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Re: Black Box

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On 4/24/2014 Townsend said: This one is getting very poor reviews already. Don't think I'll watch either. No kidding,Townsend. Here's one from THR in which the critic said that he found the first 32 minutes excruciating. In fact, that was all he could tolerate. (NOTE: I hope that a certain highly judgmental poster on another thread, who was so critical of comments about a different show that hadn't been seen in its entirety, takes note and finally understands that it IS possible to formulate an intelligent, informed, articulate opinion based on the portion that has been viewed). http://www.h... Continue Reading


Re: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind The Scandalabra Tonight!!! (Thurs., Apr.17th)

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ABC is repeating Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind The Scandalabra on Thursday, April 24th at 8 PM ET. Continue Reading


Re: New Blacklist tonight

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While selling her wigs on HSN today, Iman said that women of all ages are wearing them, but customers want them to be natural-looking. She politely and tactfully noted that an actress on a very popular TV show, who has short hair in real life, (paraphrasing) generated lots of Internet chatter due to the bad wig the producers forced her to wear while filming. Reaction was so negative, drawing much unwanted attention to the less than flattering wig, that producers were forced to procure a more expensive, more natural-looking, more attractive wig for their leading lady. (Iman probably wanted to ... Continue Reading


Re: Black Box

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My interest in Black Box, its subject matter and especially its main character, is less than zero. I predict rapidly dwindling ratings after initial curiosity sparks interest for the show's premiere and swift cancellation soon afterwards. Here's my original Black Box thread posted on April 4th: Continue Reading


Re: ***Series Finale Calendar & Scoop on Season Finales***

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14 Shows Likely To Get The Axe After This Season - Wall St Cheat Sheet THOMAS MENTEL MARCH 14, 2014 It’s not easy to avoid the chopping block when it comes to primetime television. Whether it’s a returning series or a new show, livelihood is purely a numbers game, and when the numbers go south, cancellation is not far behind. TV by the Numbers runs a series of articles outlining which shows from the major networks are trending downwards using what it calls the “Renew/Cancel Index” — a ratio that takes into account a show’s 18-49 age group ratings relative ... Continue Reading


10 Life Lessons We've Learned From SCANDAL

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Mark Brennan Rosenberg Author, 'Blackouts and Breakdowns' and 'Eating My Feelings' Posted: 04/17/2014 3:25 pm EDT Updated: 04/17/2014 3:59 pm EDT Fewer shows on television nowadays are as nail-biting and genuinely entertaining as ABC's guilty pleasure to end all guilty pleasures Scandal. Each week viewers are taken into the utterly chaotic lives of the good people of Olivia Pope & Associates and each week something extraordinarily scandalous happens to the people we have grown to think of as family over the past three seasons. However, because shows such as Scandal are so much... Continue Reading


Re: Buh-bye, Maria (and don't let the door hit you...)

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On 4/23/2014 ennui1 said: On 4/21/2014 keri said: But another source insisted it was dimpled former “Saved by the Bell” star Lopez who had the bigger ego. That source added, “Maria’s contract is up and she has decided to move on. She is deciding between a number of other opportunities.” Didn't Mario L claim to have had s e cks on the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland? Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Talk about upping the "ick" factor exponentially! (Why is there now a terrible joke buzzing in my brain about "The Happiest Place On Earth" and the song, "It's A Small World... Continue Reading


Sorkin Apologizes for THE NEWSROOM

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Aaron Sorkin Apologizes for The Newsroom: "I'd Like to Start Over"Apr 22, 2014 01:11 PM ETby Liz Raftery TV GUIDE Aaron Sorkin Aaron Sorkin says he'd like to apologize to people who may have misinterpreted his intentions with his HBO series The Newsroom. "I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom and I apologize and I'd like to start over," Sorkin told the audience at a Tribeca Film Festival event Monday, referencing the criticism over his choice to set the show in the recent past. "I think that there's been a terrible misunderstanding. ... I wasn't trying to and I'm n... Continue Reading


Re: Buh-bye, Maria (and don't let the door hit you...)

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PinkSugar, you're absolutely right! There's lots of speculation that Erin's DWTS days could be numbered. I haven't watched since S1, but follow DWTS cast news and eliminations via ET and Access Hollywood. Why did producers replace Brooke Burke Charvet with Erin? Also, I don't understand, if Erin's allegedly such a diva (see below), why on earth would they want to replace her with Maria, who's said to be equally demanding and difficult, if not more so? ___________________________________________________ Dancing With the Stars Spoilers: Maria Menounos Replacing Erin Andrews – Erin Fir... Continue Reading


Re: ***Series Finale Calendar & Scoop on Season Finales***

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Which Of These Shows Will Be Canceled? Parade Magazine Looks At 27 Programs On The Bubble By Joel Keller | April 22, 2014 Ah, spring. The weather gets warmer, the birds are out, the pollen is making your eyes water, and many of your favorite shows are waiting to find out if they’re coming back for another season. It hasn’t been a great year for the Big Four networks, NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX (Well, it hasn’t been great for three of the four, as CBS always seems to do just fine.) That’s reflected in how many shows are on the “bubble list.” These are shows th... Continue Reading

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