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Yum…Bring on the Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Last Reply by prophet 1418349760.8 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, Holiday Advice

Now that the excitement of Thanksgiving Day is over, I hope you are enjoying plenty of great time with those you love this holiday weekend! I know I am. J I am looking forward to some serious snuggle time with Fozzie, a few fun hangouts with friends and maybe even a little retail therapy. (Though I... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1417150800

Mini Frittatas in Temp-Tations

Last Reply by MrsMommaGoodNess 1417053405.187 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

My family has a tradition of “pitch-in” brunch when we’re all gathered together at holiday time. It’s a casual way to feed everyone, and everybody is responsible for a dish. I like to make mini frittatas and serve them with fresh berries. Tonight is Temp-tations final TSV of... Continue Reading

2 replies
Leah Williams on 1415077200

The holidays are coming! What are a few of YOUR favorite things?

Last Reply by Nala12 1417468106.423 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

Alright, who’s with me? Of course the hustle and bustle of the approaching holidays has me in a caroling, cookie-swapping, gifting, menu-planning mood. Especially since just walking into QVC these days is like stepping into Santa’s workshop. And with Cooking on Q: Holiday Edition righ... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1414123200

Let Back-to-Baking season begin! Time for cozy comfort cooking on QVC.

Last Reply by vanesmro 1418322041.53 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

Talk about a throwback…check out this picture of me and my Dad from my freshman year in college! I found this photo recently and it stirred up so many incredible memories. It perfectly captures the love and support I got from both my parents throughout my life. But it also brings me right b... Continue Reading

12 replies
Tara McConnell on 1410321600

Five Ideas for a Fun-Filled Fall!

Last Reply by Bulldawgbecky 1410877194.503 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

As we head into the last weeks of August, I may be in full-on summer mode, but it turns out Mother Nature has some other ideas in mind. I’m feeling a hint of crispness in the air, the days are getting shorter…and I’m even starting to daydream about cinnamon, spice and other yummy ... Continue Reading

4 replies
Tara McConnell on 1408852800

Get ready, get set…to fall in love with fall flavors all over again!

Last Reply by ShelleyF 1409791930.897 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

Get ready, get set…to fall in love with fall flavors all over again! Thanks to some unexpectedly cool weather in our neck of the woods last week, I found myself reaching for my favorite cozy sweater…which got me thinking about fall…which got me all kinds of excited for this wee... Continue Reading

12 replies
Tara McConnell on 1407297600

Christmas in July Home Decor Temp-tations Launch!

Last Reply by MsPink 1415190215.913 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Temp-tations

Simply stepping into QVC these days is like walking in a winter wonderland. Busy little elves have been decking the halls for Christmas in July everywhere you look…and I absolutely love it! You know how most kids count down to Christmas? Well, when I was little, I counted down to the day m... Continue Reading

12 replies
Tara McConnell on 1406730123.25

There’s No Place Like Home … and No Cooking Like Cooking on Q!

Last Reply by Scoobypie 1406848991.23 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

Do you get hit with the travel bug when the weather turns warm? I certainly do. And this summer, I’ve been blessed with some truly incredible opportunities to hit the open road. From weekend trips to the beach, to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia with my mom, Gail, I’ve seen some ... Continue Reading

3 replies
Tara McConnell on 1404878400

Taste the Rainbow! Kick up your Kitchen with Pops of Color and Flavor

Last Reply by Honest QVC Queen 1402299491.05 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

You’ve heard me say plenty of times that we eat with our eyes first. But when it comes to my kitchen, I love to cook with my eyes, too! That often means letting my eyes guide me to the most vibrant seasonal fruits and vegetables. There are times I’ve built a whole meal around that gorge... Continue Reading

3 replies
Tara McConnell on 1401595200

Breaking out MY Happy Dance…Happy 5th Q-nniversary, In the Kitchen with David!

