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Stepping Up to P90X2


I am so excited to be travelling on this healthy journey with you! As you know, I have been an avid “P90X’er” for over two years. Now, don’t get me wrong—during this journey I have incorporated many different exercises from other programs into the P90X philosophy. I have also included different pieces of exercise equipment from our large assortment of fitness gear on QVC. So if you ask me, “Hey Dave, are you still doing P90X?” My answer is a solid “Yes!” The only difference is my  P90X routine looks much different now than it did when I first started. I still work out six days a week, but I have learned how to incorporate new and exciting exercises while maintaining the P90X plan. That’s what I love the most about what Tony Horton created. It is a plan…that WORKS! So, if you are just starting out with P90X, please follow the plan, nutrition guide, and workouts as directed in the DVDs.

So now, let’s talk about what’s next...P90X2 IS FINALLY HERE!!! I have been doing this graduated program of P90X for a while now and I invite you to follow my progress by clicking the link to my video blogs below. So far, P90X2 has been more rewarding than ever before! I think even the most experienced P90X’er will find this workout challenging. P90X2 is not so much a continuation of the program as it is a “step up” to P90X. You do not have to have tried P90X before you start P90X2. BUT, you have to be able to pass the included fit test. In other words, I feel you need to be beyond a fitness beginner to begin P90X2. A beginner should order P90X.

So far, I have loved the new P90X2 program and I love challenging my body with new moves and exercises. Do me a favor and follow my progress as I make my way through the program. I will be posting a video blog or “VLOG” several times a week as I stretch, lift, and sweat my way through this exciting program.

Oh yeah…“Do your best and forget the rest!”


—Dave James


Blog Author Posts