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Re: How much do you spend on groceries per month?

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What an enjoyable thread to read! I must admit, I could be more careful in my planning and purchasing. I'm reminded though, that I've come a long way from the $7.00 a week food budget we had when first married. Continue Reading


Re: The View

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I used to like Rosie Perez, until she started talking too much on The View. It's like she's trying to be the leader of the pack. After she announced proudly, a couple of times that she throws her toothbrush away every week and uses a new one, I decided she is the new Sherrie. She evidentially has never heard of peroxide. Dip your toothbrush in peroxide for a couple of minutes every few days, and throw it away after 4 months. Instead, she adds to filling up the landfills, with 52 plastic toothbrushes a year. The other 3 on the panel are doing fine. Continue Reading


Re: What Is A Joan Rangers Pin?

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Oh how funny! Thank you for posting the pictures. I have never seen that show. Only clips of it on other shows. I love her coat. Years ago, I had a white coat with fur like that. Loved that coat. Continue Reading


What Is A Joan Rangers Pin?

Last Reply by spindlegirl 1411262080.173 | Started by Anniecamp in Joan Rivers Classics Collection

What is a Joan Rangers pin? Also, what is a Joan Rangers salute? I used to watch her on QVC about 20 years ago. After we got rid of cable, I only saw her when I was out of town, in a hotel, etc. We got QVC back on regular TV a couple of years ago, so I was once again enjoying seeing Joan present her fashions and jewelry. I had put off and put off ever ordering something from JR collection. When she died, I thought I'd better finally do it. I ordered 3 clothing items, and a bee pin. Love them all! I missed out on a lot. Continue Reading


Re: Prescriptions by mail.....How's it working out for you?

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What do people that are on insulin that has to be refrigerated do? Our pharmacy fills the prescription and keeps it in the fridge until you pick it up. Continue Reading


Vitamin C Products

Last Reply by springers 1405018125.71 | Started by Anniecamp in Beauty Banter

What are Vitamin C products supposed to do for your skin? Do they make a difference that you notice? Continue Reading


To MomInOhio - Longaberger

Last Reply by mominohio 1404246985.34 | Started by Anniecamp in For the Home Talk

Please see my post to you on the decluttering thread. It's towards the end of the thread. Continue Reading


Re: My dark spots are disapearing!

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This sounds interesting and worth a try. I have one spot on my face that the dermatologist "froze" about 2 weeks apart. Very little results. Does anybody know if this is available anywhere else? Continue Reading


Re: Someone Please Answer This For Me!= Pantyhose

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Just a side note: I remember when it was the most absolutely poor grooming, and unsanitary thing to do....wear shoes without any hose or stockings. It was considered very "germy" and low class, promoted foot fungus, etc. Continue Reading


Re: 48 Hours (CBS) Last Night - 6/28/14

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Thanks all, for filling me in! It gets so frustrating when I fall asleep and miss the ending. Continue Reading

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