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Re: Bixby Chat

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KatCat , there are some BB stack rings , that around the price of the TSV . Also, on the homepage , there is a link to " online only " designer jewelry ...... there's a photo of a heart- shaped amethyst ring in the box . Click on that . That's where I saw the less expensive rings . I bought almost all my BB pieces years ago , when prices for gold/silver were much lower . I also wish there were less pricey items . Now, if something is on ez pays & I really really love it , I consider purchasing . Continue Reading


Re: ANTONELLA is going to be the HOST to go to ITALY!!

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That's great news ! Congrats to Antonella . She was over the moon , when she accompanied LR a few years ago . She will be in her element . I like the detailed, relevant information she gives us about jewelry . Looking forward to the shows . Continue Reading


Re: Bixby Chat

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On 2/1/2015 lovestoteach said: On 2/1/2015 phoenixbrd said: opinions on the watch??? I like the combination of the navy band with the gold and citrine... Beautiful! I like the green, too! I don't wear green though (not much) I liked the navy, aqua & green . Very pretty ! Enjoy it if you did purchase , phoenixbrd ! Continue Reading


Re: Bixby Chat

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I wish they'd talk about the fit of the cuff bracelets . Sometimes a size you usually take , fits differently in another design. Also, please discuss fit of rings ....if a ring is wide , please advise us, if we should size up or not . Continue Reading


Re: Bixby Chat

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Hi OP & everyone , I ordered the TSV ring in iolite . Im also tempted by the cuff bracelet , in the matching design & color , on 5 ez pays . The cuff is about $75.00 lower than the regular Q price , so I'm very tempted . Don't have any BB bracelets or cuffs . The cuff is two twisted bands & it's so delicate , pretty & airy-looking . Will order average , so it fits snug on wrist & doesn't turn around . Anyone else order the cuff ? .......enjoy your purchases , everyone ! :) Continue Reading


Re: Please help ! where is Chris Prime's ( Lock N Lock ) recipe , for the holiday nut mix ?

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Topaz Gem , I don't remember feeling like the cloves were too much . Tho, I do remember being a little surprised, by the amounts of each spice called for . I think that it may be, that there is a large quantity of mixed nuts being baked with those spice amounts , so clove's overwhelming factor is lost . You could always try baking them with the lesser amount of 1/4 tsp. and see what they're like . I don't think the missing 1/4 tsp. would negatively affect it might taste even better ! I'm going to try doing that , the next time I have an occasion to bake them . Thanks for the input . ... Continue Reading


Re: Please help ! where is Chris Prime's ( Lock N Lock ) recipe , for the holiday nut mix ?

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Hi , thought I'd add this update . Baking ingredients are expensive & I don't like buying ingredients for an untried recipe, that doesn't turn out well for me . I made the recipe & gave several L n L gift bags out , with cookies added too . The recipe process was easy, but just don't leave it in the oven for longer than recipe says ......or it will taste burnt . Everyone said the baked holiday mixed nuts were delicious . It took 4 large cans ( 15 ounce cans ) of Planters mixed nuts , to be able to make enough for the 6 gift bags . I bought the regular salted nuts ( label said sea salt... Continue Reading


Re: AW Shows

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Lolakimono , I love the red stones & there don't seem to be enough in the line .... and red & silver is just gorgeous . Beautiful cuff !! ......... Stevieb , funny comment ! The mine is really closed ? Lol. Agree , they say it so often . Wish I had a dime for every time I've heard that . Ha. ............btw, OP , in the last show I just fell in love with J-318849 , cuff in sterling & brass on leather cord , in choice of denim lapis ( love ! ) or regular darker lapis . Its on my wish list ! .......Also , just a comment , that it seems a breath of fresh air has revitalized the line ... Continue Reading


Re: Carolyn Pollack - what requests do you have

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A charm bracelet would be nice . I'd like to see tiny versions of AW enhancers , about the same size of JR's charms . I'd like to see the charm clasps , like tiny enhancer clasps , because spring-ring & lobster claw clasps, are NOT a good look for charms ......IMHO the spring-ring & lobster claw clasps, detract from the beauty of the charm. The clasps compete with the charm for attention . On the other hand , a sleek enhancer clasp just blends right in with the charm & bracelet connection point . Continue Reading


Re: How does JR gold clad hold up?

In Judith Ripka 1420172359.68

OP, sorry I can't answer your question ; I don't own any JR clad pieces ....tho I've been on a search for her country link in clad for awhile . Anyway, your question just reminded me of an experience I once had . I brought a ring to a jewelers for repair, many years ago . I mentioned that I wore it all the time & she gave me a look that could kill , lol ! She said to always remove jewelry when doing chores , etc. .....anyway , you'd think I'd committed a crime by wearing that ring all the time . Continue Reading

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