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Today's Special Value

Kate Somerville's Today’s Special Value® Wrinkle Release Duo

Last Reply by tlcbell 1398064809.907 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

I love being able to bring my favorite products to my viewers at QVC. This year, my TSV® combines two of my favorite products for helping you to achieve the appearance of younger-looking skin, Age Arrest Cream and RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream. This extraordinary duo is ideal for anyone ... Continue Reading

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Kate Somerville on 1397880000

Happy Birthday Richie!

Last Reply by vicki is ok 1397726717.013 | in TSV Talk

Over the weekend we held a sleep over/slumber party for my husband Richie's 60th birthday! We had such a fun time with some of our closest friends. It felt like we were 16 years old again!  Before our guests arrived I made sure the bedrooms and bathrooms were squeaky clean. I bought lots of ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Susan Graver on 1397707200

Sisterhood Of The Printed Pants

Last Reply by duclane 1397831040.47 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

When I first saw the new TSV pants from Susan Graver, I thought “a printed pant?"  Then I showed them to my friend, Kristen, and she went nuts!  She loved them…and now I do, too!  Since my sister, Sue, is in town visiting, I wanted her to get into the act too, to see how ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Nancy Hornback on 1397707200

Your Spring Statement Piece

Last Reply by N2Ofoodie 1397509859.02 | in Isaac Mizrahi Live!, All About Handbags, TSV Talk

  Hi girls! I'm so excited about today's TSV - the MOST GORGEOUS Bridgehampton hobo bag for Spring! You know I love Bridgehampton because of its casual elegance, and that lifestyle is really what inspired this bag. I see the most divine women in Bridgehampton. They're completely put togethe... Continue Reading

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Inside Mizrahi on 1397448000

Today's Clarks Bendables Arbor Opal Bot Shoe TSV!

Last Reply by jitterbug 67 1397183495.22 | in All About Shoes, Clarks, TSV Talk

The Clarks Arbor Opal is not your typical boat shoe! As many of you know, I am a history buff, so I decided to look up the origin of the boat shoe and was surprised to discover it was inspired by a dog’s paw! Yep, in the 1930s a man noticed his dog’s uncanny ability to grip the ice so he... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1397102400

Today's Special Value® super-size embrace love & grace fragrance trio

Last Reply by Amicable 1397518808.753 | in Beauty Banter, philosophy, TSV Talk

When we smell good.....we feel good! Embrace love & grace and start your well-being makeover with this Today's Special Value® set, available in amazing grace, pure grace, living grace, baby grace, falling in love, and unconditional love. philosophy super-size embrace love and grace fragranc... Continue Reading

13 replies
The philosophy blog on 1397102400

Decorate the Deck!

Last Reply by doreen72 1397416612.757 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, TSV Talk

Spring is in full swing in the South and we are eagerly awaiting it in the Northern states - perhaps it will arrive in earnest this week.  A big day at our house is “Planting Day”, the day we can safely plant our tomatoes, geraniums, etc...without losing them to frost. In my neck o... Continue Reading

3 replies
Valerie Parr Hill on 1396929600

Fit 4 U Swimdress TSV Preview: Spring forward …finally!

Last Reply by ValuSkr 1397152034.967 | in Fashion Talk, Among Friends, TSV Talk

This had to be the longest winter in quite some time. I thought if I saw one more snowflake, I would cry. The good news is spring is here and summer is around the corner….Yippee!!!!  Finally time to pack away the coats, sweaters, scarves and hats and start thinking about your spring... Continue Reading

3 replies
Today's Special Value on 1396497600

24/7 Comfort, You Couldn't Ask For More!

Last Reply by Savannah Anna 1397947838.937 | in Fashion Talk, Isaac Mizrahi Live!, TSV Talk

Hi girls! Today is a really special day for me at QVC - not only do I have an amazing TSV for you, but I'm bringing you my first ever pant TSV! I can't think of a better item to introduce you to Spring! These pants are done in my amazing 24/7 stretch fit, which I know you love. They're hemmed at ... Continue Reading

32 replies
Inside Mizrahi on 1396238400

How Do I Love Thee - IsaacMizrahiLive! 24/7 Pants...

