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For the Love of Eyelet

Last Reply by lillylove 1432865868.533 | in Fashion Talk, Denim & Co, TSV Talk

It’s here…Oh  how we have longed for sunshine, bright colors, and long summer days… Hello Denim Divas….Maryanne here with the perfect summer staple for all of your warm weather needs! With Today’s Special Value, you will find many ways to wear this versatile co... Continue Reading

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Gary- QVC Design Team on 1432785600

Our Satchel joins in on the celebration!

Last Reply by PamfromCT 1432425708 | in Hosts & Personalities, All About Handbags, TSV Talk

This past week, my family went to Montana & Wyoming to celebrate a very special birthday to celebrate my dad. It was the first trip (in as long as I can remember) that the whole family was able to travel together. From Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone to Jackson Hole, “Today’s Special V... Continue Reading

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Jill Martin on 1432267200

I am so excited for my first TSV…Dreams DO come true!

Last Reply by elisabeth59 1432420729.787 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, TSV Talk

Who would have thought that 30 years ago, working aside my father all night long in his small flower shop, would bring me to announcing my first QVC TSV?!  Not me! I am thrilled to be presenting the Barbara King Home and Garden Bloom Mat on Memorial Day at midnight! Talk about a “memorabl... Continue Reading

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Barbara King on 1432180800

Finding Inspiration in Art

Last Reply by slowedown 1432606096.59 | in Lori Goldstein, TSV Talk

One of my favorite things to do in New York City is to visit all the museums and galleries. I go and I see these incredible pieces that really just inspire me on every level! Having worked in a creative industry for all these years, I instinctively look for inspiration all around at every moment. An... Continue Reading

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Lori Goldstein on 1431835200

Bronze Have More Fun!

Last Reply by SCAV 1432183990.703 | in TSV Talk

It’s official, BRONZE HAVE MORE FUN! Our host team was super excited to celebrate spring time with the perfect sun-kissed glow, courtesy of our Vita Liberata TSV!! You know we are all about protecting our skin and wearing our sunscreen, so self-tanner is sort of our thing around here! So why ... Continue Reading

7 replies
On The Scene on 1430193600

Where will you take your Danielle?

Last Reply by Kool Great Gram 1430009706.73 | in Hosts & Personalities, All About Accessories, TSV Talk

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a complete Europhile. And travel addict. And I'm fashion obsessed.  So when my husband said he wanted to go to Italy (one of the fashion Meccas of the world!) for his birthday, I surely said, "Andiamo! Let's go!!"  The first decisions to be made are where and when... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1429761600

You can’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been

Last Reply by anja777 1430712782.55 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

One of my favorite things to do is to go through my archives. It’s fun to revisit past designs, and to step back and see the journey my collections have been through. It is also a great source of inspiration. Sometimes when I look at old designs questions pop into my head: &lsqu... Continue Reading

6 replies
Renee Greenstein on 1429675200

Energizer Bunny Fun Facts

In Electronics Talk, TSV Talk

Did you know??? The Energizer Bunny shares his favorite facts with you! Find Today's Special Value from Energizer by clicking HERE. When did he debut?   Born in 1989 & Debuted as a real hot air balloon in 1994. Did he always have Sunglasses?   Yes! What magazine listed h... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1429588800

Decorating with Light!

Last Reply by kbcr 1430767418.043 | in In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

After a looooooooong winter, I have decided that I am going to spend as much time outdoors as possible this spring and summer! I've been working on my deck and patio and can't wait to share it with you!! Here is a sneak peek of what I've done so far and how the addition of accent lighting can create... Continue Reading

3 replies
Alberti Popaj on 1429588800

The One and Only

Last Reply by NEW YORK 1431965616.573 | in Hosts & Personalities, Clarks, TSV Talk

My family and I just returned from a fabulous trip to Aruba, where I grew a whole new appreciation for my Clarks Taline Pop slides. I brought five additional Clarks sandals with me, but I ended up ONLY wearing these cool and comfortable slip-ons. On the first night, we enjoyed a family dinner at a... Continue Reading

8 replies
Clarks on 1429243200

Life's Always a Beach with the New D&Co Beach Cover-Up

Last Reply by yard sale junkie 1432830965.303 | in Hosts & Personalities, Denim & Co, TSV Talk

Hello Denim Diva’s, Summer is almost here and have we got the most perfect item for all of your warm weather activities. The Today's Special Value is the DENIM & COMPANY BEACH zip front cover-up with patch pockets and hood. This is an easy to wear look that is both colorful and functional... Continue Reading

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Gary- QVC Design Team on 1429156800

Super-Sized Superstars TSV!

