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Re: Skin care gift basket for dry parched winter skin

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OP , I agree with the poster who listed Eucerin cream ....their products are excellent . Also , I just discovered the BEST hand cream , that I've ever used in my life . Is from ShopHQ and is by Borghese , their " smoothing hand creme " . I wash my hands often & my skin develops little splits that sometimes bleed like a paper cut . The dryness becomes painful . Every hand cream I've ever used feels soothing at first , but I need to re-apply it thru out the day ....and the next day my skin is as dry as before . When I used the Borghese hand creme for the very first time overnight , the next... Continue Reading


Re: Who's watching the two hour show?

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On 10/27/2014 faeriemoon said: I'm not really a Linea girl, but made my first purchase today. I picked up two of the poncho sweaters. I'm more into the LOGO style of clothing (GASP!!!!), and these sweaters have that vibe. Anxious to get them. I have a couple of LOGO tanks that I will try under them. Funny you say that , because my two fave lines are Logo & Linea. I'm new to Logo despite watching for a few years , but I wanted to try something new for casual dressing . I'm tired of jeans & blouses . Ironically tho , the leggings I liked best were the ones I ordered from LInea . Tried ... Continue Reading


Re: Who's watching the two hour show?

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On 10/27/2014 luv luv to shop said: Really, because I thougt th Walnut was super dark, the color of coffee grounds, no ? I have one of his leggings that sold out in Walnut , and yes , it is very dark like coffee grounds. I don't usually care for brown pants , but the Walnut color is wonderful .... I guess I like it because it's so dark & goes with anything , like black does. Continue Reading


Re: Who's watching the two hour show?

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What a fabulous show ! The colors & designs were quintessential Autumn . Louis manages to design classic clothes that are fresh , new designs . I also loved the way they put the outfits together . Just perfect & I loved the jewelry they used . It was hard not to order one of everything, in those yummy muted seasonal tones , but I behaved. Ordered the slim pants in Black & the suede jacket in Stone . It looks very comfortable . Amy did a great job hosting as always . Thank you , Louis . Continue Reading


Re: Argan Oil from Africa.

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On 10/18/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: On 10/16/2014 blueskies said: On 10/16/2014 RJL-DLL 75 said: Thank you all for your replies. My concern was mainly about someone not knowing they were infected being involved with the processing of the oil. You all gave me something to think about. We know so little right now about transmission of Ebola and how long the virus survives on surfaces, etc... don't want to panic, just want to be cautious. Thanks , OP . That was the same reason for my question re: Shea butter . Appreciate all the helpful , informative answers some people posted . Where would the huma... Continue Reading


Re: Argan Oil from Africa.

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On 10/18/2014 Dazlin said: I think the whole situation is scary, and very sad. I hope they stops flights to and from Liberia, and all Africa until we get a handle on this. I'm also seeing there is no complete diagnosis, and understanding about this virus, and Drs. are learning as they go. As far as ANY products coming from Africa...I highly doubt that tests were done to see what virus, or bacteria lives in a or on the surface of a product. There have been many cases of infected/bad food that have survived long transportation, and placed in supermarkets. Obviously never tested until an outbrea... Continue Reading


Re: Argan Oil from Africa.

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On 10/18/2014 NYwoman said: West Africa, mainly Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Ghana, produce Shea products. The process of getting shea from the nut involves heating it. BTW, Black Soap is the residue of this process. Cocoa (chocolate) and palm oil are also products from these countries. They are also processed before consumption. Another resource from West Africa is crude oil, especially from Nigeria. Liberia has rubber trees. Guinea and Sierra Leone have no vast resources. NY , you said that heat is required to remove Shea oil from the nut ? I've watched a few L'Occitane shows over the ... Continue Reading


Re: Overload !!!

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They're beautiful , but must be very expensive to decorate like that . DH caught the start of the show & said , " Who decorates like that ? " lol. The past few years I've gone to the minimalist look .....more of a wild tree out in the woods , not quite Charlie Browns tree tho , ha . I found a 6 ft slim alpine tree , with a tiny bit of flocking . I add about 50 white lights & some woodland type decorations .....little birds , pine cones , glittered snowflakes , etc. .....and we like it . Continue Reading


Re: Ellen Degeneress

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Ellen is a gem . I think Nancy H. , would be hilarious as well with Ellen . Nancy is so funny & always makes me laugh . Carolyn is the best host with musical guests ; she asks appropriate & interesting questions, plus she makes the guests comfortable . Watched the B. Manilow show she hosted last week , and the show was so very well done . Tonight's Ellen show was fun , but didn't need anything shown , tho they had some cute things . Will hedgehogs become popular in the US as in the UK ? Time will tell ! :) Continue Reading


Re: Shipping on Polar Fleece Sheets

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OP , yes , I was surprised when I saw it added to the price . It added quite a bit , tho still reasonable price in the end, for the larger size I ordered . I think they could offer us better on S& H all the time. Other channels do it . It sometimes doesn't make an item a good deal & I don't buy . Continue Reading

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