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Re: Old Stockpot help... MIrro aluminum. Stained Advice to restore.

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I hope the advice from adoreqvc works. Ive never had any luck in restoring stained aluminum. I love aluminum for baking, as it heats so well and so evenly. But dishwasher detergent is too harsh for it. Also, aluminum shouldn't be soaked in water as it will discolor. I don't think the discoloration affects the use of it, it just looks bad. I have some Mirror baking pans. It's good stuff. I'm sorry they don't make Mirro anymore. I don't have any aluminum stockpots, though. Acidic foods shouldn't be cooked in plain aluminum - such as tomatoes, as the food can taste off. Continue Reading



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On 1/25/2015 maddiecat said: peachesncream, Regarding the Talbots top: I am 5'7" with a long torso and these hit me at mid-hip. I consider them a good length for me -- not too long and definitely not too short. The neckline is cut so that you don't have to wear a layering piece underneath, although I do. I guess I do this mainly out of habit because I used to do it with the Ann Taylor version of these tops, which definitely needed a layering piece underneath. Since you are 5'4", you fall between a Misses size and a Petite size. If you have a long torso, I would probably go with a Misses size.... Continue Reading


Re: Where To Buy Prescription Glasses

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On 1/24/2015 baileysue said: I used to think an independent optical place was the best, so I went where my eye doctor suggested. I went on a Friday. The glasses get picked up by the lens making place on Thursday. So that was almost a week without them till they got picked up. Then it took a week till the next Thursday for them to come in. The bifocals were in the wrong place. So I had to wait till the following Thurs. for them to get picked up and another week to get them back again. Boo. Now I go to Lenscrafters. And now my son is an Optician there. He said Lenscrafters changed some of the s... Continue Reading


A cartoon with something to think about

Last Reply by Lucibee 1422261695.84 | Started by peachesncream in Fashion Talk

I found this cartoon on the 333 Project website. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone here follow the Recovering Shopaholic Blog by Debbie Roes?

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I've read the blog off and on. I've been interested in downsizing and simple living for a long time. I don't overspend, but I do sometimes buy the wrong things. And I tend to put my nicest clothes aside for special occasions - that may never occur! I'm working on more careful shopping and wearing what I have. Continue Reading



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On 1/23/2015 maddiecat said: Hi, magic! The tops I'm eyeing are A212586. They are the faux-wrap style that I love. I gave up on the Ann Taylor versions after purchasing many over three years and instead went with the Talbots version last fall. I own four colors and they have been worn frequently! Now there are spring colors offered. I like the pink, coral and periwinkle blue colors. I've had my eye on that style, too. I love wraps. I've been hoping they'll have them in the store to try on. I'm a little concerned about the neckline being too deep or the top too long, since I'm 5 feet 4. Maddie... Continue Reading


Re: How to decide what to wear?

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For me, the future wearability of a dress or outfit would be a factor. I rarely buy single occasion clothing. Continue Reading


Re: Boot cut or Straight leg pants?

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I prefer straight leg. I've been phasing out bootcuts. Not the best look on me. Wear what you love. Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite neckline and why?

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I think the ballet neckline is my favorite. Fortunately, they seem to be in style, so I can find them. The bateau is pretty, but it has to fit right in the shoulders. I like V-necklines if they're not too deep. Any high neckline will look awful on me, and also makes me feel like I'm being strangled. Continue Reading



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More spring colors. This is from Chico's. Continue Reading

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