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J321142 - looks familiar

Started by expatgal in Jewelry Talk 1425061325.1

Is this Shawn's wedding set? I have always admired it. Continue Reading


Not Too Proud to Beg!

Last Reply by DiamondDeb 1424664007.5 | Started by expatgal in Linea

Desperately need the knit tunic, A251588, to be restocked! This item has become my uniform and always goes in my suitcase when I travel. Sheer perfection. Please! Continue Reading


Re: I have the worse case of shingles..............

In Beauty Banter 1424212321.867

Thank you for the vaccine info. I think it is interesting that my mother got shingles during severe grief after the sudden death of her father and my MIL got them after radiation treatments for lung cancer. Something about compromised immune systems for sure. Continue Reading


Re: I have the worse case of shingles..............

In Beauty Banter 1424194155.097

Nadine, I so hope you get relief very soon. My mother and MIL suffered terribly with shingles and I feel for you. I have no idea if I had chicken pox. Also, does the vaccine work 100% against shingles? I have heard pros and cons to the vaccine. The beginning of shingles is often very difficult to identify. Plus, it is a joke thinking you just call your doctor and get right in to see him or her! So Nadine, I totally understand! Continue Reading


Re: It’s taken me 8 years to be ready to write this!

In Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities, Mom to Mom Blogs 1424109883.063

I actually think you looked healthy and attractive in those "before" pictures. A lot of women out there strive to look like you did. Getting healthier is always positive. Eating more healthy, doing moderate exercise, positive meditation ... All great. Continue Reading


Re: Disappointed in Jill's "sales pitch"

In Jewelry Talk 1422995356.997

Every single host gets "caught" doing this or contradicting themselves. Basically, a writer is paid to write, a singer is paid to sing, and a salesperson gets paid to SELL. They aren't your friend, your family, or your confidante. I can never understand viewers seeing them as anything but that. Saying you LOVE a host on TV is beyond me. It is always about THE SALE. Continue Reading


Re: Using conditioner instead of shampoo

In Beauty Banter 1422977648.923

This co(conditioner) washing is one of the key elements of the "Curly Girl" method by Lorraine Massey. This method is quickly becoming the holy grail of curly hair care. One important thing is really scrubbing the scalp when using conditioner to loosen and remove dirt. And then rinsing thoroughly. Conditioner can build up on scalp and clogs follicles, leading to hair loss. I tried it, and not a fan. I just use a sulfate free shampoo to get good results. Continue Reading


La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel

Last Reply by AnnMarie-1 1423008089.757 | Started by expatgal in Beauty Banter

I have never been a La Mer fan, but I am loving this new eye product! It is part gel, part cream and is absorbed instantly. If you are looking for a real performer, give this one a go. It depuffs, moisturizers, and no stinging my sensitive eyes. I am really impressed with this one. Continue Reading


Re: Jewelry Hosts' Hands... yikes!

In Jewelry Talk 1422917432.603

Heck yes, you guys are right. Real people who live real lives are constantly paid a generous salary to appear on high definition television to sell or model jewelry and present it in the best way possible. So hey, if knuckles are swollen, raw, cracked ready to bleed or dry hangnails are painfully evident, or nails are way overdue for a manicure and basic attention ... It doesn't matter and that really just adds to the thousand dollar bracelet they are presenting or being paid to model What was I thinking? Now I just hope to see shoe shopping shows done with hosts with long toenails and corns ... Continue Reading

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