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Vicenza Style

Last Night in Italy!

Last Reply by LHN 1432248504.8 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

It's with a little saddness that we say goodbye to Italy tonight. We shot some great footage of the location for the big show in June. Pauda is a very quaint town with so much history. It's where the very first University was that studied Anatomy (against the churches will). It struck me as odd that... Continue Reading

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Last Reply by QVCVet 1431638995.23 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

We started our day with The Fair...soooo many outstanding pieces of jewelry to choose from.  The gold glistened in hues of sunshine yellow, the Bronze flirted with soft feminine pink tones and pearls, gems and diamonds rocked my world.   It was a sheer delight seeing so many bea... Continue Reading

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Antonella Nester on 1431480190.19

My Trip to the Trade Show

Last Reply by zolokar 1431991870.803 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

As I finally get a chance to rest in my hotel room, I wanted to take a moment and chat with you about my day and the days to come. Dreams really do come true, if you hope and pray enough. This was my dream and here it is, unraveling and unfolding right before my eyes. I have always wanted to make t... Continue Reading

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Antonella Nester on 1431435770.697

Lisa's Vacation in Rome--the Final (Amazing!) Photos

Last Reply by bichonmom 1371421805.67 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

Wow. Those Italians know how to live! Last night I ordered lamb for dinner. I've never seen it look like this, but it was good. Great food and a beautiful view overlooking Rome…vacation is a good thing! Adrienne and I are spending the entire day at the Vatican Museum and St. Pete... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1370465220.24

Lisa's in Vicenza! View Her Trip in Photos & See Her Favorite Fair Finds

Last Reply by bonzi123 1372546180.427 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

Bonjourno! If you’ve been following me on Facebook, I don’t need to tell you I’m in Italy.  I arrived late last week and have been at the Vicenza Fair looking at some of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever seen. I thought you might like a sneak-peek, so here are a few sna... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1369237530.643

Have Questions about QVC's Jewelry Brands? Ask Them Here and Our Experts Will Answer!

Last Reply by Dafie 1420782707.2 | in Jewelry Talk, Diamonique, Vicenza Style

Bronzo Italia, Diamonique, Vicenza Style, and Ultrafine Silver, are among the premium collections that set QVC apart from any other retailer in the world.  Discover QVC Jewelry (on April 25th) will showcase some of the finest that QVC has to offer from classic to iconic, essentials to statement... Continue Reading

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A Look Inside Vicenza Style

Last Reply by shopchickie 1425134711.73 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Q News

The beauty and elegance of the fine Italian jewelry that QVC presents during our Vicenza Style event is undeniable.  There’s a certain romantic aura that surrounds the jewelry.  Our Studio Scoop team wanted to take you behind the cameras to see some of the preparation and coordinatio... Continue Reading

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Setting Our Sights on Italian Jewelry

Last Reply by Bulldogswife 1396532821.323 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style

Wow! A Day of Vicenza Style is upon us again, and it’s the first 25–hour Vicenza event that we’ve ever presented. I know I’m biased, but this recent trip to the Vicenza Trade Fair ranks as one of my best ever. The January Fair is usually the most exciting in terms of seeing n... Continue Reading

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David - QVC Gold Buyer on 1360558800

Say Ciao to This VicenzaGold Reversible Pendant

Last Reply by Davesadmirer 1354224889.723 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

Fine Italian craftsmanship, elegant design, passion and pride—this pendant has it ALL! On one side, you see the high-end look of drusy quartz, and on the other side, you’re treated to a vision of AAA-quality labradorite. We basically get two necklaces for the price of one. Now that's a great value! This piece truly has it all—I'm loving the rich, swirling gold, I'm mesmerized by the dreamy look of the labradorite, and I'm dazzled by the drusy quartz. All I can say is wow! I think I’m in love! This is going to be an awesome accent to any outfit for the holidays and b... Continue Reading

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Antonella Nester on 1349975812.097

VicenzaStyle Live from Italy! Watch David and Christy Discuss the Hottest Trends in Jewelry

Last Reply by Szuk 1360694739.933 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

QVC Gold Buyer David Markstein and Silver Buyer Christy Mitchell say tricolor and rose-colored gold jewelry are at the fashion forefront at the Gold Fair in Vicenza. See what other gold jewelry trends are in for summer. And don't forget to tune in starting Friday, June 1st at 9PM ET, Saturday, June 2nd at 6PM ET, and Sunday June 3rd at 8AM and 9PM ET for Vicenza Style® - Fine Italian Jewelry, Live from Villa Trissino Marzotto Trissino in Italy! Shop a special preview now on QVC.com full of new arrivals and fresh from the fair items Ciao!       Continue Reading

