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Re: Please help ! where is Chris Prime's ( Lock N Lock ) recipe , for the holiday nut mix ?

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judgejudith , Thank you so much for the link . You just solved my holiday baking dilemma ! I think I will put some of the baked nut mix, in a ziplock bag & add another bag of small-sized sliced Christmas cookies Pillsbury's cookie dough, that you just slice & bake . I'll place a bag of each in every Lock N Lock bowl /gift bag. Not up to doing everything from scratch this year , so this is a great solution. Thanks again & Happy Holidays :) Continue Reading


Re: leggings

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Personally , i was ready for a wardrobe change, but hesitant about leggings . I ordered a pair from several Q brands & found one of the Linea designs I liked best . His leggings don't bag behind the knee & thigh , while the others did . Anyway , everyone is different & needs a certain fit /brand . I don't feel uncomfortable in Linea leggings , because they're not skin-tight like tights . I do have one set tho, that's more form-fitting by Linea , and plan on wearing them at home this winter with a long sweater . They're very comfy ! I'm at a mature age & just want to be comfort... Continue Reading


Re: Christmas Cookie Ornaments!

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They look adorable ! Will have to try some . Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year ! Continue Reading


Please help ! where is Chris Prime's ( Lock N Lock ) recipe , for the holiday nut mix ?

Last Reply by judgejudith 1419118191.17 | Started by blueskies in Recipe Swap

I bought the TSV back in October , of the 6 bowls with matching gift bags . I remember Chris saying , she left a recipe to bake some mixed nuts , and place in the bowls for gift giving. I've searched the hosts & vendors blogs etc. And can't find it listed anywhere . I can't even find her name listed , and I've tried spelling it with a K ( Kris ) along with Chris . Has anyone seen her recipe ? Thank you for any help . I've got to get this done this weekend . I may just have to look for something online or in a recipe book . Continue Reading


Re: MY Cat Louie

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Brought tears to my eyes too . So very happy all turned out well !!! Merry Christmas to you and your family , and all the animals including the "infamous " Louie :) , and have a wonderful New Year !!! Continue Reading


Re: Which Dooney are you now craving (but don't have yet)?

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A219864 , is the vachetta satchel with fold over top . Can't copy photo here . Has a red lining with a wide green edge along top . Btw, JOVA , congrats on the lovely gift you received ! I believe that's the same bag I've had an eye on too ! Which color is it ? It's a very pretty design ; classic & ladylike . Enjoy ! :) .......and the duck bag is so cute , Professor & Stevieb . I remember when it was first shown on the Q . I thought it was so cute but also classic . Continue Reading


Re: Which Dooney are you now craving (but don't have yet)?

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Re: Anyone know why R.I. residents , are not allowed to enter QVC sweepstakes/contests ?

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Oh , sorry I didn't check back on my own thread .....see all the comments that followed ! Was under the weather & slept a lot . I think you all answered each others questions tho & thnx fr that . Yes, stevieb , I seem to remember it didn't last long & only had a few days left at the time I posted the question . Have a nice holiday , everyone ! Continue Reading


Re: Which Dooney are you now craving (but don't have yet)?

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A257693 leather Charlotte croco tote , in light grey . Unfortunately, currently not in stock . I like that the bag in OP comment has the signature print . Nice they're bringing the classics back sometimes . It s what the brand was built on I believe it makes my older sig bags look right in style again. I don't really care about that as much as it might sound ......I always wore what I liked not dictated to . There's another bag I'm keeping track of .....don't have number's a satchel , leather , green felt lining that shows around opening ...and the opening folds over . Has t... Continue Reading


Re: Christmas Junk

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I noticed the same thing this year , OP . I did buy the Elsa-Frozen , light up play dress , for a niece . Not many interesting , quality choices . With the quality of imported ( China ) goods slipping , I wouldn't want to gift many of the items offered . Continue Reading

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