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Re: free antivirus protection

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You already have Windows Defender built in. Read here. Continue Reading


Re: free antivirus protection

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Replying so I can find this post in a minute. Continue Reading


Re: Need Kindle Advice

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On 8/27/2014 wagirl said: I have the Kindle Fire when it was the newest and wouldn't buy another one. Not a fan of how it operates but will use it until it dies. I will find another brand when the time comes. Comparing a Kindle Fire to a Kindle Fire HDX is not really fair. The Kindle Fire HDX is awesome. My mom has the Kindle Fire and I have had the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX. There are awesome leaps in improvements with each model. The Kindle Fire HDX does everything. OP: Do you just want this just for reading or do you want to do everything? I'd get the Paperwhite if you... Continue Reading


Re: Wall Behind Your Stove

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Just porcelain tile that matches my floor only it is smaller tile. I wouldn't want anything hanging there. Continue Reading


Re: Do you ever wonder what it is like...

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1st home: Trailor on the edge of town in a trailor court. 2nd home in town: 2 bedroom tiny house on one floor an attic and an unfinished basement. The laundry was in the basement, UGH! 3rd home in town: 3 bedroom two story house, but it was small. 4th home in town: Ranch 3 bedroom with a basement. Laundry on the main floor thankfully. 5th home edge of town: Large tri-level with a basement, so it was actually 4 levels. Bedrooms on top, laundry in the basement. What were they thinking when they built that house? What were we thinking for buying it? 5th and present home in the country: ... Continue Reading


Re: Tubeless TP?

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My dog won't like this. She loves toilet paper bones. As soon as she sees you are using the last square of TP off the roll, she gets so excited. I toss the cardboard roll for her to run after. If there is a bit of toilet paper stuck on the roll, she eats it off. She then tears the roll to shreds and I pick up the pieces and throw them in the trash. She just loves to do that! LOL Continue Reading


Re: What is the easiest (least amount of stress) way to activate a Tracfone?

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Did you know that if you buy a Straighttalk phone from Walmart, they will activate it and set it up for you? They will also transfer all your stuff from your old phone over to your new phone. Continue Reading


Re: Find anything new in the grocery store lately?

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Yes, NEW to me but probably old to everyone else. I just discovered Campbell's Golden Mushroom condensed soup. I can't have dairy and I am so thrilled to be able to use condensed soup in casseroles and recipes. I love it. I never knew about it! I bought 4 cans yesterday. I also use the PB2 powdered peanut butter. It is really good. Continue Reading


Re: Email attachment mystery ~ Help requested

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On 8/27/2014 depglass said: I keep revisiting this thread, the suspense is killing me. Someone please come up with a logical explanation. Me too! LOL Continue Reading


Re: To Make Stuffed Peppers Do You Par Bil Your Peppers?

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No I don't boil the peppers first. I use raw hamburger in mine and cook them in the pressure cooker. They come out delicious! Continue Reading

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