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My New Spring/Summer Bag

Last Reply by handygal 1427723335.35 | Started by expatgal in All About Handbags

The "Riley" satchel from M. Kors is on her way to my house! Loving that pale blue and how it pairs with navy/black/white! Continue Reading


Re: Canceling orders

In Fashion Talk 1427643188.943

Never had a problem cancelling on other networks. I know HSN has a cancellation policy that you must cancel before midnight of the order day. But never had a real problem. And when/if QVC sends me a litter regarding cancelling orders, that will be it for me. That's just the way I shop, either online or in stores. I put the item in my "cart", think about it for an hour or so, then decide if I want to return it to the "shelves". IMO, enough comes home to me to allow me to do this. Continue Reading


Need This Tunic to Return!

Last Reply by JustJazzmom 1427645205.42 | Started by expatgal in Linea

Any of you Linea lovers know if he plans to bring this fantastic tunic back for spring/summer? My "uniforms" are needing refreshed! Thanks. Continue Reading


Re: I'm in Big Trouble

In Judith Ripka 1427511068.843

There is something about rose gold with black. Gets me every time! Continue Reading


I'm in Big Trouble

Last Reply by MickD 1427747603.92 | Started by expatgal in Judith Ripka

I fell instantly in love with this new ring...just when I promised myself more jewelry would be going OUT of my house than coming IN! Continue Reading


Re: Jacque Looks Gorgeous Tonight!

In Beauty Banter 1427498714.473

My hubby certainly thinks so!!! Continue Reading


Re: help thinning hair! Need hair clip ons.

In Beauty Banter 1427471088.97

Please be very careful with wearing clip-ins a lot or especially the sewn in type. I learned the hard way about "traction or tension alopecia" a couple of years ago after my stylist discovered a bald spot I didn't even know I had. I had been wearing my hair in a very high and tight ponytail 24/7 for about a year. The tension or stress on the follicle finally caused the hair to fall out. It was not a nice process of diagnosis/treatment. I had never heard of such a thing, but a couple of doctors told me it was pretty common with women in the military or ballerinas who wore their hair in a ... Continue Reading


Re: Purchased a boneless leg of lamb for Easter. Which sides to you like with lamb.

In Recipe Swap 1427470568.307

I usually do a huge pan of oven roasted root veggies (parsnips, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, baby golden beets, shallots, carrots) coated with an olive oil/ balsamic vinegar/molasses/garlic mixture with some fresh rosemary tossed in. My family loves grilled garlic baguettes with this combo. Continue Reading


Re: My husband hurt my feelings. Loose skin comment

In Beauty Banter 1427325924.827

The great majority of men have absolutely no idea what they say has the power to hurt us, scar us, and change the way we feel about them. Bless them ... there should be some sort of course they should be required to complete before sharing a life with a female. My list of hurtful things my husband has said is looooooooong. But one that always pops into my head is when I was so petrified about waiting on my first breast biopsy results. He looked at me and said "well, whatever the results, it's not like you're a supermodel or something." Trust me, it's the nature of the beast. Continue Reading


Re: Who gets up early in the morning.......

In Fashion Talk 1427325375.9

Let's see. Up at 5 a.m. to listen to birds vs. turning over in my warm cozy bed knowing I can sleep hours more. Not even a contest for me. But enjoy those birdies! Continue Reading

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