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Re: Y&R - what the heck happened 3/24? (SPOILERS)

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Have no idea what the heck is going on either. One thing though. I don't think Kelly is dead. I believe Victor just wants Jack to think she is so Jack will eventually spiral out of control due to the guilt he'll feel for causing Kelly's "death". That will make it easier for Victor to get hold of Jabot. I'm sure Victor has Kelly tucked away somewhere. He'll bring her out when he needs her again. Continue Reading


Re: What's the WORST food. . . that you just LOVE!

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Braunschweiger on toast with mayo and mustard. Love it! Continue Reading


Re: I hope this is the beginning of the end of Maya on B&B

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On 3/20/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: Although I did predict a gender reassignment surgery as the secret on another board, I don't understand the continuity ...... Maya came to B&B looking for Dayzee to get her baby back .... the one she had and gave up for adoption ..... she had that baby with someone else? Transgender men to women can't get pregnant and give birth! Was it ever mentioned that Maya actually gave birth? Maybe Maya (Myron) was the baby's father. Just speculation on my part. Continue Reading


Re: Any ideas for left over Roast Beef?

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You could make beef barbeque out of it. Just shred, add your own special homemade bbq sauce or your favorite from the store. Put it on a big bun with some cole slaw and there you go. Maybe come chips, fries or onion rings on the side. Continue Reading


Re: Favorite game show(s) what is/was yours?

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Loved the ones previously mentioned. I also loved Gambit with Wink Martindale. I like The Chase which is on GSN. Turned it on the other day and saw they had celebrities on. Ugh! That's how they ruined the original Millionaire with Regis. Why can't they leave a good thing alone? Continue Reading


Re: What's your favorite pie?

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My all time favorite has to be chess pie. Love coconut custard and lemon meringue too. Continue Reading


Re: Mispronounced words.....

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Mispronunciation is mispronunciation. The region you live in has nothing to do with it. Continue Reading


Re: HSN one-armed cook on now

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On 3/14/2015 Johnnyeager said: Yes, watched him and ordered the Seasoning Salts. Looking forward to the Cooking Day tomorrow, HSN is making an effort to really ramp up their kitchen and cooking events with new offerings. Seems that Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia will be featured (I have some of her cookware and love it). They also will have Ingrid Hoffman, Katie Lee (not very familiar with her) and Carla from the Chew, who I think was on QVC with some products. No Wolfgang in person. Katie Lee is on The Kitchen on Food Network. It airs Saturdays at 11am. She was also married to Billy Joel f... Continue Reading


Re: Deviled Eggs ~ Question?

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Guess I'm the odd person here. I've never heard of putting anything in deviled eggs but mayo and mustard. I'm 63 and that's the way I've always had them since I was a child. Apparently my family, friends and I aren't very adventurous. lol Continue Reading

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