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Re: Anyone heard of Hoka shoes?

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On 3/26/2015 hckynut said: "mima", Unless you are going to use these shoes "to run, not walk", cushioning is not a big factor, good knees or bad knees. Find a shoe with good all around support and make sure it has a "removable insole" that way you can put in a much better one and, and for walking, that is much more important than how soft the shoe feels(cushioning). Thanks John. You probably saved me some money. Continue Reading


Re: Best hair product for scrunchy messed up look?

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On 3/26/2015 tigriss said: Stop in a Sally's and ask them, but I use sea salt spray for texture in my super fine, super thick hair. I can actually have great second day hair with this and dry shampoo, something that I haven't been able to do in years with my short hair cut and oily hair. No Sally's here, but I will check out sea salt spray. I've never heard of it. I'm out of the loop I think. It pays to ask here. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: New print Field Flowers

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Love the print and colors, but don't care for the bag. I hope they come out with a smaller bag or crossbody in that print. Continue Reading


Re: What is your makeup/skincare "weak spot"???

In Beauty Banter 1427384403.143

Lipsticks and glosses and even lip balm. Continue Reading


Re: Best hair product for scrunchy messed up look?

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On 3/26/2015 vaccinia said: I use KMS Hair Play messing creme to give my hair a piecy look. Not sure if that's what you're going for. It's less than $20 and will last quite a while. Is your hair stiff with this product? When you shake your head, does your hair move? Thanks! Continue Reading


Best hair product for scrunchy messed up look?

Last Reply by Kathleen 1427421219.927 | Started by mima in Beauty Banter

I just got a new cut and it is suppose to be messy looking. It is messy looking alright! LOL Help! I want to overwork it and can't help it. Anyway, what product is the best to use for this hair-do. I used gel yesterday and didn't like it. Products can be from anywhere. I will most likely have to order online unless it can be found at Walmart (our only store). Thanks! Oh, hair is chin length, not long. My hair is very coarse, thick and wavy. I also want something that doesn't make your hair feel dirty. My hair tends to be oily. Continue Reading


Re: The before-and-after Wen pictures...

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On 3/24/2015 RachB said: I'm sure the before and afters are exaggerated on both ends of the spectrum. But I will share my experience. My hair length is between my shoulders and bra, and I have layers starting below my chin. I style my hair the same way every single day. I cleanse, apply a styling product, then flip my head over to blow dry. No round brush used. On shampoo days (usually once every 7-10 days) my hair is drier, frizzier, and looks poker straight with no definition of layers. So it basically looks flat and all one length. On Wen days, my hair is soft, shiny, and you can clearly s... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone heard of Hoka shoes?

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Thanks for your opinions. I appreciate it. I'm just tempted to order some from somewhere I can send them back if I'm not impressed. I need some good cushioning for my bad knees. Continue Reading


Re: I was gifted with 2 HP tablets...

In Electronics Talk 1427315500.58

I love my Kindle (tablet) even though I have computers and laptops. Set up one and keep the other one new. I'm sure you will use the one you set up. If not, you will have one used one and one new one to sell. Hold onto both until you actually use one of them. You might decide you need two! Continue Reading

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