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Last Reply by magicmoodz 1409180172.88 | Started by peachesncream in Fashion Talk

I’ve lived this far with the wardrobe I have. I can keep waiting to find pieces I love. That’s a thought I found on the Vivienne Files website. Though it was stated a little differently, that’s the point she was making (and makes often). Be choosy. It pays off in the long run. I’ve become choosy, and I’m not apologizing for it. The “near misses” end up being left in the closet – or I wear them but don’t feel good in them. Better to be patient and wait for the right pieces. They aren’t always the expensive ones. They might turn up in ... Continue Reading


Re: Love this color

In Fashion Talk 1408817668.843

I like them - the color and the zippers. I'm seeing a lot of paler jeans these days. I like the various color options. Lighter colors are flattering to me. They're more casual than dark jeans IMO. But I have a mostly casual life. Continue Reading


Re: Love this color

In Fashion Talk 1408817531.727

I like them - the color and the zippers. I'm seeing a lot of paler denim these days. I like having that option. The lighter colors look good on me. They're more casual than a dark jean IMO. But my wardrobe is mostly casual. Continue Reading


Transition pieces

Last Reply by magicmoodz 1408567881.78 | Started by peachesncream in Fashion Talk

I thought it would be fun to list some transition pieces that you like - whether tops, shoes, bottoms, or accessories - that can move into fall. I like this top at Lands End. Continue Reading


Re: Easy street shoes

In Fashion Talk 1408545442.723

Kohls also carries this brand. I bought a pair last fall. I was disappointed in the ones I bought. I felt they weren't the same quality or comfort as Clarks or Naturalizer. Let us know what you think about the ones you ordered. Continue Reading


Re: Lifelong LEVI"S Lovers: NEW jeans to celebrate!

In Fashion Talk 1408498187.713

They remind me of the JAG jeans I bought at Macy's, which I love. At least they are updating. That may be a good thing for Levi's. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Just for Fun..Think back - What was your very FIRST job (paid by check)

In Fashion Talk 1408390470.167

I babysat a lot, but that was a cash job. My first "paycheck" was from working at Christmas and during the summer at Woolworth's. I worked in cosmetics and the candy aisle. I met a lot of very nice coworkers. It convinced me that I really did want to go to college and get a degree. Continue Reading


Re: Talbots shoppers

In Fashion Talk 1408309084.65

I ordered this Talbot's blouse in Blush, and also in Blue. They haven't arrived yet. (I just hope the crepe de chine fabric isn't see-through.) I also ordered the ballet neck pima cotton tee in Blush. I think this is a sophisticated shade of pink and spans seasons. But then, I love pink! Continue Reading


Re: R.I.P. denim? Why yoga pants might be to blame...

In Fashion Talk 1408161209.96

That's an interesting read. And it's ironic that it comes at this time, with young people shopping for school clothes. My teenage granddaughter just finished her shopping, and her mom is frustrated because she didn't come home with any new jeans! She bought tops, hoodies, sweat pants, skirts and a dress. But no new jeans. She claims she has enough jeans already. But she only wears them once in awhile. I have a love/hate relationship with jeans. I wear them a lot, but I've branched out and am wearing more slim leg pants, stretch pants, etc. While I love jeans, I have to admit I've seldom ha... Continue Reading


Re: What to wear with a blue jean jacket?

In Fashion Talk 1408139721.657

I like the look of a jean jacket with a skirt or dress (or sundress). That seems to feminize the look of a jean jacket (which originally was a man's jacket, after all). But it also can be worn with any slacks. I like white slacks or jeans with a blue jean jacket. Continue Reading

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