Last Reply by ROMARY 1397935276.753 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Let me count the ways!!! So you can see how much I love IML! 24/7 Stretch pants and I'm so happy there is a new Spring crop version!  Just a few of the beautiful colors. And did I mention they come in Petite?!! -Jane Continue Reading

6 replies
Jane Treacy on 1396238400

Live Blog Chat with Jacqui Stafford from the Isaac Mizrahi Live Team at 4pm today!

Last Reply by aussiefreckles 1397339648.733 | in Fashion Talk, Isaac Mizrahi Live!, TSV Talk

Hi Loves! Join me, Jacqui Stafford, from 4-6pm ET today for a live blog chat during Isaac's show, I'm here to answer any of your style questions you may have regarding Isaac's collection! Don't forget to check out our TSV today too, the 24/7 Stretch Pull on Crop Pant, so many colors to choose fro... Continue Reading

91 replies
Inside Mizrahi on 1396238400

Road to the Midnight Kickoff

Last Reply by C-Mom 1396273186.17 | in Susan Graver, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

  At the start of every day we present our Today's Special Value. This, the very first presentation of the day, is a big deal, and is watched by many....so, needless to say I was focused on having a great time and doing well:)   Here's my minute by minute (kind of ) &nbs... Continue Reading

6 replies
Rachel Boesing on 1395892800

Have questions about the LG Optimus Dynamic II Android Smartphone? Ask our Simply Wireless team of experts!

Last Reply by Frostylady 1397159977.373 | in Electronics Talk, TSV Talk, Mom to Mom Blogs

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about the LG Optimus Dynamic II Android Smartphone. Do you have additional questions?  Post your question to this blog, below, and check back throughout the day, on Wednesday, March, 26, 2014 to the have your question answered... Continue Reading

69 replies
Expert Answers on 1395806400

The Best Just Got Better from StriVectin

Last Reply by Kallie1 1395759719.727 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

Well, we did it again. We could not help ourselves, again. We could not help but improve upon perfection, again. In December 2002, StriVectin made history with the launch of SD Concentrate. Then in 2010, we added to the formula our patented NIA-114 technology. Well, 18 months ago StriVectin scient... Continue Reading

5 replies
Meg Flather on 1395460800

Today's Special Value® bareMinerals More than Meets the Eye

Last Reply by lu marie 1397245384.28 | in Beauty Banter, bareMinerals, TSV Talk

Get ready for some major beauty with some mega benefits. I’m thrilled to be back on QVC March 22nd to share our must-have Today’s Special Value® collection, More than Meets the Eye. It's our first Original Foundation Today’s Special Value in over two years, and it is SO special.   Perfect timing. Winter has taken a toll on a lot of us, and our skin needs some love. This collection includes 8 superstars, with our latest innovations to revive and perk up your skin, leaving you bright-eyed, looking radiant, and helping give you your best complexion ever.   Ever... Continue Reading

12 replies
Jessica Foust on 1395374400

Have questions about the Masterbuilt Veranda 196 Sq. In. Electric Grill w/Cover? Ask our Masterbuilt team of experts!

Last Reply by cookiedoe 1397653916.327 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, TSV Talk

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about the Masterbuilt Veranda 196 Sq. In. Electric Grill w/Cover. Don't see an answer to your question? Post your question to this blog, below, and check back throughout the day on Wednesday, March 19th, to have your question answered b... Continue Reading

18 replies
Expert Answers on 1395201600

Fire Up the Grill!

Last Reply by corugo 1395866492.12 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, TSV Talk

When I meet QVC customers all around the country they normally shout "Hey – Dadgum Good Guy!"  I consider that a high-compliment, as the author of two "Dadgum Good" cookbooks!  Those cookbooks were fun projects to work on, but closest to my heart is the work I do every day as the Pre... Continue Reading

7 replies
Masterbuilt on 1395201600

Create More Space & Less Clutter with my Indoor/Outdoor Fold-up Ottomans!

