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Re: Diagnosed with Cataract...

In Health & Fitness 1406909485.05

Cataract surgery is no big deal. Immediate recovery. Continue Reading



In Q Did What? 1406889574.93

If you want clown clothes or want to imitate a bag lady, these 2 are the ones to pick. I don't care what anybody says, Lisa and Rinna are beyond ridiculous. Continue Reading



In Health & Fitness 1406195182.713

I was recently in hospital with a-fib and congestive heart failure. I was put on meds to help with the a-fib and congestive failure. If that didn't work, I was going have a mini defibrilater put in. I had a test to see if the medication had helped. The cardiologist decided right now I don't need the defibrilater. I am doing well but have good days and bad days. I need to learn I can't rush around and try to do everything. Good luck, take your meds. Continue Reading


Re: Who Needs Paula Deen When There's The Pioneer Woman

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405781018.853

I adore Pioneer Woman. I read her bio, "Tractor Wheels and Black Heels". She has great recipes. great personality. My famiy were farmers and ranchers. My husband asked one of my uncles how many cattle he had. When My uncle said, I don't really know, probably around 20,000, My husband didn't recover for about an hour. It is very hard work. Continue Reading


Re: Wow! Aimee K's Wedding Ring

In Jewelry Talk 1405365311.19

My grand daughter got married at a castle on the Conecticut river. Beautiful place. Continue Reading


Re: How frequently do u get your hair cut?

In Beauty Banter 1405197882.51

I have my appointments set up for every 5 weeks. Continue Reading


Re: Carpel Tunnel Surgery

In Health & Fitness 1404552532.153

I had both hands done. Not a long recovery. I also had to have both hands "rebuilt" due to arthritis.. Pin put in, etc. Long recovery. Carpal tunnel is a breeze. I have had implants in both feet and 3 back surgeries, carpal tunnel is easy. Continue Reading


Re: Fashion Day Preview

In Fashion Talk 1398880839.093

The preview looks pretty dreadul to me Continue Reading


I Guess It Is Just Me

Last Reply by violann 1393770347.68 | Started by clista in Fashion Talk

These floppy, , no shape vests just don't make sense to me. They look sloppy and I can't get the point. Continue Reading

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