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Re: Foundation for someone over 50

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Just starred using IT Cosmetics CC Veil foundation , with SPF 50 . It's a light coverage but build able . I like it doesn't show lines or show pores . Looks very natural & feels like you don't have foundation on at all . Major complaints on customer reviews , is that the compact only last a few weeks . It has a sponge top in the compact, that holds a liquid foundation. The first shipment includes a gorgeous brush for application . I'm using just a little at a time , under good lighting , so I can see what it will look like outdoors . I like it so far , but im anxious to see how much the p... Continue Reading


Re: Tired of anti-aging

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OP, I agree with you . For the companies it's obviously all about a money- making opportunity . It does have a negative effect on our self worth on an individual basis , and we don't value that stage of life as a society . When I get tired of hearing the anti-aging spiels, I change channels . There didn't seem to be as much of this , even a decade ago. It seems timed to the aging of the baby-boomers ........ Honestly, I do use a high SPF & products to slow down the aging process tho , but I don't color my hair . I'm just happy to have reached this age , and celebrate each birthday . We al... Continue Reading


Re: IT cosmetics Tightline. As good as they say?

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It was included in the TsV last year . I couldn't get it to make an eyeliner line , as much as I tried . I don't remember any instruction / advice in the kit either , which might have been helpful . As far as a mascara , it seemed the same as any other brand . It didn't curl my lashes ; mechanical eyelash curlers give me the creeps , lol, so I was hoping that brush would do that . I returned the TSV because I didn't care for the type of foundation in it . I'm using one of her other foundation formulas now & love it . Continue Reading


Re: Vince Camuto TS (March 10th) & Cinderella Inspired Collection

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On 3/10/2015 TY said: HSN sure knows how to do a movie tie-in merchandising so that the public will actually want to buy the stuff! The Heidi Daus floral headband is gorgeous, can't you imagine a bride buying this to hold her veil in place? I was thinking the very same thing , about how well they tied the marketing in with the movie . I only watched in the afternoon & the Hal Rubenstein designs were so in keeping with the movie theme. . I'm sure everything else was too . I saw a little of the Heidi Daus jewelry . Very Cinderella . Lovely . Continue Reading


Re: bliss tsv

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Someone mentioned theirs being stolen, so we're going to have to locate them in a difficult place for theft . Too bad there are people like that . The pixie dust effect sounds so pretty , as LOVEAC stated ! Loved the way the tall grass on the Q set was moving in a breeze , under the green lights, which did give them that " pixie " effect . Looking forward to receiving them. Take care :) Continue Reading


Re: bliss tsv

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I'd like to ask if OP or anyone has purchased one in the past ? Do they last a few years ? Are you pleased with the light display ? Thank you . Continue Reading


Re: Vince Camuto TS (March 10th) & Cinderella Inspired Collection

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Sparkle Star mentioned the tv cinderella movie with Leslie Ann Warren & Stuart Damon . omg I loved that musical version & looked forward to it every year ! They were a perfect couple and the show was well done . Now there's a line of accessories , along that theme on the other channel ? How fun ! :) love it . .....ok, like the light blue sparkle chain link flat sandal , but missed the presentation . Hopefully will catch the next one or they'll add the video to item page . Anyway , enjoy your purchases everyone . Continue Reading


Re: bliss tsv

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Well it's past midnight & now you know . Sorry , I didn't see this question earlier , but I didn't have any info on it either . At such great prices , I bought a green for a big tree in our yard , plus a blue to use on the pool or in the flower beds , fountains ....or another tree . Have been watching these shows for a few years & the price is better now . Has a 1 year warranty against defects . Enjoy if you do buy one ! Continue Reading


Re: Article ... Gray hair is hot again

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Interesting comments . I've recently reconsidered coloring again , now that I'm all grey . It's the every 4-5 week root maintenance, that is holding me back . Even temporary color leaves a root issue . Continue Reading


Re: *Need your recommendations-which Paula's Choice products do you use?*

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Daily ( at night ) for all : Resist C-15 for all skin types .........Resist Intensive wrinkle repair retinol serum ........Resist BHA-9 .........P.C. Skin balancing pore reducing toner . ...I'm very pleased with the results . Almost retired & skin looks at least 20 years younger . I have to say tho, I've don't sunbathe & worn SPF most of my life . Best products I've ever used. All the best to you, in finding the right products for yourself ! Continue Reading

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