Last Reply by TopCritic 1395709520.47 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

On recent cold winter weekends I’ve been cleaning out closets and organizing... Last weekend, I thought, “If it were warm outside, I’d be in the garden".  But since it wasn't and I don’t sit still for long….kitchen cupboards, disorganized closets and family roo... Continue Reading

2 replies
Valerie Parr Hill on 1395115200

Whose Ottoman Is It Anyway?-- See How Well You Know Your Favorite Hosts!

Last Reply by GrandmaBABC 1395168821.293 | in For the Home Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

How well do you think you know your favorite QVC hosts? Below you will find four different photos of the Valerie Par Hill ottoman TSV. Each ottoman belongs to one of our QVC hosts containing some items you might find in their ottoman at any given time!  Four of the six hosts featured in the p... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1395115200


Last Reply by rac71 1395969777.337 | in Hosts & Personalities, Q News, TSV Talk

We’ve arrived at QVC, and we couldn’t be happier to be here for the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! We received a little snow here in West Chester, PA, and baby Jeanne got her first introduction to snow in true style in one of Waterford's Jeanne Iced Beverage Glasses (H201996). ... Continue Reading

15 replies
Irish Insights on 1395028800

Wear A Warm Irish Hug!

Last Reply by fab50 1395350572.463 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Wearing an Aran sweater is like receving a warm Irish hug! And this brand new sweater for St. Patrick's Day 2014 brings you the best hug of all, the one from family members who love you!  When our Irish buyer first saw this Tree of Life design, it was in a throw for home decor. Siobain, ou... Continue Reading

10 replies
Jane Treacy on 1395028800

An Experience For All Senses

Last Reply by RosalieFisk 1395022215.62 | in WEN, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Last week I was at Chaz’s place, getting my hair done. It's always a great time with Chaz, his crew, the models, and hosts. We hang out, talk, laugh, and pet the puppies. This is what goes on the week before a TSV to get ready:)   Everyone gets “puppy Love” at Chaz’s... Continue Reading

13 replies
Lisa Robertson on 1394833632.21

Ask the WEN Team about the March Today's Special Value® & More

Last Reply by golfer elite 1396272181.797 | in Beauty Banter, WEN, TSV Talk

We’ve got a great Today’s Special Value in our Cleanse, Restore & Style Collection. Team WEN will be here to answer your questions all day long on 3/15, so post away! We’ll also share our best tips throughout the day to help you get amazing WEN hair anytime, including how to incorporate Six Thirteen into your regular WEN routine. Keep the questions coming—and be sure to tune in to all the WEN shows to get tips from Chaz on air! —The WEN team Continue Reading

136 replies
WEN by Chaz Dean on 1394683200

Spring is in the Air! See Photos from My Trip to the Flower Show & Ways to Wear the New Denim & Co. Clip Dot Tunic with Tank!

Last Reply by midwest 65 1397406121.057 | in Fashion Talk, Denim & Co, TSV Talk

To all our Denim & Co. fans…SPRING IS HERE!!! And, we have the perfect item to add to your spring wardrobe. This week, Maryanne, Denim & Company Wovens Designer, is going to tell you all about it. Happy shopping! Gary   Please join me as I will be guesting the following Denim... Continue Reading

7 replies
Gary- QVC Design Team on 1394510400

Have Questions For Our Denim & Co. Team? Ask Away! I’ll Be Answering Throughout the Day Today, March 11th!

Last Reply by VIcky 1394586597.59 | in Fashion Talk, Denim & Co, TSV Talk

Hi, ladies!  I hope everyone is looking forward to a great spring as much as I am!! It is a great day to be here chatting with you today for another awesome Denim & Co. Today’s Special Value!! Today's TSV, our Denim & Co. Clip Dot Tunic with Knit Tank, is a great wardrobe piece ... Continue Reading

30 replies
Heather- QVC Design Team on 1394510400

Say Goodbye to Winter, St. Tropez Fans!

