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Community Help

Do I have to be registered to use the community site?

You may view the forums and blogs without being registered. In order to participate in the community, however, you must create an account or sign in. To create an account, click Sign in and select Create an account.

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How do I login?

To log in to the community, click Sign in located in the upper right. Then enter your email address and password.

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What if I forget my password?

No problem! Click Forgot Your Password? and then follow the instructions we provide.

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What are forums?

Forums are discussion areas that allow members to share ideas, opinions, and information quickly and easily. Organized by categories in an easy-to-follow format, forums are designed so you can quickly locate information, find other knowledgeable members, and participate in conversations. Your community has standards of conduct that explain the rules of posting. Please familiarize yourself with the rules prior to posting. You may review the Standards for Participation on our site.

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How is forum content organized?

The content is structured as follows:

  • Community Menu: Select one of the categories listed in the left navigation to see the active discussions on that topic.
  • Discussions: Discussions (also known as threads) consist of one or more posts.
  • Posts: Posts are the individual discussion contributions made by community members.
  • Replies: Replies are posts made in response to other posts.

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How do I create a topic or post a reply in the forums?

To start a new discussion, choose the appropriate forum and click New Discussion. Type your topic header in the subject line, select your category, and type your text in the message box.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a journal that is frequently updated and often represents the personality of the author. To add a comment to a blog, click Reply.

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How do I update my profile and view other member profiles?

To create or update your profile, click My Preferences underneath your username. You may edit or fill in the fields, and click Submit to save your updates.

To view the profiles of members who have posted in the community, click their member name wherever you see them as links.

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How do I search the community?

Type your term(s) into the search box, select where you'd specifically like to search by choosing from the drop-down menu, and click Go.

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How can I format the text of my posts, replies, and comments?

To format text (bold, italics, underline, etc.), you can use the format buttons in the posting view. Type your message and then highlight the word(s) you want to format. Then click the appropriate button.

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How do I report inappropriate content?

To report content as inappropriate, simply click the Report Inappropriate link located in the lower right on each post.

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