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I'm bumping this recipe up. We had this with our dinner last night, and it was very tasty! I served it with a ham slice and sautéed cherry tomatoes. The mild pineapple flavor of the rice went well with the ham. I used half an onion and one red pepper - I dropped the orange pepper to save money. Half a green pepper would also work. The turmeric gives nice color and flavor. So quick and easy to make. This recipe is a keeper. Continue Reading


Re: Bran Muffin Question

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Actually, 1/4 cup of oil is not a lot for a recipe that makes 12 muffins. I would go back to using that amount. Some of my muffin recipes call for 1/2 cup of oil or butter. If you use less than 1/4 cup you risk having dry or tough muffins. Applesauce is a good substitute for oil. Here is another idea. It's the original bran muffin recipe from the Kellogg's All Bran box. I made this all the years my kids were growing up, and they loved these muffins. Bran Muffins - Original recipe from All Bran Cereal Box Preheat oven to 400º. (*If your muffin pan is dark, use 375 degrees and bake muffin... Continue Reading


Re: HELP! Need a Dress to wear to daughter's bridal showers

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I love this Isaac dress: A253117. It's $64. Lined, lace pullover knit dress in 4 pretty colors: black, passion fruit, blue, and yellow. In regular and plus sizes. Continue Reading


Re: Do you go to restaurants alone?

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I do, when DH is out of town. It doesn't bother me to eat alone. I usually choose a sandwich shop/bakery or someplace casual (La Madeleine, etc.) DH and I love IHOP. It's great place to go late at night, when other places are closed. We have another 24 restaurant, Steak n Shake, that we also like. We like to have a sandwich or burger after a movie. No crowds! We've also gone there after a New Year's Eve party. Continue Reading


Re: HELP! Need a Dress to wear to daughter's bridal showers

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Macy's is having a great sale on dresses. Here are a few examples (all plus sizes): Reduced from $59.99 to $21.99 $69.99 reduced to $35.99 Was $109 reduced to $35.99 Was $69.99 now $38.99 Here's a link to the Macy's website, with over 500 Plus size dresses, sorted by price (low to high):,Productsperpage/PRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH,40?id=37038 Continue Reading


Re: Do you buy the same type of clothes over and over again?

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I have some favorite styles that I buy over and over, because I love them and they're flattering to my figure. I also have favorite colors that I know I'll look my best in. It's a pretty broad range. I don't see this as dull. It's just that I've learned from experience and apply this knowledge. I actually think I have a varied wardrobe. But I remember the mistakes and try not to repeat them. Continue Reading


Re: Do you make more elaborate dinners on Sundays?

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When the kids were growing up, we often had big Sunday dinners. It was more of an evening meal. These days I usually make soup on Sunday, a big pot. We have it for dinner, with hot bread and/or salad. I freeze the leftovers if the soup is freezable - most are. I love to try new soup recipes. Then we watch Masterpiece Theater. Continue Reading


Re: Women judge each other by their handbags???????

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On 7/25/2014 okiebug said: . ." Think of 2 women - one is carrying a tie-dyed cotton sling bag, the other is carrying a leather or faux leather handbag. What immediately pops in your head about each one? A tie-dyed bag! Where can I buy one? Continue Reading


Re: Need a Dress for a Wake and Funeral STAT

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I'm so sorry for your loss, luvpoos. It sounds like you have a plan for what to wear. In fact, that would be perfect. Condolences to your family. Continue Reading


Re: Need a Dress for a Wake and Funeral STAT

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Lands End Matte Jersey Knit Dress, comes in petite, black. This one has excellent reviews. Continue Reading

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