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Re: Billy Bob Thorton On Big Bang Theory Tonight!

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Bob Newhart as kiddie show host Arthur Jeffries can return forever in holographic form to torment Sheldon and delight viewers. Continue Reading


Re: The Blacklist?

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I'm going with the rest of you who believe that the young lady taking out the trash is indeed Red's daughter; Red's other daughter, because I'm still convinced that he's Lizzie's daddy, too. I'm predicting one major messy family reunion. Just imagine the tension that can be cut with a knife around that dinner table at Thanksgiving. There'll be more sibling rivalry than Meredith Grey could even begin to imagine with Lexie, Maggie and any of the dozens of future heretofore unknown half-sisters who are bound to come crawling out of the woodwork. As for the Blacklist's writers, ITA with you that ... Continue Reading


Re: Billy Bob Thorton On Big Bang Theory Tonight!

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I guess I was writing as you were posting, SuesCat, hence the similar thread. Glad to know I'm not losing it. Hilarious show! This is one of the funnier, better TBBT eps; like last week's mine survival training in that campus steam tunnel - hysterically funny! Continue Reading


TBBT - "The Misinterpretation Agitation" (S8/Ep07) - 10.30.2014

Last Reply by SuesCat 1414715588.6 | Started by keri in TV Talk

Am I hallucinating or just incredibly tired, but was that Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton marking a guest appearance tonight as the doctor who was smitten with Penny? Continue Reading


A Gritty, Modern Peter Pan & The Lost Boys - FOX

Last Reply by Marsha2003 1414785500.06 | Started by keri in TV Talk

Peter Pan Drama 'The League Of Pan' Set At Fox With Imagine TV & Andrew Miller by Nellie Andreeva October 29, 2014 | DEADLINE League Of Pan, a modern day twist on Peter Pan, has landed at Fox with a script commitment plus penalty. The mystery drama hails from 20th Century Fox TV and studio-based Imagine Television. Written by Andrew Miller, developer/executive produced of CW’s The Secret Circle, League Of Pan is described as a grounded, edgy, soapy thriller featuring updated versions of all favorite Neverland characters. It picks up the Lost Boys fifteen years after they left Nev... Continue Reading


Drama Inspired By LA Defense Attorney Shawn Holley Set At NBC & Working Title

Started by keri in TV Talk 1414664942.78

By Nellie Andreeva on Oct 29, 2014 | DEADLINE Shawn Holley, the Los Angeles trial attorney best known for representing Lindsay Lohan during her recent legal troubles, serves as inspiration for an hourlong drama project at NBC from Universal TV and Working Title. Written by Power co-executive producer Lauren Schmidt, the untitled project delves into the life of a larger-than-life lawyer who possesses the unique ability to look beyond the first impressions and social biases against her clients and fight for their innocence even if the court of social opinion already has condemned them. We&rsquo... Continue Reading


Kyra Sedgwick To Topline & Produce Kari Lizer Comedy For HBO

Last Reply by tansy 1414818075.3 | Started by keri in TV Talk

by Nellie Andreeva October 29, 2014 | DEADLINE In a power pairing, The New Adventures Of Old Christine creator Kari Lizer has teamed with The Closer star Kyra Sedgwick for a half-hour single-camera comedy project set up at HBO. Sedgwick is set to star and Lizer will write the untitled comedy, which the two will executive produce for Warner Bros. TV and Lizer’s studio-based Kari’s Logo Here banner. It centers on Kate (Sedgwick) who was a nun in the order of the Sisters of Mercy, San Mateo Chapter, but disillusioned by a lifetime of service to the church and a marriage she no long... Continue Reading


Re: Like "The Newsroom", "Homeland", and now "The Affair"

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Despite the fact that Aaron Sorkin is my fellow S.U. alum, I've never liked The Newsroom, chiefly because of that revisionist/revisited history flashback conceit he employed from the start and the preachy pronouncements from pseudo-sage Sorkin's soapbox. Sorkin needs to learn how to craft female characters so that they don't come off as airheads or #itches or both. Oh, yes, and did I mention that from the POV of someone who spent most of her professional life in network and major market local TV newsrooms, that show is so unrealistic, it made me sick. The only explanation for these inexcusabl... Continue Reading


Re: The Blacklist?

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Thank goodness, I'm not alone. I skipped S2Ep2 and just like Tinkrbl44, I thought I'd missed so much more. Did NBC run the eps out of sequence? That's the only possible explanation for the sudden appearance of that female agent (thanks for clearing up her nationality/affiliation, Tinkrbl44, because I was clueless to pinpoint even a geographic region to her speech and appearance). If they wanted Mossad, I hear that Agent Ziva David is available. LOL! And where did that storyline about Resser popping painkillers come from (other than thin air)? Previously, we barely saw him drink a cup of coffe... Continue Reading


Re: How To Get Away With Murder

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Some HTGAWM fun factoids: Alfred Enoch, who portrays "puppy dog" Wes "Waitlist" Gibbins, is the son of a Brazilian physician and British actor. His most notable film credits (as Alfie Enoch) are for the role of Dean Thomas in most of the Harry Potter movies. He appeared as Sam Taylor in Broadchurch. Recently he told Jimmy Kimmel that he doesn't trust himself driving in America and still takes public transportation. ‘How to Get Away With Murder's’ Alfred Enoch Gets Recognized on Bus, Tries to Lie (Video) One of the show's directors, Bill D'Elia, is the father of filmmaker Matt D'El... Continue Reading

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