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Re: Centrigrade Down Coats and Jackets

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I think Lands End and LL Bean both make very good, warm coats. I like the styling and fit of LL Bean jackets and coats a little better. They seem to fit closer to the body. Lands End has made an effort to update their styles in recent years. The arms on Lands End jackets run long. That might be a selling point for some people. On me, they tend to be too long. Continue Reading


Re: Chico's returns

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On 11/25/2014 RespectLife said: On 11/22/2014 kate2357 said: On 11/22/2014 2zbeach said: Yes,you can return to a store. I hate the disdainful looks I get when I return something and I am not a frequent returner! My Chico's have the b******* women working there. I shop online to avoid them! I thought it was just my store with the snooty sales staff. And I really do hate their stupid sizing method. online for me and returns at store if need be. And ITA...just process the return. OMG! Do you both live in western New York? I am AFRAID of those ladies in the store! I have mailed back returns for f... Continue Reading


Re: Do you keep a "Soup Bucket" in your freezer??

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When DH and I first married (and were broke) we did that. When we had enough saved vegetables, I would combine them with canned tomatoes or tomato soup. Season with lots of pepper and herbs of choice. Continue Reading



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Wow, I'm so sorry that happened! I hope the mayo works. I've discovered that most stoneware has this feature - that there is a bare ring around the bottom of the casserole, platter, etc. It absorbs water when you wash the dish. ( To prevent this, after washing, turn the item upside down on a dish cloth. Let it sit a day or more. That will dry out the area completely. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone buying from Talbots this week?

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On 11/24/2014 VaBelle35 said: It annoys me to have to pay $8 shipping though. Can you get to a store to make your order? I use the catalogue phone in the store and always get free shipping, and sale prices or promotions are honored. Continue Reading


Re: Need ideas of what to wear when the dress code is "dressy casual"??

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Did the invitation say "dressy casual"? I'm just wanting to nail down where that came from. The best way to find out what's expected is to contact the host(s) or whoever issued the invitations. Ask for specific examples of what would be appropriate, instead of vague language. Ask what they are wearing. Another good idea - that's already been mentioned - is to call up a couple of female relatives and find out what they are wearing. Where I live, an evening party at a country club means dressing up a bit. For me, that would be dress pants with a pretty sweater or top, or a sheath dress, and hee... Continue Reading


Re: What is your Favorite Cookie and recipe

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These are pretty and delicious, a special occasion cookie. Cream Wafers: Continue Reading


Re: Chico's returns

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Yes, you can make returns in the store. Continue Reading


Re: Any Opinions on new "Coca Cola Life" Compared to "Classic Coca Cola"?

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We like Coke Zero, although I couldn't explain why - it just tastes better than Diet Coke to me. Also like Cherry Coke Zero. I haven't tried Coke Life, but probably won't; it's somewhat reduced in calories but not enough for DH, who is diabetic. And I prefer 0 calorie drinks. Continue Reading


Re: How many jackets will you buy when the body is one fabric and the sleeves another?

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I don't own any. I guess it doesn't appeal to me because I don't like styles that look busy. Continue Reading

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