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FASHION POLICE Tribute To Joan Rivers - Friday, Sept. 19th @ 8 PM ET on E!

Started by keri in TV Talk 1411086087.333

A special Fashion Police, a 90-minute tribute, "Remembering Joan," will be presented by E! on Friday, September 19th at 8 PM ET (repeats at 9:30 PM ET and Saturday 1 AM). Joining in the tribute to Joan Rivers will "The Joan Rangers," the late comedian's fashion posse, including her daughter and FP co-executive producer Melissa Rivers; celebrity stylist George Kotsiopoulos; actress, designer, paid brand spokesperson Kelly Osbourne and E! News Director, host and designer Giuliana Rancic. The homage to the often irreverent Ruler of the Red Carpet will include Rivers' most memorable moments, hila... Continue Reading


JEOPARDY! S31 - Return Of An Old Friend

Last Reply by annabellethecat 1411082292.05 | Started by keri in TV Talk

A: This familiar element has been missing from JEOPARDY! since 2001 Q: What is Alex Trebek's moustache? When JEOPARDY! returned on Monday for its 31st season, host Alex Trebek was again sporting his signature moustache. He said he had nothing else to do but grow it during his lengthy summer vacation. Immediately social and mainstream media was abuzz over the fuzz, with features appearing almost everywhere, including ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT, Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. The popular game show host said he'll let viewers decide the fate of the 'stache: whether to save it or shave it. ... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Stargazer77 1411099079.933 | Started by keri in TV Talk

Ratings Wednesday TV Ratings: Red Band Society, Mysteries of Laura, Extant, America’s Got Talent Red Band Society: Season One Ratings The Mysteries of Laura: Season One Ratings Here's a round-up of what critics thought of Wednesday's biggest premieres. If you wish to read more, go to http://www.metacritic.com/ Reviews - both shows (combined) Fall TV reviews: 'Red Band,' 'Mysteries of Laura' - USA Today New Season Reviews: Red Band Society, Mysteries of ... Reviews - The Mysteries of Laura Review: The Mysteries Of Laura is a case of smart cop ... Debra Messing's talents ... Continue Reading


Outrunning The Cancellation Bear

Started by keri in TV Talk 1411066977.06

While some shows have premiered already, most will debut in the coming weeks. Then, just as the swallows always return to Capistrano, the inevitable primetime pink slips will start flying. Most of those cancellations will be based on just a few weeks of ratings. These days, if a show isn't a hit right from the start, it's doomed. Here's an interesting take on what we love to hate and constantly discuss: ratings. ====================================== http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/09/15/outrunning-the-cancellation-bear-why-relative-ratings-matter-for-your-favorite-tv-shows-3/300225/ O... Continue Reading



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Game-on, to clarify, the critique is my opinion only. Whenever posting someone else's review, I always attribute, giving credit to both writer and source. It's only fair; besides it's the proper and legal thing to do. I'm sure you're aware that bloggers, along with TV and print journalists eagerly assess the new crop of shows right after May's network up-fronts, then watch screeners of early episodes. Based on that, many have said that The Mysteries of Laura probably will be one of this season's first casualties. I disagree. This isn't a fantastic show, but it's interesting primetime entertai... Continue Reading



Last Reply by Hildegarde Withers 1411099764.977 | Started by keri in TV Talk

In an obvious effort to counter critics' initial negative reaction, on Wednesday night NBC sneak previewed its new Debra Messing dramedy, The Mysteries of Laura, with a repeat tonight (10 PM ET on Thursday). Debra Messing stars as Laura Diamond, a tough but harried NYPD homicide detective, cracking heads and cases with equal success, while wrestling with twin boys and battling a straying, estranged husband, also a homicide detective, who just can't seem to remember to sign divorce papers. This is territory that's been covered before, but despite the literal and figurative messiness of Diamond... Continue Reading


Re: Jimmy Fallon's Interview with Barbra Streisand on the Tonight Show

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On 9/17/2014 Shelbelle said: I think Jimmy was just intimidated by her, and much too much of a novice interviewer to have her as a guest. guess it made him more relaxed to put her in his usual chair behind the desk. I'm so glad you posted this, Shelbelle. I wondered how the interview would be conducted with regard to the physical positioning of the participants. It's a well-known fact that Barbra Streisand never allows herself to be photographed, filmed or recorded except from her left side. I was curious how that would be achieved if the Tonight Show set remained the same as it was when Len... Continue Reading


Re: Hallmark Movie Channel Becomes Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - Sept. 29th

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The Jesse Stone movies aired originally on CBS. Earlier this year someone posted on this forum that Tom Selleck was through with them after landing the TV series, Blue Bloods, also on CBS. 'Blue Bloods' Tom Selleck: 'We'll see' if 'Jesse Stone' TV ... Continue Reading


Re: Jimmy Fallon's Interview with Barbra Streisand on the Tonight Show

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There's a digitally mixed duet on "Partners" of Barbra and Elvis singing "Love Me Tender" (similar to the way Natalie Cole was able to sing "Unforgettable" with her late father, Nat King Cole). Here's something that I'd totally forgotten: Streisand and Elvis were in preliminary discussions to do the 1976 remake of A Star Is Born. She told Access Hollywood yesterday that in many ways, the story paralleled their own lives: her career was on the rise while Elvis' was fading. Despite that, Elvis was interested and enthusiastic about the project. The on-screen pairing never happened because Elvis'... Continue Reading


Re: Hallmark Movie Channel Becomes Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - Sept. 29th

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On 9/17/2014 olive59 said: I notice this as well. I hope the movies are new and not just the same reruns. I saw a new Jesse Stone movie premiering in October - does anyone know if it's an actual new one or just a rerun? Olive59, I saw a promo last night for Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1710573/?ref_=nv_sr_3) that's scheduled for Oct. 5th. According to IMDb.com, it was made in 2011, but I don't know if it's been on the shelf since then. Just like you, I'd like to know if this is new or a repeat. I'm not familiar with the series. Usually I just record them for my mot... Continue Reading

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