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

You know how it feels when you meet a person who just totally gets you?  Well, I definitely do! Because from the first moment I met David Venable, it was like running into someone I’ve known my whole life. I just wanted to sit right down and split some mac and cheese with him. The ama... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1400644800

Start Your Storage and Organization Makeover

Last Reply by CT2249 1406743660.987 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

The big day is finally here! For Today’s Special Value®, I am beyond excited to bring you a storage solution that's as beautiful as it is functional. Because this 6-piece Storage Set gives everyday organization a makeover…Temp-tations style. And I can’t wait for you to see the... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1399435200

Cinco de Must-Haves - My Top 5 Picks for Fun Fiestas!

Last Reply by karensue77 1399771079.487 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my temp-tationistas and temp-tationisters! Are you celebrating today? I sure am. Even though this isn’t a holiday I grew up celebrating with my family, I’ve more than made up for that in recent years.  Because the flavors of Mexico have always been my fav... Continue Reading

4 replies
Tara McConnell on 1399262400

Bird's Nest Cupcakes Recipe

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

These cupcakes look so cute as a centerpiece on a holiday table. And with two different flavors of nests, guests get to choose their favorite! Cupcakes: 1 box vanilla or yellow butter cake mix Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box 1 can vanilla frosting   Chocolate &... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1397188800

My Top 5 Holiday Entertaining Tips

Last Reply by 4girlzmom 1GB 1397090119.29 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Temp-tations

Maybe it’s the promise of sunshine in the air. Maybe it’s the glimpses of green peeking out of the thawing earth. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ll forever be a kid at heart. But when I think of springtime entertaining, I just want to PLAY! And the holiday table is my playg... Continue Reading

8 replies
Tara McConnell on 1396446588.99

Getting out my sassy sandals – and springtime recipes – for March 30 Cooking on Q!

Last Reply by annie1 1396403129.443 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

I have a confession to make. You know those people who break out the spring wardrobe at the first hint of warmth in the air? Yep, I’m one of them. Especially after THIS winter! I have all my favorite sandals lined up and ready to go! (OK, I may be shivering, but at least I’m shivering in... Continue Reading

15 replies
Tara McConnell on 1396065600

Taco Tuesday Thanks To Tara of Temp-tations

Last Reply by Sasha-q 1395763467.283 | in Recipe Swap, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

It's always fun receiving and trying new recipes from friends! This one is from Tara McConnell from Temp-tations and I can't wait to try it. Easy Turkey Taco Bites Ingredients:1 package small flour tortillas1 pound ground turkey⅔ cup water1 (1 ounce) package taco seasoning2 cups chopped tomatoes... Continue Reading

8 replies
Leah Williams on 1392699600

Dream BIG (Tara McConnell's Story)

Last Reply by Sheldon1 1393786234.253 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

It’s so funny. American Dreamers sounds like such a big title! When I hear it, I think…Thomas Edison, JFK, even Oprah! People whose dreams and accomplishments we can’t imagine life without. I certainly never started out trying to become an American Dreamer. I was just a little gi... Continue Reading

1 replies
American Dreamer on 1392267600

Real Romance Begins at Home!

Last Reply by jean41 1407331992.443 | in Recipe Swap, Among Friends, Temp-tations

You know I’m all about any holiday that gives me an excuse to whip up a batch of something totally scrumptious. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. But you might be surprised what’s on my menu for the day…Scotch Hash! What…You were expecting some kind of chocolate-c... Continue Reading

14 replies
Tara McConnell on 1392148550.077

Big day coming up and it’s all about YOU!

Last Reply by cookie5523 1394076298.62 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Here in PA lately, the snow just won’t let up. But a little winter weather can’t stop us! It’s a special week here at Temp-tations, with tons of upcoming shows. That means a lot of extra excitement in the air. So, move over, polar vortex. We’ve got work to do! But, really,... Continue Reading

33 replies
Tara McConnell on 1391540138.333

Tara Turns 40!