Last Reply by St Tropez Team 1394251516.093 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

This year we have a super-size choice of our award-winning Self Tan in Regular or Dark for the first time ever. It's the richest, darkest, most decadent mousse we ever created! Check out the models on March 7 and choose your color! St. Tropez won the QVC Customer Choice Award for the Best Self Tan! I am so excited about this—proud as a peacock, actually. This will be the 94th award we have won! I have been part of this product since its birth and I feel like its Fairy God Mother. Because I want you to have the ultimate glow and to get the most out of your product, I want you to follow ... Continue Reading

12 replies
St. Tropez on 1393995600

“Au Revoir, Winter! Hello bright & bold orYANY TSV!

Last Reply by Jujuann 1394825539.467 | in All About Accessories, All About Handbags, TSV Talk

“Au Revoir, Winter! With the launch of our March TSV, orYANY is all about the long-awaited Spring months ahead! We've never been more exhilarated to store away our neutral palettes and trade them in for a splash of sunshine! Our team can't get enough of the ultra-feminine, bold and beautif... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1393909200

So Much Red Carpet, So Little Time!

Last Reply by IamQueenie 1393885668.87 | in tarte, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

     Hello and what a week!! I hope you had as much fun as I did while we were out in Los Angeles.  Simply put; I am exhausted in the most wonderful way.  It seemed like I didn’t ever stop to take a breath while I was in town but to tell you the truth, I like my life t... Continue Reading

1 replies
Courtney Cason on 1393881473.45


Last Reply by Sissyfin 1398006309.407 | in Fashion Talk, Lori Goldstein, TSV Talk

We are so very excited to introduce you to our latest Fashion obsession and our Today’s Special Value. Our LOGO v-neck vest with picot edge chiffon trim has arrived!          Vests have become the most versatile addition to our wardrobe and we want no... Continue Reading

19 replies
Lori Goldstein on 1393822800

Say Yes To The Vest - Check Out How Lori Goldstein Styles The LOGO TSV On Sharon And Jayne Brown!

Last Reply by Dancing Diva 1394577612.183 | in Fashion Talk, Lori Goldstein, TSV Talk

Lori has done it again! Yes, we're talking about Today's Special Value, the LOGO V-neck Vest! Because this layer is so versatile, it can be worn with your casual day look, or add to the an elegant night on the town!! This piece brings life to many different looks as well as many different body type... Continue Reading

5 replies
On The Scene on 1393822800

Putting our Clarks Today’s Special Value to the Test!

In All About Accessories, Clarks, TSV Talk

Ever wonder how we get our Clarks shoes to fit just right? Well, here is a behind-the scene-shot of one of the many steps we take to ensure a fabulous fit.   I joined two of our top engineers, Larry and Bill – who have over 100 years of footwear knowledge and experience between them &... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1393650000

Preview tomorrow's TSV & Learn more about the Mother & Son Partnership at skinnytees!

Last Reply by HipKat 1393568547.927 | in Fashion Talk, TSV Talk, Mom to Mom Blogs

Check out the TSV & learn more about the Mother & Son Partnership at skinnytees! It's been almost 2 years since QVC welcomed skinnytees and what a ride it's been! This Friday the 28th we'll be featured with our first TSV! I'm so proud of what our company has evolved into in such a short t... Continue Reading

1 replies
Today's Special Value on 1393477200

Are the Halos Charged?

Last Reply by outrage 1394415882.453 | in Electronics Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

“Are the Halos charged?” It’s a common battle cry in our household this winter.  Every time our weather man comes on and tells us we will get yet another, round of snow, ice, wind, rain, pain, I call out to make sure every Halo is fully charged and ready to go. We have always... Continue Reading

1 replies
Kerstin Lindquist on 1393390800

Have questions about the HALO 6000 mAh Portable Charger? Ask our HALO team of experts!

