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Re: O/T- If you couldn't live in the U.S. any longer....where would you go??

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Wherever I can see the Northern Lights best from my window..... Continue Reading


Re: Ok beauties, who's starting a Healthy Eating program 2014 and what are you stocking up on?

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Suspected I might have gluten sensitivity....went gluten free for past 2 weeks & lost 10 lbs. feel great and all my digestive issues are gone. Found the culprit. Continue Reading


Re: O/T- Dieting. Any low calorie snack ideas?

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Cut up some raw veggies and snack away! Continue Reading


Re: O/T How Cold Is It Where You Live

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32 degrees here in beautiful New Jersey. Continue Reading


Re: What is your fav. shampoo/cond. that adds VOLUME & MOISTURE

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I am contemplating something else too...not that I don't like WEN. It is the only thing that I have used that allows me to comb through my hair after I wash it. I just want to try something else comparable for 1/2 the price or less....I really can't afford it. Actually, I was never able to afford it but bought it anyway! I hear great things about Philosophy's Shear Splendor. I think that would be almost 1/2 the price of WEN so I may try that. Continue Reading


Re: Shawn is Looking Good

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What a difference with the color on her lips yesterday during Josie's show...she must have been wearing the Argan Balm in the TSV and I have to say she looked WONDERFUL....she looks gorgeous with color on her lips! Continue Reading


Re: Have questions? Chat Live with our Experts from Dell, AMD, and Microsoft!

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Can the graphics card in this particular laptop support gaming in full HD? In particular the SIMS games and all the most recent PC games on the market. Continue Reading


Re: Costco Find

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Guess I have to make a Costco run lol..... Continue Reading


Re: What perfume did you wear today?

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Today was a Pure Grace day. Continue Reading


Re: What was your very first QVC purchase?!

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It was either Hydron skincare, Mojave Magic face powder or the very first skincare line by Bare Escentuals (before they became Bare Minerals) called Cush. Anyone remember Cush?? Continue Reading

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