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Re: Can you name some things that are made in your state?

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Bourbon, Corvettes, Ruth Hunt Candy.....I'm still thinking. lol Continue Reading


Re: MarkCharles Misilli ugh

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On 1/29/2015 ValuSkr said: On 1/29/2015 lacey1 said: I'm sure some of the QVC employees may have small farms in that part of the country. Maybe that's where the old food goes. I can see Dan Hughes heading to his car every afternoon with a cooler full of leftovers. I could see Dan Wheeler doing this more so than Dan Hughes. Continue Reading


Re: Chris Scanlon

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I can't imagine putting those Origami or Chris's LUV IT brand metal, wire racks, shelves, etc. in an actual living area of my house. They all look as if they belong in the garage or basement. Just not my cup of tea. Continue Reading


Re: Flameless candle TSV

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On 1/25/2015 graycatsrule said: I still don't believe the 5 piece set is the TSV. It's a good assortment for the price. I prefer CI in white. I have color ones and most have faded. My house is really sunny. It will be a pass for me. I received the email also. CI set is the TSV. I have enough candles like this set. I agree with others who said they wish it had been an oil rubbed bronze lantern. Continue Reading


Re: Pictures of My gingerbread Display and Tree

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What amazing decorating! It's all absolutely beautiful! Continue Reading


Re: ShopHQ Host

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The one I can't stand is that ditzy Melissa Minor. I happened to turn Shop HQ on one night when she was hosting with Patrick Kinkade. She was extolling all his virtues about things he'd done in his lifetime. She'd said he'd done flamingo dancing instead of flamenco dancing. Had to laugh when he corrected her. I know it was rude of him to do so but still had to laugh. She was absolutely shocked to learn it's flamenco. How do you become an adult and think it's flamingo dancing? Continue Reading


Re: Found an HGTV show I like

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On 1/21/2015 Burnsite said: They are a very engaging couple with an adorable family of pets and children, but I discovered the show a while ago and now all I am seeing is reruns. These folks are so creative in rescuing beautiful old houses--and then they actually listen to the buyers when they work out the design. It is not quite my taste, the room designs, but they are what the couples request. New shows have been on the past couple of weeks. Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern. Continue Reading



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I always liked Chris. She was about the only host at HSN I could tolerate. Never could stand Alan Skantz. Continue Reading


Re: The Trivago guy

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Just give me some Sam Elliot. That voice! Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Rumors for February Sweeps

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Sure wish they'd bump off Phyllis instead of Kelly. Ashley pregnant? Give me a break! I think if Nikki hits anyone it will be Christine and she'll either lose the baby or be killed off. Bring Chloe back. That should rock Billy's and Chelsea's world. Possibly Kevin's world too. Just wish it could still be EH playing Chloe. Can't imagine someone else playing her. Continue Reading

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