Last Reply by 4hales 1394517131.613 | in Electronics Talk, TSV Talk, Mom to Mom Blogs

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about the HALO 6000 mAh portable charger for cell phones and tablets.  Don't see an answer to your question? Post your question to this blog, below, and check back throughout the day on Wednesday, February 26th,  to have your ... Continue Reading

25 replies
Expert Answers on 1393390800

Today's Special Value® LightStim for Wrinkles Mini

In Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

I am so excited to bring back our LightStim for Wrinkles Mini as a TSV®! We’ve been working quite hard over here at LightStim with some exciting expansion! But first I want to share with you something that is very near and dear to my heart and Steve’s that all of you may not be aware of, and that is we are a family business. I can’t say enough about how much it means to Steve and I to work with our kids, so if you don’t mind I will brag for just a moment and share a little bit! Chase on the left, our youngest, runs all of our manufacturing. He’s as passio... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1393218000

A Visit to the Southwest...and to the Heart of a TSV!

Last Reply by cooking lady 1393194719.27 | in Carolyn Pollack, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Gabby and I had been pondering where to go on vacation for months…Texas? Louisiana? Or our all-time favorite, Way out West?? After a lot of thought we settled on New Mexico. We’d visited Colorado many times, but we had never spent time in the Land of Enchantment. It occurred to me this... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jennifer Coffey on 1392958800

A Celebration of Color with My Today’s Special Value!

Last Reply by cookie44 1395979316.19 | in Carolyn Pollack, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

I am so excited about my Today’s Special Value!!!  I just finished pulling the clothes that our lovely models will wear throughout the day.  It was a blast playing with all of the colors in the closet.  From neutrals, to pastels and brights, this bracelet is always right! &... Continue Reading

4 replies
Carolyn Pollack on 1392958800

Chase the Winter Blues with philosophy’s Today's Special Value® super-size resurface & reveal anti-aging system

Last Reply by GA Peach 1396968865.407 | in Beauty Banter, philosophy, TSV Talk

We are so glad to be joining you this February to offer these much-loved philosophy anti-aging products in our Today’s Special Value® system. It includes some of our favorite products, so we couldn't resist the urge to write and tell you why! philosophy super-size resurface & reveal s... Continue Reading

4 replies
The philosophy blog on 1392872400

WE GOT THE FEVER!! (for Spring Gardening that is! :-)

Last Reply by MamaNett 1394543456.107 | in In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Hi Gardening Pals! Today is an exciting ALL DAY GARDEN EVENT at the Q called SPRING FEVER and I can’t wait to share lots of my favorite things for your outdoor living spaces!! First, I will have see you with a PLOW AND HEARTH hour!! Lots of fantastic new items that you will love, with that ... Continue Reading

7 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1392440400

Just Keep Pedaling!

Last Reply by dantenayeli 1393388331.23 | in Health & Fitness, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

It’s (another) snow day, kids are home from school (again,) the Internet & cable are flickering from the intermittent power outages caused by another foot of wet heavy snow, and getting out of our pajamas before noon is probably not happening.    It’s February but i... Continue Reading

3 replies
Kerstin Lindquist on 1392267600

Today's Special Value® The Core of Great Skin Care

Last Reply by sannpal 1392512821.643 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

I am so excited about my Today's Special Value® offer, "The Core of Great Skin Care" System in super sizes, because it gives you the three most critical steps in our skin care line. The three critical steps of skin care are: exfoliate, hydrate, and protect from the sun. You are getting my three most popular products: Advanced Firming Facial Pads, HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum and SPF 30 Defense Day Cream in super sizes at a remarkably affordable price. Dr. Denese Super- size "The Core of Great Skin Care" System Why? Because I believe that we all are entitled to great skin car... Continue Reading

7 replies
Dr Denese on 1392181200

A Moccasin That is a MUST!

