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Re: Why I Don't Like Stretch Bracelets...Black & White Bow Tie Enamel

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I haven't had that happen. But it makes sense that elastic might deteriorate over time. I enjoy stretch bracelets. My wrists are small and stretch bracelets give a snug fit. So far, mine have held up. I don't have a lot invested in them; they tend to be inexpensive. Continue Reading


Re: Anybody shop at Chicos for clothes? Do u like Chicos?

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On 3/28/2015 winamac1 said: On 3/27/2015 skuggles said: I like their clothing, but they just don't fit my body type. same with me! This applies to me as well. My DIL loves Chicos and buys a lot of career clothing there. Continue Reading


Re: Do you mix your metals?

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I prefer silver jewelry and silver trim on clothing; gold buttons or trim usually will make me pass on an item. I do have a favorite watch that's silver and gold. I think a mixture of metals in a single piece can be pretty and striking. Continue Reading


Re: Do You Prefer Leather Shoes and Handbags to Other Materials??

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I but whatever appeals to me. Usually, I don't notice whether something is leather or faux until I've already made a decision. Continue Reading


Re: Do you change your handbag to match your outfit???

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I use a Travelon organizer for everyday/running errands. When DH and I go out or for social gatherings, I use a nicer purse. I have about a half dozen, mostly neutrals, and not enough to match every outfit. I love handbags! But as a matter of priorities, I try to keep the number low. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday Lolakimono

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Hope you're enjoying your special day! Best wishes!! Continue Reading


Re: Underwire vs Wire-free bras - can u really tell a difference?

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I love Barely There bras. They're so comfortable. I have both wire-free and underwire styles. I buy most of my lingerie at Kohls - good selection and sales. Continue Reading


Re: Jean jackets

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I'm not big on layering. I like a pretty top or sweater with slacks; that's my uniform. I gradually donated my jean jackets because I wasn't wearing them. I kept a white one to carry in summer, to restaurants and movie theaters, etc. But I think jean jackets are cute and flattering on those who wear them. Continue Reading


Re: What color tops do you like to wear with light gray pants?

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I just thought of another color that's a good match with light gray - mint green. I have a mint green sweater from Talbots that I wore with gray pants all winter. Continue Reading


Re: What color tops do you like to wear with light gray pants?

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Another idea is to go to the Vivienne Files website and enter the word "gray" in the search box (upper left corner). It will bring up articles where gray has been used and matched to other colors, accessories, etc. I've done that when there was a color I needed to work into outfits. I always find ideas there, and combinations I hadn't thought of. Continue Reading

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