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Re: Anyone Watching the Next Food Network Star?

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I think it is boring to watch and the challenges do not make a food network star. I think Lenny is ok but he has been given a pass because the other contestants are less than stellar. Alton Brown is good on Cutthroat Kitchen. He is actually funny at times on this program. I did not like the last winner of Food Network Star. She was hard to watch. Continue Reading


Re: Another 24 hours of Xmas tomorrow too?

In Viewpoints 1405738227.543

QVC has gardens from January to June and Christmas from July until December. The Christmas shows will get more frequent as times goes on!!!! I rarely watch it anymore because of the same, same, same programming. Christmas program will be all day tomorrow and Sunday. Continue Reading


Re: :) Thought we could use a laugh

In Beauty Banter 1405737796.96

Thank you for the laugh. I needed it. Continue Reading


New TV Series - The Divide

Last Reply by LurkyLoo 1405620738.11 | Started by elated in Among Friends

Did anyone watch this new series on WE TV last night? I found it to be very enlightening. An exploration of morality, ambition, ethics, politics and race in today's justice system through the eyes of an impassioned case worker and an equally passionate district attorney who end up confronting each other over whose views of justice are correct. The Divide is an upcoming 2014 legal drama that is set to air on WE tv. The first season will consist of eight hour-long episodes. Continue Reading


Re: Who wants to pay $42.80 + S&H for this ordinary TSV?

In Denim & Co 1405469931.04

The TSV was a dud--again. They have all sizes and all colors still available. I did not like the strip shirt with the hoodie. It would not be flattering on my body. I think the pricing is high with shipping and handling it will be around $54.00. Continue Reading


Re: He did what?

In Among Friends 1405093198.543

Maybe he did not delete the texts because he does not have the backbone to tell you what he really thinks about you. Maybe that is why he is your live in boyfriend and not your husband. I would bet he knows what he did. I guess it surprises me that you did not know what he thought about you. Get out and keep moving on. Continue Reading


TMZ Reporting Rosie O'Donnell Joining the View- Again

Started by elated in Among Friends 1404847668.02

Apparently, she signed the deal today to be back on the View. That should be an interesting dynamic between Whoopi and Rosie. Continue Reading



In Susan Graver 1404433578.157

On 7/3/2014 sydma said: I don't care how long she's on I just wish she would stop saying Rebecca is a 1x she says it about 200 times every time she is on its so annoying Rebecca will probably end up with an eating disorder so Susan please stop it This is very funny. I used to buy her clothes many years ago but I am no longer working. If I were working, I would not buy her clothes that she is designing now. Her clothing looks so inexpensive but the prices are high. I rarely watch QVC because their product line is so limited. Continue Reading


Re: using shophq valuepays

In Fashion Talk 1404338756.92

I have shopped with ShopHQ and used value pays. I have had no problems. The first value pay includes shipping on the item and tax. The other value pays are divided evenly among the remainder offered. The only way a problem could occur if you do not have the money in your account or on your credit card to pay. Continue Reading



In Pet Lovers 1404270013.84

My dog (pit bull) is frightened and just pants and walks around the house. This year my vet gave me a prescription for pills. The first prescription is trazodone- I need to give him two pills because of his size. The other prescription is acepromazine- I need to give him 1 1/2 tablets. I hate the fireworks and what they do to my dog. I take him out early in the evening to go for his walk but if he hears any noise that relates to fireworks back he goes in the house. The fireworks go on for approximately two weeks. Every time I see a firework stand go up, I wish I could protest against these da... Continue Reading

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