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Re: Any Reviews For PB Bed Linens?

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I bought a duvet and shams last year from PB. They were on sale for $89. Very nice quality. They're on my bed now. Continue Reading


Re: Happy Record Store Day! Will you visit a record store?

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We have no record stores in this area anymore. Makes me sad. I always had the greatest time looking through all the vinyl in different stores years ago. Even Sears, G.C. Murphy, some drugstores, etc. carried vinyl. Makes me long for the days of going downtown to shop. Can't stand the cookie cutter malls of today. Same stores with the same products inside every mall. Continue Reading


Re: Country Show

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I only had it on for a few minutes while flipping through channels. I guess Clint Black doesn't keep up with his fellow country stars. He apparently didn't know that Reba was Kelly Clarkson's mother in law. It was kind of cute. He said something like....how did I miss that? Not his exact words but something to that effect. Continue Reading


Re: Peter Bergman (Y&R's Jack) talks about the fake Jack

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I just wonder how many months we're going to have to endure this stupid storyline? Plus the "make Sharon the scapegoat for every murder in Genoa City" storyline....etc....etc. Now I'm assuming with the fake Jack in place the Gabe/Adam story will drag on for many more months, too. Sure wish Y&R would dump the current writers. I'm just about to jump ship. Continue Reading


Re: Y&R Spoilers for April 14th

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The writers are ruining this show. I'm tired of all the twins, the Scooby Doo Gang, etc. And....I'm so tired of the crazy Sharon story that has gone on for far too many years! They have to write this c*r*a*p because they aren't good at what they're supposed to do...which is write good drama based on families, friends and work scenarios. That's why I initially started watching Y&R. It wasn't about people levitating, cities being put in the deep freeze, etc. Continue Reading


Re: How many eggs do you eat each day and how do you like your eggs??

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I'm not a huge egg fan. When I do eat one I spray a little skillet with Pam, fry the egg on one side, gently flip to the other side, then put it on toast. Much like a poached egg but easier to fix. Never could fix poached eggs. They always wind up a mess. lol Continue Reading


Re: Caroline Kennedy

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Besides looking great, I thought she looked more relaxed in that interview than I've ever seen her. I know she's always quite guarded and protective of her family. It was good to see her smile more. Enjoyed seeing the clip of her and Norah jogging. She seems to really love what she's doing and the Japanese people seem to have embraced her. Continue Reading


Re: O/T 65 yr. German woman pregnant w/quadruplets...

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I read about this earlier today on FB. I think both she and her doctor have some screws loose. Thirteen kids from 9 to 44 and you need more? I don't think so. Continue Reading


Re: Less Gardening shows on the Q?

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Oh my gosh. They've run them into the ground. Gardening shows started in January and have been on constantly. They've even had full days of gardening shows. Continue Reading


Re: Lawdy, Liam is one good-looking man!

In All About Shoes 1428849609.077

He needs a shower, a razor, some shampoo and an iron for his clothes. Continue Reading

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