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Michael O'Connor now with HSN!

Last Reply by tansy 1413944369.6 | Started by peggles in Viewpoints

Don't know if it's old news, but I just saw him promoting his appearance in the next hour! I think he's going to be a gemstone and style consultant! Continue Reading


Re: Andrew Lessman TS

In Health & Fitness 1410628612.357

I too had read that one type of magnesium was more effective than another but have found that not to be the case. I take 1200mg of magnesium oxide daily (not Andrew's because I'd have to take too many at 200mg each) to keep my heartbeat regular and have no problems with it. Continue Reading


Re: Melissa Dawson Presenting LaPan Tablet

In Electronics Talk 1408137947.567

She explained on her Facebook page that she made the move to QVC because it's much closer to where she lives in Virginia. Also said she misses her HSN friends. Continue Reading


Is Mary Beth working full time?

Last Reply by LillyBelle74 1406998628.613 | Started by peggles in Viewpoints

Either I'm not watching at the right times or she's not working 4 days a week anymore. Saw her this morning after several days of not. Continue Reading


Re: O/T ~ Remedies for Ringing in the Ears?

In Beauty Banter 1405932507.58

I have ringing in the ears too but not so bad that it keeps me from falling asleep. It's louder sometimes than other times. As Jean Louise mentioned, citrus bioflavonoids help, and 50mg of niacin daily helps me too. I searched online and found an easy "exercise" to do where, as I recall, you hang your head back off the edge of a bed or something for 10 seconds, turn it left for 10 seconds, then right for 10 seconds. It helped me the times I tried it. Search for it for yourself as I'm not entirely sure of the details. Continue Reading


Re: QVC gems vs. other shopping channels

In Jewelry Talk 1405635045.213

I've stopped buying jewelry - I have everything I want and need to start wearing it (but no place to go!) - but I believe ShopHQ has the best quality but like QVC's is also overpriced. My favorite designer is Michael Valitutti. Chuck Clemency's quality has gone down, although I bought a chrome diopside line bracelet of his last year that is spectacular. I also have a number of quality pieces from HSN, and their current show of Xavier cz's is absolutely breathtaking and spectacular!!! I've never seen such original and distinctive designs!! As for QVC, their jewelry quality is mediocre. Continue Reading


Re: Gem Day...pathetic line up for shows...

In Jewelry Talk 1405548581.527

Watching gems all day is a welcome change from the usual boring line up, but I won't be buying anything because of their prices. I have all the gems I want anyway; the only stone I'm remotely interested in is morganite but don't trust the Q's quality. It was fascinating to watch the Ruby show - the parcel was purchased 20 years ago, yet they were all pink. I'm pretty sure rubies were still red 20 years ago. I bought a Burmese ruby ring from ShopNBC about 10 years ago and it is definitely red. Continue Reading


Re: If you eat fried chicken out, where do you go??

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405283903.93

I'm addicted to KFC (although I have it maybe once a month). That's the only time I eat chicken skin. Their biscuits and cold slaw are to die for. Several months ago I was in Louisville, ran out of things to do, and drove to the original Sanders Cafe. There's a small museum there which I enjoyed. Had some KFC during our recent Canadian road trip but it's not the same. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Do You Buy More From HSN Or QVC

In Beauty Banter 1400652643.62

HSN for sure. I don't trust QVC much anymore. Continue Reading


Re: Im getting a smartphone should i get the Apple 4s or the Samsung G.

In Electronics Talk 1395807184.253

I had 2 phones and a tablet that were Androids and swear I'll never get anything but an Apple from now on. Androids would be amazing if they did what they're supposed to do, but they don't. Maybe it's the ones by HTC, as mine were, that are the problem. I was pulling my hair out daily!!! I got the original Apple IPhone 4 and never pulled my hair once. It was dependable from day 1. The only real drawback was the small screen. I just replaced it 2 weeks ago with the 5C, and the screen is a little bigger. Continue Reading

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