlel bundle of goodness with nothing sitting on the counter tempting me to go and get a little more! I keep the magic mix (1 box angel food cake mix plus 1 box of cake mix of my choice) in a Lock 'n Lock. Love adding a few mini chocolate chips, chopped pecans, mini marshmallows, pumpkin, toffee bits, etc. and not for too many added calories. 3 T of the cake mix 2 T water (I use almond milk) Microwave for 1 minute, let rest 15 minutes......... Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - September 15th - September 21st

In TV Talk 1410820544.863

On 9/15/2014 Shelbelle said: On 9/15/2014 autumnfaire said: Nu-Chad looks like Nick with dark hair--the last Chad was much better looking. I won't be happy if they kill off EJ! My coworker also said today that Nu Chad looks like Nick. I'd love to have one of those morphing programs. I think he is definitely a cross between JJ and Nick! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - September 15th - September 21st

In TV Talk 1410820495.693

Billy Flynn may be a decent actor, but he's definitely no Chad DiMera! He's not tall enough. He doesn't have the bad boy look. His suit today looked like it came from the sale rack at Kohl's and was 2 sizes too big. That little stunt he pulled with the gun was so lame. EJ should have taken him to DiMera University over that little prank. Abby dumped Chad for lying to Cameron for Pete's Sake! Do the writers think we all have amnesia or something??? NuChad is more like NotChad, IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Ordered and then cancelled the TSV Bare Minerals, Just don't need it but....

In Beauty Banter 1410798193.85

After the 2-minute rush is over when you get it, it will probably end up in your stash along with the other stuff. Just.say.NO. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - Anybody willing to admit that you are watching Miss America tonight?

In Beauty Banter 1410794800.207

I think it's time to retire the whole Miss America thing ... permanently! Our young women have enough to scr&w them up for a lifetime as it is. Continue Reading


Re: Can't View What I Missed If No Videos!

In Q Did What? 1410794615.667

The delayed excuse doesn't work, sorry. I've had my eye on a new Diamonique ring and it was presented last night. Still no video up for it. Shouldn't be happening. Continue Reading


Re: A Big Rave for Trish McEvoy's Flawless Lip Primer!!!!!!

In Beauty Banter 1410708546.55

I just added this to my TM collection about 3 months ago. I couldn't believe what a difference it made not only in feathering, but just the overall look of my lipstick or gloss. Doesn't change the color at all, just so smooth and gorgeous. Continue Reading


Re: Antidepressants for Hot Flashes

In Health & Fitness 1410648314.86

I'd take 25 cold showers a day before I'd pop a Rx antidepressant. When are people going to wake up and see what they are doing to themselves by constantly running to doctors for a fistful of prescriptions. Educate yourself about alternatives and leave the synthetic drugs as a last resort. Continue Reading


Re: Ban the Mom Heel!

In Fashion Talk 1410648042.857

All I can say is get back to us when you turn 60. I predict major GNARLING. Continue Reading


Re: Aging Gracefully! Iman on HSN just said ...

In Beauty Banter 1410555472.317

Her "Time Control" line seems to be popular. Continue Reading

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