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Re: Did you attend your senior prom and if so......

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I had several formal events to attend in the sixties, including proms, and loved to dress up for those times. In our area, we normally purchased our gowns at wedding shops. The ones I remember the most are a pink one, two white ones, and a blue one. The pink one was a stapless with a full skirt. With that one, I wore a hoopskirt...lol! It was gorgeous for the times. I loved the white ones made from lace, and especially loved the long white gloves that went above the elbows. My hair was usually done up in a French Roll or curls. What fun times. The dresses that I see the girls now wear... Continue Reading


Re: Went To Merle Norman

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Wildapple, I didn't even think to try the color products. I bought so much of the other. However, I did also buy the eyeliner with the tiny brush. It's similar to the one I used to get from there. Also sheer lipstick in Popsicle Red. If I'd have just went ahead and got mascara, eyeshadow, brow makeup and blush, I'd have been complete. lol Continue Reading


Re: Speaking of Senior Prom, how many are married to the one you attended with???

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I am totally stunned that there are so many who married their prom date. I had no idea. I only knew one couple that did, and they divorced after about 10 years. I met my dh when I was a senior in college. It will be 45 years tomorrow. Continue Reading


Re: Went To Merle Norman

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I specifically planned to ask about Miracol when I was there, and forgot all about it! I know they still carry it. I remember the boosters but never tried them. I think their prices today are pretty good when lined up with many other brands. They get you on the large sizes though. Only a tiny bit more for more than twice the size of the regular. LOL! Usually, buying the large size doesn't offer so much savings in other brands. Continue Reading


Re: What's in your secret stockpile?

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A fun thread! I get uncomfortable if I run low on milk, peanut butter, eggs, and coffee. Have to have plenty on hand. Also toilet paper, eggs, some canned chicken noodle soup, tuna, and regular butter. Continue Reading


Re: My Iman Loot

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LOL Gym Bunny.....ooops! Continue Reading


Went To Merle Norman

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The MN store where I live is so far away that I haven't been to one in 40 years. I was in another city recently and saw a store there. They have many nice products, newer as well as the old stand-byes. I bought several items. I do like that all of their products are made in the U.S.A. Even all of the containers are made here. One item said something about an ingredient being imported, but that's not so surprising. Some things are just not available in the U.S. Continue Reading


Re: I'm being foolish. Please straighten me out.

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Vivian, you are not being foolish. You are mourning the loss of being able to go to France, a place that you love. Also you are reacting to all of the ugliness that is taking place there. I think your feelings are normal. I have a place that I love, and was not able to go last year. I really missed it. I hope you will enjoy your trip to Quebec. Continue Reading


Re: Does the clothing in your closet "spark joy"?

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Pretty much. This thread does remind me of a couple of tops that I have that I really don't like. I seem to have hung on to them because they're of good quality and stay looking new. I'm going to get rid of them. Continue Reading


Re: My Iman Loot

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Congratulations OP. Now you're all set for summer. Continue Reading

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