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Re: TV Guide Scoop on Y&R

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Oh good grief. Not Nikki drinking again. Will be glad to see Tricia Cast and Michael Fairman. I've missed both of them. Continue Reading


Re: Where Do You Keep All Your Decor? Like Valeri's

In For the Home Talk 1405990559.083

My husband built me shelves in our basement for all my holiday items. I keep most things in their original boxes inside clear storage totes. I do have a lot of things I've purchased at rummage sales that don't have boxes, etc. I wrap those items in tissue paper and store them in totes also. Continue Reading


Re: What did you purchase during the Christmas in July?

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I ordered the Harry London train tin, Valerie's carolers on the stand with the lamp post and the woodland Santa that Lisa had on her show last night. Continue Reading


Re: All food handlers (including the hosts) should wear protective gloves

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On 7/21/2014 FunkyHulaGirl said: Isn't it astonishing that so many billions of people (including us) have survived to adulthood even though we grew up in an era when food preparers didn't use plastic gloves? When I was a child (I'm 62) food workers were required to wear hair nets and plastic gloves. I remember the lunch ladies in school and restaurant workers all wore them, including men. Continue Reading


Re: Distance from floor to bottom branches?

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I like them lower, too. More down swept branches actually. Continue Reading


Re: TSV ornaments

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I think they're just strange looking. To me, the reindeer looks like a cow. I don't think it even resembles a reindeer. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Did Michael Muhney Mock 'The Young and the Restless ...

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Could be Victor at the door. When he finds out Chelsea is fooling around with Billy he's gonna hit the roof. I think he'll go after Connor and that's when Adam will reappear. He sure won't want Victor to have custody of his son. Continue Reading


Re: Sunday is all Xmas?

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They have this CIJ weekend every year. Some people seem so surprised that it's the whole weekend. I love it. At least it's not computers, mattresses, vacuums, etc. Continue Reading


Re: Ugh! How long does Christmas in July last

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CIJ is over Sunday at midnight. Continue Reading

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