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Re: Lisa R. discussed on Nancy Grace tonight

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A UK newspaper did a story about Lisa's terror over her stalkers, that there were 3 at the same time at one point. One of them posted on her Facebook page! QVC backs her up legally, but she told the judge in court that she's terrified and needs to be able to live without fear. She has burglar alarms set even when she's home and jumps every time she hears a noise. Can't imagine what that's like. I missed Nancy's show but wonder if she got the info from the British paper. Continue Reading


Re: Im getting a smartphone should i get the Apple 4s or the Samsung G.

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I had 2 phones and a tablet that were Androids and swear I'll never get anything but an Apple from now on. Androids would be amazing if they did what they're supposed to do, but they don't. Maybe it's the ones by HTC, as mine were, that are the problem. I was pulling my hair out daily!!! I got the original Apple IPhone 4 and never pulled my hair once. It was dependable from day 1. The only real drawback was the small screen. I just replaced it 2 weeks ago with the 5C, and the screen is a little bigger. Continue Reading


Re: Tova is such a lovely lady for her age.

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On 3/24/2014 annabellethecat said: How do you know that daisies? I'm not being smart alec I'm curious. Do you know them or have you seen her shopping? He was around for a very long time and made a lot of well known movies. My guess is that he had a lot of money. I don't know, but I would think so. In case Daisies doesn't see your question, I can answer for her because Tova talked a lot last night about she was always asking him to buy the latest bauble before her. He'd complain she already had enough jewelry but would give in to her pleading. This was way before she started her business. Continue Reading


Re: Tova is such a lovely lady for her age.

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She's attractive and well dressed, but she has an air of arrogance about her. I read somewhere that she's not so wonderful in person, when she's not "on." Why does she seem "real" to you all and not Lisa, for example? Saw Tova with Nancy last night and she bragged a lot. Not becoming. Continue Reading


Re: I saw the real lisa tonight

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Thanks for this thread, Dex, and I'm relieved that the real Lisa you saw was good. I had posted about meeting her at the girlfriends weekend last July (for the second time), and she gave of herself completely, winning everyone over. Reading her Facebook posts shows the real Lisa too - she not only loves animals, babies, and Nature, but loves the little things in life too. The Q models love her too, and they'd see the real Lisa. I tweet back and forth with Katia, and she thinks Lisa is "wonderful.". Continue Reading


Re: Am I the only one who actually enjoys doing laundry?

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I love doing laundry too, although I'm not wild about putting it all away. As a kid I liked watching the clothes toss around in my Mom's front loader, so it started from then. It's probably my favorite household chore, with handwashing dishes a close second. Continue Reading


Re: Laser required after Cataracts Removed

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They're known as secondary cataracts and are common. I had them in both my eyes 9 months ago and had them zapped with a laser. Totally painless and quick. Continue Reading


Re: How much do the QVC hosts actually earn?

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No one really knows for sure, but people here on the Q boards think they make up to a million a year, but that's way too high. Long-time hosts may make $300,000 yearly, but in my opinion not much more than that. A website called Celebrity Net Worth says Lisa is worth $1.5 million, and that's after so many years at the Q. I think she'd be worth so much more if she made over $500,000 a year. Continue Reading


Re: Nosy question---What kind of salaries do QVC hosts make?

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An online site, Celebrity Net Worth, lists Lisa's net worth as 1.5 million but doesn't give the usual background info as to how that figure was reached. Continue Reading


Re: LOL Today's TSV : Fruit & Flower slimming

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ITA, it's totally bogus, and I hope everyone will see through the nonsense. Naomi is sticking to a limited script and doesn't have anything else to offer. Continue Reading

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