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Re: More Info On ALL The New Kindles (including the Fire)

In eBook Club 1411057929.39

I've been watching for this. Thanks for posting. Last year when the new HDX's came out I upgraded my 7" but held off upgrading my 8.9" inch one. I use one at home and one at work. I will probably upgrade the 8.9" this time. That one for kids with the two year warranty against breakage for any reason looks fantastic for people with smaller kids to buy for! Just in time for Christmas. Pretty colors too! Continue Reading


Re: Middle Name "Mather" Yes or No

In Viewpoints 1411054683.233

On 9/15/2014 Hildegarde Withers said: It's better than Cotton. There is a guy in our town and he is known as "Cotton". It is a nickname, but he never uses his real name. I don't know how he got the nickname. As to the OP, I don't care for the name Mather. I didn't like a couple of my grandkids names either until I got used to them. They are fine now. No one usually knows your middle name anyway, so I don't know that it would matter. Continue Reading


Re: Tipping a pre-paid limo driver???

In Viewpoints 1411050975.843

Thank you all for your ideas and thoughts. I passed them on, but I don't know what she ended up doing. She texted me that she got there late yesterday afternoon but I haven't talked to her since she got there. Thanks again! Continue Reading


Re: Out of eggs? Use mayo as a meatloaf binder.

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1410974328.72

Good to know. I don't like miracle whip, but don't mind it in cooking. I have wanted to make meatloaf and didn't have any eggs. I hope I can remember this tip. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Can we talk antiques?

In For the Home Talk 1410967410.083

I have a cool story. Back in 1980 we owned a small trash route. My husband drove one of the trucks. He came home that night and said he got some old statues that some lady told him to take. She didn't want them and had them on her porch. He said he thought he could sell them for $5 or so each. LOL When I saw them I fell in love and still have them in my house. They are actually turn of the century gas lamps that had been converted into electric. Then the cords were cut off for some reason. They are so cool looking. I will try to post a pic later if I can figure it out (again). The pictures ar... Continue Reading


Re: second post ! not so sad today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Mom to Mom Forum 1410893240.6

I see you only have two posts and both were threads started by you. The polite thing on boards is to reply and thank people for replying to your thread that you started. Thank them on that thread. I see you never responded to the other thread. Just a tip..... Continue Reading


Re: Tipping a pre-paid limo driver???

In Viewpoints 1410891242.41

I would have thought when he paid, he would have tipped. That's why I told her I wouldn't tip. But I am assuming he did tip. I guess he may not have. She is afraid if she asked him if he tipped, it will look like she is implying he is cheap and probably didn't tip. This is a long distance relationship. This will be the 4th time they will have been together in a year and a half. Things are a little abnormal from a regular relationship. It is a 17 mile trip in PA, but I can't remember the city. I guess she should tip to be safe. He may make out good! LOL Continue Reading


Re: Does anybody own a Samsung Galaxy s5?

In Viewpoints 1410888769.387

My daughter has one and loves it. I have a Note 3. I love mine too. Continue Reading


Tipping a pre-paid limo driver???

Last Reply by ROMARY 1411070398.677 | Started by mima in Viewpoints

My friend is flying out to see her boyfriend. He will be working and can't pick her up at the airport. He hired a limo driver to pick her up and take her to his house. Should she tip the driver? I told her it was yer boyfriend's job since he knows how much the fee would be. She doesn't have a clue as to how much he is paying the driver. P.S. When I say boyfriend, this is a fairly new boyfriend. I don't think she feels comfortable enough to ask him how much he is paying or if he is already paying the tip. It would look like she thinks he is too cheap to tip and she is reminding him to... Continue Reading

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