Last Reply by JoJo Brooks 1429194685.367 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

It’s TSV time and I am especially excited this time around. I pulled together some of my customer favorites to create a kit that contains an entire skin care routine or you can incorporated it into yours and then I said SUPER SIZE it! My Anti-Aging Super-Sized Superstars have yo... Continue Reading

2 replies
Peter Thomas Roth on 1428897600

Laura Geller: Life in Rose TSV

Last Reply by Konacoffeegirl 1428866381.923 | in Laura Geller, TSV Talk

Hello Girlfriends! My Today’s Special Value has everything coming up roses! It contains some truly beautiful make-up must-haves that I am so excited to share with you! My Life in Rose collection is a celebration of feminine beauty! Life in Rose (La Vie en Rose) captures a romantic color co... Continue Reading

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Laura Geller on 1428638400

What is Your Moment? Marie Osmond shares her Nutrisystem story here!

Last Reply by desertsb 1428601684.247 | in TSV Talk

My whole life was changing; I was getting divorced after 20 years of marriage, looking for happiness, trying to get my life back and I was so overwhelmed with everything. The last thing I needed to be overwhelmed with was getting off 50lbs of weight.  My whole life I tried dieting. I was so afraid. I am not kidding, I tried everything – the cookie diet to the drinking liquid diet, the weigh yourself and be humiliated in front of everyone diet. I didn’t want any of them. I remember my moment and I was watching QVC, sitting there so overwhelmed when Nutrisystem came on. They we... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1428552000

Gluten Free Power Pressure Cooker Chicken Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Last Reply by hopi 1428938159.18 | in Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

I have never used a pressure cooker before. I have seen them A LOT on In the Kitchen with David, but I have never actually done it myself. I just used the Power Pressure Cooker and it’s EXCELLENT. Pressure cookers of today are NOT the pressure cookers we grew up with in our mom’s kitchen... Continue Reading

4 replies
Mary DeAngelis on 1428379200

Unconditional Love

Last Reply by kkaaren 1428382740.947 | in philosophy, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Happy Easter friends!! I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday spent with friends, family, and one of my all-time favorite things in the world… delicious food!! Our Today’s Special Value is something I’m super excited about, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it&rs... Continue Reading

8 replies
Amy Stran on 1428206400

Chat with Liam and Steve from Vionic, today!

Last Reply by Deene 1432857372.06 | in Hosts & Personalities, All About Shoes, TSV Talk

G'day friends! Join Steve and I all day today for our Vionic with Orthaheel Orthotic Thong Sandals Cassie TSV.  We'll be chatting live, right here, at 12M ET, 6am ET and we'll be checking in throughout the day to chat and answer all of your questions!   Hope you all can join us dur... Continue Reading

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Liam Bourke – Vionic on 1428120000

philosophy super-size 4-piece fragrance layering collection & satin body sponge

Last Reply by lindah1 1430505171.913 | in philosophy, TSV Talk

At philosophy we inspire women to look, live and feel their best. We believe that fragrance should lift your mood and inspire a sense of well-being with clean, wearable fragrances. We bring you this luxuriously scented four-piece super-size fragrance layering experience  as a Today’s Spec... Continue Reading

6 replies
The philosophy blog on 1427947200

Spring ahead for LOGO Fashion!

Last Reply by BevG 1431446870.743 | in Fashion Talk, Lori Goldstein, TSV Talk

Wow has it been a long and harsh winter…BEYOND ready for spring. I’m ready for the flowers to bloom, ready for the mounds of snow to melt and most importantly…READY FOR SPRING FASHION! I love seeing the changing landscape of nature when spring rolls around. It is just so beautif... Continue Reading

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Lori Goldstein on 1427515200

CC Your Way to Radiant Skin! (ps...join us for a live Chat too!)

