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What's Going On With Shawn?

Last Reply by Matty6 1406560734.193 | Started by expatgal in Among Friends

Why is Shawn posting all these scriptures and "going through life trials" sayings on her Facebook page lately? She keeps blatantly hinting in a very veiled manner that something horrible is going on in her personal life, but doesn't say what it is. All these people are posting prayers, helpful sayings, etc. for her and they don't even know what it is. I honestly do not want her facing terrible things in her life and I do believe in the power of prayer. But if you're going to put it out there ... put it out. Either spill it or deal with it. It's either a personal life struggle, or one you want... Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

In The Q We Love 1406559227.863

On 7/28/2014 milly said: Posting on her face book page is one thing placing this on QVC's home page is ridiculous. This is a shopping channel not "E News". That home page pic is terrible of Courtney. She is a very attractive young woman and that angle is simply not flattering. Can't believe she signed off on that. Continue Reading


Re: Looking for a new cleanser

In Beauty Banter 1406558869.48

At age 60, I've used Sisley "Lyslait Cleaning Milk with White Lily" for years. Pricey, yes. But so worth it. I always get it cheaper online. It is absolutely the best cleanser for my aging, sensitive skin. I use it at night to remove the day's skincare and/or makeup. Then in the morning, I use Trish McEvoy's new cleansing water just to refresh my face before applying my skincare. Continue Reading


Re: Advice on pickpockets in Italy or any other travel destination.

In Among Friends 1406557846.347

After many years living in Europe, I was always amazed at how American women all over Europe were clueless about their purses. I saw them with huge purses hung wide open over their elbow while shopping for trinkets. They would put their shoulder bags over the back of cafe/restaurant chairs. They would carry the drawstring purses that even a baby could get into. If you can hit the streets without a purse, DO IT! Wear a wallet on a string around your neck underneath clothes, hidden in a belt around your waist ... anything. Don't put out the Wealthy American vibe either. Most Americans ma... Continue Reading


Re: Old At 65??

In Health & Fitness 1406556777.787

Facts are facts. Who immediately thinks "young" when you hear they are age 60? Nobody! Also, there is nothing any worse than a 60 year old trying to look and act like a 30 year old. Not pretty. Middle age is still what is always was, until they find a way for us to productively live until we're 125. My theory is to be grateful for every single day God gives you and forget the number. As difficult as it is in America, women especially need to stop focusing on every wrinkle/sag/pound and focus on gratitude. Continue Reading


Re: tsv for 8/1 and 8/2 fashion days

In TSV Talk 1406556483.993

Aug. 1 is White Mountain "Jodi" suede quilted ankle boots. Really cute, IMO. Continue Reading


Re: Courtney Getting Married

In The Q We Love 1406556234.067

This whole "QVC hosts are your friends and family" thing is laughable. It is such a blatant sales tactic aimed at lonely QVC customers. Frankly, I don't like it one bit. I mean, Courtney is a probably nice enough young lady, but why on earth would I want to be involved in any of her personal wedding planning or better yet, why on earth would SHE want just anyone out there involved with such a personal thing in her life? I simply cannot understand all this. I don't want to see/read/hear constant stories about weddings, personal struggles, pregnancies, births, health problems, etc. from QVC hos... Continue Reading


Re: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel ... or Tube!

In Beauty Banter 1406555914

I'll never forget years ago the first time I actually took apart a LaPrairie daytime moisturizer with a pump. I even got our the wire pliers to get that sucker deconstructed. I was absolutely shocked at the amount of VERY EXPENSIVE product left in the bottle that would not come out through the pump. Of course, the actual bottle was silver and no way could I actually see how much real product was left in there. This is such a deceptive marketing ploy. Also, the bottles are huge and contain 1 oz. of product. I always get the last drop of my skin care products, even if I have to tear them ... Continue Reading


Re: Many Seniors live alone, what are some snacks for 1 ??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406555639.977

- Mini sized CLIF bars - Individual packets of Barney Almond Butter on crackers/veggies - Blueberry Fig Newtons - Hummus and pita chips - OUTSHINE frozen fruit/veggie bars FYI, I would never suggest KIND bars to seniors. Those things could easily break a crown or aging teeth. JMO. Continue Reading


Re: Cruise Line Refuses Refund

In Viewpoints 1406498500.48

Most people either simply don't think anything will really happen to stop them from going on their cruise or they simply don't want the added expense of insurance. But take it from a veteran cruiser ... GET THE BEST INSURANCE YOU CAN GET! You really never know what will happen before or even during a cruise. Continue Reading

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