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Re: Frizzy Hair....Need Help

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I dry my hair by brushing it against its natural drape ....in other words , brush your hair from underneath , forward over your scalp . Dry it from the back . Then re- brush it in another direction, like from left to right over your scalp......then, right to left . I hope I'm explaining it clearly . Stylists also say to point the hairdryer with the hair shaft .....from your scalp to the end of hair strands. If you do the opposite , you're lifting the hair cuticle which will cause frizz . I also use a product I found at cvs called , Coconut Milk anti-breakage serum , by Organix . It's clear an... Continue Reading


Re: Patricia Nash handbags on another network ...

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Haven't had a chance to check back since yesterday and wow , lots of PN fans out there . It definitely has its own look like many of you mentioned .....it doesn't try to copy anyone else . I like that about any line , whether clothing , jewelry or handbags . Loves the soft, painterly florals of some bags too . That train case was pricey ....maybe some day in the future . Whoever bought one , enjoy ! Thanks for the feedback everyone :) Continue Reading


Re: Patricia Nash handbags on another network ...

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Thanks Q4 U , yes , the rep just explained the manufacturing process . Vegetable tanning using a tree bark , no heavy chemicals used , single stitch industrial sewing machine ( no computerized sewing ) , hand hammered metal studs .......the leather looks like it's old ...like a well- used bag . They remind me of a leather handbag I bought back in the 70's . The inside was the same kind of " unfinished " surface . My DH had a beautiful leather wallet made for me decades ago, at a small leather craft vendor at a local mall . It had my initials carved in it . This line reminds me of those crafts... Continue Reading


Patricia Nash handbags on another network ...

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Omg, they're gorgeous . All leather and some frame bags too . They just showed a train case . Love that look . Has anyone purchased from this line ? I haven't , but might in the future . Tho, wondering how to justify buying another bag ! :/ Continue Reading


Re: I just compared ingredients from T least 3 year old Purity Made Simple with the new

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Hi, I just read this thread & have a question. I was tempted to try the Purity for facial cleansing , until I read this . Short term exposure on skin , damages deeper skin layers ? What does the shower gel do ? Do the 3 in 1 gels have the same ingredients ? ...I think I may stay with the Burt's Bees facial skin cleanser ( they offer a sensitive skin formula too ) which I can pick up at CVS . ........I also have several of PC anti-aging products , and initially I had a nightly regimen , which worked well .....now down to a few times a week . Retinol, vitamin C ....and BHA for spot treatmen... Continue Reading


Re: anyone know anything about organic makeup or skincare?

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On 5/8/2015 karlam said: Have you looked at 100percentpure.com? Another good line to try . I used to order from them too and was happy with their products . I bought cosmetics & bath products , none of which caused any irritation . Continue Reading


Re: 60's Ladies~We Hope You'll Join Us!

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Mochahoney and Helen47 , thank you for the nice words of welcome . As you can see I don't often visit the forums , and I joined this thread on the 5 th . It takes me awhile to read replies . Mochahoney , we have almost reached 80 this week too , however the humidity has stayed away thank goodness . I agree , Summer isn't my favorite season either . It'd it was dry all season I could tolerate it more . Spring is delightful ....being able to leave windows open ....love that ! Will be living in AC in a few weeks , so enjoying those wonderful breezes :) .........BTW , Lovestoteach , the photo of ... Continue Reading


Re: anyone know anything about organic makeup or skincare?

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OP , I used to wear SUKI natural makeup . It used to be made in Massachusetts. A little pricey , but great quality . It was sold in better department stores , but I ordered mine from a brochure . They might have a website now . ......btw, the terms "natural " and " organic " are used loosely . I heard a while back , the FDA was supposed to toughen those labeling standards , but I'm unsure if they did . Like another poster said , Suzanne Somers is certified organic , so look for that in other lines too . Read ingredient list . Btw, the State of California has stricter laws regarding consumer p... Continue Reading


Josie Maran's new illuminating / coconut water kit on tonight's beauty show ....

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It's item # A264356 ....... I love this line and was going to preorder , but noticed the powder has " gold " in it . Does anyone have any info on this product , despite it being new ? Does the illuminating powder leave a glittery look ? I have her coconut water lip & cheek gelee , and it's so cooling on application . Just love it ! Thanks for any info . Continue Reading


Re: What's one thing that always raises your spirits when you're feeling down?

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I like to go outdoors , even if it's just my yard . Observe nature , whether on a documentary TV show , or going outside . Really look at the details of plants , the sky , etc. .....take a walk in a park or nature trail . Take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of the natural world . ....btw, imho we have unprecedented access to news today , and I believe it's too stressful. In the past , we had access to a few networks , radio & newspapers ......many years ago people learned of local & regional news & rarely international news . We're naturally empathetic and we take on the ... Continue Reading

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