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Cuff with Changeable Endcaps

Last Reply by Harolds Wife 1418333099.41 | Started by expatgal in Judith Ripka

Anyone have this cuff? Care to comment? Continue Reading


Re: Need Advice on Exercise Bike

In Health & Fitness 1417798917.177

Love my Schwinn AirDyne. I've had it for almost 20 years and it's still going strong. It has really saved me during a few ankle injuries that made treadmill walking impossible. Continue Reading


Re: New Arrivals

In Judith Ripka 1417644082.34

I just received JR's "burnished" hoop earrings and they are sheer perfection. They were on EZ pay and I couldn't resist. May try to post a pic later. Gotta love the burnish. Continue Reading


Re: Holiday Hackers!

In Viewpoints 1417643973.857

The problem is you really can't be "careful" enough. If a large retailer is hacked and you've used any credit card there, your card is compromised. Not your fault. It can happen to any store you do business in/with. The thought of carrying around big wads of cash to make purchases doesn't seem safe around the holidays to me either. So ... Continue Reading


Holiday Hackers!

Last Reply by millieshops 1417644035.153 | Started by expatgal in Viewpoints

With all the new warnings out there about major retailers, etc. being at risk of being hacked over the holidays, I'm thinking about getting a prepaid credit card for my special holiday purchases. Even with the activation fee and/or other fees associated with it, seems like a safe way to go for the next few months. I've replaced our normal credit cards way too many times the past year due to the Target breach, the Office Depot breach.........! Continue Reading


Re: Moisterizer/mask For Winter Skin

In Beauty Banter 1417641821.247

The new "sleep masks" out there work best for me in winter. You just slather it on after you wash your face at night and sleep in it. My favorite one right now is AmorePacific from Sephora. But I have also used Korres with good results. Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Have you bought any new Christmas music?

In Fashion Talk 1417563876.613

DH and I were just talking last night about how it seems there is nothing really out this year for Holiday music. Last year, I bought a lot. Guess that'll do me this year! Continue Reading


Re: DAYS....SPOILERS, week of 12/01

In TV Talk 1417563673.493

With EJ and Sami gone, there is nothing to watch on Days. MelaME is back, ginormous teeth and craving all the attention all the time as always. AbbiFAIL thinks she's still the hot little Princess now that she's bedding BenDoll. ClydeClampett and Kate are beyond disgusting. Putting aside how the hillbilly looks in bed (BTW, has anyone else noticed his neck really IS red??) ... Kate should spot him as the messed up abuser he is a mile away after all she went through with Curtis Reed. But nope. She can't wait to get his old bag of bones back in the sack. No one wants to see that, Days! I... Continue Reading


Re: New Arrivals

In Judith Ripka 1417551556.07

I always thought "burnishing" was the method of setting the stone down into the metal??? I have the original ring and love it. Just curious. Continue Reading


Re: New Arrivals

In Judith Ripka 1417537934.047

Hasn't that silver bypass burnished ring already been done? It's still in the inventory???? Is this one different somehow? Continue Reading

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