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Re: Medicare hospital stay – “observation” vs “admitted/inpatient”

In Health & Fitness 1427401985.27

The sick joke of all this is that you'd better not be very sick when you're there. You're supposed to be sharp as a tack and remember all of the rules, and coordinate all of your hospital steps from the gurney or hospital bed. Continue Reading


Re: Could you live in a shack and be happy?

In Viewpoints 1427400969.55

I doubt that there are people on a shopping board that would be willing to live in a shack. Continue Reading


Re: so called "X" rings

In Jewelry Talk 1427400066.047

I certainly would pay much more than $30 for one. They are too fad-trendy to the point of "everybody has one". Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

In Beauty Banter 1427399470.767

Those who say that the ACA has not caused higher prices are telling us to "not believe our lying eyes". The only people I have seen that like the ACA are the ones who are paying nothing, or close to nothing for better coverage than the ones paying high prices are getting. Personally, I think that EVERYBODY should have to pay something for their healthcare, even with a low income. This no cost for so many people is for the birds. A percentage of their income should be charged. For example, 10% of low income, and 10% of a high income, is a fairer type scenario. Everybody chips in, althoug... Continue Reading


Re: Need Great Vit C kit......SSC or SCA.

In Beauty Banter 1427326357.097

I love the Signature Club A Vitamin C products. I usually buy the "Double Up" kits, where you get two of each product at a great price. As Adrienne suggested to me on a chat line once, I alternate the Vitamin C with products from her other kits, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Elizabeth Taylor jewelry

In Jewelry Talk 1427325690.61

I saw the collection for the first time today. I really enjoyed it. Continue Reading


Re: Medicare hospital stay – “observation” vs “admitted/inpatient”

In Health & Fitness 1427325156.543

OP, this happened to me. When I posted about it on these BB's, I was greeted with "you don't know what you're talking about", and called a li'ar. Thoroughly mocked. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone eaten Tony littles hotdogs?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1426884493.39

I like all of the Tony Little bison meats and have ordered them many times. Continue Reading


Re: Professor Amos shock it cleaner

In For the Home Talk 1426884028.26

Shock It Clean is absolutely wonderful! I use it to clean anything and everything! It amazes me that it cleans so well, yet is gentle. It's the best carpet cleaner ever!! I use it in the carpet cleaning machine. It laughs at stains and takes them right out. Continue Reading


Re: Minister Creflo Dollar asks for $60 million in donations for a new jet

In Viewpoints 1426468869.44

If Jesus was so poor, why did he need a "treasurer" in his group? Continue Reading

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