Last Reply by BonniBlu 1391718891.69 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Among Friends, Temp-tations

Happy Birthday, Tara! Fozzie looks like he's ready to party   Tara McConnell is turning the big 4-0! Some folks here at QVC just wanted to send some well wishes to her for this special occasion: Happy Birthday Tara!  I think we became friends the first time we said hello to each othe... Continue Reading

60 replies
QVC Community Team on 1391230800

My BIG 4-0: Forty Fabulous Things to Celebrate!

Last Reply by How about frig you 1391668397.223 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

You may have heard somewhere (yes…I’m looking at you, DAVID!) that it’s my birthday today. And it’s a big one! Forty fabulous years. But you won’t find me worrying about the number. The bigger the number, the bigger the party, right? AND the bigger the cake. But mi... Continue Reading

6 replies
Tara McConnell on 1391230800

Welcome to My "Workshop"

Last Reply by Erika - QVC Social 1390833139.733 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

Our "workshops" may be different, but the concept remains the same. An expert auto mechanic needs the right tools and training to make sure your car runs smoothly and safely. Just like a wood worker might need a lathe and proper air ventilation, a dentist needs a steady hand, good lighting and a ste... Continue Reading

3 replies
Mary Beth Roe on 1390712400

I’m Not a Health Nut…I’m a Health Nista! How About You?

Last Reply by thumtack 1390782317.847 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

You know me. I am ALL about the comfort food! And more so than ever this time of year, when the ice and snow make me just want to curl up with something ooey-gooey and delicious. Mac and Cheese was invented for this time of year, don’t you agree? But there comes a time – usually a week ... Continue Reading

5 replies
Tara McConnell on 1390590368.9

Looking Back, Forward and Within…My Favorite New Year’s tradition!

Last Reply by hippie 1390576088.177 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Among Friends, Temp-tations

Happy almost 2014, Nistas! We did it! I can’t believe all the pictures you’ve shared over the past week…Amazing photos of your families, your holiday tables, your yummy Christmas morning traditions. I feel so lucky. Like I was right there celebrating with you! Now that the Christ... Continue Reading

14 replies
Tara McConnell on 1388379600

You’re a Sweet One, Mr. Grinch!

Last Reply by grandma of ty 1395420289.263 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

Not even the Grinch himself could resist these adorable (and healthier) holiday Grinch Kabobs! Now, let me be clear. I LOVE this time of year. The parties, the feasting, the cookie swaps…everything is all so unbelievably enticing and delicious. But every gathering comes with some pretty tou... Continue Reading

5 replies
Tara McConnell on 1387229801.433

My All-Time Favorite Hostess Gifts - With A Personal Touch!

In Gift Tip Blogs, Temp-tations, Holiday Advice

We’ve all been there: jumping into the holiday season with a calendar full of fabulous hang-outs, brunches and parties; wracking our brains for just the right hostess gift. Now is the perfect time to plan ahead. Of course, you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine. But I’m a sucker f... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1386016068.187

My Holiday High Five - Counting off the things I'm most thankful for

Last Reply by Temp-tations Team 1386103300.977 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Among Friends, Temp-tations

This time of year, I love that so many of my friends and family take the time to share the things they’re thankful for every day. It’s such a small thing that means so much. Especially during the busiest time of year. Taking time to express gratitude helps keep us all focused on what it ... Continue Reading

9 replies
Tara McConnell on 1385499526.86

Setting the Holiday Table

Last Reply by midwest girl 1391804395.763 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, Holiday Advice

One of my favorite parts about the holidays, aside from cooking and eating delicious foods and sharing memories with friends and family, is the morning I set the holiday table. For me, it's like the equivalent of starting out with a blank canvas, and creating a simple and beautiful piece of artwor... Continue Reading

10 replies
Tara McConnell on 1385096400

Tote-ally Giftable!