Last Reply by patRN 1396302413.433 | in Isaac Mizrahi Live!, All About Shoes, TSV Talk

Hi my girls! Today is an incredibly special day at QVC for me because I'm bringing you an item that is truly one of the hallmarks of my brand. This moccasin is EVERYTHING! It represents sophisticated, American style at its best. If there were ever something that adds beauty and pleasure to a woman's... Continue Reading

14 replies
Inside Mizrahi on 1392008400

Me, My Moc, and I -- Find Out Why I Can't Get Enough of The Isaac Moccasin

Last Reply by Shshonie 1392090095.717 | in Isaac Mizrahi Live!, All About Shoes, TSV Talk

Have you ever worn something so much you start to become known for it? Well, that has happened to me with Isaac Mizrahi's moccasins.   I pretty much live in moccasins or Orthaheels from spring through fall (In winter, I switch to boots). Many times people have said to me, "where are your mo... Continue Reading

1 replies
Sandra Bennett on 1392008400

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe- With Which Color Dooney Will Amy Go?

Last Reply by Mlang 1394808533.037 | in Hosts & Personalities, Dooney & Bourke, TSV Talk

Who's ready to talk about the Dooney & Bourke TSV?? I'm loving everything about this bag from the size to the chevron pattern, but there's only one issue. How am I supposed to pick one out of eight amazing colors??  Since I couldn't possibly have one in every color, I decided to ask some... Continue Reading

14 replies
Amy Stran on 1391835600

Peek Behind The Scenes of My TSV!!

Last Reply by GG13 1396449616.15 | in Susan Graver, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

All day, everyday, I'm constantly on the lookout for fabulous new designs and ideas to add to my collection. Whether it be a new style, fabric or print, I love the ever changing landscape of fashion! Although, sometimes we find those pieces of clothing that just fit and feel right... These a... Continue Reading

31 replies
Susan Graver on 1391662800

Be a Wardrobe Warrior™ with Today's Special Value Ankle Pants

Last Reply by Andrena 1392567346.19 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

  One of the most important things I learned when I started out in fashion is that it’s always important to listen to the women who are actually wearing your clothes. It’s wonderful to be inspired by the runways and high fashion magazines, but if you’re neglecting the women... Continue Reading

11 replies
Renee Greenstein on 1391403600

What’s your style?

Last Reply by boulderdog 1392211488.63 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

What’s your style? Classic? Comfy? Cutting Edge? Somewhere in between? No matter what your style, all day February 3, 2014, QVC is celebrating “Just Your Style”… Leah, Pat, Jennifer, Jayne, Courtney, and Sharon sharing their style and how they paired it with the Women with C... Continue Reading

3 replies
On The Scene on 1391403600

Super Game; Super Shows; Super Fun

Last Reply by LDD90 1393371049.467 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, TSV Talk

Hi Everyone: Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a happy, healthy and fun holiday and a great New Year. After my last December shows, I took a long awaited  restful vacation, spent mostly with family and friends, catching up on my reading, relaxing, taking long walks with Ron in Florida and... Continue Reading

12 replies
Judith Ripka on 1391144400

Read our Serta expert’s answers to previously posted customer questions.

Last Reply by MaeE 1391914851.007 | in For the Home Talk, Q Did What?, TSV Talk

Here are some of the most frequently asked customer questions answered by our Serta expert about the brand and our new Serta Envelop Super Pillowtop Mattress Set.   Q: Will the middle of the mattress hump up, as did the two Serta's I've owned in past two years? A: Many of Serta’s top ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Expert Answers on 1391058000

Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Serum & Peeling Gel Duo FAQs

Last Reply by 2woowoos 1391622442.76 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Read below for answers to questions you may have about this exciting new duo. Peter Thomas Roth Super-size Advanced FirmX Duo Q: Can I use FIRMx Peeling Gel on my body as well as my face?A: While this product was tested on the face, we were inspired to offer the super-size FIRMx Peeling Gel by customer reviews and emails that said they used FIRMx Peeling Gel on hands, elbows, heels, and feet. Feel free to dive right into it! Q: If I use other Peter Thomas Roth products, when do I use FIRMx Serum and Peeling Gel?A: Start with a clean dry face and use FIRMx Peeling Gel to exfoliate. Rinse, th... Continue Reading

4 replies
Peter Thomas Roth on 1390971600
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