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Re: Is it rude to remove one's shoes when entering another's home?

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On 12/27/2014 sunshine45 said: may i suggest this product be kept in your purses at all times....then you will always be prepared! Some people need to wear a supportive shoe at all times because of a medical condition. I have a sister that does. She would never be able to wear "footzy folds". I guess she would be rude to all of you with the "no shoes in the house" rule. Continue Reading


Re: Is it rude to remove one's shoes when entering another's home?

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On 12/27/2014 occasional rain said: Now I'm wondering about the furniture in the homes of the 'off with your shoes' people. Do they cover their furniture? Is it encased in plastic? If removing shoes were customary or acceptable in the US we would see that represented on tv shows. We don't see it on US or even British productions. Even on Everybody Loves Raymond, Marie kept plastic slipcovers on the couch but they all still wore their shoes in the house. Continue Reading


Re: I got the Le Mieux Skin Perfecter thanks to howwhatwhen! My first

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I got this for Christmas I am excited to try it out. I wanted it also for congested pores. I did not realize though that there was a limited amount of charges. But hopefully it works well and justifies the cost. Continue Reading


Re: Is it rude to ask visitors to take off shoes at the door if circumstances warrant it?

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While I agree with the "your house, your rules" concept, that was not OP's question. She asked if it was rude. And the answer to that is yes, it is rude. There are several legitimate reasons why some people need to wear shoes all the time. And even if it is just their personal comfort, I would never want a guest in my house to be uncomfortable in my home. I guess I was raised to be a good hostess. A good hostess does not want her guests to be uncomfortable. And I will say, that most guests who are uncomfortable taking their shoes off, will do it anyway if they are asked, and most likel... Continue Reading


Re: Calphalon cookware

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I actually just use a paper towel or napkin between them. Continue Reading


Re: So excited....then read the fine print....resin filled

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On 8/15/2014 luv my Golden said: On 8/15/2014 esmeraldagooch said: On 8/15/2014 luv my Golden said: You should be glad that it is filled with resin or your bracelet would not last very long. Gold is very soft, therefore it dents and scratches very easily. I don't know if you are familiar with Eternagold, but their gold is also filled with another alloy so that it does not dent, etc. I have had two gold bracelets from Eternagold and had no problem with them other that they were stolen from me which is very upsetting to me. But they were very upfront about the gold being bonded to an alloy so t... Continue Reading


Re: A Father's Love Never Dies - A Must Read

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Thanks for sharing... My world changed forever seven years ago this Monday, the day I lost my dad. He was an amazing father and an extraordinary human being. The hole in my heart has never healed; I miss him every day... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's shoes on GILI picture.

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She posed so the shoes would stand out. That was all by design. She appears to be about labels, more than style. That bag does NOT go with the rest of her outfit. It just plain looks stupid with that dress and shoes. Continue Reading


Re: what brand of dog treats do you use?

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On 5/8/2014 just bee said: We've tried a lot of different treats, but we've finally settled on Nancy Anne's Pampered Pets USA. Better-half and I were talking about how good they smell when we open the bag, so we each ate one. Delicious! My first boy LOVED those treats. We called them "cheese cookies". Those were his favorite treat. Continue Reading

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