Last Reply by bon58 1397004601.267 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

I am so excited to share with you Today's Special Value - my new Set of 4 Insulated Foldable Totes with Gift Boxes in beautiful Polka Dot or Old World patterns! I just love the idea of using the beloved Temp-tations patterns on new products...adding a punch of whimsy, fun and color to life, even bey... Continue Reading

15 replies
Tara McConnell on 1383105600

Let's Get Cookin'!

Last Reply by pacwoman 1389229166.317 | in Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

Wow – fall is here, and winter is on the horizon! What an amazing season it has been. This past month, my mom and I visited my alma mater, West Virginia Wesleyan, to speak to aspiring young entrepreneurs and business classes. Being on campus brought back so many wonderful memori... Continue Reading

12 replies
Tara McConnell on 1382890208.233

The Possibilities are Limitless

Last Reply by SultrySal02 1391416523.453 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

Hello temp-tations family – the big day is here! I’m so excited to share Today’s Special Value with you – my new temp-tations 13-piece Oven-to-Table Essentials Set in both Old World and Floral Lace! This set will add wonderful charm to your holiday baking, entertaining and g... Continue Reading

41 replies
Tara McConnell on 1381291200

Birthday Fun and Fall Favorites

Last Reply by history1 1381369645.503 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Wanted to catch you up on all that’s been going on around here and what I’m really looking forward to in October! First of all, I have to say that my mom and I had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday in August. We treated ourselves to a celebratory dinner at one of mom’s favo... Continue Reading

9 replies
Tara McConnell on 1380229397.86

The Special Flavors of Fall

Last Reply by Grammy-O 1379260866.11 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Hello Temp-tations family! Wow, what a summer it has been! Fall is nearly here, and I cannot wait to see what this new season brings. The rich colors, cooling temperatures and most importantly time with family and friends is what I am looking forward to most. The flavors of the fall harvest are great for baking, and my new Sweet & Savory 10-pc. Baking Set is a perfect way to serve them. Inspired by my visit to Paris, I created this unique set to prepare, bake and serve fabulous family dishes. And, just in time for fall, this set will be available in our seasonal Harvest pattern.&nbs... Continue Reading

70 replies
Tara McConnell on 1376920552.15

Summer Memories of Paris

Last Reply by lizzief 1379210259.87 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

What a wonderful summer we’ve had so far, and I can’t believe it’s already August! From longer days and casual backyard get-togethers to family time and all-American holidays, summertime has been one great celebration after the next. But the highlight for me was the amazing trip I... Continue Reading

15 replies
Tara McConnell on 1375329600

Albany's Mexican Chicken Tenders & Kids in the Kitchen

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Recipe Swap, Temp-tations

Over the weekend, my kids and I made easy Mexican Chicken Tenders (perfect thing for them to help with).  Here is the recipe: Chicken tenders marinated in greek yogurt, salsa, and Goya seasoning (i usually marinate overnight in my Lock and Lock Marinating container) Place on greased cookie s... Continue Reading

0 replies
Albany Irvin on 1374033600

Temp-Tations Mac & Cheese with the Littles

Last Reply by franks12 1382689608.23 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, Mom to Mom Blogs

Using my Temp-tations cookware,  I made Buffalo Chicken Cavatappi Pasta for the Littles.... a spicy "mac and cheese" with grilled chicken using spiral cavatappi pasta. Here’s the recipe Fill big pot full of water, add 1 tsp. salt, and bring to a boil. Add pasta and cook until tender (... Continue Reading

5 replies
Albany Irvin on 1372824000

New Season & New Sets!

