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Re: April 22 Today is Earth Day If you planted a garden, what did you plant??

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For small spaces try planting in a earthbox. I planted 2 better boy tomatoes on April 15 ,they are now 3 ft.and loaded with yellow flowers soon to be tomatoes. Once you try earth boxes you'll get addicted to them. Joni Continue Reading


CooksEssentials 5.5 qt. Low Pressure Cooker with Glass Lid

Last Reply by Roni 1387483228.397 | Started by joni143 in Kitchen & Food Talk

Trying to find more reviews on this? I noticed only one review and don't want to take a chance and buy it. I hope they sold more than one. Thanks .. Joni Continue Reading


Jill's nail polish

Started by joni143 in Beauty Banter 1355583758.77

Would like to know the color of Jill's nail polish? Thanks. Joni Continue Reading


Re: Nexus 7 vs Galaxy Tab 2 7"

In Electronics Talk 1353794555.02

Sorry, off the subect but..I have the nexus 10 ..and it's faster than my quad core pc. The picture is so bright and clear. Just wanted to tell those who order it from google..that is has a $60.00 restocking fee plus shipping fee to return. So make sure you really want it..or wait for QVC to present it. Joni Continue Reading


sticky handles on cookware

Last Reply by ArmyWife101 1352564015.287 | Started by joni143 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I need help!!! I have cook essentials stainless steel cookware with dark coating on the inside. My problem is that I left the plastic bags on each piece that I stored in my garage. I live in Florida and the plastic stuck to the handles that are silicone. They are so sticky .. I can’t touch them. They’re riveted so I can’t replace them. Need some advice. Thanks, Joni Continue Reading


Breville compact smart oven

Last Reply by Zhills 1349831028.803 | Started by joni143 in Kitchen & Food Talk

I was wondering if temptations (deep pie dish) can be used in this oven..or for that matter any temptation dishes ?? The oven is 1800 watts. Thanks. Joni Continue Reading


Re: $16.22 S&H For A Pressure Cooker?!

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1347808026.69

Just got home from shopping and couldn't wait to order the pressure cooker...then I saw the shipping charge and changed my mind. I already have Nesco 6qt round one..love it. No oval one for me.... It was one of those things..didn't need it ..but..wanted it. Joni Continue Reading


Re: Sony blu-ray player ..and free 3 months of Hulu plus

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Hi..finally received my 3 months of free hulu plus. It was a hassle but hulu customer service was a big help..and gosh he had alot of patience with me. I'm not sure if everyone has the same code..but I have it if anyone wants it. Joni Continue Reading


Re: Sony blu-ray player ..and free 3 months of Hulu plus

In Electronics Talk 1341580323.68

Thanks Nutmeg3..when I posted my first message I already had the link you posted. The reason I didn't finish is because it said the code is invalid. Thanks for replying. Sooner or later I'll get this to work. Joni Continue Reading


Sony blu-ray player ..and free 3 months of Hulu plus

Last Reply by susan kay 1341679700.45 | Started by joni143 in Electronics Talk

HI, I was wondering if anyone has received their player and set-up the Hulu plus account? I'm not sure how to do it..so any advice would be appreciated. I have the code to put in and I need to register for an account but hate to go any further and mess it up. Thanks, Joni Continue Reading

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