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Re: Synvisc One Knee Injection

In Health & Fitness 1406597043.357

I'm just suffering. I'm too big a chicken to have knee replacement. I know 2 people who've thrown blood clots and died after having it done. I won't risk it. Continue Reading


Re: Synvisc One Knee Injection

In Health & Fitness 1406593694.65

I had them in both knees a few years ago. The shots didn't hurt. Sad to say, though, they didn't help me at all. I wish you the best. Hope you get some relief. Continue Reading


Re: NeNe Leakes

In Fashion Talk 1406517503.443

Perfect look for standing on a street corner. Continue Reading


Re: I love Dimitri and his products but...

In Beauty Banter 1406487286.393

Can't stand to watch him. His face and lips looks like they've been overly plumped with fillers along with being greasy looking. Looks as if he needs a good bar of soap and a wash cloth. Continue Reading


Re: Chris with Lock & Lock ?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1406487013.083

Heard her say a couple of weeks ago she was going on vacation. Continue Reading


Re: LUMINARA lantern review

In Candles 1406380861.633

I've never seen anything remotely like the Luminara lanterns at my Walmart or Big Lots. Wish they even carried something similar. The Walmarts in my area leave a lot to be desired. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Stitch abusive father

In TV Talk 1406332302.48

I hope there is more to this "big" secret that has taken months to come out. If not , this was certainly a monumental letdown. Continue Reading


Re: I always thought Jessica Walter was a pretty lady, who do you think is/was?

In Viewpoints 1406251522.193

I always thought Barbara Bain from the TV series Mission Impossible was stunning. Continue Reading


Re: TV Guide Scoop on Y&R

In TV Talk 1405991386.38

Oh good grief. Not Nikki drinking again. Will be glad to see Tricia Cast and Michael Fairman. I've missed both of them. Continue Reading


Re: Where Do You Keep All Your Decor? Like Valeri's

In For the Home Talk 1405990559.083

My husband built me shelves in our basement for all my holiday items. I keep most things in their original boxes inside clear storage totes. I do have a lot of things I've purchased at rummage sales that don't have boxes, etc. I wrap those items in tissue paper and store them in totes also. Continue Reading

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