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Re: For Those That Have The Lenox Butterfly Meadow Dishes-Have A Question

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On 4/8/2014 Butterfly12 said: On 4/7/2014 catprincess said: I bought a set of Butterfly Meadows about 2 years ago and use it almost daily and then picked up some extra pieces from TJ Maxx. I am very disaappointed in these dishes. They scratch very easily and after 2 years the designs have started to fade. I would not purchase more. After reading your post I wonder if I should bring them back, I won't be using them everyday but the thought of someday the pattern fading isn't what I want to happen.Wow, I never bought anything from Lenox before and would never think that there product would scr... Continue Reading


Re: For Those That Have The Lenox Butterfly Meadow Dishes-Have A Question

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Oh , so that's the set of dishes displayed , on the VPH set tonight ? I thought it was a new set from Valerie . Ok, thanks for the info ! Continue Reading


Re: I just placed my first Paula's Choice Order

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I'm so glad I found this thread . I've read PC site for reviews on cosmetic products , but never ordered . Tired of trying makeup lines , not finding the perfect one & losing money . Just spent 15 for shipping /nothing , on a returned cosmetic tsv . PC refunds customers when a product doesn't work out for them ? That's amazing . Thnks for this information OP & everyone . Continue Reading


Re: S & H ....?

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Love the new rate too. Just had to return 2 items , and it costs me about 15.00 for S& H both ways for items I returned . $30 down the drain , made me re-think where I shop . Hope they continue the new rates . Continue Reading



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On 3/27/2014 Phantom41 said: On 3/27/2014 Perkup said: I did purchase a United States flag pin several years ago - the nicest flag pen I've seen, and I wanted one for holiday wear. I really love it. I tried to purchase another relatively simple bracelet - a very inexpensive one that I thought would match something else I owned. Instead I received a beautiful bracelet with blue stones which was worth several times the one I had chosen. I contacted QVC, and they gave me a choice of either keeping the one I received, or returning it to exchange. I decided to keep the one I had, not so much becau... Continue Reading



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Hi OP , I'm sad to see the line & shows end. .......I was a child during the JFK presidency , and have some good memories of that time . In the past I've purchased the scarecrow pin & seashell bracelet , which are my favorites . I also have the gold tone paperclip necklace and a chunky gold bracelet with clear stones , which are nice too . I missed out on a red enamel twisted bangle bracelet , which I had on wish list too long . Thought I'd wear it in Summer . ........I just " scrambled " for the black patent strap tank watch, with clear crystals on sides , mimicking her husband's wat... Continue Reading


Re: A Little Christmas Magic

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Baba , hi ! Hope you are well . I've decided to not start a thread at this time . Kind of tired . I guess I'll post a picture & say hi to kittykatkay on her picture thread sometimes . It's called something like " We can post pictures again ! Thank you webbie ! " .......It's in another forum tho ....." Among friends " I believe . I hope I meet you there ! Thanks for being such a constant visitor & friend here , all this time !! It was fun . Maybe we can do this again next Fall & Winter . I hope Spring arrives soon for you too . It's really slow here . Cape Cod is supposed to get th... Continue Reading


Re: A Little Christmas Magic

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On 2/26/2014 Baba2-2 said: Hi Blueskies---More cold weather here also, below 0, some sNOw. I heard, because of the ice mass' on all the Lakes, Spring might be cooler than normal. Started putting out my Spring decor. Need some bright colors in here. LOL This has been the third coldest Winter, about 6" less sNOw than a record. We have so much sNOw on the ground it will take forever to melt. LOL One good thing, all the sNOw and the large frozen areas on the Lakes should help raise the depths that have been falling the last few years. hi Baba ! Yes,i saw the frozen Great Lakes satellite imagery ... Continue Reading


Re: New to It cosmetics . Opinions on It TSV ?

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Dog lover...... Oh that's good news . I did finally decide to order it at 1:30 EST , in light too . I might ask if the lipgloss changes with shipments . Btw , everyone , I read Paula's Choice website re:product reviews . She stated that the snail filtrate isn't a moisturizer , even tho it's added for that reason . She had interesting info on some IT products , plus 100% Pure which I've used & like . Surprising info on both lines . Hoping this TSV works out well for me ....if not , I'm going to try one of the foundations Paula lists as " Best ". Tired of trying random products , hoping to ... Continue Reading


Re: Sensitizing oils in IT CC cream...

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I read up on this product & another all natural ( 100% Pure ) line today , in "Paula's Best " cosmetic/skincare review webpage . Certainly learned a lot ! Maybe that's why they put the SPF at 50 ? I'm going to order it & if any problems I'll return within 30 days . Continue Reading

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