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Re: Help! J288483 brillant oval wide band ring

In Judith Ripka 1396443638.473

Why did most reviewers size UP? Hate this! Continue Reading


Re: So....Shawn just said this

In Beauty Banter 1396443575.36

Mindless marketing psychobabble. Continue Reading


Help! J288483 brillant oval wide band ring

Last Reply by expatgal 1396443638.473 | Started by expatgal in Judith Ripka

Did you size up on this band ring? Continue Reading


Re: Did something I should have done a long time ago............

In Beauty Banter 1396374055.24

Congratulations!!!!!! I did my make-up/skincare closet and my walk-in closet a few months ago. It about killed me, but man did it change my life! I was holding on to clothes, make-up/skincare that I hadn't touched in 2 years! It took me so much time just to get ready to go somewhere, then I got frustrated and mad and well ... it wasn't a pretty sight! I made a promise to myself when it was all finished ... NEVER AGAIN! I stick to my skincare and make-up items that I know I love and if I buy even a new lip gloss, an old one goes in the trash. My motto: UN-CLUTTER YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Dry cleaning vs Laundry

In Fashion Talk 1396359862.62

It's 15 days, a trans-Atlantic. We get free "laundry" and dry cleaning while on board, therefore my question. I doubt very seriously if they do cold water, delicate, warm dry then hang!!!!! Figured dry cleaning would be safer maybe? Continue Reading


Traveling Beauty

Last Reply by ChynnaBlue 1396371089.39 | Started by expatgal in Beauty Banter

Just curious, do you pack your usual full beauty routine items when you travel? Serum, exfoliator, etc. or do you just stick with the basics? Continue Reading


Dry cleaning vs Laundry

Last Reply by Meeras 1396409623.29 | Started by expatgal in Fashion Talk

Can most cotton/spandex blends be dry cleaned? Dreamjeannes, Women with Control, etc? Is this a way to avoid shrinkage when having them cleaned while on a cruise or travelling? I have a fear of my pants coming back 3 sizes too small from hot water laundering while travelling! Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran new SPF 47 Moisturizer is GREAT !

In Beauty Banter 1396293291.833

On 3/31/2014 LisaB said: On 3/31/2014 expatgal said: I was a cult follower of her original daily SPF moisturizer and couldn't wait to grab the new one. I'll have to say after a couple of weeks of trying the new one out, I'm pleased with it. The first thing different about the new formula was the thickness and the "whiteness" of it versus the original. Yes, I do need less and no, it doesn't break me out or cause oilness or whiteness. It seems to work fine underneath my Trish McEvoy BB tinted cream with SPF 35. That's about as much as I can obsess about my facial SPF routine. BTW, I do not use ... Continue Reading


Re: What do you carry for essentials while on a cruise?

In All About Handbags 1396293234.623

I prefer a small crossbody nylon bag. I usually take my Dooney "triple zip" nylon. Continue Reading

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