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Re: Are procrastinators lazy? If not why do they procrastinate?

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Listen, if you tell me you want something done by Friday, don't come to me on Tuesday wondering why it's not done yet. If you want it done by Tuesday, tell me to have it done by Tuesday and it will be done by Tuesday. What is so difficult to understand about that??? Continue Reading


Re: GILI handbag for $699!!! Are you kidding me?

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On 3/27/2015 Chrystaltree said: $699 is a lot for a bag, I can't justify paying that much for a bag. These days my limit is around $450. However, $699 is by no means a super expensive bag. I'd call it mid priced. Bags are big business now. It IS "super expensive" for a no-name bag. Continue Reading


Re: GILI is Lisa Robertson line end of story

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On 3/27/2015 kalikokty said: On 3/27/2015 Anonymous2012 said: I will never understand how those who like Lisa Robertson are told to move on. But those who are fans of Lisa Mason, Kathy Levine, etc can post to their hearts content and no one tells those folks to move on. Kathy Levine is allowing Paula Deen to sell products and people are okay with this? I checked out Lisa Mason's interview with Courtney and she referred to her as a "little girl". It may have some type of meaning, but I just don't care for her style. I have the right to my opinion and I will move on like all the Lisa Bashers su... Continue Reading


Re: Recently "WENNED" and Hair is SUPER FRIZZY ~ Any Suggestions?

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I tried Wen. My hair became dry and frizzy. I quit using Wen. Continue Reading


Re: What color tops do you like to wear with light gray pants?

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My favorite color with gray is soft yellow, Other colors that work well are black, of course, true red, navy, purple and most soft pastels. Continue Reading


Re: What brand jeans do you wear?

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I would look into the Style & Company from Macys. They have a few different styles/cuts and lengths. They are really good fitting jeans and you can get them for a really decent price. Continue Reading


Re: What's the WORST food. . . that you just LOVE!

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On 3/22/2015 Sooner said: Now some of you are talking about "good" food that is "bad" for you. LOL!!! I'm talking about BAD food that you think is GOOD FOOD. Spam, bologna, fried saltines (now that's different!)! I LOVE THIS THREAD! We may have to declare National Bad Food day sometime! I have thoroughly enjoyed these responses (that cat is wonderful!) and thank all of you for a good time! Well my first answer was going to be bacon gravy over white bread. But, after reading this post, I understand the question and my answer to the BAD food that I think is good, is Totinos pizza, those che... Continue Reading


Re: update on my highly sensitive co-worker

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On 3/21/2015 Plaid Pants said: On 3/21/2015 JJ said: On 3/21/2015 Plaid Pants said: If someone flips out over a friendly tap on the shoulder, what do they do when someone accidentally bumps in to them? Have a melt-down? There is nothing wrong with a friendly "excuse me" tap. That's not invading someones "personal space". I'll even put my hand on someones back, to let them know that I am behind them. Horrors! Have me arrested! Okay, that is just wrong and inappropriate in the work place. If you want to let someone know you are behind them, why don't you just tell them that??? </ First, my... Continue Reading



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My number one pet peeve is the improper use of myself. I often hear news anchors use this incorrectly and just have to wonder how they do not know the proper use of that word. My number 2 is the incorrect use of I/Me. And come on people, a lot is not spelled alot!!! Continue Reading

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