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Re: Bring back a popular favorite

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I adored that top! If they brought it back in an updated fabric I would ordered many. Don't change a thing but the fabric. Not that cotton spandex they love so much, something with a lilt let more heft to it.For those that still have it, you can find the item # printed on the label. It will start with A. All QVC clothing has item # printed on the labels. If you can get the item # put that and request in suggestion box. It is a great idea and should be a year round essential! Babe Continue Reading


Re: Bring back a popular favorite

In Denim & Co 1409509519.66

I adored that top! Had it in many colors and multiples for years. Those of you that still have one can look on the label and there will be item # it will start with A. All QVC clothes have their items # some where printed on the label.I totally agree the Q should bring it back and offer it year round as a true essential! Updated fabric would take it any where. Please, please bring it back and call it the " oldie but goodie" Thanks so much for thinking of this, Babe Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone bought any Jo Malone fragrances lately?

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After looking forever, I finally found it ! Jo Malone was bought in 1999 by Estée Lauder. Lauder also owns Smashbox plus many more we'll know companies. Babe Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone bought any Jo Malone fragrances lately?

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I think I remember Jo Malone sold her company and she is no longer associated with the company. She has started her own company in London. Don't know the name Babe Continue Reading


Re: Has anyone bought any Jo Malone fragrances lately?

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Why do I remember that Jo Malone is no longer Jo Malone? I think I she sold it and if you want real Jo Malone it goes under a different name. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Babe Continue Reading


Is this a new spring style?

Last Reply by jonbon 1396398761.47 | Started by Babe3 in Fashion Talk

What on earth is Shawn wearing on isaac's show tonight March 31? It is strapless and has I don't know what hanging down the front. Please explain! And if I see another one of Isaac 's flower cardigans I will scream!! Babe Continue Reading


Re: Louis new maxi skirt... Divine!

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Did this ever make the main forum? Continue Reading


Louis new maxi skirt... Divine!

Last Reply by Farnella Dot Gridwhop 1402301408.943 | Started by Babe3 in Fashion Talk

Just got my maxi skirts in all 3 colors...quickly ordered 3 more a size smaller, as I am on a diet. The Fabric is fabulous! Yummy to feel and the drape is terrific. I wonder if he will make a beautiful not too wide pant in this fabrication? Can anyone find out? He truly is such a talent and his designs and choice of colors and fabrics are top of the line. I can't figure out why QVC doesn't buy more inventory so getting his things isn't so stressful for his fans. Classic example was the silver fish necklace last week. QVC should consider setting up some kind of interactive dialogue with some o... Continue Reading


Travelon Anti theft Handbag

Last Reply by Deadeye Daisy 1393309222.933 | Started by Babe3 in Fashion Talk

Is it safe to assume F11368 Travelon Anti Theft handbag will pass security? I don't want the x-Ray machine to read those wires as something they aren't!! Babe Continue Reading


Re: Fatigue....Confused

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I have Fibro plus OA live near Lake Erie in Ohio so very little sunshine= Vitamin D. my doctors are at the Cleveland Clinic. I needed to take a prescription of Vitamin D twice a week of 50,000 units to stay in normal range. This is plus what ever D I pick up else where. Fibro leeches out your Magnesium so I Take quite a lot of it .You seem to have all the symptoms I have of Fibro. The fatigue is just awful and I have to be careful how I plan what I do. Stress, both mental and physical can up your stress levels and put you into a flare which can last a long time til you even out again......nas... Continue Reading

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