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Re: THE GOOD WIFE - "Trust Issues" (S6/Ep02) - 09.28.2014

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There's a decided difference between a bottom-feeding drug dealer and someone accused of "White Collar Crimes" such as insider trading (e.g. - Martha Stewart) or intellectual property theft. I have no problem with these two law firms in TGW battling for clients, but like many of the show's most ardent fans, I contend TGW lost focus last season and disintegrated into little more than bickering, backstabbing and silly squabbles that were beneath the dignity of these educated, experienced professionals. In S5, TGW seemed to be only a hollow shell of what made it so appealing in its first two sea... Continue Reading


Re: THE GOOD WIFE - "Trust Issues" (S6/Ep02) - 09.28.2014

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I forgot to mention the warm and fuzzy Soccer Dad side of murderous drug lord, Lemond Bishop. Wasn't that father and son sports tableau with Dylan touching? Sure it was, but Bishop needs to be terminated. I'm just tired of seeing him. He's nothing but trouble, now and forever. Continue Reading


Re: THE GOOD WIFE - "Trust Issues" (S6/Ep02) - 09.28.2014

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On 9/29/2014 annabellethecat said: Well, people, I couldn't find anything definitive about Gunther. Everyone wonders how he managed to wash up there. The writers are keeping quiet for now. Everyone though (i.e. People, etc) seems to like the comic relief. Also everyone seems to be loving the 'eye candy' of Taye Diggs. I'll bet Java or keri could find out more about Gunther. Anybody? I'm curious. This one's for you, annabelle - (click link for his complete bio & resume) Danny Hoch (Gunter) Continue Reading


Re: Cedar Cove - Missed 9/20 show - What happened?

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CEDAR COVE S2 Finale - SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Resolutions and Revelations (Saturday, Oct. 4th, 8 PM ET)In the season two finale, everyone in Cedar Cove learns secrets eventually come out as Olivia gets to the bottom of Jack's distant behavior and Justine deals with the fallout from Seth's return. In reality, this is the same promo that's already aired as the trailer for the Oct. 4th ep. If the show fails to get picked up for S3, then as Hooty said, we'll be left hanging - forever. Incidentally, Dylan Neal ... Continue Reading


Re: Your Thoughts On Madam Secretary On CBS Sunday Night

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You've nailed it, chrystaltr­ee. It appears that Stephanie ("Stevie") McCord's presence was specifically calculated to hook a younger demo. I find her character intriguing and despite a very thin resume, there's something familiar about the face and voice of the actress who plays her, Wallis Currie-Wood. I got the distinct impression that with her intelligence and obvious connections, Stevie's destined to stir up a host of problems for the Dalton Administration. She came within millimeters of using the familial connection card to get the writing job, but wisely didn't. What happens later... Continue Reading


GRACEPOINT - Premieres Thurs., Oct. 2nd - 9 PM ET on FOX

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The new 10-episode murder-mystery miniseries Gracepoint, premiering this Thursday, October 2nd at 9 PM ET on FOX, sounds very intriguing. From "When a young boy is found dead on an idyllic beach, a major police investigation gets underway in the small California seaside town where the tragedy occurred. Soon deemed a homicide, the case sparks a media frenzy, which throws the boy's family into further turmoil and upends the lives of all of the town's residents." Here's the trailer: Official Trailer | GRACEPOINT | FOX BROADCASTING ... ? 3:14? 3:14 Continue Reading


THE GOOD WIFE - "Trust Issues" (S6/Ep02) - 09.28.2014

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Sorry, but I must take issue with "Trust Issues," the latest episode of The Good Wife. How is it possible that attorneys become Lockhart-Gardner partners, then immediately leave for a competitor? It's happened again with new arrival Dean Levine-Wilkins (Taye Diggs). He'd barely been introduced and unpacked his briefcase before Diane was urging him to come over to Florrick Agos with her. Setting aside the ethical issues involved, there must be an enormous financial burden. Remember when Alicia was made partner, scrambled for the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the buy-in at L-G, then depa... Continue Reading


Re: GREY'S; SCANDAL; MURDER: TGIT - It's Here Finally! (Sept. 25th)

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SydneyH, after a mountain of personal problems, including allegations of domestic abuse and felony battery charges following a barroom brawl, that attracted too much negative publicity to Scandal, EP Shonda Rhimes was forced to fire Columbus Short in April, to protect the brand. Columbus Short FIRED From 'Scandal' -- No Season 4 For ... Columbus Short Admits 'Scandal' Did The 'Right Thing' In ... Here's a really strange follow-up: Last week, Short hosted a Scandal S4 Premiere Party here in Atlanta. Columbus Short Hosting Scandal Season 4 Premiere Party ... Columbus Short -- Throwing 'Sca... Continue Reading


Re: Revenge-- Possible spoilers

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Jack's storyline didn't make sense. He needs to earn money for his son's college education, so he becomes a cop? That's not exactly a high-paying profession and it's a dangerous line of work. Did Jack even consider that he could be shot and killed, leaving the child without money for college and without a father, too? How long is police training, certification and the probationary period in the Hamptons? Almost everywhere else in the real world, it's six months of training followed by several months as a probationary officer. Perhaps Jack took a very accelerated course that included a unit on... Continue Reading


Re: The shows you used to love but had to quit watching

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I'm amending my list to include SNL, which just launched its 40th season on Saturday. What once was hilarious now is just sophomoric, often smutty and totally unfunny to me. As for the musical guests, I'm officially beyond SNL's target demo. I've never even heard of 90% of the performers. Kudos to EP Lorne Michaels, who at 69 is older than I am, but remarkably he's still plugged into what younger audiences want to see and hear. Continue Reading

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