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Re: Recent Kindle Fire TSV

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I don't know which Kindle that was the TSV. If it was a Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX then it does have Bluetooth. The Kindle Fires with no HD or HDX added to the name are really old, so I doubt it was that model. Those don't have Bluetooth. If you bought it, go back and look at the name of the Kindle that you bought. It won't matter what generation it is. Continue Reading


Re: Products for Acne prone early signs of ageing skin

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Murad has products for aging and acne skin. I also like BE matte foundation. Continue Reading


Re: UPS delivered my Tria to the wrong address

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You need to report this to UPS. They need to "remember" where they left it or at least try. It's not fair for someone to get a free Tria compliments of QVC. Continue Reading



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On 4/30/2015 ChynnaBlue said: On 4/29/2015 SoftRaindrops said: Just feeling my husband's face when stubble comes in, I wouldn't use a razor on my face. What about laser? Maybe your dermatologist can recommend something.. Men and women have different hair. It's not shaving that causes a man's stubble to be coarser, it's genetics. A razor can't alter a woman's genetics to make her produce coarser hair and stubble. This is totally correct. I use a men's electric razor now. I used a personal (women's) pen shaver for years. I discovered that a man's electric razor does a better job! Continue Reading


Re: What is your favorite room in your home?

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My kitchen connected to my dining/living room. I can sit at my island bar and look out our living room windows. My kitchen/living room has 13 ft. high ceilings. There are floor to ceiling windows (16 total) facing the woods. There are lots of rabbits, birds, squirrels and an occasional deer to look at. Continue Reading


Re: Which house would sell better in your opinion?

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Update! We figured out how to have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The garage is shaped weird because it was an add-on. It was kind of L shaped. We are going to put the 2nd full bath/laundry off the kitchen. Before you came in the kitchen from the garage. We are going to put the laundry/bath off the kitchen. The bathroom off the kitchen is not ideal, but it is the best we could do. So it will serve as kind of a full function "mud room". We have to move two doors to do it, but I think it will be the best solution. Thanks for all your replies! Continue Reading


Re: REALLY enjoyed the book Wreckage.

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On 4/30/2015 bigsister said: On 4/28/2015 mima said: On 4/27/2015 bigsister said: Thanks, Mima, it sounds like a good one. I'll check it out. Mima, here's an update from me. I ordered the book under my Kindle Unlimited account and the book is free to me. Yay! I hope you love it like I did. mima, I finished reading "Wreckage" yesterday and I liked it a lot. There were some surprises at the end which I didn't see coming. Glad you liked it! I didn't see the end coming either. Thanks for posting back. Continue Reading


Re: Those of you with super-dee-duper clean homes...

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My house is not super duper clean. However, the only thing I do notice in someone else's house is smell and a pile of dirty dishes unless of course I show up right after a meal. That would be expected. I still wouldn't care if there were dirty dishes. The smell might bother me. LOL If there were dirty dishes, that would probably be making the smell. Mine is dusty most of the time, has dog toys scattered, and toothpaste on DH's sink. Oh well...I don't think it smells but then most people don't realize their house stinks so I really don't know. I hope not though! Continue Reading


Re: Which house would sell better in your opinion?

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On 4/28/2015 Lynneuk said: What kind of neighborhood is it? Young families, retirees? Personally I would want the 2 bed 2 bath. I agree that you should ask a realtor who is active in that neighborhood. In small towns, the neighborhoods are mixed. No sections really. Asking a realtor is good I think. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Which house would sell better in your opinion?

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On 4/28/2015 betteb said: I think i would go with the 2 and 2 and advertise it with a garage that could be converted to a 3rd bedroom. Mima-I can't remember what town you said you were in? Do you think think there are families crammed into too small houses that would be wanting that 3rd bedroom or are there more folks downsizing or just starting out? Good idea! Thanks! It is a small town of 4,000. Continue Reading

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