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Re: Amazon Echo

In Electronics Talk 1425332552.923

I love her for making my grocery list. I also check the weather each morning. I have a fitbit, so it is nice to tell her to play music even if it is one song (several times a day) and dance or walk to the music to get more steps in. We like to take short trips every 3 to 5 months. We were asking her how far it is to different places and she tells you how many miles it is from your location within a couple seconds. So much faster than mapquesting or putting the info. in a GPS. Continue Reading


Re: Any suggestions for eliminating bedhead?

In Beauty Banter 1424990819.07

I wash my hair daily in the AM 99.9% of the time. In a rare occasion I don't have time to wash my hair I take a wet wash cloth and rub it on the roots of the problem area and blow dry it in place. It works "pretty good". Continue Reading


Re: Should I Go?

In For the Home Talk 1424968946.537

Of course I would go. A friend of mine and I went to one of the 50/50 road shows they had and it was a blast. We also got to see Mary Beth Roe at the Mall of America years ago. We met her mom and dad and got pictures. It was fun! We didn't even know she was going to be there. It had nothing to do with QVC, she was there doing something with a pageant. Can't remember exactly what she was doing, maybe being a judge? Continue Reading


Re: I Lost My Diamond This Morning At Work And My Co-Worker Found it!!

In Jewelry Talk 1424872305.943

Glad she found it and you got it back! Lucky you lost it at work rather than on the street or in a big store. It is a good idea to get them checked for bad prongs at a jewelers once a year. Continue Reading


Re: New Cast of DWTS Revealed

In Viewpoints 1424812597.643

I just really wish for once they would do a non-stars, dancing with the stars. It could be a special edition called dancing with the Non-Stars. Have a car mechanic, barber, nurse, mom, school teacher, etc. You get the picture. Have people with NO dancing experience. I think it would be fun. As for who is listed above, I only know 2 of them by their names (1st two). I might know the others if I see pictures. I like it even if I don't know the contestants. Continue Reading


Re: Amazon Echo Alexa question?

In Electronics Talk 1424806531.96

I told her she was pretty and she said it was sweet of my to say so. LOL I also asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she didn't have those kind of relationships. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Ourtime dot com commercial....

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On 2/24/2015 Autumn in NY said: This guy? Totally annoying commercial and very unrealistic. He's probably married. Yep, that's him. LOL Continue Reading


Re: Ourtime dot com commercial....

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On 2/24/2015 occasional rain said: All those people on that commercial are smarmy. I can't imagine being so desperate that any of them would appeal to anyone. Occasional rain, I learned a new word. I have never heard the word smarmy before and had to look it up. That is the perfect word! Like they say, you learn something new everyday. LOL Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Ourtime dot com commercial....

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On 2/24/2015 evelomaddict said: i think he's cute. he seems to be blushing to me, not full of himself. It comes out wrong to me for some reason. I can't stand the way he says it. I cringe everytime it is on. I am usually not paying attention to the tv in order to change the channel when it comes on, and then I here his voice everytime and it gets my attention (not in a good way). LOL Maybe he sounds like someone I don't like? I'll have to think about that. Continue Reading


Ourtime dot com commercial....

Last Reply by mima 1424806216.603 | Started by mima in Viewpoints

The guy at the end of the commercial that says "he got a flirt in the first 10 minutes" is so irritating. I watch the ID channel all the time and this commercial is on constantly. I can't stand that guy. He looks so full of himself. I keep trying to remember he is just an actor. LOL Continue Reading

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