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My Go-to Styling Tool - The Perfector from Callista Tools!

Posted by Kerstin Lindquist 1374761688.627

A message yesterday from my Auntie Mame…

That’s how its been since my family heard that the Perfecter was going to be back in stock.  My aunts all used it last time they were at my house and fell in love!  Usually I give them things they like when they come to visit but I really couldn’t give them that little grey curl maker, I use it every day! 

My friend Maria from Calista Tools gave me mine late last year before it came on the air at QVC and then promptly sold out.  Everyone in the building was a buzz about it since it was so unlike any other curling iron/straightner/waver etc... I kept getting questions and ended up bringing mine to work with me so that the stylists in our QVC salon could use it too. 

One day before the new year we found out there were a couple left in the QVC store and within hours they were gone, sold to QVC employees who fought their way to front of the building on coffee breaks.   Now finally it is back in stock at and even better, a Today’s Special Value. 

I do truly use this every day when I am not at work and the stylists I love the most at QVC, use it everyday on me when I am working as well.  It is just so darn easy and quick.  I thought I would give you a few pointers on what works for me.  Please understand I have shorter but very thick naturally wavy to straight hair.  So, what works for me might not be perfect for you, I really think you need to watch Maria on Friday and watch the video on line for more tips, but here are mine.

1)      Clean hair or brushed out dry day two hair work best

2)      Don’t twist too deep.  – it does work on long hair but on the longer portions of my short hair (the front pieces)  I find not twisting too deep down works best.

3)      Don’t twist too tight.  Be loose with it, or you can get it stuck a bit.

4)      Keep twisting!  Even when most of the hair is through keep twisting, and it keeps making the curl even in the part of the hair that isn’t in the brush.


5)      For cowlicks hold for 8-10 seconds.  I have so many  of these with my short razor cut hair and this has been amazing!!!!

I really hope you love this as much as my aunts and me do.  I’d love for you to add your tips below.

Have a blessed day, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on my Facebook Page www.facebook.com/kerstinlindquistqvc and on twitter www.twitter.com/kerstinlindqvc.




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deborahg1374811861.793 PostsRegistered 7/25/2013
Can this be used in Europe with or with out a power converter?

DearMrFant­asy1374880011.7778 PostsRegistered 1/4/2013

Anytime I have "me" time I like to experiment with new hairstyles or nail art, depending how much "me" time the family can spare!

Ba Doc1380986026.63310 PostsRegistered 10/5/2013
Well if i was married to u me time would always be number 1 KLD

Ba Doc1380986219.2210 PostsRegistered 10/5/2013
But yeah im a 22 year old male and i never buy anything from QVC but i just got a job at HOOTERS and the first thing im going to do is buy sum of that argon oil for my mother and sister

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