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Re: First day of wearing sandals to work.........

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Adorable wedges, Lanikins! Lovely pink shoes, lolakimono! 80 degrees here yesterday. I wore sandals to dinner last night. Love sandals weather! Continue Reading


Re: Neiman-Marcus fashion guru, Ken Downing 5 must-haves for Spring

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I always have pink in my wardrobe. The rest of the list doesn't appeal to me. I'm not even sure what an artistic print is. Continue Reading


Re: What brand of clothing fits your body the best?

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Talbots. I've stuck with them for years because their clothes fit so well. Some seasons I like their styles more than others. For jeans/slacks/shorts, Tommy Hilfiger, INC, Alfani (all at Macy's) fit me well. Continue Reading


Re: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Wearing Malachite in New Zealand

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William and Kate arrive at RAAF Edinburgh base in Adelaide, South Australia, to visit the suburb of Elizabeth. Kate is wearing Alexander McQueen in soft pink, a two-piece outfit with long sleeved V-neck top with peplum detail, and a matching pleated skirt. Shoes are favorite LK Bennett Sledge pumps. She carries an LK Bennett Natalie clutch. Continue Reading


Re: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Wearing Malachite in New Zealand

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On 4/22/2014 Goldie76 said: 'The Kate Effect' -- We fell under her spell. That's a fun article, Goldie! Thanks for posting the link. Continue Reading


Re: A221327...wanted so much to like this!

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I'm sorry that one didn't work for you. I hope you find something else that does. It's disappointing when an item doesn't work out. The hardest ones for me are the near-misses. These are the clothes that could have been perfect but for one fatal flaw. "If only"! Recently I ordered a Talbot's top that I thought would plug a hole in my wardrobe. On the website it looked like a sure thing. Pretty color, simple style, perfect length. Then it arrived - and it was a disaster. It was so tight in the chest that I could barely breathe. Everything else was fine, and probably a flat-chested woman could ... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone an Ina Garten fan?

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I'm a fan. Hers is the only show on Food Network that I still watch. (I say still because I watched the original shows, like Sara Moulton's live show - which was excellent. I still miss that one.) I have a lot of respect for Garten. She is a self-made woman and has led a very interesting life. I wouldn't want her life, because having children was so important to me, but I respect her choices and the success she's achieved. Ina's recipes are the ones I use and trust the most, when it comes to celebrity chefs. Her recipes aren't intimidating. She has simple preparations that let the flavors of ... Continue Reading


Re: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Wearing Malachite in New Zealand

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Before visiting Ayers Rock in the National Park, Kate changed into a casual checked linen dress, the Wessex from British retailer Hobbs (a dress she has worn before) and wedges. Continue Reading

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