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Re: What Do You Buy at Sprouts?

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I shop there regularly. Things we like: *Beef. Their beef is Choice grade. The 3 grades of beef (from lowest to highest grade) are Select, Choice, and Prime. Restaurants buy up most of Prime; most groceries carry Select, and perhaps a few Choice meats; Sprouts carries all Choice meat (and occasionally has Prime steaks); their prices are very reasonable, too. *Chicken is antibiotic free, and good quality. *Fish. Selection varies by week, but there's always something and it's been good, in our experience. *Bulk items: Granolas, dried fruit, nuts, wheat bran and other grains, etc. *Fresh vegetab... Continue Reading


Re: Have you ever built a wardrobe around a signature color?

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Pink is my best color. I have a fair amount of it. But it would be boring and predictable to wear it all of the time. I also love greens, blues, lavender and some neutrals. I buy a variety of colors. For me, that keeps it fun. I don't want a signature color. Continue Reading


Re: Really cute retro style women's swimwear at walmart's website

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Those are cute! I like the retro look, and red is such a pretty color for swimsuits. Continue Reading


Re: Woolite?

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I use Ivory Liquid. Continue Reading


Re: Do you like the lace and crocheted overlay looks? Own any?

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On 4/16/2015 magicmoodz said: peaches, thank you for posting the top below. I really like it as it is a dressier take on a t-shirt. I have a couple of crochet sweaters. In fact, I am wearing one today. It is a l-o-n-g mocha elbow sleeve open front sweater. Not usually my style, but something spoke to me with this one. When clothes speak, we should listen! Those end up being the ones we love. Your sweater sounds pretty. Continue Reading


Re: White sandals, anyone?

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I think silver sandals are beautiful, and can be a good substitute for white sandals. Continue Reading


Re: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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I love this series, too. I have a fascination with Australia, I love fashion and I love myseries. This series has it all! Continue Reading


Re: White sandals, anyone?

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I'm not fond of white shoes in genersl, but a white sandal can be cute IMO. I have a pair of white Skecher sandals with tiny rhinestones. Love them and always get compliments on them. Continue Reading


Re: Woolite?

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I've always used Ivory Liquid for my delicate things, and for sweaters. It's also safe for wool or silk. Continue Reading


Re: Do you fix soup as a meal in the summer?

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We eat soups year round. Sunday is usually soup day around here. I love a vegetable soup, corn soup, gazpacho, minestrone in summer. Really, other than chili (which does seem like cold weather food to me) we will eat any soup in summer. Continue Reading

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