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Photography Made Easy; The Canon SX500 is easy to use and it can help you -"Shoot Like a Pro!"

Posted by The Camera Guy 1355427842.54

I was booked recently for a photoshoot involving one of my favorite subjects, babies! I find photographing babies is one of the most difficult and challenging photo sessions. The one and only tip I can give you is "be patient." You have to wait for them to be in the right mood . . .you know, not crying or eating. Oh, one more rule actually, be sure and waterproof the area you lay them in, they will go to the bathroom. So, protect the carpeting or your sofa etc.

Now about this beautiful baby Victoria. This is your first time meeting her, but you know her mom very well. She is our own Patio and Garden guest Ginger Walt. Ginger and I have been friends for years and my gift to them was a photo session. I took the Canon SX500 along because I wanted to test it out for some holiday photos. The first thing I liked about it was how it fit in my hand. It has a nice weight and feels solid. The controls are easy to use (and find). Plus there are a ton of features to play with to enhance your photo shooting.

Mostly I wanted to use the Canon SX500 with the lens in wide angle mode. That means it is not extended at all but retracted all the way back. This is important, especially at the holidays when the rooms are filled with people. Instead of zooming in, we need to zoom outward to let everyone in the picture. In this mode I was able to get some nice pics of Victoria, who is a model in the making btw! Aside from one little snack break she was a pure angel to work with. I have now doubt this camera will be awesome with it's zoom lens at sporting events and at live performances. But for the holidays, it passes my "close up" test.

Welcome to world baby Victoria and congrats to her parents Ginger and Antoine.

Watch a video from my fellow Program Host, Albany Irvin, as she takes you through more features of this great camera!


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smkingun1355876418.0437 PostsRegistered 7/2/2011

Hi Dave,

I appreciate the information that you bring to any camera presented on QVC. It is always helpful. I bought the Canon SX500 for my parents thinking it would be a good general camera because it has a wide angle, easy to operate, and a grip to help steady the hands. What I don't see on it now that it has arrived is the good old landscape setting for taking pictures of landscapes. How can they take pictures of landscapes using this camera? I really want their Christmas present to be the right choice. Thank you!

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