Last Reply by Luckygirl12 1400779032.487 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

I think spring has finally sprung and I'm so excited for the new season. I'm particularly looking forward to walking outside with my new puppy, Fozzie, and enjoying all those great familiar feelings that comes with spring. Longer sun-filled days and star-filled nights, budding trees and flowers, graduations, family get-togethers, and so much more! Mom and I are going on a trip that has been a lifetime dream for both of us: we're going to Paris! We've talked about this for years and now we're finally going. Mom has us booked solid with museums and tours, and I'm looking forward to fresh croiss... Continue Reading

66 replies
Tara McConnell on 1366135243.843

Spring is in the Air

Last Reply by Bjudi 1390156706.103 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Daffodils are popping up, Easter is near, and the birds are chirping in the early morning.  Spring is in the air.  I love this time of year as the days are longer and the sun shines brighter. I have had a busy few months.  I just returned from the Housewares Show in Chicago and am excited about designing and creating for all of you.  Mom and I saw a great show in NYC recently. I always love the buzz of the city.   I bid a sad farewell to my 13 year old Sake, a chow-shepherd mix.  She has been a part of my life for so long that there is emptiness around the house... Continue Reading

75 replies
Tara McConnell on 1362760852.98

Temp-tations - the gift that keeps on giving

Last Reply by MaryG1959 1363267257.927 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, Mom to Mom Blogs

It was a simple email that came in from a friend.  Someone we both knew casually needed some help.  Her husband was fighting cancer and she was struggling to keep the family together, the kids thriving, and her world from collapsing.  The idea was to get a big group of people together... Continue Reading

3 replies
Kerstin Lindquist on 1362604067.47

Okay, I'll Admit it.....I'm a 'NISTA Too (and PROUD of IT!!)

Last Reply by GrandmaMae 1364218140.53 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

I am always so excited to see another COOKING ON Q DAY pop up on my QVC Programming Guide!! I LOVE our kitchen Shows and am usually glued to the TV for most of the day to see what's new and exciting for my own kitchen!! QVC's COOKING ON Q/SPRING EDITION is coming up on March 10th and I'm super thril... Continue Reading

3 replies
Carolyn Gracie on 1362510924.623

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last Reply by Kathi1 1368464976.657 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Happy Valentine’s Day Temp-tations Family!  Did you know that other than New Years Day, Valentine’s Day is the most celebrated holiday around the world? I am excited to be spending time with you on a day that celebrates love!  I love sharing my collection with you and your family.  I am constantly inspired by your ideas and am always striving to integrate them into all of my Temp-tations Designs. I just returned from a 10-day design trip that was so exciting.  I presented QVC the new patterns and designs for this year.  Wow, is this going to be an exciting... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1360606565.89

Cook Event - Winter Edition

Last Reply by Pattygayle 1366214869.233 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

There is something about a New Year that I love.  Hope, excitement, renewed promises and the feeling of a fresh start.  I also enjoy the comfort of the winter season in Pennsylvania, filled with family, friends, comfort foods and movies on snow days.  I am enjoying watching my new pup... Continue Reading

33 replies
Tara McConnell on 1358891094.157

Happy Holidays!

Last Reply by -Kit Kat- 1385232169.943 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the McConnell House……not a creature was stirring, except for Fozzie, my newly rescued Schnauzer-Yorkie mix.  He prances out of his bed at 4:30 AM daily, ready to jingle-jangle and explore the world. He loves to mix it up with Sake (my 13 year old Chow-Shepherd Mix) It’s so wonderful how much joy a puppy brings to a home.  Fozzie  Sake So, let me back up a bit and catch you up!  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.  Fozzie-La-La-La arrived shortly thereafter to ring in the... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1355775393.537

Making it Easy with Temp-tations

Last Reply by stashy 1377136395.127 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

As most of you know, Temp-tations is one of my favorite brands on QVC. I use it almost daily and just love the Old World pattern in blue. Here is a picture of a part of my collection in my cupboard. A few months ago I was on the air with Temp-tations melamine tableware and the Technical Director told me to kick the stack of dishes, because they were virtually unbreakable and the color I kicked had sold out. I was a little apprehensive and couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I kicked that stack of dishes as suggested. It was amazing; none of the dishes broke and it made for lots o... Continue Reading

20 replies
Mary Beth Roe on 1353075253.127

Your Beautiful Holiday Table

Last Reply by mrs z 1356708361.593 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

