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Re: iPhone 6....... Is it worth trading my iPhone 4s in?

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Do you want a bigger phone? That is the main thing to consider. About 8 months ago I had an Samsung S2 that worked perfectly, but I wanted a bigger phone. I upgraded to the Note 3 and I love it, but mainly because of the size. Continue Reading


Re: TV size for 11x12 foot bedroom

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Our bedroom is a little larger than that, but not much. I'm guessing it is about 12 by 16. We have a 42" and I wouldn't mind it being bigger. We have it hanging on the wall up high. I agree with who said "the bigger the better". Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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On 11/27/2014 kachina624 said: I just wonder if the invitees are Prime members who are also Kindle tablet owners, as am I? I will get my Echo tomorrow. Have read everything about it I can find, it seems like it is just a glorified speaker, not that $99, isn't a good price for a high quality speaker. I really don't need anything to tell me the time or weather or how high Mt. Everest is. Just another toy with which to play. I own 2 HD'S, 2 HDX's and a Paperwhite and I haven't gotten my invite. I signed up right away too. My DH won't use tablets nor smartphones. He constantly asked me to look ... Continue Reading


Re: what kindle or nook should I get my brother who loves to read?

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I'd get the Kindle Paperwhite that is on sale right now for $99. I love it! Continue Reading


Re: If you eat Thanksgiving out, where do you go. Restaurant-wise, not grandma's.

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We got to a local casino. They have a feast for $9. You can't beat it. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - Finale - 11/25/14 - Possible Spoilers

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I also thought 2 hours of filler was way too much! I hope they don't do that again. Continue Reading


Re: DWTS - Finale - 11/25/14 - Possible Spoilers

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I thought Janel and Val should have won. I don't think it is fair when A. danced before. He still knew a lot about rythm and foot placement at least for some dances. I think they knew A. was going to win since he already knew he was going to do a tour. I don't think they should ever put teens in DWTS. I love dancing to look romantic and I don't think it is appropriate for a teen to dance with an adult on this show. It would be hard for the teacher to come up with an appropriate routine. Continue Reading


Re: Irritating Cigar Smoke & Neighbors

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Since it is outside, can you get a big outdoor safe fan to blow the smoke away from you? Continue Reading


Re: We chose laminate instead of vinyl wood plank for my hallway flooring.

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If things are spilled on these floors, does it get down in the cracks? Does it soak into the wood below? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo

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I would be fine with waiting to get one as long as ALL prime members get the invite eventually. If they don't make it available to every prime member, that is just not fair. Waahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Continue Reading

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