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Re: ***Ladies check your A/D prices, something sneaky happened to me!

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If you are still having an issue, file a complaint with the better business bureau. I did many years ago and they were able to help me resolve it. you can go online and see the form and how to file. good luck! Continue Reading


Re: has anyone done the Blood Sugar Solution 10 day detox plan?

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Violann, Can I ask you to give us a sample of breakfast, lunch and dinner that you would have for like 2 days? I desperately need to make the same change and would love some ideas. I am like you and am so addicted to sugar now its crazy. I know I need to go cold turkey. I've been having more yogurt and blueberries but cant have that for every meal.do you make any protein shakes or nutribullet shakes? I have the nutribullet so that could help me out. Thanks so much for your input and congratulations on such amazing changes and results!! Continue Reading


Re: Recovery from Hyterectomy

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I had this done 2 years ago. abdominal surgery not laparoscopic. uterus, fibroid, cervix removed, ovaries and tubes remained. the surgery was due to the large fibroid attached to uterus. I left ovaries because I wasn't in menopause yet and didn't want to take hormones if they forced me into menopause. I was in the hospital one day and a half then went home. as others said rest as much as you can. I was up and walking and in pain of course but taking it easy. within a day or 2 at home I started to bleed and called the surgeon. he was concerned and didn't know if I might have torn internal sti... Continue Reading


Re: Netflix-how does it work, is it portable question

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Thanks everyone for the info. glb613, I don't have Netflix yet, but I think if I get ROKU then I can bring that with me to mom's and use at my house. We've both had a hard few years and since my dad passed in July I've been trying different things to cheer us up and get back in the swing of things so to speak. I bought the downton abbey dvd's and we had a marathon of that and she loved it, then I bought house of cards first season on dvd and we just finished that. so I figured, what the heck i'll get Netflix and we can watch the 2nd season now that it is on and whatever else they have on. Continue Reading


Netflix-how does it work, is it portable question

Last Reply by glb613 1399541959.597 | Started by coolbeans in Electronics Talk

Hi, I'm thinking of getting Netflix. If I get a subscription to it can I watch it on a TV in my house, then go to my mom's house let's say and watch it? mom and I live in 2 different states and I was hoping that when I visit we could watch it together. I just want to watch it on the TV, I'm assuming I don't have to buy ROKU or anything different. But then if I bought a roku could I use that to travel back and forth and watch? thanks for any information Continue Reading


Re: Question for Ebay Sellers regarding returns for item damaged during shipping

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Thanks for comments. I am rethinking international shipping on ebay, its a huge hassle. Insurance is a little different for overseas and there are customs forms etc to fill out before mailing. the only reason I have not refunded her $80 yet is I want to make sure she holds onto the broken item for proof to the post office, otherwise I wont get any money. I don't think I am obligated to give her any of the shipping costs back, but I plan to. its neither of our faults that it broke, but it happens. Continue Reading


Question for Ebay Sellers regarding returns for item damaged during shipping

Last Reply by blahblahvampemerblah 1390194624.87 | Started by coolbeans in Viewpoints

hi, I've been selling for years on Ebay and fortunately only had 1 item damaged in transit. It was a small makeup item. This one is a little different. I sold a glass platter and it was shipped to Australia. it was bubble wrapped and packed well. When the person got it they emailed me that the dish had cracked. They sent pictures and it was so sad to see the little pieces and she sent pictures of the box, wrapping etc. so I contacted the post office and because its international they said it would take up to 23 days to investigate and possibly get the money back. I told the buyer and they und... Continue Reading


Re: Please share your experince if you've had Invisalign?

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While wearing the aligners I had to go every 6 weeks to the ortho, so he could check them and give me the next set of aligners. Once I was done I have seen him twice maybe, to check my teeth. The visits take less than 5 minutes. I wear the retainers at night when I go to sleep, that’s all, some times I wear them when I drive for long distance, since I tend to grind. There was a woman that came in once and I found out that she had done invisalign years ago and stopped wearing the retainers and was back again to start all over. I was shocked. I mean the time and money spent, how ridiculo... Continue Reading


Re: Please share your experince if you've had Invisalign?

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hi. I did invisalign about 2 years ago. my teeth were not terribly crooked, but the bottom ones got more crooked over time from wisdom teeth pushing, etc. I had wisdom teeth removed many,many years ago and the teeth never straightened. Over the years i also started to grind my teeth more and more. I went online to the website and picked one of the top invisalign drs, i think they are gold rated. he turns out to be top in the country. super nice guy and staff. i had them on for about 16 months, $6000. they gave me a payment plan and after an initial payment i paid $250 a month. so that wasnt a... Continue Reading


Re: Mass in liver

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57babe.. how ironic is that? It took me so long to write my note and you wrote the exact thing I was writing(and you wrote it shorter than me!) . thanks for the link too. Continue Reading

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