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Re: Any Home Remedy for Vertigo?

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My mother suffered terribly with vertigo and now it seems I have inherited it as well. The docs put her on Antivert, which basically knocked her out. I had a really bad bout back in January that put me in bed for a week. Most people think it is being scared of heights or something, but it is terrible spinning, can't walk straight, nausea, etc. What works for me is OTC "Bonine" anti-motion medication plus the Epley maneuver 3x/day. Really study this maneuver on youtube videos before trying. In January, it took a while, but finally cleared up. I still get little "pings" of dizziness if I put m... Continue Reading


Infusion Water Bottle

Last Reply by 4paws 1429071494.95 | Started by expatgal in Kitchen & Food Talk

Anyone have an individual sized (20-24 oz) infusion water bottle they really like? I love my pitcher but want something to throw in my gym bag. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: got my insider magazine in today's mail !

In Beauty Banter 1429030470.833

Try checking peacemanor's blogspot. Sometimes she lists upcoming TSVs. Continue Reading


Re: Movie "The Imitation Game"

In Movies 1428962849.163

We watched it last night and really enjoyed it. It made me very sad to think how the UK handled homosexuality. One interesting note I read was that his suicide was arsenic poisoning (slightly referenced in the film). A half-eaten apple laced with arsenic was found by his body. The apples were referenced in the film as well when he gave them out as a peace offering to his colleagues. Continue Reading


Pepcid and Constipation?

Last Reply by colliemom4 1429067655.73 | Started by expatgal in Health & Fitness

The last couple of years, I've started having mild heartburn after eating spicy or rich foods at dinner. Waking up at 3 a.m. with that uncomfortable feeling is the pits! I started taking 1/2 of an OTC Pepcid about twice a week which works really well for me. Except ... it really constipates me the next day like crazy! I can't imagine what would happen if I took a whole pill every day. I know it isn't my imagination, but does anyone else have this problem with Pepcid? Continue Reading


Re: How many eggs do you eat each day and how do you like your eggs??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1428962371.567

I love eggs, any ole way. I usually have 4-6/week. I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge for a high protein snack or to put on salads, etc. My all time favorite way to have them is soft poached on top of a toasted english muffin. That slooooow, gooey yolk gets me every time! Continue Reading


Re: Whos watching Lisa Mason's Diamonique show

In Jewelry Talk 1428962251.977

I had to tune in for a few minutes because LisaM is my all-time favorite host ever! I love her sense of humor, and she still cracks me up. It's like she was never gone after the first 5 minutes on air. Time to fly solo, honey. You definitely can do it. WELCOME BACK!!! Continue Reading


Nylon Small Gabriella

Last Reply by faeriemoon 1429417088.133 | Started by expatgal in Dooney & Bourke

Anyone have this bag? I absolutely love it, perfect size and in so many gorgeous colors! Hoping it comes on EZ Pay! Continue Reading


Re: Am I crazy?

In Beauty Banter 1428792156.983

One of the positives about being a woman in her 60s is finally not caring what people think! I definitely think longer hair only drags already sagging features over 40. A cut and color always lifts my spirits at 60. I wear my hair very curly, and the longer it gets, the more I start looking like an aging hippie. But hey, if you love your hair and you honestly love how it looks on you ... go for it and ENJOY IT! Continue Reading


Re: New ripka watch

In Judith Ripka 1428702228.16

Well, I see the Ripka Gods are frowning on me this afternoon. Tried to order the Silver/Small watch and it's on waitlist. Maybe later Continue Reading

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