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Re: Unforgettable and THE Necklace

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bonnielu, if you enter "items worn on TV shows" in the search box, it'll return lots of websites devoted to replicas/near-duplicates of wardrobe and accessories that viewers have seen and want to purchase. Here are are some of the most popular: blog.rateyour Not on the list, but a good site that I've checked for jewelry is Here's a background article that you may find helpful: Can I buy the clothes they use in TV shows? | E! Online View shared postE! Oct 15, 2005 - One actor might require 80 wardrobe item... Continue Reading


RUSH - Thursdays @ 9 PM ET on USA

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Did anyone else watch the premiere of this new summer series last week? There have been numerous repeats since then and the pilot is available on the website: Years ago, Royal Pains introduced us to a likeable concierge physician working the Spring-Summer season in the Hamptons. While Rush also centers on the exploits of a cash-only, personal physician-for-hire, that's where the similarities end. Blatantly mercenary and seeming to lack a moral compass, William Rush plays fast and loose with the law, his own life and often those of his patients. It's a far cry from D... Continue Reading


Re: New Fall Show on Fox, 'UTOPIA' ~ Combining Reality TV and Social Experimentation

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Finally, just what we needed: Survivor: USA. Apart from NY Med, there aren't any other "reality TV" shows that interest me, from the cringe-worthy talent competitions to survival of the brashest, whether on a remote tropical island or a backstabbing corporate boardroom on the island of Manhattan. When are we going to get back to substantive well-written dramas and comedies that provide genuine entertainment for viewers and gainful employment for actors, directors, writers and other production crew members? Continue Reading


Re: THE LOTTERY - Sun., 07/20 - 10 PM ET - Lifetime (Series Premiere)

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I really enjoyed The Lottery. It's provocative, suspenseful, well-written and mostly well-acted. Usually, I'm not a sci-fi fan, but this show was outstanding and proved to be a very pleasant surprise. I needed that because as much as I like Halle Berry, Extant simply bored me to tears. I tried to watch the first two eps, but dozed off both times. I was almost ready to write-off the genre until The Lottery came along. Continue Reading



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NY Med is my kind of Reality TV. Excellent. So well done. It's impossible not to relate to and empathize with the patients and medical staff. Their stories are so compelling. Immediately we're drawn in and become emotionally invested in their lives. Continue Reading


Re: Does Anyone Watch Motive?

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From the second Sgt. Mark Cross became the Unit Commander and it became known that he and Detective Flynn had an affair long ago that ended badly, I thought that this season's big bombshell would be the revelation that Cross was the father of Angie's son. With a few eps remaining, I suppose it could happen. RE: Angie Flynn's son - where is he this season? Has he made even a drive-by appearance? What's the motive for diminishing his role? Continue Reading


Re: Suits...sick of this ongoing feud

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Remember when it didn't require a Wharton M.B.A. or advanced studies at the London School of Economics to follow and understand the plotline of Suits? All that financial stuff made my head hurt. It would be wonderful if producers returned to those good old days. Once again, this season of Suits is disappointing and confusing because the financial machinations are so complex and intricately woven. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the U.S. Tax Code and S.E.C. Regulations handy to decipher what's happening. I'm also wondering how anyone can move immediately from being a fake attorney to bei... Continue Reading



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Only yesterday, one of the local Atlanta TV stations did a feature on the show which is currently filming on location in Norcross, GA. ABC TV show shoots in downtown Norcross ABC's Resurrection will be shooting in the Norcross area for the next few days. 12:54 p.m. Monday, July 21, 2014 Continue Reading


Re: Suits...sick of this ongoing feud

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Suits once was one of my favorite shows, but that was long ago and far away. I forced myself to stay with it last season, hoping that it would improve, hoping that it would give me a reason to stick with it. When that failed, I hoped that this season, Suits would improve. It hasn't. Where are the once-compelling plots and sharply written dialogue that were so initially so enticing? I'm not buying this Harvey versus Mike feud for even one minute. Why is it dragging on and on, when as momshan so accurately indicated, it could've been dispensed with in an ep or two? The only rationale that I can... Continue Reading


Re: TV gone too far?!

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No matter how mindless, no matter how gross, there are at least 900+ other channels out there in today's television universe, virtually assuring something to appeal to almost every taste. Vote with your remote. When you see something that you don't like, disapprove of or deem distasteful, simply change the channel. Continue Reading

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