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Re: Oh well, so much for Spring...

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OP , lol, we live in the northeast & are looking at 4 plus feet of snow on the ground. I told my husband today , that by the time all that snow has a chance to melt , we may see the daffodils about 5 inches out of the ground ! Lol. As long as they don't try to bloom under the snow , they should be okay I told him . Those Spring bulbs have poked thru the snow before . They're very hardy . Counting the days till Spring ! March is only a few days away & I'm going to start my Spring decorating on March 1 ST :) .......take care ! Continue Reading


Re: Lisa Mason's Husband, Gino, Received Great News Today!

In Among Friends 1424928314.6

Great news and happy for them . Thanks for sharing ! Continue Reading


Re: What are the SOFTEST sheets from the Q?

In For the Home Talk 1424927360.303

OP , can I sneak in one more answer ? I always buy SUPIMA cotton sheets , in a medium range thread count . It's Pima cotton that's grown in the American southwest , and it has a long thread fibre . I've found that thread counts in the 300 to 600 range are the softest . ....also , for winter the warmest , softest sheets IMO are the Polarfleece sheets from Malden Mills . I was hesitant to buy them , thinking any fabric like that might be suffocatingly warm , but they actually breathe . Just the top polar fleece sheet is warm enough without a blanket or quilt , even on the coldest nights ...and ... Continue Reading


Re: Valerie's Ceramic Hurricanes with Candle & with bird on top

In For the Home Talk 1424926682.617

OP , I agree with the previous poster about placement of this hurricane . I was surprised at how tall and substantial it was when I received mine. (I ordered the denim blue & love it . ) It looks much smaller on the TV presentations . I had planned on placing it in the center of my dining room table , but its height was too close to the pendant light , hanging above the table. I decided to display it on a Duraflame fireplace, we have in the corner of the dining room & it looks fine there . Continue Reading


Re: Borghese/Perlier

In Beauty Banter 1424926209.023

OP , Like most people , I've tried many different product lines . I've tried Perlier in the past, and it was the same as drugstore brands & other shopping channel lines IMO. About 6 months ago , I ordered a Borghese TSV from Shop HQ/Evine had a variety of products in it . One was their " Splendide Mani " Smoothing Hand Creme . It is the BEST hand cream I've ever used . Most hand creams gradually soothe chapped hands & elbows , and you have to use them every day . Well, the Borghese hand creme actually smoothed & healed my dry hands & elbows , the very first time I appl... Continue Reading


Re: USPS - Amazing!

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My mail lady got out of her jeep , walked up our long snowy, icy dirt driveway & up our 2 sets of stairs to our front door today . Although we have a larger rural mailbox at curbside , she had a package that wouldn't fit , along with letter mail . She said she didn't want us to wait till after the Monday holiday , to receive our package . The blizzard had begun snowing & she still had two more very long & steep hilly roads to deliver, before heading home . That's dedication and caring about people . It's very much appreciated . Continue Reading


Happy to see small prints from original LC style ....

Started by blueskies in Liz Claiborne New York 1423959389.47

I just ordered A257194 and A262175 , one a tunic & the other almost tunic length blouse . The small size prints, remind me of a blouse I have from the 90's . I always received compliments whenever I wore it . So happy to see some return at last . You could identify a LC print all the time back then . Continue Reading


Re: Beauties, What did you Purchase this past week ending 2/13/15??

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Hi , I ordered A333597 , Josie Maran's coconut watercolor gelee , in Pink Escape ....a cool-toned pink . It looks natural & lasts all day . Feels cool when applying too . Can use as a lip stain . First of this line I order . Continue Reading


Re: Josie Maran 's next TSV ?

In Beauty Banter 1423954533.387

Thanks , jaxs mom . I'll just go ahead & order the foundation then. I just received her gel blush with cocoanut water & it stays on all day . It looks very natural too . Continue Reading

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