Last Reply by ydnas 1432516398.617 | in Beauty Banter, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

SPRING is the perfect season to breathe new life into your beauty!   Spring is the season when Mother Nature puts her most beautiful self forward.  Colors come back into the world!  Everything is rejuvenated, coming back to life!  Flowers begin to bloom and the world is full... Continue Reading

34 replies
Jamie Kern Lima on 1427428800

1 BAG…1 DAY… 2 JILL’S…4 DIFFERENT WAYS: The G.I.L.I. Backpack Hits New York!

Last Reply by DFEASHION 1428758674.027 | in Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

I am so excited for my debut this Thursday on QVC as Creative Director of the unbelievable G.I.L.I. line! I am honored to join this team of amazing women and men (most who have been with the line since the beginning) and look forward to giving my input into this already stunning brand.  I know ... Continue Reading

10 replies
Jill Martin on 1427256000

My Jewelry Journey

Last Reply by Reever 1427566054.75 | in Jewelry Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

The year was 1994. I was an eager New Host on QVC, doing a Host Training session with the one and only Kathy Levine. This woman was a veritable Wikipedia of jewelry knowledge. Me? Not so much. She soon realized I had no idea the difference between 14 Karat and gemstone Carat, had never uttered the w... Continue Reading

4 replies
Rick Domeier on 1427169600

3 of My Favorite Things

Last Reply by redthunder 1431259714.01 | in Fashion Talk, Isaac Mizrahi Live!, TSV Talk

Hi Kids! It’s TSV time and I know that you are going to adore my new Knit Lace Dress. It. Is. MAJOR! This dress is a combination of three things I love - t-shirts, dresses, and lace. As I mention all the time, I have an obsession with t-shirts. I wear them everyday and I think t-shirts ... Continue Reading

23 replies
Inside Mizrahi on 1426824000

Best Irish Party Around!

Last Reply by lOVETOSHOP 1426990397.19 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Our 26th annual St. Patrick's Day celebration was the best Irish party around! We were lucky to have a studio audience, dressed in forty shades of green, to help us celebrate.  The "pipes were calling" as Katie our talented QVC production expert entertained us on the bagpipes. We laughed, ... Continue Reading

5 replies
Jane Treacy on 1426651200

Live Chat with Irish Insights: Join us tonight from 5pm-7pm ET!

Last Reply by Rockin Robin 1426633419.26 | in Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

We've all arrived at QVC and we are excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with you all!  Join us tonight, during our Finale Show, with our dear friend Jane Treacy. Plus, join us right here, for a live Blog Chat, from 5pm-7pm ET!  We would love to hear from all of you! Talk to yo... Continue Reading

38 replies
Irish Insights on 1426564800

The Evolution of the Irish TSV!!

Last Reply by irish grn 1426974081.367 | in Fashion Talk, Jewelry Talk, TSV Talk

Many months ago Siobain, our buyer, called me into her office to look at the potential Today Special Value sweaters for St. Patrick's Day, 2015.  The candidate at that time was a lovely Aran Craft cape.  We all thought it was, and is, a beautiful item. But we started brainstorming ... Continue Reading

4 replies
Jane Treacy on 1426564800

John's Story & Inspiration behind the Aran Craft Irish TSV Sweater

In Fashion Talk, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

A very happy St Patrick's Day to all my friends and colleagues at QVC and throughout the USA.  The wonderful 17th of March rolls round again! Working on this year's TSV has been something of a spiritual journey for me.  Together with colleagues at Aran Crafts and QVC we have and dare I sa... Continue Reading

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Irish Insights on 1426564800

My Fall 2015 Runway Show + My March TSV 'Basso' Jacket

Last Reply by sfnative 1431030761.093 | in Fashion Talk, Dennis Basso, TSV Talk

Hi Everyone! This has been a hectic last few weeks. I showed my Dennis Basso Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at Lincoln Center to close to 1,200 people. Editors of all the major fashion magazines were in attendance including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Town & ... Continue Reading

6 replies
Dennis Basso on 1426219200

Meet Stacey and My Gemstone Romance Bangle TSV

Last Reply by hari 1427004730.64 | in Jewelry Talk, Judith Ripka, TSV Talk

Hi Everyone! Happy almost spring! I hope that you are de-thawing and making fun plans for the warmer days ahead. I have some exciting news —I’m celebrating my 18th Anniversary at QVC! I cannot believe that it’s been eighteen years since I’ve been coming to the Q. I still re... Continue Reading

2 replies
Judith Ripka on 1426132800

Have questions about the BlissLights Indoor Spright Smart Firefly Light ? Ask our Expert!

Last Reply by patchoulilvr 1426027345.74 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, TSV Talk

Have questions about today's BlissLights TSV?  Ask us here!  We'll be checking in throughout the day and answering your questions!  Need some quick facts about BlissLights - click here: BlissLights FAQ's. A little bit about BlissLights: Patented BlissLights laser projectors bring th... Continue Reading

2 replies
Today's Special Value on 1425960000

Live Chat today, 3/7: The Bernini Fountains Team Answers Your Questions About the Fountain TSV!

