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Check Out How the Pandigital Wand Scanner Saved Our Family Photos During SuperStorm Sandy

Posted by Patrick The Pandigital Expert 1354916302.713

May the presence of this holiday season be bringing you the perspective to truly enjoy the ones you love.  I would be remised to begin by not wishing very happy holidays to my dear QVC friends from Jessy and I.  We are so fortunate to be in the company of so many wonderful people.

Like so many in the North East region of the county, Jessy and I find ourselves counting our blessings for each other, dear family, amazing friends, and the physical possessions that our famines still have after the devastating effects of SuperStorm Sandy.

2013 cannot come soon enough for us, but first we need to gather together once again in each other’s company to laugh, be goofy, and just plain revert back to our childhoods.

We are so very pleased to see the extraordinary reaction to our Pandigital Sweepstakes. Your stories are truly inspiring, please keep them coming!!! Tell us your story before the sweepstakes ends on December 11th!

May I share one of my own?

In the early 1950’s, my immigrant Grandparents had saved enough money to realize a dream for themselves, my mother, and her two siblings.  They were finally able to purchase a home in a small family beach community of Rockaway Beach NY called Breezy Point.  In the early years the bungalow did not have heat, but over time my Grandfather, Uncle Don, and dear friends begin to winterize the home as they knew it to be their true “happy place.”  Well, when it came time for my Uncle Don to marry and begin a family of his own, my Grandparents insisted that they take the house as their wedding gift.  This will be the first Christmas since that my Mother will not be enjoying the Christmas ham at Beach 220th Street.

Now it is my generation’s turn to chip in and re-build.  We started as soon as the water receded.  Once we knew that our home on Long Island was safe and the damage was relegated to a few cars and the garage, the next stop was Breezy Point.  Armed with everything we could fit in a pick-up truck, they headed in on Halloween day.  Knowing time was critical, with the help of my cousins, the crew quickly began emptying the house of its contents.  It is amazing how much damage 60 inches of water can do.

While doing so, my Mother came across boxes of family photos that we were not aware still existed.  Sure there were tears because of the fact everything was soaking wet with sea water, but the task was clear-- we need to get these dry as soon as possible and scan them.

Well…in the Verwys house it is always a family job.  Surprising to some, definitely not Katy if you asked her, my dear 1st grade niece took control of the Pandigital scanner that I sent her and went to work. 

Powered by a generator because the electricity was still out, she scanned away. This was truly a moment neither she, nor my Mom, will ever forget.  My Mother knew exactly who everyone was and what they were doing.  Stories were the only thing that slowed them down.  Smiles turned to tears and back to smiles again for hours.  In the end, Katy was able to preserve 1,075 photos!

I am happy to say that on Thanksgiving Day DVDs containing these images were distributed to each family unit and the blue tub you see was given back to my Aunt Maura.  We are working hard and hope to have her back in her home within the next few months.

What happened in the days following the storm should be remembered as a shining moment in American History.  Family driving in from hundreds of miles away with supplies, gas, and water.  Friends working around the clock to clean up all the while opening their dry homes for a warm bed.  Volunteer services going the extra mile and most importantly strangers extending a helping hand.  There remains months of work ahead and I encourage you all to consider the families affected this holiday season while truly appreciating what you have.

Tune in at Midnight this Wednesday, December 12th, and see how this Pandigital 2:1 Wand Scanner can help save your precious family photos and memories along with many other things. Watch as Rick Domeier and I show you how this Wand Scanner can fit into your everyday life in many ways you may not even think of.

See you all Wednesday!

- Patrick Verwys

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