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Re: Shipping on Polar Fleece Sheets

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OP , yes , I was surprised when I saw it added to the price . It added quite a bit , tho still reasonable price in the end, for the larger size I ordered . I think they could offer us better on S& H all the time. Other channels do it . It sometimes doesn't make an item a good deal & I don't buy . Continue Reading


Re: Shipping on Polar Fleece Sheets

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On 10/15/2014 imaclotheshog said: They have very nice fleece sheets at Target, Kohls and JCPenney. And, no expensive S&H. Also for those who care, Malden Mills used to be made in the USA. Now it is made in China. I noticed that about a year ago . I know , it's too bad . Wonder why they decided that , after the owner made such a big personal sacrifice , when the mill burned years ago . The Q used to tell that story , when the brand was new to their product line . I'm sure it wasn't his decision , for one reason or another . All CEOs should be as good . Continue Reading


Re: Argan Oil from Africa.

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On 10/16/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: Thank you all for your replies. My concern was mainly about someone not knowing they were infected being involved with the processing of the oil. You all gave me something to think about. We know so little right now about transmission of Ebola and how long the virus survives on surfaces, etc... don't want to panic, just want to be cautious. Thanks , OP . That was the same reason for my question re: Shea butter . Appreciate all the helpful , informative answers some people posted . Where would the human race be , if we weren't naturally inquisitive , right ? Continue Reading


Re: Drugstore mask for cleaning pores for sensitive aging skin ?

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OP , the absolutely best product I've ever tried , is Paula's Choice RESIST BHA 2% ( to start .....later try 9% only if you need to ) . It's not a mask , but meant to leave on overnight ( clear ) . I saw results after the first use . It's amazing & also non-irritating on my sensitive skin . Sorry , I never found a drugstore brand as outstanding as the PC product . All the best :) Continue Reading


Re: Argan Oil from Africa.

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OP , at this point when even the CDC doesn't know absolutely everything , no question is silly . I was wondering the same about Shea butter , since it's from west Africa , where Ebola is at its height . Shea butter & argon oil aren't processed with heat according to the vendors , so does the virus survive without exposure to heat ? Anyone know ? I haven't heard any discussion on the news , about products from that region , which tells us nothing . I think product safety will be the last topic we see addressed ......where money is concerned . Do what you think is best . Continue Reading


Question re: L'Occitane TSV from last week .....

Last Reply by blueskies 1413493707.003 | Started by blueskies in Beauty Banter

I received my kit yesterday , and it's my first purchase from this line . Do the tubes of lotion/hand creams , usually have a foil or plastic tamper-proof seal ? None of mine do, except for the large tin of vanilla , 10% Shea butter cream ( one of the 3 scent choices for that box) ...... it has a foil inner seal . Thanks for any answers . Continue Reading


Re: 3 Days / 60 Miles

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Great story , photos & thanks for sharing ! Looking forward to next installment . Thank you to Carolyn & you , for all you are doing :) Continue Reading


Re: I Just bought these Lanterns...

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How cute ! I've never seen anything like this before . BornToShop , do you mind saying where you found them ? I love lanterns & have several , including a couple of Dietz railroad / barn lanterns I found at flea markets . One has it's original instruction booklet & is from the 1930's . Continue Reading


Re: Enough already with Lori Goldstein.....................

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On 10/7/2014 LipstickDiva said: On 10/7/2014 brii said: What do you all wear when you want to look nice and feel comfortable? Not everyone is running errands or shopping or going out to the movies and dinner in a suit with a white shirt. LOL If I'm not at the office, I'm in an evening gown. Re: evening gowns ..... On that note , I've often wondered if the Q could sell enough special event dresses to make a profit . I'd love to see a line of beautiful dresses ( not office wear ) ..... More special occasion , event , holiday dresses . Tired of casual wear . Continue Reading

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