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Vicenza Style Starts Friday! AMAZING New Pieces in Store

Last Reply by GinormousQVCaddict 1371291602.31 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, All About Accessories

It's been an exciting two weeks! Last week I was in Vicenza for the Gold Fair, and for the past few days, I've been in Istanbul enjoying a mini-vacation with my friend, Kym. As promised, I've been posting pictures on Facebook. I hope you've been able to check out a few.     Here's one I snapped at the Gold Fair because A, these earrings represent awesome statement jewelry, and we just so happen to be highlighting statement pieces this Friday in two of our LRS "Looks." And B, you may or may not be seeing them this weekend in our Vicenza Style shows ... Continue Reading

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Lisa Robertson on 1338409047.807

A Day of Vicenza Style!

Last Reply by princess10f 1330808546.043 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style

I can’t believe a year has already passed since our first 24 hour Vicenza Event! The TSV that will anchor this Tuesday, February 21st event is something that has been in the works for quite some time now. I have to say this may be one of my favorite TSV’s yet since I have been the gold buyer here at QVC. The item is so on trend and super luxurious (without the steep price tag)! Just last month I had the opportunity to go to one of the world’s largest jewelry trade shows in Vicenza and I was in awe at how much beautiful colorful jewelry there was! The hottest things I saw incl... Continue Reading

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Cash for Gold?!

Last Reply by loyalfashionista 1328309843.723 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style

  Have you ever cashed your gold jewelry in for cash?   We want to know what you did with the cash!  What’s the best thing you’ve bought with the money you’ve received?  Extravagant vacations?  Clothing shopping sprees? Take our poll and share your stories!      Want to cash in your old, unwanted gold?   We’ve found one of the best gold redemption services that gives you a value for your gold jewelry.       Shop QVC gold! If you traded your gold jewelry for cash, what would yo... Continue Reading

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Mid-January Excitement!

Last Reply by ennui 1327300811.91 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style

Happy New Year!  We hope you all had a nice holiday season and we wish you a healthy and happy New Year.  Sorry we haven’t written in a while, but time got away from us.  We can’t believe it is already mid-January! Mid-January means it is time for the VicenzaOro show in Vicenza, Italy.  We just got back to Pennsylvania after spending a few days in Italy, working at the show looking for concepts and inspiration to create new styles to add in the coming year.  We also have several factories in Italy and they worked hard on creating new merchandise ideas to s... Continue Reading

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EternaGold on 1326905881.407

What a Girl Wants- YOU Decide!

Last Reply by kiki7000 1349525280.627 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

I have very exciting news to share with everyone! After traveling to and from Italy this year, I have had a tremendous opportunity to bring you fabulous Italian made product! Since this is “What a Girl Wants”, I want YOU to decide what item you would like to see presented on air! All you have to do is go to QVC.com, to vote on these two fabulous items I have hand selected. Would you like to see a beautiful bold ring, or stunning dangle earrings? Tell us exactly what you are looking for, and you will be sure to see the winner presented on air on 7/31, along with many other great pie... Continue Reading

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Vicenza Trade Fair!

Last Reply by little orph n annie 1338821617.563 | in Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, Hosts & Personalities

This most recent trip to the Vicenza Trade fair was incredible!  Our factories worked particularly hard and used all of their creativity and expert craftsmanship to create some of the most beautiful jewelry we have ever offered in a remote broadcast.   From the hottest trend in drusy quartz to the most beautiful new textures in gold, there is sure to be something for everyone.  I love working with Lisa in Italy and selecting amazing  “Fresh From the Fair” items.  It is so hard to “weed out” so many unbelievable items….  I wish w... Continue Reading

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Just Back from the Arezzo Fair

In Jewelry Talk, Vicenza Style, All About Accessories

Last week I arrived home from the Arezzo Fair, and fortunately, everyone of my expectations were met in terms of the wonderful products that I found. The Arezzo Fair is located in the Tuscany region of Italy about one hour west of Florence.  It is such a beautiful region and much more rural than the Vicenza Fair.  While the Arezzo Fair is smaller in exhibitors, it is still just as important in spotting trends and brand right product for our viewers.   I do quite a bit of homework prior to the Arezzo Fair, challenging the manufacturers to come up with special one-of–a... Continue Reading

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