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Re: Who's the model on with Shawn and Barbara Bixby?

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Thanks, TrailBlazer! It's so good to see her back! Has she been on before today? I recall someone posting that she left to get married and was living in Florida. Continue Reading


Who's the model on with Shawn and Barbara Bixby?

Last Reply by Peggles 1432431263.273 | Started by Peggles in Jewelry Talk

Is that Donna, who left years ago? Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone here watch JTV? Changes in hosts etc.

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I'm watching JTV a lot more often nowadays and think they've improved greatly. I've ordered some wonderful pieces recently. I too love that they educate us on the gemstones - so much so that I'm going to Knoxville in July for their Jewelry Lovers Conference which will be seriously educational! I heard about last year's conference and made up my mind to go, taking my sister with me. It's only a $25 registration fee per person and classes are free. I'm focused on learning about gemstones, particularly rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. I'll be attending a class hosted by Dawn called "From Mine to... Continue Reading


Re: It's GNAT Time Again!

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I recently FINALLY got rid of them after they followed me throughout the house- and I'm the only one bitten by them! They were attracted to the few plants I have in the kitchen, probably for the moisture in the soil, so I put an aluminum foil bowl of water by the plants and put some dish detergent in it, and I found lots of them dead in there and even more on the ground nearby. I moved the plants outside, and the problem is gone. It was so bad for a while! Continue Reading


Re: For "Adoreqvc" and All Other Eastern Orthodox Christians -- Happy Easter!

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Goldie, it's so kind of you to create this thread. Alithos Anesti, as we respond in Greek - which means "Truly He is risen." Continue Reading


Re: Thoughts on the dresses at Golden Globes?

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I agree with OP that Amal's gown was beautiful but not the gloves. And her hair was a bit messy. Keira Knightly gets the Worst Dressed award. No one bowled me over until I saw Helen Mirren - WOW WOW WOW!!!! Continue Reading


Re: Do you really think those little shavers to remove hair (facial) are a good idea?

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I started using a facial trimmer several years ago after seeing my chin's peach fuzz, highlighted by the sun, in a picture. Only trouble is, the trimmer doesn't get the chin hair and I use a razor for it. I use the razor twice a day if I'm going out because I feel it hours later. Continue Reading


Re: Head's Up! Jewelry Clearance Over On HSN Dec. 23rd

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I ordered 2 pairs of Byzantine hoop earrings, hoping that this 3rd time ordering them will be the charm. I've lost the previous pairs I had. It was wonderful to get them for $20 per pair. Also ordered Xavier dangle earrings. Continue Reading


Re: Nov 16 Today is NATIONAL FAST FOOD DAY What is your favorite fast food??

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KFC. No contest. Always get the 2 piece meal, original recipe, with mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and biscuit. I'm drooling just talking about it! ?? Continue Reading


Re: Happy Birthday Wishes for Lisa!

In The Q We Love, Hosts & Personalities 1415364825.197

The number of birthday wishes on your Facebook page is ridiculous, so I'll take my turn here before it gets crazy too. Lisa, you deserve the very best always - you truly are an incredible human being who I've been honored to meet twice, most recently at the girlfriends weekend you hosted, where you gave of yourself fully. It's hard to find words that haven't already been said so eloquently by your friends, but I wish you a fabulous day followed by a stupendous year full of the happiness and success you deserve. Love you! Peggy Continue Reading

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