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Re: Katie Couric Final Day

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Our local ABC affiliate, WSB-TV (Atlanta, GA) unilaterally decided to "hold" Katie Couric's finale until Friday, September 5th, marking the actual end of her two-season run. A station spokesperson told me they saw "no reason" to air the finale in July and then broadcast more than a month of repeats. Whatevah! It's just somewhat unfair that local viewers in Metro Atlanta were given no prior notice or explanation and now must wait until September to see how Katie Couric wrapped up her show. Continue Reading


Re: Katie Couric Final Day

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A completely, hilarious on-target assessment, Sooner. Very sad, but true. Such is the pathetic state of televised discourse today, the eternal legacy of Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, Geraldo and even the Queen of All Media, H.R.H. Oprah. Continue Reading


Re: Suits...sick of this ongoing feud

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Thank you, colleena, for solving the mystery that's endured for years. Continue Reading


Re: ALLISON WILLIAMS Cast As PETER PAN In December 4 NBC Musical ‘Peter Pan Live!’

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Since I don't watch Girls, I didn't understand the reference Brian Williams made during NBC NIGHTLY NEWS about Allison's "wanting to play Peter Pan ever since she was three, as her family will attest." It wasn't until Early Today when they congratulated Allison and "her proud father, our very own Brian Williams," that it made sense. Cute photo accompanying the story, from the Williams family album. Wishing her all the best, although Peter Pan never was one of my favorites, therefore I doubt that I'll be watching. I certainly hope the executive producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, learned s... Continue Reading


Re: RUSH - Thursdays @ 9 PM ET on USA

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Yes, the lead actor, Tom Ellis, is an incredibly handsome Welshman who's perfected his American accent, but sadly, no, I really don't like the show. I watched the first two installments and for me, that's generous. Usually, if a show isn't appealing in its debut, my motto is "one and done." Were it not for the promos featuring Harry Hamlin, I wouldn't even bother with it tonight, but it looked somewhat intriguing. I'm perversely curious to see how Hamlin looks now. The years haven't been kind to Harry, especially when you compare the recent Harry to the way he looked on L.A. Law. Remember whe... Continue Reading


Re: Suits...sick of this ongoing feud

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Call me shallow, but last night's (07/30/14) episode of Suits, had me riveted. Perhaps it was because there seemed to be enough of the relationship drama to balance the mind-numbing financial machinations that have dominated this season. (WARNING: If you haven't yet watched the most recent ep, DO NOT READ what follows) Mike's back with Harvey, but it remains to be seen whether he and Rachel can/will reconcile. I thought it was great how Donna and Louis played intermediaries for Mike and Rachel. Both have been such tough cookies from the start. It's refreshing to see another dimension of their... Continue Reading


Re: Katie Couric Final Day

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Just curous - did anyone actually get a Katie finale? It was described as a clip show of memorable moments and favorite guests from both seasons, but in this market (Metro ATL) what ran was a repeat of the "Hair" show. I tuned in again today and it was another repeat. Maybe tomorrow? I tried to like Katie but the show was so schizophrenic. One minute it was campus assaults and the next, those infernal cooking tips. Oh, well, something for everyone, I suppose, but why cram it all into one show? So many serious topics required the entire hour in order to be covered completely. IMO - her show tr... Continue Reading


Re: Unforgettable and THE Necklace

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bonnielu, if you enter "items worn on TV shows" in the search box, it'll return lots of websites devoted to replicas/near-duplicates of wardrobe and accessories that viewers have seen and want to purchase. Here are are some of the most popular: wornontv.net venturebeat.com pradux.com/tv thefrisky.com blog.rateyour burn.com Not on the list, but a good site that I've checked for jewelry is emitations.com. Here's a background article that you may find helpful: Can I buy the clothes they use in TV shows? | E! Online View shared postE! Oct 15, 2005 - One actor might require 80 wardrobe item... Continue Reading


RUSH - Thursdays @ 9 PM ET on USA

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Did anyone else watch the premiere of this new summer series last week? There have been numerous repeats since then and the pilot is available on the website: http://www.usanetwork.com/ Years ago, Royal Pains introduced us to a likeable concierge physician working the Spring-Summer season in the Hamptons. While Rush also centers on the exploits of a cash-only, personal physician-for-hire, that's where the similarities end. Blatantly mercenary and seeming to lack a moral compass, William Rush plays fast and loose with the law, his own life and often those of his patients. It's a far cry from D... Continue Reading


Re: New Fall Show on Fox, 'UTOPIA' ~ Combining Reality TV and Social Experimentation

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Finally, just what we needed: Survivor: USA. Apart from NY Med, there aren't any other "reality TV" shows that interest me, from the cringe-worthy talent competitions to survival of the brashest, whether on a remote tropical island or a backstabbing corporate boardroom on the island of Manhattan. When are we going to get back to substantive well-written dramas and comedies that provide genuine entertainment for viewers and gainful employment for actors, directors, writers and other production crew members? Continue Reading

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