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Re: Not looking good for Dr. Gates :(

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Anybody who's done geneology research will know that it's easy to run into information that is inaccurate, even when you cross reference and double check things. Someone, somewhere along the line, records information attributed to the wrong person, etc. I think many of you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Experts are not as expert as people think. I've seen it time and again on programs (not just pbs) about antiques, and other such things. People can only do the best they can. Personally, since Affleck was whining and not wanting information out, I wish they would have scrapped h... Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015--April thread

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Since it was tax time, I spent time going through all sorts of papers and shredding them. I think the house in general looks lighter because of it. LOL It feels good to have gotten so much done, anyway. Continue Reading


Re: Can I Vent? I don't want to smell like Food!

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I agree, rina! I don't want to smell like food either. I also think that fruity fragrances (most of them) smell rancid. I find orange, vanilla, and lemon ok, though. Continue Reading


Re: Pens and Sanitation....

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Although the guy that OP was talking about sounds sort of like an odd duck, it isn't just fecal matter that is a concern. Actually, to someone with a very compromised immune system, Sunshine's list isn't that odd. Several of the things on that list have been recommended to me by medical advisors. I've also heard many of them recommended on health segments on TV. You only have to be hospitalized a couple of times for something you "catch", to learn how many germs are spread by these things. I haven't been sick from any flu or virus since implementing these things when out in public, for sev... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone remember/still have "waterless cookware" i.e. "Magic Seal" stainless cookware?

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Suzy Q, thanks for posting that link. How interesting! How some of you find links to some topics amazes me. Continue Reading


Re: OT- My doctor is dumping me

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It took a long time for me to finish reading this thread from the point of where I had my last post. I realize this is an "old thread", but I wanted to add my thoughts. It bothers me that uneven coverage exists between those who don't pay a dime on Medicaid, and those who pay high premiums, as well as Medicare people who also pay a lot for "medi-gap" plans. Children on Medicaid get free braces on their teeth and dental care, vision coverage, hearing, etc. The gov't seems to recognize it as necessary care. Again, their parents don't have to contribute a time. I also know a woman who has had we... Continue Reading


Re: My New Beauty Secret (Money-saving)

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My mother used Kirk's Castile bar soap for years, along with the original basic Oil of Olay lotion. She died at age 82 and her skin was beautiful. She once gave my girlfriend a bar of it and told her to use it on her face. My friend had wall to wall acne, and it cleared right up! Amazing. If my mother had not been so bold as to tell her that, she would have continued to suffer with it. It's funny. When I was about 13, my mother had me use Noxema and 10-0-6 on my face. She never encouraged me to use Castile. Don't know why. Continue Reading


Re: SIMPLIFY 2015--April thread

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Happy April! Sadly, I think I did much better when we had a weekly thread, because it was always there to remind me to keep focused. To say I went "off focus" is an understatement. I messed up in all three of the main areas that I was working on. I bought too many groceries, which ended up being needless stocking up, 4 outfits of clothing because I was so impressed with the clearance prices, and new makeup foundation and concealer, as well as a set of hair products. It is really easy to fall back into old habits! The 5 a day is a great idea. Flylady has something like that, but so many t... Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone remember/still have "waterless cookware" i.e. "Magic Seal" stainless cookware?

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I have a set that is called Cordon Bleu. I bought it 46 years ago and it still works great! Paid $200 for it. It's thick stainless steel and hasn't warped. I don't have to use much water in it, and if I need to keep the food warm after cooking, it stays warm for an hour with the lid on, after I take it off of the burner. I have pieces of cookware by other brands, but they're junk compared to my Cordon Bleu. It's a shame that people can't buy good cookware like that anymore. It doesn't wear out! I'm not sure what the "stacking" is about. Mine doesn't have that feature. Continue Reading


Re: Medicare hospital stay – “observation” vs “admitted/inpatient”

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The sick joke of all this is that you'd better not be very sick when you're there. You're supposed to be sharp as a tack and remember all of the rules, and coordinate all of your hospital steps from the gurney or hospital bed. Continue Reading

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