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Just bought Chanel "Jean"... shown here. Really great shade for summer. Close to NARS "Schiap" that I forgot I owned! Continue Reading



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On 5/28/2015 Alley Catvocate said: Nars Schiap is one of the brightest/prettiest I have ever used.. Must agree! This lipstick makes my green eyes really stand out for some reason. Thanks for posting the pic, I completely had forgotten I own this! BTW, it looks good on darker skin tones as well as my light skin. Nice! Continue Reading


Re: Bad Packaging on Judith Ripka Watch

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MFG, sorry. I had the exact same experience recently with my 3rd Ripka wrap watch. Watch appeared in pristine condition and new, but the watch box was exactly as you described it, with black plastic pieces in the box. I had to ditch the box, but love the watch. Continue Reading


Re: TRISH MCEVOY TTV on June 6th!!

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Will some kind soul please post a picture????????? Continue Reading


Re: Interesting formula to see if shorter or longer hair will flatter you

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I think this formula really does have merit! I measured 3", but my version of "long hair" at my age is a smidge off the top of my shoulders. BTW, I love the lipstick on Michelle Williams in the picture. Anyone recognize it???? Gorgeous. Continue Reading



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I posted a few weeks ago about this new Chanel shade "Romanesque". I'm still in love with it and get compliments every time I wear it. Continue Reading


Re: New watch in metal (choice of color) - J323358

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I just now saw the cushion shape watch ("Lola") PLUS yet another new watch ("Madison") from JR. Wow, she really is churning them out. Unfortunately, I really love Lola and haven't received her new "Lexington" watch yet! I'm sure sooner or later this one will be arriving at my house as well. I really love her watches. No judgement! Continue Reading


Re: Lancome sale

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I was just looking at the new lip shine swatches on line! THANK YOU!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Michael Dawkins Crosshatch Gemstone rings

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I believe the rings are now an OTO during the Dawkins show, as well as the matching necklaces and cuffs in amy and mint quartz. Good price, if you like the style! Continue Reading


Re: Hamburger Help

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My family loves it when I add chopped baby portabello mushrooms, grated fresh garlic, Emeril's Italian seasoning blend, and a huge splash of Marsala wine to the meat before grilling. On the least "flip" on the grill, I finely grate parm reggiano cheese for melting. Tuscan burgers! Continue Reading

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