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Re: TSV 10/30

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On 10/30/2014 Bluegrassbaby said: On 10/30/2014 Stargazer77 said: I bought the LG Optimus Dynamic 2 in May, so I'm passing on this deal today, but I'm really looking forward to reading the reviews as people get the phone. It looks like a great phone, hopefully there will be no bugs like some people have had with the Centura (a clock issue). I also like Firefox for my cellphone browser. The first thing I always do is add AdBlock Plus to it after I've downloaded. I use Avast as my antivirus. I was undecided until I did a little research...have now decided not to order. Curious to know why you... Continue Reading


Re: Q: What "unhealthy food" was hardest to give up? Bonus: How did you do it?

In Health & Fitness 1414687604.137

I firmly believe "giving up" any one food only sets you up to crave it and is not a realistic or balanced way of looking at food. No food is "bad", however the abuse and over-indulgence in it may lead to negative consequences like weight gain, high cholesterol, etc. Be in control of your own food choices as much as possible and try not to let emotional eating take over. Have everything you LOVE, but have it in moderation. When no food is looked at as being forbidden, it becomes more manageable. Life is way too short to not enjoy what you love in a balanced way. Continue Reading


Re: Robin McGraws- TS

In Beauty Banter 1414527864.43

If there is something REAL about Robin, she is doing herself no favors by making everything about her appearance so UN-REAL. She is obviously over botoxed, filled, and "enhanced". She doesn't have to be in the public eye because of Phil, either. She could do things behind the scenes and not make herself the subject of ridicule or judgement. When I heard her gushing about the DIL that was a Playboy model, that was it for me. I honestly think Robin competes with her in a sick way or something. Very odd. You have to wonder just how REAL he is as well???? Continue Reading


Re: MyPurMist Steam Inhaler

In Health & Fitness 1414511708.39

I was just looking at their website and noticed now they have scented "pads" you can use in the unit. That would be great if you have a cold or sinus problems. Continue Reading


MyPurMist Steam Inhaler

Last Reply by Orchids4me 1414730894.553 | Started by expatgal in Health & Fitness

Anyone tried this little personal inhaler? It sold out this morning, but it really looks to be a great idea for the dryness that is coming with winter. My sinuses always give me fits and I think I'll try this. Anyone? Continue Reading


Re: Any DevaCurl users?

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I love DevaCurl, but recently learned it was causing my horrific itchy scalp. Did great on my hair, however. I switched to Curl Junkie, itching stopped and now I really like that line. Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

In TV Talk 1414278157.203

I've made a promise to myself to watch Mon-Thur of next week, but after Friday's Bizzaro episode, it's gonna be tough. Continue Reading


Re: Verticle Ridges on Nails

In Beauty Banter 1414081869.14

Goodness! Here's Mayo Clinic's statement on vertical ridges: Vertical nail ridges extend from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Vertical nail ridges often become more numerous or prominent with age, possibly due to variations in cell turnover within the nail. If your fingernails change color or you develop horizontal nail ridges, consult your doctor. Continue Reading


Re: Michael former vendor rep for Affinity on HSN Tonight..

In Jewelry Talk 1414081686.577

It too me a few minute, but finally remembered him being here. I always thought he was hilarious, but really knew his gems. He was giving little "factoids" about different gems. Think it was HSN's "gem week" or something like that. He was sooo great w/Lisa Mason. They cracked me up! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS - No Spoilers Please - October 20th - October 26th

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On 10/23/2014 gardensla said: On 10/23/2014 LoriLori said: On 10/22/2014 AuntG said: Any change Eve will be leaving the show? I'd rather have Paige be an orphan. Now, I don't normally advocate violence, but I'm at the point where it would be fine with me (great! wonderful!) if our darling OT would just take that bus and run over Eve, Paige, Theresa, Anne, nuWill, Jebediah or whatever his name is, Clyde, Ben & Abigail, don't even drive them to the Cyn (did I do that right?) -- just knock them down like you're bowling and they're the pins. Signed, Not a Happy Camper I wouldn't cry many ... Continue Reading

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