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Re: Gracie'sMom - Biopsy Results

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I had a dog that had lymphoma and the dr said he would live for 1 to 1 1/2 years. I spent at least 7,000 dollars and he only lasted 6 weeks. He completely stopped eating and I could see he was suffering. I decided to let him go. It was the best decision. I think the dr. just wanted the money and never was looking at my dog. I can tell you, I would never do it again. I think he went through more pain than he did good. Sometimes, we have to face the truth, no matter how hard it may be. I understand what you are going through but maybe you could rescue another dog and spend that money on a healt... Continue Reading


Re: HTGAW Murder!!

In TV Talk 1422647293.85

I quit watching it after the last show when they killed Sam. I do not find this show interesting. I watch Elementary. I get that show but not this one. Last night was really good. Continue Reading


Re: Melissa files lawsuit over Joan's death

In Joan Rivers Classics Collection 1422495157.847

They always say you need to bring someone with you who cares about you---apparently, it was not her personal physician. I hope they all rot in h---ll for what they did to Joan. I bet she must have suffered before she died. Take their medical license so they can never work again in this profession. So very sad to find out that your mother died because of incompetent doctors. It would be hard for me to restrain myself against these doctors. I would make sure that Dr. Korovin's clients quit going to her and she loses all of her ill gained money. Continue Reading


Re: Please pray for our new grandson.......Cooper Wilson

In Beauty Banter 1422492898.253

Praying for Cooper and his family. Is this your first grandchild? Continue Reading


Re: Where is Marilyn Torres- Susan Graver's assistant?

In Susan Graver 1422313743.84

On 1/22/2015 DelawareMom2 said: My guess is that she was busy with her husband's arrest and now trial and conviction. Not fun knowing your husband could be going to jail for 30 years for ripping people off. She is (or was, I'm not sure) married to Don Tollefson who just got convicted. I feel bad for her and their child. You are correct, I read it on Bing. Marilyn Torres is married to him. He scammed over $100,000. Continue Reading


Re: Lisa's reason for being on Project Runway Tonight

In Fashion Talk 1422070123.903

LIsa R has no real personality outside of the Q. She is not a Kathy Levine who has a great wit and personality. Isaac seemed to ignore her. Her opinions were rather "amazing,amazing". Continue Reading


Re: Help me talk myself out of buying an expensive piece of jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1422069692.45

AS per Suze Orman would say: You have been denied. Save your money, you may need it for something else. Continue Reading


Re: CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH…Anybody watching/shopping?

In Jewelry Talk 1422068872.523

On 1/23/2015 grandma r said: Pat did the gold shows prior to MBR. She also did the Elegance of 18k shows. I had the show on from 11pm for about 20 min, today I saw Jill for 3 items. Having looked online, the styles seemed like reruns of years ago or else the prices were prohibitive. And, the shipping charges were just ridiculous. Nothing jumped out at me. I thought the sleeping beauty turquoise Q's in short supply; why are we seeing soooooo much of it lately? I agree about the shipping and handling charges--they range from $8.22 for a ring to $10.22 for the doublet cross. Someone at the Q mus... Continue Reading


Re: CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH…Anybody watching/shopping?

In Jewelry Talk 1422054783.957

Lisa R is gone. It is time for you to move on. Mary Beth always hosted the gold shows in the past and Pat James Dementri hosted the 18 k gold shows. Both of these hosts are good at their job. Continue Reading

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