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Re: Didn't think there could be less tissue paper on the roll but every time I buy it, the roll gets smaller.

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I bought Scott tissue for probably over 20 years. Liked it because I didn't have to constantly change the rolls, plus it didn't "shred". Then they started to make is so thin that it wasn't any good anymore, so I quit buying it. Then used Pom tissue from Sam's and liked it very much. A couple of years ago, they started to sell it with a lot less sheets per roll and in a different box, hoping that people wouldn't notice. (I did!) The number of sheets per roll was printed on the box, but I suppose they didn't think most people would notice. More recently, they again reduced the number of sh... Continue Reading


Re: Adult Children Who Ask For Money

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She likely had to listen to the advisor. He probably told her that she didn't qualify for such a large mortgage on only one income and not enough cash in savings, if she wanted to borrow from you. Thankfully, sometimes we are protected from disasters of our own making. I'm sure she'll like her place after she makes it "hers" by redecorating, etc. I'm glad this turned out well for you. It would have been terrible having to watch and worry when she couldn't afford such an expensive house. Continue Reading


Re: How much do you spend on groceries per month?

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gonnab, you did better than I did. The hamburger I bought was 49 cents/lb. Pork Steak was 39 cents/lb., and I got so sick of them that I couldn't even look at a pork chop for years. Seriously! I think it was the Hunts Company (Ketchup, etc.) that offered a computerized menu built around your food budget. It cost 10 cents, and they sent a whole menu and recipes to make for a month. Some great recipes! I really didn't mind the challenge, but I do remember admiring things in the store that I couldn't buy. It sounds like your dil does a good job of it. Teen and college age boys can really ... Continue Reading


Re: Signature Club A TS today-----any thoughts?

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I've used SCA for years, and love the products. Continue Reading



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I forgot to mention that we always get our phones from HSN. Continue Reading



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Gem, dh and I have used the Tracphone with the triple minutes for years You have to buy minutes BEFORE you run out of minutes to get the minutes tripled. It sounds like you've lost the triple minutes, but what we do is just buy a card of minutes at Walmart or a drugstore (they're cheaper at Walmart), and follow the instructions on the back of the card. No phone call is necessary. It does take a few minutes for the tripled amount to eventually show up, though. I am sorry, but it sounds like you missed out on the triple minutes. It was in the instructions when we bought our phones. It always... Continue Reading


Re: I Need Some Input On What Is A Fair Rate

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I would think it varies by state, but the person you hire to do this may very well need a food license to do this for you. The charge may also need sales tax charge, and would be considered income tax for the person doing it. Continue Reading


Re: How much do you spend on groceries per month?

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What an enjoyable thread to read! I must admit, I could be more careful in my planning and purchasing. I'm reminded though, that I've come a long way from the $7.00 a week food budget we had when first married. Continue Reading


Re: The View

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I used to like Rosie Perez, until she started talking too much on The View. It's like she's trying to be the leader of the pack. After she announced proudly, a couple of times that she throws her toothbrush away every week and uses a new one, I decided she is the new Sherrie. She evidentially has never heard of peroxide. Dip your toothbrush in peroxide for a couple of minutes every few days, and throw it away after 4 months. Instead, she adds to filling up the landfills, with 52 plastic toothbrushes a year. The other 3 on the panel are doing fine. Continue Reading


Re: What Is A Joan Rangers Pin?

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Oh how funny! Thank you for posting the pictures. I have never seen that show. Only clips of it on other shows. I love her coat. Years ago, I had a white coat with fur like that. Loved that coat. Continue Reading

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