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Re: Do You Take Out Protection Plans For Your Electronics

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Nope, never. I really thought about it when I bought my high dollar Samsung Note 3 outright (not on a contract), but decided not to. So far so good. It is a gamble, but I have saved so much through the years buy not buying it, if I do break something and have to buy new it will still be way cheaper than buying the extra insurance for everything I've bought in the past. Continue Reading


Re: OT- Whats your favorite cold medicine for cough and stuffed nose?

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Another Dayquil/Nyquil user here. I swear by them. Delsym is the best for a bad cough. I can't remember if you can take the together with the Dayquil/Nyquil though. You'd need to check with a pharmacist on that. I just googled and since Nyquil is for coughs, I'm assuming you can't take the two. I know last year I had a sinus infection that lasted for 9 1/2 months. I took several rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it. The dr. called it chronic sinus infection. So I had a cough for that long and Delsym helped a lot. Continue Reading


Re: Well, that little experiment saved me some money, no I Pad for me

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Filling out forms is a pain without a real keyboard. However on the Kindle HDX, you can dictate anything you want to type. It is much easier than actually typing. So you just say what you want to post. Since I'm not into IPads, I don't know if they have this feature or not but I would think they would have it. Continue Reading


Re: Which tablet brand has the best customer service? I would want to pick up a phone and

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On 9/28/2014 bigsister said: mima, I think your knowledge about technology and electronics is amazing. You are always so helpful and give good advice. A big THANKS to you and all the people on this board who have helped so many of us. I think you are giving me more credit than I deserve, but thank you! I just know about Kindles because I love them. Continue Reading


Re: Help with a chili recipe. . .

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On 9/28/2014 MOM of Mason said: I usually add finely chopped/diced to my chili and spaghetti gravy.........The sweetness of the carrots even out the acid in the tomatoes besides more fiber and nutrition. ......... Such a great idea. I am going to do the same thing. Continue Reading


Re: New Washer Dryer - Recommendations ?

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On 9/27/2014 sugarflake said: We just tossed a Fisher Pykal a Canadian brand, that did a lousy job for so long, for a Kitchen Aid. Wow! I need sun glasses when I take my drinking glasses out, as they are so bright and clean. The fisher pykal was a dual type washer....2 drawers and not very good at all. I hated our Fisher Pykal set also. My dryer was a lemon from day one. Got rid of them both even though they weren't very old. We got the Samsung front loader steam set. Love them. Our clothes have never been cleaner. Some people complain that you can't throw in something after the load has... Continue Reading


Re: Constipation

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When you first get up in the morning, drink a large glass of warm water. That's my DH's grandma's tip. It works. Continue Reading


Re: Help with a chili recipe. . .

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I never thought of putting carrots in chili, but it sounds really good. I used to make a vegetarian chili using bulgur instead of the meat. You could "stretch" the hamburger using bulgur too! Never thought of doing that. My favorite chili recipe is Wendy's copycat chili recipe, but I might play around with it adding carrots and bulgur. Great idea! Continue Reading


Re: What order to apply products from various brands...

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On 9/27/2014 NickNack said: The info from Paula's Choice says: 1) Cleanser 2) Toner 3) Exfoliant 4) Treatment (your antioxidant serum and Vitamin C) 5) Moisturizer Hope this is helpful. The only thing I'd add is that in the AM, if your moisturizer doesn't have sunscreen included, then #6 would be sunscreen. Continue Reading


Re: Which tablet brand has the best customer service? I would want to pick up a phone and

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dglvr, If you want to use your tablet out and about, you need to buy the 4G LTE version. Both the 7" and 8.9" Kindles can be purchased with 4G LTE and it is $100 extra. You will have to pay ATT or Verizon for this service. I believe you can buy service by the day or by the month. You don't have a contract, so you just pay for it when you need it. I don't know if 4G works on airplanes. I do know some airlines offer wifi though. Usually too many people are using it or it isn't fast enough to play videos. At least that is what happened when we had it. I could look at Facebook, play games or read... Continue Reading

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