'Tis the season for family, friends, and festive meals. Isn't this such a warm, inviting time of year? Inviting many people in our homes…warm and cozy meals…and holiday memories to share. I'm so excited to share with you an exciting Today's Special Value coming up this Wednesday, October 17. The set includes all that you need to prepare the perfect everyday or holiday meal for your friends and family. You'll find all the pieces that my mom used while I was growing up to set the perfect table. Whether it was Friday night with Mom, Dad, Tracy, and me—or Thanksgiving din... Continue Reading

80 replies
Tara McConnell on 1350399557.877

Temp-tations Blog Chat Tonight at 6:00 pm ET with Jonathan Redford!

Last Reply by Jonathan Redford 1345680070.497 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, For the Home Talk, Temp-tations

I’m excited to be hosting the first Temp-tations blog chat tonight at 6:00 pm ET.  My kitchen is filled with Temp-tations items. Here’s a photo from earlier this week with some delicious pound cake on my counter. From the oven to the table, I love that I’m able to cook and serve dishes in one great piece. It makes entertaining so much simpler and my guests are always so impressed! Looking forward to talking with you on Wednesday. In the meantime, I’d love to see the Temp-tations items in your home. What’s your favorite pattern? Do you have a favorite dish you... Continue Reading

392 replies
Tara McConnell on 1345560870.143

Getting Excited for Fall Baking

Last Reply by glassroses55 1384029056.297 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

Calling all Temp-tationistas (or just those that absolutely love to bake!):Fire up your ovens and your sweet tooth! Fall is on the way, which means baking, baking, and more baking. Speaking of baking, I'm thrilled to share with you an exciting TSV coming up this Wednesday, August 22. I absolutely love this set. The pieces included are what you'd typically only find in metal bakeware. They're the workhorses of your kitchen, and now they're available in beautiful stoneware and floral lace designs to boot! There's something so peaceful about a warm, homemade apple crisp with freshly picked apples... Continue Reading

93 replies
Tara McConnell on 1345478448.197

Summer Cooking with Temp-tations!

Last Reply by hrdwhat 1345475972.253 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Temp-tations, TSV Talk

Well, I think summer is finally in full swing—so glad "they" have decided that it's OK to wear white pants prior to Memorial Day. Makes me wonder, who are "they" anyway? I love everything about summertime: the weather, the sun, BBQs, and getting to slow down a bit and enjoy family and friends. I really don't have big plans for the summer, I'm going to live through Mom...she's going on a bus tour at the end of June, starting in Denver, to see a lot of great historical sites. And now she told me she thinks she might go to Nova Scotia! She's amazing. So in Temp-tations news, we have an ad... Continue Reading

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Tara McConnell on 1338324281.297

Coming Up This Wednesday: A Day of Your Favorites

Last Reply by dam6253 1335726637.45 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

Hello, foodies…   Wednesday’s an exciting day! It’s QVC’s A Day of Customer Favorites and we’ll have nothing but your all-time favorite brands and items on air, online, and on our mobile apps all day long…including on In the Kitchen with David – PM Edition. Our theme for Wednesday night corresponds with our customer favorites event, and we’re making two recipes, since so many of you have told us how much you enjoy the recipe portion of the show. What are they? You’ve got to watch the video!     Time for your blog que... Continue Reading

42 replies
David Venable QVC on 1335216015.697

Share Your Temp-tations Story!

Last Reply by Lubrend 1352301446.02 | in Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Temp-tations

On April 25 I'll be sharing something special with you and there is so much buzz around it, I CANNOT wait. Get ready to fire up the grill, remove the pool cover, grab your flip-flops, and set the most beautiful table in your outside living space. QVC has even organized a customer stories campaign where you can share your pictures, memories, and stories about Temp-tations—come on Temp-tationistas! From what I see on my Facebook page, I told QVC that you already do this every day. :) This is a way to share and show off your experiences with the ... Continue Reading

61 replies
Tara McConnell on 1334334408.83
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