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Re: Oh G_d, it's Mom (CSPAN)

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She got her 15 minutes of fame. Continue Reading


Re: Drinking alcohol on TV and movies?

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Too add: The two people I referred to were not related to each other in any way. Continue Reading


Re: Drinking alcohol on TV and movies?

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I only know two people who drank as much as they show on TV and in the movies. They died several years ago of alcoholism. It all started in the most expensive nightclubs and restaurants. Then, the "preparing dinner" before dinner wine, the wine during dinner, and the after dinner drinks. They ended up in the gutter. People I know only drink alcohol occasionally, and for special events. They don't act like it's water. I think the constant promotion of it is a bad idea. I've always said, as good as it is that cigarette smoking was attacked and reduced, I've never seen a smoker get behind... Continue Reading


Received My TS Bag

Last Reply by Lally 1418597803.207 | Started by Anniecamp in Fashion Talk

I received my Joy/IMAN bag the other day. I wondered what it was going to look like, since all of the negatives said about it. It is GORGEOUS. Mine is black, and the hardware a perfect color, the watch is beautiful, and the lining very expensive looking. The one thing I was worried about was if the zippers were going to work well. To my surprise, every one of the zippers work better than any bag I've ever known, including my much more expensive brand designer bags! They glide open and closed, smooth as silk. How long will this bag last? I have no idea, but I didn't pay several hundred ... Continue Reading


Re: I know there are many JR lovers here but is anyone else flabbergasted by the prices?

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As long as so many are willing to pay the high prices, that's where they'll stay. Continue Reading


Re: How large is your dinnerware collection?

In For the Home Talk 1418345411.733

JeanLouise and Mominohio, I'm right there with you! I've never met anybody before that loves china/dishes as much as I do, so it's nice to see this thread with so many liking dishes. I, at one point, had about 20 sets, and finally had to sell some. The ones I couldn't completely part with, I reduced to sets of 4. I also have several pieces of the Longaberger Pottery, and bought a few more pieces at the Homestead this summer. I also have a huge set of the Fiesta, which I've been using for everyday. However, as much as I love it, I am getting sick of it, so I should change them out. I even... Continue Reading


Re: mary ann mobley passes away

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I was saddened to see this in an article. I remember when she was crowned, always liked her. She had beaten breast cancer some time ago, but it came back. I remember years ago, seeing her in an interview with her husband, Gary Collins. She talked about how she had terrible problems with anxiety, and didn't like to out much anymore. She eventually did start doing more again, though. Continue Reading


Re: Temp-tations bakeware

In Temp-tations 1418118514.55

I see the problem more as a percentage thing. If 150,000 sets are sold, and 5,000 people have the problems posted about, I don't necessarily consider it a failed product. A percentage of defects in the manufacturing of any product comes with the territory. Continue Reading



In Viewpoints 1418068636.837

I think there are too many imaginations at work here. IMAN did plenty of talking throughout the day, and certainly didn't seem bored. I noticed that later in the day, she did sit down, though. Remember, she's recovering from that leg surgery. It takes a while to be able to be on your feet for too long after something like that. I think many of you are too hard on Joy. Although I'm no fan of her personality, she certainly has accomplished more than anybody on these boards, I suspect. As for her products, they've made my life so much easier, and at affordable prices. All of my closets are... Continue Reading


Re: Title to former Lanza home transferred to Town of Newtown

In Viewpoints 1417813234.82

Brii, I agree, that is just disgusting. Continue Reading

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