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Take Care This Winter

Posted by Doctor James 1292260949.693

During the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it can be all too easy to let our self-care slide into "maybe I will fit me in" time. We are all really busy with taking care of our worlds: house, kids, work, family, spouse, and other good stuff. It’s really easy to put off self-care until the New Year — after all, that is the time when all of us do it, right?! Today, I am calling you, me, and all of us to a revolution — a sort of evolution from within. Here's how it can go and what it can look like.

Upon waking, ask yourself, "What habit am I willing to let go of that I know does not serve me, make me happy, or healthy?" And, "What new ritual can I replace the less empowering habit with that will make me feel more confident, alive, and at peace?"

Throughout the day, choose to silence your inner critic when it decides to tell you how you can't succeed. If you don’t, you’ll fall back into old patterns that don’t support or serve your highest vision for yourself and your life. Simply say to yourself, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Instead, enlist your inner coach who fully believes in you and knows your power and your vision. It knows the truth about you and only wants your happiness, fulfillment, and peace. Choose to celebrate its coaching by following through on your loving self-care commitment, and do it with style! Move your body with passion, eat clean with inspired commitment, and dare to shine your light brighter than ever before knowing that your example will serve and enlighten the world around you. To be fully alive is to be on fire with purpose and passion! You are amazing every day. Believe it. Live it.

Peace and blessings,

Dr. James

Blog Author Posts