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Re: Question for Ebay Sellers regarding returns for item damaged during shipping

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Thanks for comments. I am rethinking international shipping on ebay, its a huge hassle. Insurance is a little different for overseas and there are customs forms etc to fill out before mailing. the only reason I have not refunded her $80 yet is I want to make sure she holds onto the broken item for proof to the post office, otherwise I wont get any money. I don't think I am obligated to give her any of the shipping costs back, but I plan to. its neither of our faults that it broke, but it happens. Continue Reading


Question for Ebay Sellers regarding returns for item damaged during shipping

Last Reply by blahblahvampemerblah 1390194624.87 | Started by coolbeans in Viewpoints

hi, I've been selling for years on Ebay and fortunately only had 1 item damaged in transit. It was a small makeup item. This one is a little different. I sold a glass platter and it was shipped to Australia. it was bubble wrapped and packed well. When the person got it they emailed me that the dish had cracked. They sent pictures and it was so sad to see the little pieces and she sent pictures of the box, wrapping etc. so I contacted the post office and because its international they said it would take up to 23 days to investigate and possibly get the money back. I told the buyer and they und... Continue Reading


Re: Please share your experince if you've had Invisalign?

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While wearing the aligners I had to go every 6 weeks to the ortho, so he could check them and give me the next set of aligners. Once I was done I have seen him twice maybe, to check my teeth. The visits take less than 5 minutes. I wear the retainers at night when I go to sleep, that’s all, some times I wear them when I drive for long distance, since I tend to grind. There was a woman that came in once and I found out that she had done invisalign years ago and stopped wearing the retainers and was back again to start all over. I was shocked. I mean the time and money spent, how ridiculo... Continue Reading


Re: Please share your experince if you've had Invisalign?

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hi. I did invisalign about 2 years ago. my teeth were not terribly crooked, but the bottom ones got more crooked over time from wisdom teeth pushing, etc. I had wisdom teeth removed many,many years ago and the teeth never straightened. Over the years i also started to grind my teeth more and more. I went online to the website and picked one of the top invisalign drs, i think they are gold rated. he turns out to be top in the country. super nice guy and staff. i had them on for about 16 months, $6000. they gave me a payment plan and after an initial payment i paid $250 a month. so that wasnt a... Continue Reading


Re: Mass in liver

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57babe.. how ironic is that? It took me so long to write my note and you wrote the exact thing I was writing(and you wrote it shorter than me!) . thanks for the link too. Continue Reading


Re: Mass in liver

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Wishing you lots of good health and sending lots of good thoughts your way. I don't know your age, but when I was 36, I went to the gastro dr for a stomach ailment. For whatever reason and I think it was from him examining me, blood work etc. he sent me for a CT scan which said on the report, mass on liver and then I had an MRI of my liver. I know exactly how you feel, shocked and scared..It turns out that I had been on the pill since I was 18, low dose version, and this mass on my liver was an FNH(Focal Nodular Hyperplasia) tumor. they believe it is caused by the pill. not everyone gets it o... Continue Reading


Re: Anyone Ever Had Bone Scan?

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I haven't had this test done, but have had many MRI and CT scans with contrast. My MRI's have to be closed not open and over the years I have gotten claustrophobic so I certainly understand how you feel. I take Xanax for it. Your doctor prescribes it to you ahead of time and also will tell you how much to take. I think you take it 1/2 before the test. They will decide the dosage. One time I practically fell asleep through the test which was about 20 minutes the last time the test was close to an hour and I didn't fall asleep but did ok. They did take me out of the mri in the middle for a brea... Continue Reading


Re: stomach problem - need advice please

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try to cut out sugar, caffeine, carbonated drinks. dairy could do it too. also creamy sauces, spicy foods. stay away from black pepper. have herbal tea, i like bigelow sweet dreams tea anytime of day. i find that it settles my stomach very well. I have had stomach problems most of my life and due to other illnesses i just lived with it(sort of) but about 3-4 years ago my gastro dr finally did an endoscopy, which is a really nothing test, they put you out for 20 minutes tops. anyway it showed that I had severe gastritis and the beginning of a bleeding ulcer. I have been taking aciphex ever sin... Continue Reading


Re: Why is it so hard to find someone that can cut your hair?

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I have had the same experiences as the poster and agree with everyone who responded. I dont know where you live but I am in NJ and my hairdresser is really great. I actually was using a stylist of his for a number of years and then one day she was gone so I started using the owner and he really gives great haircuts. not cheap at all. but he is also associated with Nick Arrojo. so if you go to they list salons they approve of and maybe you can find one in your state. Continue Reading


Re: Support Those Affected by the Recent Tornadoes

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Here's an idea for QVC Management. Don't charge shipping and handling for the day and encourage everyone to donate what they would have spent on shipping and handling to the Red Cross. QVC can certainly afford to do this, and to make matching donations. Continue Reading

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