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Re: Calphalon cookware

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I actually just use a paper towel or napkin between them. Continue Reading


Re: So excited....then read the fine print....resin filled

In Jewelry Talk 1408150193.417

On 8/15/2014 luv my Golden said: On 8/15/2014 esmeraldagooch said: On 8/15/2014 luv my Golden said: You should be glad that it is filled with resin or your bracelet would not last very long. Gold is very soft, therefore it dents and scratches very easily. I don't know if you are familiar with Eternagold, but their gold is also filled with another alloy so that it does not dent, etc. I have had two gold bracelets from Eternagold and had no problem with them other that they were stolen from me which is very upsetting to me. But they were very upfront about the gold being bonded to an alloy so t... Continue Reading


Re: A Father's Love Never Dies - A Must Read

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Thanks for sharing... My world changed forever seven years ago this Monday, the day I lost my dad. He was an amazing father and an extraordinary human being. The hole in my heart has never healed; I miss him every day... Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's shoes on GILI picture.

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She posed so the shoes would stand out. That was all by design. She appears to be about labels, more than style. That bag does NOT go with the rest of her outfit. It just plain looks stupid with that dress and shoes. Continue Reading


Re: what brand of dog treats do you use?

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On 5/8/2014 just bee said: We've tried a lot of different treats, but we've finally settled on Nancy Anne's Pampered Pets USA. Better-half and I were talking about how good they smell when we open the bag, so we each ate one. Delicious! My first boy LOVED those treats. We called them "cheese cookies". Those were his favorite treat. Continue Reading


Re: Did your mom have a signature dish or something she made especially well?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1399775345.95

She has so many "signature" items. My mom was a fantastic cook and baker. She doesn't do as much anymore, but she still makes the best pie crust ever, and has some signature cakes and the very best carrot bars!!! Continue Reading


Re: new puppy needs name

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On 5/4/2014 Suzie said: Charlie. :-) Oh, Charlie is good. He looks like a Charlie. Continue Reading


Re: new puppy needs name

In Viewpoints 1399242542.65

Wilson Lincoln He is an absolute doll! You will have to let us all know what you finally decide to name him. Continue Reading


Re: How many pairs of shoes is too much to own?

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On 5/1/2014 squeezebox said: I hate shoes and most girly things. But, watch the show My Strange Addiction. There's a lady on there that is addicted to shoes. She's engaged and if I was him, I'd say see ya bye, go marry your shoes. She is truly pathetic and a little off the deep end! Thinks her shoes have feelings. She finally went to a therapist and is slowly breaking up with her shoes. I'm with wilma's hubby on this one! 5 is plenty! Well that sounds like a more enjoyable episode than the one I watched...where the woman would eat cat hair. She would eat it off the carpet and lick her cat ... Continue Reading

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