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Re: Printed pants by Susan Graver

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I looked at them and they are very unattractive. I would never wear such pants on my bottom. I would think they would make you look heavy. Her last TSV's have been less than desirable. She is heading in the wrong direction. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa R. discussed on Nancy Grace tonight

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I think she should get a body guard or guard dogs. At least the dogs would protect her against any stalkers. Stalkers are very unstable and can get to you when you least expect it. Who knows if they could get into QVC with a tour group---anything is possible. Stalkers have been able to get into movie stars' homes even with all their security. I could not rest if I knew my life was endanger. You just never know when someone will come at you when you are out in public. Too many unhinged people in our society. I just hope she takes all precautions to protect herself. I feel sorry for her to live... Continue Reading


Re: Malls closing, stores going out of business --- Does this make anyone feel sad?

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The economy is bad and people are not shopping like they use to - be it internet or elsewhere. The middle class has now become the poor and rich are getting richer. The stores and malls are closing because money is tight and people are not spending like they use to. Stock Market is down and people are getting or have been concerned. The stores where the middle class use to shop are now going out of business. Every day you hear about another business closing. Where are people suppose to find jobs? Our society is in trouble and the people are looking the other way. The news is very slanted and... Continue Reading


Re: Asking for Prayers...Job Interview Tomorrow

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I have been unemployed since the end of 2011. I have had one part time job that did not last. I have been looking for quite some time. I am in my 60s and know that this is part of the reason. I have had one 2nd interview and thought I would get the job but never heard back. I get phone interviews but the HR people are not competent. They have not been with the company very long ( 2 - 3 weeks) and do not have much knowledge of the company. Some of the questions are humiliating. I think they feel that I am lazy because I have not been working. It is a sad state that our economy is in. The unemp... Continue Reading


Re: Skateboards

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On 4/10/2014 stilltamn8r said: You are talking about young people not taking responsibility, and yet you have no renters insurance, which would cover people that get hurt in your apartment, (and many other things) and it is YOUR dog who bit HIM and you blame him.. hmmm.. WHO is not taking responsibility here? Don't worry, if it goes to court, you will have plenty of input- I have been out of work and am just getting by. I was walking him and the boy scared him. I was picking up the dog's feces and was holding the dog. My dog was provoked. I do take responsibility for my dog's actions if we w... Continue Reading


Re: Skateboards

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I have a lab/pit mix. He weighs 85 lbs. I don't have renters insurance. That only covers any items in your apartment. Why does it sound strange to you? I thought the same thing but you never know what you are dealing with in our society. Judge Judy said that if the young people don't accept accountability for their actions, our country is going to be in bad shape. I have to agree. I just find it unacceptable that I had no input but one line on the form. My dog will probably end up going in the house as he needs to walk for awhile before he goes. I am very upset with this whole incident. I st... Continue Reading


Re: Skateboards

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I am not a homeowner. I rent an apartment. Continue Reading


Re: Skateboards

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Update: Today Animal Control came by the house. She said my dog has to stay in the house and I can not take him to the park until 4/12/14. The report said the boy went to the doctor and he had 2 punches on his right buttocks. The report said the victim was riding the skateboard past owner with leash on dog . Owner lost control of dog which bit victim. She had no pictures and she had no doctor's report that I could see. The boy was given antibiotics. She was not like she was on Sunday. I told her that was not the case. She gave me one line to write my story. I said I was picking up feces fr... Continue Reading


Re: Skateboards

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I am now taking my dog to a park nearby my house. We drive to the park. It is a huge park and he has plenty of places to walk. No skateboards and hardly any bicycles. I feel safe in this park. I have not heard from the Animal Control Officer. I would bet my life on it that my dog did not bite this boy because if he had the boy would not have continued to skateboard. My dog is 85 lbs. and if he jumps on you that is quite a punch. Until I see pictures of the bite, I will not be convinced. He has never bitten anyone. He has been socialized. If my dog bite the boy, why didn't they quarantine hi... Continue Reading


Re: O/T...Sprouts Grocery ...

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I love Sprouts. Their meat is excellent. The produce is good and they have a lot of variety. I buy all my meat ,vegetables , bread and bake goods at this store. I think their pricing is fair. Their own brands are just as good as the name brands. Trader Joe's does not have a good meat selection and their prices are really high. Trader Joe's has a lot of their own brands or off brands. Some of it is good, some not so good. Their prices are good for what you get. It just depends on what is important to you. Continue Reading

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