Last Reply by crouch 1425854444.983 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, TSV Talk

Join us, the Bernini Fountains Team, today for a Q&A Blog Chat!  We will be answering all of your questions about the Bernini Fountains TSV today.  So join us! A little bit about us: Bernini is the world leader in rechargeable battery operated fountains.  The Patent Pending ... Continue Reading

45 replies
Bernini Fountains Team on 1425704400

Hit Refresh with bareMinerals Fresh Forward 8-piece Collection

Last Reply by Saagii 1431042392.093 | in Beauty Banter, bareMinerals, TSV Talk

Hit Refresh. Happy Spring! I think we are all excited to say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to warmer days, sunshine, and a new routine. As we spring forward, I just happen to have the best answer to a flawless, fresh look. Let me introduce you to Fresh Forward, our brand new Today’s S... Continue Reading

65 replies
Jessica Foust on 1425704400

Live Blog Chat with Liam Bourke & Steve Mabb of Vionic with Orthaheel

Last Reply by Ms Chiefy 1431029422.847 | in Hosts & Personalities, All About Shoes, TSV Talk

Hi Everyone! Steve and I will be answering answer your questions all day today, about our beautiful TSV, starting at Midnight ET.  We're excited to hear and read your questions and comments throughout the day today.  We'll be chatting LIVE during our 12am, 10am and 7pm ET shows... Continue Reading

108 replies
Liam Bourke – Vionic on 1425618000

Super-Size Perricone TSV 3/2

Last Reply by ZANTY 1425338487.827 | in Beauty Banter, Perricone MD, TSV Talk

Hello Everyone! I am I am overjoyed about the Perricone MD Super-Size Daily Treatment Essentials! Not only will all three products be Super-Sized, but this is the first time Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum is available in Super Size! You will only find the Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum super-size... Continue Reading

3 replies
Dana Bledsoe on 1425099600

A truly wearable, walkable and wonderful wedge!

Last Reply by CJJS 1425581904.017 | in All About Shoes, Clarks, TSV Talk

Every spring we spend hours searching for that perfect high-heel sandal that we can really live in and wear with everything. Well, the search is over! Our new Helio Float Today’s Special Value hits all the marks when it comes to finding a stylish and sexy wedge. Drawing inspiration for our ... Continue Reading

2 replies
Clarks on 1424926800

TSV 24/7 Stretch Side Slit Ankle Pant

Last Reply by Nbailey 1431710018.27 | in Fashion Talk, Isaac Mizrahi Live!, TSV Talk

Hi Kids! I’m so excited for you to see these delicious, new pants — they are everything! These fantastic little trousers are called the 24/7 Stretch Side Slit Ankle Pant and they’re made of my luxurious, best-selling, 24/7 stretch fabric. These ankle pants are a slightly more pol... Continue Reading

5 replies
Inside Mizrahi on 1424667600

Marc Fisher Handbags – Why Not?

In Hosts & Personalities, All About Handbags, TSV Talk

I am so excited to share with you my first ever handbag collection! Similar to my footwear line, my handbag designs are clean, casual and luxe. The truth is I love classics, always have and designing handbags only seemed like a natural extension to that idea. There is so much that has gone into d... Continue Reading

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Marc Fisher on 1424408400

Assembly Video for SmoothXbike Pro Compact Exercise Bike

In Health & Fitness, TSV Talk

We see that many of you have questions about the assembly of the SmoothXbike Pro Compact Exercise Bike.  We wanted to provide you all with an informative video that will guide you on how to assemble this bike.  The Assembly Instructions begin 38 seconds into the video below.  This ... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1424322000

Cottage Farms Team Live Chat All Day!

Last Reply by zoey1110 1426907726.31 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, TSV Talk

Cottage Farms has been a leader in the ornamental horticulture industry since 1947. Renowned for quality plants, integrity and reliability, and often referred to as "the growers' grower." Cottage Farms has long been the source of premium plants and expertise for many of the top nurseries and garde... Continue Reading

198 replies
Cottage Farms Team on 1424149200

Mom's Irish Potatoes

Last Reply by 2Bear 1424291096.89 | in Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk, Mom to Mom Blogs

I always think of my Mom when I use my Kitchenaid mixer, she would have loved using one! And with St. Patrick's Day a few weeks away, I thought I'd share her Irish potato recipe. It's candy, but without any potatoes!   Ingredients: 1/2 lb. butter, softened 2 lbs. confectioner's sugar 2 tsp... Continue Reading

3 replies
Jane Treacy on 1423976400

KitchenAid Cupcake Recipe!

