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Re: What is your favorite Christmas CD?

In Music 1416607187.82

I always keep this "oddball" in my top 5 stack to rotate during the holidays... Continue Reading


Re: Why is the Honora TSV more now than in the Insider?

In TSV Talk 1416585480.253

Just got the cherry (J296957). They are 10MM size. $19.98+$2.99 S/H. Gorgeous! Also IMO they are still a great deal at the higher price due to the addition of those "happy backs". They make such a huge difference in how an earring sits/looks on my ear. Continue Reading


Re: Any thought on the TSV Speakers?

In TSV Talk 1416503449.67

These little things work great! I have one from last year and it's still going strong. I really enjoy taking it in my bathroom while getting ready in the mornings and not having to worry about splashing it with water. I think being able to pair 2 of them together now is a great idea. I'm getting the red set! Continue Reading


Re: Evening Bag TS @ HSN

In All About Handbags 1416501302.003

The emerald is already gone. I'm loving the hematite version. Sure don't need it, but may just treat myself. Continue Reading


Re: Boxed stuffing mix help

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416501248.51

I've always used the StoveTop mix as a "base" for my Thanksgiving dressing and everyone always thinks it's made from scratch. I sautee a generous amount of minced onion and celery in a LOT of butter. While I'm not a huge fan of butter, in this one dish it really makes all the difference in the taste and texture. I dump the StoveTop in a huge mixing bowl and add my crumbled corn bread I've been collecting and freezing the last couple of weeks, some Pepperidge Farm HERBAL stuffing mix, and a huge handful of crushed Ritz or Saltine crackers. Then I sprinkle onion powder, celery seed, garli... Continue Reading


Evening Bag TS @ HSN

Last Reply by Dawnie 1416590657.747 | Started by expatgal in All About Handbags

Anyone checked out the Adrienne evening bag with cosmetics as the TS today? That bag is gorgeous if you need something like that. Continue Reading



In Movies 1416410493.777

If you're a "foodie" you will love this movie! The cuban music ain't bad either!!! BTW, I love the soundtrack and downloaded it from iTunes. Continue Reading


Re: Tammy

In Movies 1416409928.613

I just watched it On Demand. I usually love Melissa, but didn't think this was her finest effort by a long shot. Loved Kathy Bates, however. Continue Reading



In Beauty Banter 1416327038.877

That new shag wig was adorable! I was wondering if Shawn ever wore one of the wigs during the presentations or not??? Continue Reading


Re: Best Eyeshadow EVER ... Finally!

In Beauty Banter 1416326972.56

I got it during the Sephora sale recently, but Saks has it with free shipping right now. I'm going to see if I can find swatches of the other colors. It is very "buildable" as well with no caking. Continue Reading

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