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Strange phone call

Last Reply by Peaches McPhee 1418330387.313 | Started by clista in Viewpoints

It is 6:00 AM. I just received a call from someone who could barely speak English. He said he was calling about the loss of my computer. I hung up. Life gets stranger every day. Continue Reading


Re: What changed?

In The Q We Love 1418294872.813

It isn't just you. All you said is how I feel. I just don't watch any more. Shipping costs prevent me from buying. If other companies can offer free shipping,why is it a problem for QVC to at least offer reasonable shipping. The offerings now are so far out there that they are silly I would not wear alot of the stuff to a dog fight. Continue Reading


Re: Does anyone like Aveda?

In Beauty Banter 1416999883.26

I recently changed to an Aveda salon, Love the hair dresser and the Aveda products. The perm is excellent and the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair shiney and soft.. Love it. Continue Reading


Re: Hand mixer?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416999655.15

I have KA stand and hand mixer. Both hard working, would not consider anything but Kitchen Aid. Continue Reading


Re: So, You do not like turkey......What do you cook?????????

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416914399.55

Prime rib, baked potatos, parm mushrooms, salad and pecan pie. Continue Reading


Re: OT What charities do you support

In Fashion Talk 1415617003.057

I donate to ASPCA and Humane Society, and Good Will. I used to donate time to church, hospital auxialry, bell choir, voice choir, but health does not allow me to do that now. I miss doing it. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1412609285.213

On 10/6/2014 Sue in Houston said: On 10/6/2014 12andcounting said: I don't get the whole Lori Goldstein thing. I'm definitely not a fan. She always looks like a bag lady to me and most of her clothes have that same "bag lady" look to me. However, I do realize I'm not forced to buy any of her items -- which I don't do. DITTO, DITTO AND MORE DITTO !!!! Her things are just plain silly and ugly. Definitely not fashion. Continue Reading


Re: Legacy skirt & leggings TSV

In TSV Talk 1412015065.187

For those of you who like it, fine. I tink it is the silliest thing I have ever seen. Continue Reading

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