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Re: Tide With Bleach Alternative, Complaints of Purple Spots

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I used Tide for years. About a decade ago they tinkered with the formula and I didn't care for the changes. The new product seemed too harsh on clothes. Plus, Tide is expensive. I've found two laundry detergents I really like. Both are inexpensive. One is unscented and one isn't. Arm & Hammer for Sensitive Skin (free of perfumes and dyes); this is great for people with sensitive skin, allergies to scents Purex Natural Elements, Linen & Lilies (for all machines); very light scent (I can't even smell it on clothes), does a good job of cleaning I guess different people want and expect di... Continue Reading


Re: Found some cute casual pieces at LOFT last night

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Great finds! I love that print tee. (Somehow I missed that one. I've been using Loft more this year.) Continue Reading


Re: Print shoes and handbags

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I love to look at print shoes and handbags. They are so cute. When it comes to buying, I hold back. Either the colors in the print don't match my other clothing closely enough, or I can only think of one or two things they would go with. And there always seems to be something I need more. But I haven't ruled out the idea. I especially like print sneakers and flats. Continue Reading


Re: Have you found any cute bargains in stores or on line you can share with us?

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On 5/17/2015 Lucibee said: JCPenneys has two brands of casual wear that I really like. St John's Bay and a brand called Stylus. Nice shorts, crops, capris, ankle pants., tank tops., blouses, etc. JCP always has sales and I like to go in at the beginning of a season for a nice selection. I noticed the Stylus brand in Penney recently and bought this top in 2 colors. I love the cotton/poly/rayon blend. It runs small; I went up a size. The neckline says crew but it's more open. Continue Reading


Re: Wardrobe mistakes

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Impatience. The right clothes come along eventually. But often I'm impatient. Continue Reading


Re: If this is a fashion forum, why is it inappropriate to say...

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On 5/15/2015 house_cat said: On 5/15/2015 kmax said: It is certainly fair to criticize an item of apparel but usually it turns into a criticism of the person wearing the item. There is a big difference, if you don't know the difference that is really so sad. I understand the difference. Saying that a dress is awful or unflattering should not offend someone who thinks it's pretty. I'm assuming we're all grown women with the confidence to wear what we like. It will offend them if they've just bought it! Then you are criticizing their taste. No one really appreciates that. Continue Reading


Re: Many years ago I worked at Dillards and I remember

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I was a devotee of Liz Claiborne clothes for years. What I loved was that they presented clothes in a capsule form. They were grouped by sets. I could go into the store and buy coordinating pieces without thinking. There even was a Liz store at Northpark shopping center in Dallas. I loved that store. All Liz! Those days are gone. I think there is still good clothing at the very high end (and always will be). There's tons of clothing at the low end. What's disappearing is the middle - well-made clothing that's attractive and durable. That goes for all merchandise, not just clothing. Continue Reading


Re: Talbot's - Winners and Losers

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I also bought this Pineapple Tee. It's called an embroidered tee, but it's not; it's beaded. A great vacation tee. Continue Reading


Talbot's - Winners and Losers

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I thought it might be fun to post what we love at Talbot's this season. And also the ones that didn't work out. This lightweight cotton top is a favorite. Light, but not see-through. Love the paisley print in pretty shades of blue. Continue Reading


Re: Skechers Bobs -- true to size?

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I agree, true to size. I wear size 7 in both Clarks shoes and Skechers Bobs. Continue Reading

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