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Re: When Returning An Item

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Another thing. HSN processes returns very quickly. Does it take very long for QVC to process a return and credit your card? Continue Reading


When Returning An Item

Last Reply by depglass 1397773675.553 | Started by Anniecamp in Jewelry Talk

I have never had to return anything to QVC. Once in a while I return something to HSN, and the process is easy. The only thing that came in the package was a mailing label. No form to fill out about the return, with my name and address on it, etc. How do you return things? Just stick the label on the package and mail it, trusting that they will credit my card from information on that mailing label? Thanks to anyone who answers this. Continue Reading


Re: Waitlist JBK-any one received notification of their order in process?

In Jewelry Talk 1397768131.24

I just got an email stating that the JBK brown strap watch I had on waitlist has been shipped. I hope I like it! I ordered the Unity Ring that had popped back up on the site, and received it a couple of days ago. I have a lot of JBK jewelry and like it, but this ring is awful. The gold part and the size of it is perfect, but the stones are gray! Very disappointed. There's just no way I can keep it. Continue Reading


Re: "Extreme Couponing"

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I guess some people stuff their closets with clothes, and other people stuff their closets or shelves with food. Same thing. Hoarding. Continue Reading


Re: Victoria Wieck on HSN

In Jewelry Talk 1397590328.17

I know a guy who has that condition. It was from birth. Please stop the cruelty. Continue Reading


Re: SSC EGG is Forever Spring Time Machine x2 !!!

In Beauty Banter 1397251985.06

That's great news to hear! I used to use Connie's Time Machine and it did a wonderful job. When Connie left HSN, I just never got around to ordering new conductor gel from her web site. It still works, though. I'm looking forward to trying out the EGG. It just arrived today. Continue Reading


Re: I bought some Robin McGraw skin care, do you plan to buy?

In Beauty Banter 1397251703.897

Porcelain, may want to read the entire thread. Continue Reading


Level To Start With On SSC's EGG

Last Reply by Indy-Blonde2 1397329650.323 | Started by Anniecamp in Beauty Banter

For those of you who use the Serious Skin Care's EGG, what level did you find most comfortable to start with? Continue Reading


Re: Joy Mangano's readers....

In Fashion Talk 1397251385.92

I've bought 3 sets in the last few years, and I wouldn't want to be without them! You just can't beat the price. Continue Reading


Re: Dr. Phil's show today - a commercial for Robin's new beauty line

In Viewpoints 1397251058.173

In reading this thread, it makes me wonder what Robin McGraw you are talking about. She talks the same as she always has, looks the same, and has maybe gained a whole 5 pounds in the last many years. She's always been into good skin care, and has studied up on the best ingredients to use. There are many here who love Connie Stevens' skincare, but don't criticize her like they do Robin. Connie also has plenty of money. There seems to be a lot of hating of women who get out there and DO things, and of women who are happy in their marriage. You act like happy marriages never happen. They do! The... Continue Reading

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