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, TSV Talk

For many of us at KitchenAid, we love to create and share recipes with our office friends. It’s always fun to catch up on Monday mornings and hear about the weekend’s culinary adventures. One of our most shared recipes is the favorite Cappuccino Fudge Cupcakes. The moist and flavorful ca... Continue Reading

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KitchenAid on 1423976400

#miraclesoftarte & Live Chat at Midnight & 6pm!

Last Reply by nandaur 1432844426.043 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk, tarte

Hi tartelettes! Let’s face it – we could all use a miracle right about now! It’s that time of year when we just need a pick-me-up, something that brings some color into our world before Spring arrives. That’s why I created the miracles of tarte collection – a symbol of... Continue Reading

23 replies
Maureen Kelly on 1423803600


Last Reply by mlml b 1427241849.71 | in In the Garden, Hosts & Personalities, TSV Talk

Hello fellow Patio and Garden Enthusiasts!! Today is an exciting Gardening Event day at QVC…..filled with all the things we love for Spring, to make our outdoor living spaces more beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable! I am a HUGE fan of the Plow and Hearth brand of unique, enduring and beaut... Continue Reading

1 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1423272635.65

Today's Special Value: Trench Coat from Joan Rivers

Last Reply by Chrissy76 1423004470.627 | in Fashion Talk, Joan Rivers Classics Collection, TSV Talk

It’s the one item every fashion blogger insists you have in your closet. And I know it will be the most trusted go-to and versatile piece you own. I am thrilled to share one of the most exciting Today’s Special Values we have ever done. Our Classic Tailored Trench Coat&nb... Continue Reading

5 replies
David Dangle on 1422766800

Layers by Lizden Marvelush Poncho TSV - January 30th!

In Fashion Talk, All About Accessories, TSV Talk

You know the old adage….Everything old is new again?  As a Parsons Fashion design student in the 70’s so much of what’s in fashion today continues to be reminiscent of the “of the moment” carefree spirit of that era.  For our senior collections we were matche... Continue Reading

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Beth Terrell on 1422594000

Have Questions for the Clarisonic team? Post them now.

Last Reply by SJF 1422764377.947 | in Beauty Banter, Beauty's Best Gifts, TSV Talk

We are excited to announce an amazing Today's Special Value® offer featuring the next generation in sonic cleansing, the Clarisonic Smart Profile Facial Cleansing System. This device is the latest and greatest technology from Clarisonic and is now SMARTER, EASIER, and MORE POWERFUL than ever bef... Continue Reading

57 replies
Today's Special Value on 1422507600

KitchenAid Wants to Know...What's Your Go-To Appliance?

Last Reply by Keikikiona 1431927067.963 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, TSV Talk

What’s your go-to kitchen appliance?  Our KitchenAid team members love the iconic stand mixer, but they also say that the food processor is another trusty workhorse in their kitchens.   Place it right on the countertop and its ready to use at a moment’s notice.  Use i... Continue Reading

6 replies
KitchenAid on 1422162000

Have Questions About the KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor w/ Dicing Kit & Exact Slice? Ask Our KitchenAid Team of Experts!

Last Reply by Nana42boys 1426289755.033 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, TSV Talk

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers about KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor w/ Dicing Kit & Exact Slice. Don't see an answer to your question? Post your question to this blog, below, and check back throughout the day on Sunday, January 25, 2015 to have your question an... Continue Reading

34 replies
Expert Answers on 1422162000

Algenist TSV - January 26th

Last Reply by Tommyswife 1422223997.377 | in Beauty Banter, TSV Talk

Hello Everyone! At Algenist, skin is our passion and biotechnology is our expertise! We leverage our knowledge of microalgae to offer powerful anti-aging benefits for your skin. Algae were some of the first organisms to inhabit the earth and were a precursor to a wide range of plant and animal life... Continue Reading

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Today's Special Value on 1422075600

Have Questions for the Roberta's Team? Ask here during their all day TSV blog chat!

Last Reply by DAB134 1431571727.66 | in For the Home Talk, In the Garden, TSV Talk

Do you have Spring Fever? Join me, Jason Garrison, and the Roberta’s team as we chat about the TSV: Roberta's 18-pc. Hardy Succulent Flowering IcePlants. Get ready for Spring and have your questions ready! I’ll be chatting here all day long on Tuesday, January 20th! Jason- Roberta's... Continue Reading

122 replies
Roberta's Team on 1421643600
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